My best friend that I like more than a friend

Love you!

After classes, the 3-A class had to remain in school to start planning and preparing for the play. Lucy, Natsu and Sting and the other cast members had to go to the main auditorium to read the script with their director, Erza.

Everyone was present because they were afraid to be late and they didn't want to be in the wrath of the scarlet president. They all gathered in the middle of the room with the chairs formed circled. Erza stood in the middle of the crowd to give some instructions. After a few instructions, the director sat down beside Lucy and instructed to start reading the script.

"Royal Highness…" Levy said as she read her line as one of the fairies in her script.


"NATSU! IT'S YOUR TURN TO READ THE LINE!YOU'RE PRINCE EDWARD" Erza shouted as soon as a long silence occurred. "Aye!" Natsu said startled as started to look for the page they were in. Everyone just face palmed while Erza was beginning to spread a deadly aura around her making her look like she was about to detonate soon. Lucy who was seated next to Erza started to get scared, so she whispered loud enough for Natsu to hear, "Page 34!"

"Ah! Thanks!" Natsu thanking Lucy as he finally finds the right page before glancing down at the script. Clearing his throat he started reading his line,

"Stand my dear Fairy of Earth, what made you visit me?" Natsu began to pull his scarf as a way to lessen his uneasiness of reading in front of everybody. Soon Levy answered as she read her script, "I have brought news."

"What news, Fairy?" Natsu then glances at Levy who kept her eyes focused to the paper, "The princess of the lost fairies has been locked up in a tall tower. And she is in need of help. Her cry have been heard by the world of fairies and we cannot disregard this." Ending her line, Levy then looks up at Natsu as if she was trying to tell him he was next to speak. "Who would do such thing to a harmless princess? Why would they stuck her up in a tall tower? What should I do to save her from despair? Dear Fairy of earth"

"Oh Prince Edward! Thank you for offering your help to save the princess. She is indeed in real despair, locking her up has brought more danger to the kingdom. You must help her to escape that doomed castle before her curse closes the last window and begin to spread the air of death…"Levy answered as she read her script

"Yes dear fairy, I sure would save her from her lonely room…And maybe she is the princess I have been searching for to be my wife!" Natsu replied but after his last line he started to shiver in disgust.

"Wait...this sounds weird." Natsu then looks up at Erza, "Just because the prince saves the princess, he is going to marry her?"

Everyone then looked horrified at Natsu for trying to make a comment about the script. Knowing that it is Erza who created the script, no one dares to criticize the dialogues. But it seems like he was unfazed by that fact.

"I think Natsu is right..." Lucy second demotion as she looks at Natsu then to Erza. As the scarlet haired president rereads the script, she nods her head in agreement, "Alright, what do you suggest Natsu?"

"Oh umm...Not quite good with these about you Luce?" Natsu looks at Lucy intently making the surprised blonde blush.

"Oh uh...maybe he can say 'Aside from helping her escape the tower, what can I do to save her from her curse, dear fairy?' or something like that..." Lucy then hides her face from everybody as she felt embarrassment. But instead of receiving weird looks, Lucy saw everyone was nodding in agreement. "That's better Luce! Your a good writer!" Natsu commented before writing the line for himself. After hearing her best friend's compliment, she couldn't help herself to smile softly to the pinkette.

Soon enough, after all the corrections made, they all continued as one of their classmates read the narration and said that they will see the scene with the other prince.

"Prince Lucas! I, as a fairy come before you to seek help. Our princess is stuck in a tall tower for she has been cursed…" Juvia said as she read the script playing the character of another fairy.

"Who is this princess, fairy of the water? I must save her then. No one shall be locked up just because of their ugly destiny..." Sting said his line with no emotions which caught the attention of the director, "STING! Say it with more EMOTIONS! and change the last part into flaw" Erza shouted at first as she pointed to the blonde teen but then tones down her voice as she states the correction. Seeing the quick shift of mood of the SC president, the students were beginning to shiver, scared that any moment the director would be at beast mode again. After the scolding, Sting repeated himself and earns a nod from Erza when he said the lines with more feelings.

The script reading went on and on. Many of them started to read their lines and exchange dialogues. From time to time, Erza scolded them when they didn't seem to reach the directors expectation. They were now in the scene of the castle where the princess is stuck, "I, Princess of the lost fairies, is stuck here in this lonely and scary tower because of the curse of an old witch craftsman. He wants to steal my kingdom, and to succeed he locks me up here to die along with the curse he has given me…I don't think I will be saved anymore, what are the chances my pleas could be heard" Lucy as the princess, read her lines with appropriate emotions earning some good reactions from her friend Erza.

Another classmate of theirs read the script, "O dear princess Ayana do not fear for there are two chosen princes to save you from this curse. They shall come as the other fairies have given them warn."

"Alright!" Erza then shouted as the student finishes her line. "Let's call it a day already…We will continue again on Wednesday…"

Everyone then stood up as they started grabbing their things and started walking out of the auditorium. Erza gave last reminders to all that they should finish reading the script at home so that on Wednesday, they would do better.

