My best friend that I like more than a friend

Worriedly Happy

After Natsu took a shower, he dressed himself back to his uniform and headed out of the school. However, he was walking still in deep thoughts. He walked past the park and he seemed to forget something but he can't remember what.

"Natsu! Wait up!"

He fell from his trance and turned around to look at the person who just called him, "Oh Lissana it's you…OH!" His eyes widens as he realized was suppose to meet up with the short haired in the park. Trying to hide his fault he tried to say something, "I-I was…uh…looking for you…"

"You didn't see me? I was just-"

"Sorry…let's go home?"

Natsu didn't want to handle the fault he has done because of his spacing out anymore therefore he cuts of Lissana by asking to go home already. As he invited her to go home, Lissana then embraced his arms and asked, "Before we go home…can we grab something to eat?"

"Uh…sure…how about sushi?"

"Sushi it is!"

Natsu and Lissana then went off to the place where a lot of food stores are at. But knowing Natsu, who loves food, drags the short haired girl to eat sushi in a familiar sushi bar. As they entered, Natsu's mood suddenly changed and cheered, "ALRIGHT! Lissana lets eat here! Their sushis are the best!"

"Really? Is this a popular sushi bar that's why you know this?" Lissana asked as she looked around the place to look for an empty table. "Well not really…Me and Lucy would always eat here after game practices…" Natsu answered as he roamed his eyes around as well to look for an empty table.

Lissana then ended her look to Natsu as if she was uncomfortable all of a sudden, "Oh…So this is yours and Lucy's hang out place?" Natsu was then struck by reality when Lissana mentioned Lucy's name. He suddenly realized he just talked about another girls name, scratch that not just another girl but his best friend. "Well…It is…it's not to-"

"It's fine Natsu…can we eat somewhere else then? Somewhere new to you and me" Lissana then gave a smile before she headed out of the place. Natsu on the other hand, watched his date walk off the place. He looked around the place first and saw his and Lucy's usual seat before he turned around to leave the place too. He was half hearted to leave the place not just because it was a place where he used to hang out with Lucy but because it was his favorite sushi bar.

Natsu didn't argue anymore with insisting the place and just complied with the beauty and went on to another sushi bar. As Lissana found a new sushi bar, she entered at once while pulling her date along. As they were in Lissana then looked at the pink haired date, "Let's eat here! You go look for a table while I order what were going to eat…" Natsu again just agreed and looked for a table to eat and wait for Lissana.

As the two waited for their order, Natsu recalled what Lissana told him early that morning. She told him that she wanted to tell him something important, "Uh…Lissana you said you wanted to tell me something. What is it?" Before the girl could answer back, the food was finally given which caught the attention of the two. As the food was being put in the table, he was looking for a certain bottle, "Excuse me? Didn't we ask for a hot sauce?"

"Oh, I was not told sir…sorry, I'll just get it" The waiter said before he walked back in the kitchen to get one

"Hot sauce? Isn't wasabi enough to spice up your food?"

"Well I like it spicier and hotter…Lucy knows that, that's why she never forgets to ask for it."

"Only Lucy knows that?" Lissana then gave off a curious look which made Natsu feel guilty again in bringing Lucy's name once more in their conversation. Since he felt guilty, he wanted to change topic already so he asked, "You wanted to tell me something, right?"

Before Lissana spoke, she sat up straight then looked at him with a serious one, "Before I say what I should say…I got rules for our relationship…"

"Rules? What for?" Lissana disregarded Natsu's question and continued herself, "First…We should always spend time together…Second, tell each other's problem and third and most important rules…never talk about other girls when were in a date…and that goes for me too"

Natsu felt really confused with the words Lissana is saying. He felt like being scolded by his girlfriend who is not yet his girlfriend. So better yet, to know what was happening he asked, "Wait…are you telling me all these rules because you're my girlfriend now?"

"Isn't that what you want?"

"Yes…but can you clear it out more…"

"Yes Natsu…I want to be your girlfriend!"

For usual guys who court their girlfriend, they would jump in happiness when they hear the girl say yes to their proposal. Guys would hug them real tight and would kiss each other. But somehow for Natsu, everything was loading really slowly. She said yes…she's my girlfriend now… I should kiss her and hug her…right? Natsu thought before he stood up and quickly went to her side and hug her.

