My best friend that I like more than a friend


It is the last day of the first week for the preparation of the school festival play. All the sections in the third year are busy preparing for the said event. Among all those sections, 3-A is the most busy because of the event assigned to them. They were given the most anticipated event during school festival.

Natsu, who is currently courting Lissana, is quite unable to go out with her since most of the time he has to practice for the play. Ever since Natsu officially courted Lissana, they have spent much more time together. They'd eat out or Natsu would accompany Lissana going home. But because of the incoming school festival, he can't do all those things with her anymore. But on the brighter side, he is able to catch up with his very best friend, Lucy.

"Hey Lissana!" Natsu called as he peeked inside the classroom 3-BI don't think I can accompany you later going home…We got script reading again." Natsu said as he gave an irritated look to the thought of script reading again

"Oh…I was thinking, maybe I could wait for you…and besides I got to tell you something. I guess I can watch you later, right? Lissana tilted her head as she gave a cute smile which Natsu can't resist. Natsu stared at her for a moment before he gave his warm smile, "I'm not sure if you can but sure why not! Then I shall take you home later!"

As Natsu said this, Lissana waved good-bye and turned around to enter her classroom which is just next to 3-B. Natsu just watched her leave as if checking if she will be safe entering their room. As Lissana was walking, she happens to see Lucy walking opposite to her, "Hey Lucy!" Lucy then waved as they just both continued walking.

Soon enough, Lucy saw Natsu standing near the window of 3-B, "Oy Natsu…why you standing still there? Class will start soon, come on."

'Ah! Right…Hey Luce, I won't be able to accompany you later going home…Um, I'll be with Lissana later." Natsu finished before he sat down to his seat. Before Lucy sat down, she faced the pink haired teen, "Oh, it's alright Natsu…Actually you don't need too…I have someone to take me home later…" as the blonde finishes, she finally sat down to her seat. Natsu then bolted from his chair as he heard what Lucy said. He stood in front of her, "What do you mean you have someone to take you home?!"

"Someone is going to accompany me…Like the way you do to Lissana" Lucy then raised a brow to the lad in front of her. "If it's a girl who would accompany you like Levy or Erza or anyone, it's fine with me…But if a guy… NO. I do it to Lissana because I'm courting her…You can't let any guy take you home! I'll take you home instead!"

Before Lucy replied, she shook her head as she looked at Natsu, "He's not any guy…It's Sting, okay?"

"Wha-what?! BUT WHY?! Is he cour-"

"Yes!...he is courting me" Lucy shouted at first but then felt embarrassed as she continued, "I was planning to tell you…but not in this kind of situation and early…Natsu, please…don't-"

"WHAT?! HIM?!" Natsu then slammed his hand to Lucy's desk which startled not only the blonde but even the other students near them. Lucy then stood up in front of him with an irritated look, "YES! I like his company, I want him around me, he takes care of me AND HE MAKES SURE I AM NOT ALONE!...Natsu don't push him away. Don't mind my relationship with him, because I never did to yours."

Lucy suddenly felt weak in her knees so she sat down again to her chair. But she never looked back to Natsu. The pink haired lad was left dumbfounded as if Lucy hit a soft spot in his heart which made him totally weak. He walked back until he hits his chair and fell to sit on it.

While having class, Natsu can't help to stare at the golden blonde hair of Lucy who was happily and attentively listening to their teacher. As he stared, he fell to a deep thought, is this the consequence I get if I don't get the chance to spend time with my best friend? Am I starting to lose Lucy? I can't let that happen…I don't think I can handle that if that ever happens. If ever she says yes to Sting, I'm pretty sure she won't have time with me anymore. And I can't take that to happen…It would crush my heart…

Natsu fell out of his thoughts when he suddenly saw Sting pass a small folded paper to Lucy. He watched her open it and waited for her reaction. Soon enough, Lucy started to giggle first before she looked at the other blonde and nodded.