Students are all going out of the school already and headed to their homes. Natsu in a hurry went out of the school and looked for a missing Blondie girl. He looked from left to right as the students come out. He then saw a blonde walking alone towards his way home. He ran towards her and tried to catch up to her walking. "Hey Luce! Let's walk home together…like the usual!"

Lucy being startled looks at her back and sees her best friend catching up. But then she looks away and softly murmured, "Whatever…"

Natsu pouting at first after hearing her remark but easily dismisses the thought as he puts his arms behind his head. In the silence of their walk home, Natsu softly thanks his friend, "Uh…thanks awhile ago Luce…You saved me from Erza's wrath again" Lucy did not respond as she just continued walking beside him.

"Uh…So…we didn't talk the whole day, isn't it weird?" Still Lucy didn't talk but then she slightly nodded just to show she was listening, "Well thank God you find it weird…cause if not you're a weirdo" Natsu then chuckled to his last word as he saw Lucy gave him a glare knowing Lucy hated being called weird.

"You did a good job during script reading..." Lucy mumbled as she gripped her bag tighter. Hearing Lucy talk to him had made Natsu as happy as ever but being appreciated by his best friend has made him feel special.

"Thanks..." Natsu said back as he looks away knowing his face was somehow heating up.

"So, what made you speak up about your line?" Lucy finally glances at her best friend seeing him still looking away but a few moments later, he looks back at her, "Well, since your the princess, I thought maybe your not the kind of damsel in distress who would want to get married just after being saved..."

"its just a character..." Lucy defended

"But its still you...and I know your a tough princess" Hearing his comment, Lucy can't help to blush, realizing how Natsu has seen her inner strength despite her being clumsy at most.

When the walk started, it was somehow awkward for the two but as the time went by it has disappeared. So as the two fell silent again, the tension between them was no longer visible. Finally reached the neighborhood, walking the street towards their houses, Natsu cleared his throat before asking, "Luce, are you still mad at me?" This caught the attention of Lucy. She hesitated at first but then she decided its time to put down the facade and so she spoke, "Me mad at you? Why?" Lucy looked at him as she asks back."Uh…well, since yesterday there is this invincible force, somewhat weird tension between us."

"Invincible force? Weird tension?" Lucy mocked as she slightly giggled to her friend. She picked up her pace and walked ahead for she no longer keep her expression to change into somewhat guilty. Natsu seeing her speeds up, he let her be but soon caught up to her. Knowing, he is walking next to her, Lucy continued herself, "Maybe not tension…I guess it's just misunderstanding."

"Misunderstanding? About what?" Natsu then grabbed Lucy in the wrist to stop her from walking and she looked back at him in the eyes, "I don't know…" Lucy then looks down to her shoes as she slowly pulls her wrist away from Natsu's grip. "I'm here Natsu, it's my corner" Lucy steps back before turning to walk her way home.

As Lucy walks away, there is this pull in Natsu's chest that makes him hard to breath. He felt like pulling her back and hug her tight as if not wanting her to let go. Being unable to understand his feeling, he began to call her, trying to make her look back at him.

"Uh… Bye Luce!"

"Take Care!"

"Good night!" Natsu kept shouting trying to make the blonde turn but she was like a deaf hearing nothing from him. As he waited for her to turn which she didn't, he shouted one last time, "Love You Luce!" This made Lucy stop right next to their gate. She didn't look back at first, thinking if she heard him right. She stood for a moment, debating with her inner self whether to look or not. Deciding to look, she only found her best friend walking his way home already. "That is exactly the reason why we have misunderstanding..."You don't just blurt words out like that to anyone… She thought to herself before entering the gates of the Heartfilia residence.


As Natsu reaches his home, his father and mother were sitting in the living room talking to one another like a usual married couple. "Tadaima" Natsu greeted as he enters their living room

"Okaeri Natsu-nii!What took you so long? Did you date again with Lucy-nee?" A little blue haired girl greeted as she walks close to his brother. Natsu just snorted hearing his sister's analysis of him being late. "First thing Wendy… I was in school doing some practice for school festival. Second I wasn't in a date…and third I'm not dating Lucy, its Lissana." Wendy then raised a brow at her brother, "I thought you liked Lucy-nee?"

"Yeah I do like her..." Natsu answer nonchalantly but little Wendy just got messed up more, "UH! boys are confusing!" and with that she walks away from her brother and sat next to their parents.

Grandine then glances at her daughter, "Aww, my little girl having boy problems..."

"Oy! no boyfriends yet for my little Wendy!" Igneel remarked as he sits up straight and looks at his daughter, "Papa!"

"Haha, Romeo-kun~" Natsu teased pointing to his sister as he wiggles his butt. Hearing her classmate's name, Wendy's cheeks began to color.

