My best friend that I like more than a friend

Mother's know best

After their awkwardly quiet dinner, Natsu stayed in his room staring at the ceiling while lying down in his bed. He looked as if he was thinking of something really deep. As he was in deep thinking, suddenly his door opened and revealed his blue haired mother, "Hey Natsu…"

The teen then sat up trying to think what to say back to his mother, "Uh, hey mom…great dinner?" His mother giggled first before she replied, "You said that already…"

"Oh…uh, great dress?"


The called teen then stopped trying to avoid the thought that his mother is going to ask what his problem was. Usually his mother would come to his room when she notices he has a problem or something bothering him. After all, from time to time, young teenagers need parents' advice.

"Wendy said to me, you and Lissana are official? Is it true?" Grandine asked once she knows that Natsu was serious now and ready to open up. She sat down at the end of the bed when Natsu tried to smile in front of her, "Yeah! Isn't it great?"

Grandine didn't buy the smile her son was giving. Mother's know their children, so she knows when her children smile the real one or a fake one. So Grandine held her son's hand, "But you don't look great…what's the matter?"

"Nothing mom…Everything is fine. Don't worry."

"Natsu, tell me…I'm your mother, I'll listen to you" Grandine gave a warm smile to her son which made him give up his silence. "Did…Did you and dad have any rules as a couple before?"

"Rules? Well…I don't want to call it rules but I and your father had some promises to keep."

"I'm just worried, she had some 'rules' between us…She wants me to spend my whole time with her…But how about my friends?" Grandine then squeezed lightly Natsu's hand and smiled before she answered, "Simple…You can always spend your time with your friends along with her…She's not different from your group anymore…She's part of it now"

"Your right…I guess that will work…But mom…" Natsu stared at his mother for a moment before he continued, "She doesn't want me to talk about any other girls-"

"Of course!-"

"Even Lucy! She's my best friend, that's impossible!"

"It's possible dear…Lissana is your girlfriend, she wouldn't want to hear about other girls…That won't make your relationship happy." Grandine said while she shook her head to disagreement to Natsu's reasons. "But its Lucy…I can't avoid to talk about her…I have spent almost my entire life from now with her…"

"Lucy is your best friend…Lissana is your girlfriend. Dear, you should separate them, you can never brag anyone to each other." Natsu frowned as he looked away from his mother as if gesturing he doesn't want his mother's advise about his problem.

Grandine then continued herself by asking a new topic to him, "I saw Lucy the other day…I think she was brought home by a blonde boy…Do you know him?"

"Hmp! Sting." Natsu said with an irritated voice and face while still looking away from his mothers eyes. "And? Do you know anything?"

"He's courting Lucy…AND I HATE IT!" Natsu shouted as he looked in his mother's eye sure showing some anger in his face. "Natsu…Maybe instead of hating it, why not be happy for her?"

"Happy?! No way…I'd rather see her with Loke than with Sting."

"Dear, she never stopped you when you courted Lissana, KNOWING, Lissana is a good friend of hers…And she never said that she would rather see you with someone else than with Lissana" Grandine squeezed her sons had again trying to give her point, "Let Lucy be happy with Sting…And you, be a good boyfriend to your girlfriend, Alright?"

Grandine stood up from her spot and walked towards the door. She opened the door but did not leave the room yet and instead looked back at her son, "I hope you feel better dear…good night"

As the door closed by Grandine, Natsu dropped himself back into bed and mumbled out some words. He was staring at the ceiling once again when he stated to himself, "Be happy for Lucy…and be a good boyfriend" He shifted his position facing a desk that had a picture of him and Lucy when they were kids, "Maybe that's the right thing to do."

His gaze to the picture was distracted when his phone suddenly rang which made him jump up. He started to rampage his things, bed and study table just to find his missing ringing phone. After a little chaos to his table, he finally saw his phone and answered the call, "Hello?!"

Oy! You flame butt!

"Hey Ice princess! What's up?"

Where the heck were you! ? You missed the victory party we had! Gray was the one who called Natsu who was now practically shouting at the other end of the line. "Oh…uh…I went out with Lissana…And…She's my girl friend now. Awesome right?" Natsu replied to Gray while trying his best to give a cheerful tone.

Yeah sure…but you don't sound like it…Why? What happen?

"Why do you all people think I have a problem…I'm fine, were fine! Ice cube! I got a question…" Gray tried to answer back but Natsu cut him off with his question, "What would you do if your fan girls prohibited you to talk about Juvia whenever you spend time with them?"

"Huh? Uh…I'd get pissed off? And tell them not to tell me what to do? I don't know! And why Juvia?!"

"Okay…I'll hang-"

"WAIT! Coach mentioned awhile ago that we would be having basketball practice tomorrow at the school gym around 9. Don't be late! You're the captain" Natsu just hummed as a sound of affirmation to what Gray just said.

Soon he hung up the phone and started to look at his phones' gallery. There he found photos of him and Lissana and more of him and Lucy. As he stared at them he realized something and instead of just talking he worked it out. He exited from the gallery files and started to make a message for Lissana:

To: Lissana

From: Natsu

Message: Hey Lissana! I guess I can call you now 'babe'? XD…We got some basketball practice tomorrow, and I want you there…At the school gym 9 am. We can go for movies after…Love you!

To: Natsu

From: Lissana

Message: Sure thing babe! I'll watch tomorrow and we can go on a date after! I'm excited! LOVE YOU!

Natsu stared at her reply to him and nodded to himself, "Well doing the right thing…be a good boyfriend"

The night was deep already and the Dragneel family is now about to sleep. Igneel who was in the bed reading a magazine stared at his wife who was somewhat distressed with something. Grandine was fixing herself to get in bed but then she was uneasy. Her husband seems to notice and so he asked, "What's the matter honey…It seems like Natsu's problem was passed on to you…"

"Well…not really…I just don't know if I really help our son…He is confused and dense and-"

"Okay I get it…Now what are you worrying about…I'm sure you said the right words." Grandine and Igneel were now tucking themselves under their thick blankets while they converse. Once they were settled, Grandine was in the arms of her husband when she said her worries, "I said to our son that he should be a good boyfriend to Lissana…And try to let go of Lucy"

"Wait…I thought you wanted Natsu and Lucy to end up to each other…"

"I do! But…If our son chooses Lissana, as a mother I should support him…I just want our son to be happy." Igneel then hugged his wife really tight as he whispered to her, "And we will support him to whatever decision he makes…" Their conversation ended as Igneel gave a good night kiss to Grandine in her forehead.

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