Seeing that ticked the pink haired student and started to grab the paper from Lucy's hand. With that action, Lucy got surprised when a hand snatched the paper she was holding. She turned her back at instant to see Natsu reading the paper as well. "Natsu! That's mine! Why are you reading it!?" Lucy whispered hysterically which caught the attention of Sting.

"Lunch with me? Then a wink face?" Natsu read out loud good enough for the two to hear him. Sting then stated back with a question, "Yeah…so?"

"Natsu! Mind your own business…" Lucy then snatched the paper back and faced the teacher with a tint of red in her face. Natsu can't believe himself what he just read and saw, his best friend has chosen Sting more than him. He was sure bitter to realize this.

During lunch time, Natsu spent his break with his friends. Gray, Juvia, Levy, Gajeel, Erza and Jellal were all present in the table. They were all happy eating their lunch. But somehow, a certain blonde was not present. It didn't surprise them because lately, the blonde is always nowhere to be found with them. The only thing that is surprising is that they don't know whom she is with.

"WHAT!? Sting is courting Lucy already? And they are having lunch together?!" Erza asked really surprised to Natsu who was sitting in front of her. Natsu started to tell everything he knew about Lucy early that morning. Everyone was surprised even Levy and Juvia who was close friend to Lucy. There would be times, the two blue haired would agree to whatever Natsu would tell to affirm he was telling the truth. "Since when?!"

"Well from what I remember, Lucy said Sting confessed to her last week…And that she told him just this Tuesday that she is allowing him to court her…" Levy said as she answered the SC president's question. Juvia then added, "She thought of it really hard…she even asked from her parents advice…and from me…Lucky her she has SOMEONE courting her."

Juvia emphasized the word someone as she looked at her seatmate in the table whom is named Gray. "What? Are your pertaining me?" Gray pointed himself as he asked the girl looking at him. Soon everyone started to giggle as Juvia bounced her eyebrows up and down to agree to Gary's question.

"Forget that…I'm losing Lucy…What do I do?" Natsu dashed his hand in front of everyone as if sweeping the topic away. All of them in the table eyed Natsu like they couldn't believe what he has just said. Jellal then broke the silence, "Natsu why do you sound like your losing to a competitor to Lucy's heart?"

"Yeah flame-head…we thought you're courting Lissana not bunny girl…" Gajeel added as he tried to tease the serious teen. "What are you people talking about? I am courting Lissana…And I do not sound like I lost to a rival…Its just…it annoys me when Sting is starting to earn her trust"

"Natsu that is the point of courting…You try to earn the trust of the girl you like…That's why you're courting Lissana, to earn her trust to be her boyfriend... you can't stop Sting from doing that" Erza shook her head as she tried to reason out with Natsu's unreasonable complaint.

"You know what Natsu…you really have to clear out what you feel for Lucy…Your both confusing and you're just hurting each other…seriously" Levy said bluntly to the pink head as the others widens their eyes to her. Levy then responded to their action towards her, "What? He needs to know…It's for their sake, we don't want them heart broken right?"

Everyone then fell silent as they stared at Natsu who seems to be in deep thinking with what Levy said. But sometimes, with that look of Natsu, knowing him even with a serious look he did not understand any of Levy's words.

To break the awkward silence, Erza cleared her throat to change the topic and looked at Gray and Natsu, "Boys, we won't be having script reading today. According to Coach Scorpio, the basketball varsity would be having a competition on school festival. So I decided that we should postpone the script reading and let the basketball team practice…So you two should practice! Understood?!"

"YES MA'AM!" Gray squealed in fear answering the terror voice of Erza. But somehow, Natsu just nodded seem not to be affected with Erza.

The news of the president was told to everyone in the class of 3-A which made the class happy. As all the classes ended, some went home early while others rushed to the gymnasium to watch the practice of the basketball team where most popular and hot students are in.

Lissana went straight to the gym as soon as she knew about the basketball game practice that Natsu would be attending. As she entered the gym, freshmen and sophomores were all fan cheering their crushes in their bleachers that they are sitting. Lissana found a vacant seat in the second floor which where Lucy and Juvia are seated at.