"Hey son, I heard you say school festival? So what is your class doing this time?" A red haired lean man named Igneel asks breaking the attention

"Yup, there would be a school festival…" Natsu then greeted his mother with smack in her cheeks then sits down across them, "And we will be doing some play…I'm a prince and Lucy is the princess-"

"Perfect! What a perfect couple! So when is Lucy coming here then?!" A blue haired woman like his sister named Grandine clapped in excitement as she cuts off Natsu

"GREAT! Lucy-nee is your partner!" Wendy added to her mother

"Not quite…There are two princes in the play…So I'm not sure if I would be really the prince for Lucy."

"Oh my. Dear, you must…Unless you want to see some other guy kiss Lucy" His mother teased giving off a wicked grin

"NO! No one is going to kiss Lucy!" Natsu then grabs his bag and heads to the stairs. Seeing his son, annoyed, Grandine adds another remark before Natsu disappears, "Impossible, every love story always ends with a kiss!" This made Natsu even furious making him stump his feet as he walks upstairs and slams the door close. Watching the young Dragneel walk away irritated, the rest couldn't help but to laugh since they succeeded in pissing off the young teen.

"You always know how to tick Natsu…" Igneel commented to his wife after a fit of laughter. "Well Natsu always reacts like that whenever I tease Lucy with other guys…I just wonder, why won't they just end up to one another?"

"Mom… Natsu-nii is quite…thick-headed especially about his feelings…" Wendy said joining in her parent's conversation. "Oh my… my daughter knows more about love than her big brother!" Igneel said before they all started laughing again.


"Tadaima!" Lucy greeted as she opens the doors to their home. Suddenly another blonde woman named Layla walks towards her and gives a smile, "Lucy, welcome home…Why only now dear? Did you go somewhere else with…Sting or Natsu?"

"Mama! I didn't go on a date…we had script reading for a play. For the school festival…nothing else…and why would you think I would go with any of the two?"

"Oh nothing dear…It's just that Natsu is your usual buddy when you come home later than class hours…And Sting because I know that he is courting you, right?"

"Mom you know its different now with Natsu, he wants to date Lissana…And for Sting, I'm quite still unsure." Layla then hugs her daughter knowing how confusing her love life has become."Alright, get dressed, dinner is almost ready. And don't forget to call your dad." And with that, Lucy nods and heads towards her room.

Entering her bedroom, she settles her things to her work table before heading to her father's office. Knocking twice first before opening their study room, Lucy peeked and saw her father working hard inside. "Good evening papa…I'm home" Lucy said as she steps inside the room and walks closer to the table where her father worked.

"Oh Lucy, you're here…I'm sorry I was too busy to greet you downstairs." Lucy's father, Jude Heartfilia said as he stood up from his chair and gave a hug to his daughter

"It's alright papa...So, what are you working on?" Lucy inquired as she leans down to the blue print her father was studying. "Uh, nothing much just some floor plan that needs revising."

"Ah, architecture stuff." Lucy smiles as she leans back and sits at the arm chair that Jude was using. Chuckling at his daughters words, he looks up at her, "Yes, architecture stuff. So, how was school?"

"Fine...Papa?" Lucy softly calls making his father look up at her again, "Yes dear?"

"Can I ask you something about…l-love? YOU KNOW! Mans point of view…" Lucy asks almost whispering the last wards while looking down at her school uniform skirt. Breaking her gaze to her skirt, she looks up to her father's face and gave a nervous smile. Her father gave a slight chuckle again before looking back to the blue print, "I don't like talking about boys asking you out or anything familiar to it…" Lucy then stiffens realizing how her father is protective of her, "But alright…what is it?"

Lucy then breaths out all the air she held unconsciously, "Well, I was just wondering…what does 'love you' means, you know for guys? Is it just like some greeting?"

"Lucy, those words are not used to greet people. Those words are words of affection. You can't just blurt does words with no meaning. Remember that…And who ever said that, you have a special place in his heart"

Lucy then nods to her father as her face turns slight pink, "Your face is blushing dear…is it Natsu?" Jude shifts in his seat to fully face his daughter. Hearing her best friend's name, made Lucy even more red, "Papa, Natsu is just my friend...And besides who said it was him?"

"Knowing Natsu, he easily expresses his feelings for you. He does things that people misunderstands. He thinks that his actions for you are done by friends when the truth is, that's what boyfriends do for their girlfriends. " Jude fully witnessing his daughters flushed face, "Papa!"

"What? You made me talk about love, right?" Jude then chuckles as he hears Lucy call him to stop while covering her face with her hands and walk away from him.

Before Lucy could step out of the room she smiled to her father and mumbled softly, "Thank you papa."And with that she left the room but stood before the closed door. Standing by herself, she thought, Papa is simply telling me that Natsu has a special place in my heart and so am I to him…But, what about Sting? He expressed himself to me too…What do I do? do I pick someone who have a special place in my heart or someone who deserves to have a special place in my heart? Why is love so confusing? I've got to end this before it gets out of hand.

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