My best friend that I like more than a friend



It has been five days since Sting confessed to me. And I haven't told anyone yet even to my friends. But I have asked this to my mom, so she definitely knows my problem. Mom said, I should look into my heart and know how I really feel for that person. Her words are simple but it has deep meaning and I don't even know exactly if I'm getting her point. Just the fact that I don't know what my heart is telling me, I don't know if I'll ever figure this out.

It's Monday and I'm plan to ask any of my friend's advice about my confusion. I have decided whoever is early in school, I shall ask her or him because I really need other people's opinion about it. So as usual I went to school early, but this time I'm an hour early before our first period which starts at 7:00.

To let time pass, I checked the whole school if I would meet any of my friends. I went to the library but it was close. I went to the cafeteria but no familiar student to me was there. So I decided to go to the park and just wait for a friend. Going there would pass by the pool and to my surprise, my swimmer friend, Juvia, is already there for some training.

"Good Morning Juvia-chan!" I greeted as soon as I entered the swimming pool area. Seeing me approach, she swam closer to greet me back."Lucy-san! Good morning! Why are you here? Our class starts at 7..."Juvia said as she leaned in the edge of the pool. I then kneeled down to have a closer conversation, "Well I woke up early so I decided to go to school...Are you having some training?"

"Well yeah... coach said I have to practice for some event next month...Anyways, about you...Do you have something to do? or something troubling you?"

"Well yeah...And I need at least one of my friends' opinion about my problem" Juvia then rose from the water and sat down in the ledge. I decided to sit down as well next to her even if she's wet. "Well I am your friend, you can start with me. So what's the problem? Is it Natsu? Lissana? Or Sting? Should I even consider him?"

I took a deep breath then looked in the dark blue eyes of my friend, "its Sting...he um...he confessed to me last Thursday and I don't know what to do...I didn't tell him that he can't but I didn't say he can either...I don't really know what to do."

"Really? So you just left him hanging?" Juvia asked making me nod as a respond. "Hmmm... "Juvia then looked up the sky that was starting to become bright and then she continued, "Do you like him?"

"Huh? Uh... As a friend I guess... But in a romantic way I haven't thought of it..." Juvia looked down and this time to my eyes, she was serious. "Well, Sting is not so bad. He seems nice and fun to be with. But he's not someone you are totally attched with."

I looked away from Juvia and stared at the low waves of the pool, "I may not be attached to him yet, but he seems to care for me. He knows when I'm sad and stuff. He is actually there for me when Natsu can't." Knowing that Juvia is looking at me, I didn't bother to look back. "So your saying that you want him to pursue you?"

"Well, not really. More like, give him a chance? I don't know..." I began to dip my hand and try to play with the water. "Okay, imagine him courting you or better yet, he is already your boyfriend... What do you think he can do for you? is that what you want?"

As Juvia asked me to imagine, I tried to picture Sting as 'my boyfriend'. If Sting would be my boyfriend, maybe he would always take me home...He would wait for me until I finish my book club...He would surprise me with sweets I like and flowers...

"So Lucy? can you imagine it? what is he like?" Juvia asked again breaking my train of imagination. "Huh? Uh.... I find him sweet, thoughtful, and romantic" I said as I started to feel my cheeks to become warm. "So are you telling me he has a chance?"

"Uh... I guess?"

"Then give him a chance. I'm not that I'm against your decision its just that, I want you to remember, don't say yes just because you want to save him from rejection. Know him better first before you say yes to becoming his girlfriend...We care about you and we don't want you to get hurt...You know what Erza can do" Juvia tried to say it seriously but we both began to giggle as we imagined how Erza would be like if she gets mad.

Before I stood up I gave a hug to my friend as a sign of thank you for helping me out with my problem, although I got wet. Later then I gave my goodbyes to Juvia and walked back to the main building to go get my things. Finally, I having my decision made, I'm giving Sting a chance to win my heart. A chance for me to free my confusion with the way I feel for Natsu. After all, my best friend is in love with someone else. It's time for me to let him go.

First period for room 3-A is homeroom with Mr. Conbolt as their adviser. At exactly 7 in the morning, all students are inside their classroom and their adviser is as early as a bird. Mr. Conbolt dropped his things in the teachers table to make the students startle and be silent to focus in front.

"Alright class, as you know, every school year we hold a school festival that would come in four weeks from now. We do this for two reasons, first as a welcome back to you all students and second are to invite incoming new students next semester."

Everyone then cheered as they heard the news. Students knew that when school festival comes, it is a 3 day event and all they do is fun school activities done by different clubs. Mr. Conbolt then continued, "And now, as you all know, junior students always hold important events such as the café, the tour guides, the activities and the play. Each section would be having some events; the three of the events would be helped by the senior, sophomores and freshmen. And sadly to say the play would be on solo flight so only third year students would be doing the play."

Everyone then felt nervous as they heard the events especially for the play event. The play event is one of the high light of the school festival because in the play a lot of comedy happens even if the story is supposed to be drama.