"Hey Lucy! Hey Juvia! Can I sit?"

"Oh sure!" Lucy then scooted to give more space for Lissana to sit. Soon enough, the game practice started. Natsu, Gray, Loke, Jet and Max were the team A while Sting, Hibiki, Eve, Ren, and Lyon were the team B.

The game was lasting already for almost 30 minutes and the score are tied. Natsu wanted to win over Sting's team for he had a personal reason. He knows that Lucy is watching, after all, she always watches their game. But this time, instead of him to invite her, he heard Sting invite Lucy to watch as an inspiration. Hearing his reason made Natsu really annoyed, he even made face behind their back. His personal agenda to win was to make Sting look a loser in front of Lucy after losing a game.

All the girls were fan cheering as they watched the players play really hard in the court. It's 15 seconds to go before time. 15, the ball was now in the hands of Sting and he is running to their courtside, Lucy suddenly stood up in excitement and shouted, "GO STING!"

10 seconds left, Natsu was able to steal and pass it to Loke who started running back to their courtside. 7 seconds, Loke stopped and passed the ball back to Natsu. 5 seconds, midway passing the ball, Hibiki caught it but soon was stolen by Gray, "GO GRAY-SAMA!"

2 seconds, Gray passed the ball back to Natsu. A second left, ENGGGGGG! The ball was thrown in the air before the time rang and waited for the ball if it would shoot or not.


"AND THE BALL IS IN! TEAM A WINS!" The announcer shouted. The team A cheered to their victory. Lissana ran down to go to Natsu. Lucy and Juvia then walked off next towards the players. "CONGRATS NATSU!" Lissana then leaped to hug Natsu who was covered in sweat. Natsu was able to catch her and landed her down soon knowing he was sweaty.

Lucy was greeting each players a congratulate but she seemed to walked pass her best friend. Natsu saw her and tried to grab Lucy by her wrist but he wasn't able to. He watched her where she headed to and it was Sting. After accomplishing his agenda, he expected some cold reaction from Lucy to Sting, and so he watched them.

Lucy walked towards Sting who had a disappointed look. She stood in front of him with a smile on her face, "What's with the long face Sting?" Sting got surprised as he saw Lucy was now in front of him, "Lucy?! Sorry…I didn't win"

"Why are you saying sorry? I didn't ask you too…"

"But-" Lucy then grabbed the towel Sting was holding and started wiping the sweat off Sting's face. "Uh…No, I smell…What are you doing?"

Lucy then tip toed and kissed his cheek which made the blonde player to blush. Lucy then stood straight in front of him with a tint of red in her face, "That was for your hard work in the game…Good job"

Natsu watched the whole moment Lucy wiped off Sting's sweat in his face and saw Lucy gave a cheek kiss to the blonde. Seeing that scene almost made him weak in his knees. Lissana then waved a hand to his face, "Natsu? Are you okay? What are you staring at?"

"Uh yeah…I'll just take a shower then we can go home."

"Alright then I'll wait for you in the park." Lissana then walked off out of the gym.

Natsu glanced once more to the two blonde who was so sweet to each other. He couldn't take it anymore seeing the two so he walked off towards the men's locker room and took a shower.

As he went in the men's shower room, a wrapped towel was in his waist. The others were still cheering for the victory while Natsu remained silent. Once he found an empty shower room, he stepped in and let the water run down his toned body. After that, he started to talk in his mind again.

Before, Lucy would always come to me after game to congratulate me but awhile ago, she didn't mind to look at me… She also use to wipe my face and give me a cheek kiss as my reward of hard work in the game…But now, she no longer would do that…And knowing Lissana, she wouldn't do that.

Lucy did everything to Sting what she use to do to me…I don't know what I'm feeling right now…Am I getting jealous because Lucy didn't even noticed me?

Maybe if I was courting Lucy she would give me more appreciation…She'd be a great girlfriend…WAIT! What am I saying?!no no no…I should be minding Lissana.

I think Levy is right, I really should clear out what I feel for Lucy…I'm just confusing myself who I really love.

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