Natsu hugged her really tight but Lissana couldn't hug back really tight for she was sitting down when he hugged her. Lissana just giggled how innocent they look as a couple when she suddenly felt Natsu kissed the top of her head. Well as a girl she expected a more intimate kiss from her boyfriend but then she just smiled as she thought how Natsu really is a sweet, innocent lover.


As I realized Lissana has finally said yes to my proposal, I rushed to her side to hug her. I hugged her really tight and I felt her arms wrap around my waist to hug back. However, I had this weird feeling inside me. I was feeling kind of uneasy and worried. Then I thought to myself, our rules in relationship…spend most of my time with her…never talk about other girls which includes Lucy…and tell my problems to her…

As I thought of all that, I unconsciously kissed her head like I wanted to tell her I can handle the worries I got. Then it hit me, I just wasted the kiss that was supposed to be intimate for us two. The kiss was meant to be in the lips but what kind of kiss did I just give? A kiss in the head?! What a loser I am as a boyfriend.

After we ate at the sushi bar, I decided to bring her home for it was dark already. I didn't want to have a bad impression from her siblings, especially from her scary older sister, Mirajane. As we were now in front of her house, I wanted to kiss her in the lips but something was weird with me…I couldn't kiss her straight in the lips, so instead I kissed her in the cheeks before I said my goodbyes. I know, I'm a pathetic boyfriend…

Going home, Lucy's corner to her house would always go first before ours. So, as I went home, I suddenly stopped in the middle of the street going to their corner. I felt like talking to her, see her and just stare at her. But then again, I don't think it's the best idea…


Once Natsu entered their house, Wendy came to greet his big brother. "Welcome back Natsu-nii…so how was your script reading?"

Uh…we didn't have one…we had a basketball practice." Natsu replied while he continued his walk towards his room. "If…you had basketball practice…then where is my sushi?!" Wendy said while pouting when his brother looked at her. Natsu had a surprised look when he heard Wendy ask for a sushi take home. Then he realized, he and Lucy would always eat sushi after basketball practice and Lucy would always buy extra sushi to bring home some for his sister. "Oh, uh…We did eat sushi but I was not with Lucy…I was with Lissana and she does not know that we buy extra for you…So sorry." Natsu then turned to walk back to his room when he remembered a new news, "Hey Wendy…Lissana is my girlfriend now…how about a congratulations for me?"

"Oh really…uh…congratulations then…"

"Can you just tell mom, I'm home…Thanks" Natsu smiled at her first before he headed out to his room

As Wendy watched her brother disappear going to his room, she went straight to her mother who was busy making their dinner. "Hey mom, Can I ask you a something?"

"Sure dear what is it?" Grandine then stopped whatever she was doing as she leaned in the kitchen counter where her daughter was standing. "Well…isn't suppose to be a guy really happy and excited to tell everybody about his new girlfriend?

"Why of course! That is what they have been waiting for, a 'yes' from their girlfriend…Why dear?"

"Well, Natsu-nii don't look and sound like it… He just said to me like it was the most ordinary thing to happen…I think he got some problem mom…"

"Are you asking me to help him?" Wendy then nodded as she watched her mother smiled back at her, "Alright…then I shall talk with your brother"

During dinner, usually the whole family would be talking to one another asking about how was their day. But tonight, the dinner was awkwardly quite even if their dad was trying to make them all laugh which definitely failed.

"Hey son, you alright? You are so's not any of your personality" Igneel asked trying to break the silence of his son. "Uh yeah, I'm fine…Mom, great dinner. I'm done" Natsu then stood and left the table without looking at his father was ranting something, "hey! You're not! You usually-" Igneel then was stopped when his wife grabbed his forearm and smiled at him. At the end, they just looked at the young boy who somewhat carried the earth's problem.

Igneel stated as he continued to eat his dinner, "Honey, I think our son has a problem…do you know anything of it?"

"He does but I don't know yet…"

"Well then I'll talk to him"

"No honey I'll do…Mothers knows best…and besides, you just might make fool of his problem which causes more trouble"

"Hey I don't!" Grandine and Wendy then finally giggled at the pouting man.

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