Mr. Conbolt then cleared his throat as he continued, "All third year advisers had a random raffle draw for the events. So far, 3-D is in charge of the café." Students then whispered to each other, "Cana, Jet and Droy would be doing the café...Yes! Free food!" Levy whispered to Lucy and both just giggled as they glanced at each other.

"3-B would be doing the tour guide for incoming new students."

"No questions...Erza" Juvia said as she looked at her two friends. Mr. Conbolt then continued, "And for us..." The adviser then paused as he stared at the paper for a moment. After a look with distress to the paper, he looked at his class.

The class doesn't know the event of 3-C yet so they were nervous to know what they got. The boys were crossing their finger as they hoped they won't get the play, because every year the male always get a tragic part. While the girls were somewhat excited to get the play event because they always wanted to experience the fancy clothing and make-up. And others were just cool like Natsu and Sting.

"For 3-A...our event is... Play"

"NOOOOO!" All the boys screamed except for the two unfazed teens who just irked to their classmates' reactions. The girls somehow were all fan girling and excited because finally they get to do some acting and wear some costume for a princess like character.

"Alright boys, just be calm...the play would be an original screen play by your own student council president" Mr. Conbolt said while giving a gesture with his hand to calm down.

"What?! Erza?!" Juvia and others including Natsu started to shout all together asking their adviser. They started to shiver as they imagined how Erza would be during practices, knowing how much Erza is into plays.

"Uh...yes...She actually volunteered herself to be the director and we don't have a choice..." Mr. Macao turns around as he shivers to the look Erza gave him a moment before entering the room. After a few moments, he turns again and faces the students as he continue, "Alright, let us just wait for her to hand the script and give us a slight summary of the play."

Soon enough the door opens that startled the whole class. A red haired girl stands behind the door then bows. When the adviser gestures to the students to come in, a red haired girl with a blue haired student with a tattoo in his face, walks in carrying a bundle of papers.

"Good morning 3-A, I am Erza Scarlet your student council president with Jellal Fernandez your vice president." Everyone in class then starts to tease the two which made the president blush. Jellal on the other hand secretly winks at the president since his face was being covered by the papers. "Alright! Quite it!" Everyone then shuts their mouth after hearing the load voice of the scarlet haired girl. "I have here a bowl of names of the characters for the play. I have separated the male characters to the female so don't worry"

As they heard this the boys exhaled loudly as their expression of relief. "The story is about a princess who was trapped in a castle and two prince are in a somewhat competition to save her. The princess suddenly gets stuck with the two and through that she was able to know them better until she falls for one of the prince."

The two SC officers began to walk the side aisles and handed the scripts, "That's the basic summary of the play. But to understand better, read the script and you'll enjoy it. Acting practice would start tomorrow but for this afternoon you would be having script reading with Erza." Jellal said as he continued to pass the stacks of paper.

After the brief summary done by Erza, she walked pass every student handing the bowl to pick a role. Once they got one, they all check out what their character is from the script Jellal gave.

"Lu-chan! What did you get?!" Levy asked enthusiastically while turning around to face the blonde beauty.

"Uh, I don't know, I didn't check yet...for some weird reason I'm nervous..." Lucy said as she fiddled with the small piece of paper. "Come on check it out! I'm one of the fairies who would help the princes." Levy then showed the paper. Juvia, who sat in front of Levy stood up and ran to them and told them that she got the role of the fairy as well.

"Come on Lucy-san! Let's know what's yours!" Juvia cheered as she shook Lucy excitedly.

"Alright... I hope I get a fairy role as well..." Lucy closed her eyes as she opened the small piece of paper. As it was fully open, she opened her eyes ending it up really wide, wide as a saucer plate.

"L-Lu-chan?" Levy stared for a moment at the blonde before she grabbed the paper when Lucy didn't respond. Soon enough the blue haired petite shouted what she read, "Lu-chan! You're the princess!"

"Alright, Lucy got the role of the princess. Now can we know who got the role of the two princes?" Erza asked as she stood up in front once again. It took minutes before two hands raised up. One hand was up behind Lucy and the other was on the right side of Lucy. Everyone's eyes roamed around the room to see who the princes were. "Okay! Eucliffe and Dragneel are the princes. Remember you three are the most important character in the play so you must be in the script reading later. SO DON'T YOU DARE DITCH THE MEETING!...and that goes to all cast"

All the students froze in their sit with pale color in their face after seeing the terror of their SC president. Erza, on the other hand just stood in front and saw their face, not minding at all their motionless faces. Soon the two student councils bowed down to the frozen adviser and left the room.

"O-okay students... Let us not disappoint your dem-...SC president. Let us all prepare for this!"

"AYE!" Everyone shouted except for a certain blonde beauty who was deeply in thought, Am I really going to be the princess? And Natsu and Sting would be the prince? The two prince would try to win the heart of the princess...Why does this story sounds familiar?!

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