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Daughter of a Traitor

By IvyofMirkwood

Adventure / Romance

Welcome to Erebor

Chapter One - Welcome to Erebor

Ivy's POV

Running alongside the mountains edge Elven Hunters were right on our heels, fear pumping through my veins, I tired to keep my eyes forward but at every second step they betrayed me.

Naneth(mother) turned to me grasping my body into a quick tight hug. "Run Ivy, run and hide." The urgency in nanith (mother's) voice was clear as day.

"Nana(Mum)," I cried out, slowly spinning around not wanting to leave her side.

"Now child," With a gentle push, I took off running alone. Tears fell down my cheeks, futile hands wiping them away.

The sound of the horses hooves against the rocky earth rang in my ears, as I ran trying to understand why the elves, our own race did this to us. Pausing on top of the hill I turned to see if nana was escaping the riders. Instead I was faced with the horrid scene as she gave herself over to them. As the leader pulled his bowstring taunt I couldn't tear my eyes away my bottom lip quivered uncontrollably. The slight twang of the arrow being released sounded, a stifled gasp of pain, I watched my own people murder my Nana and still my body refused to move.

Unable to control my body any longer I began screaming, shrieking, with fear and anger, hate of the elves, my feet about to run to her side when a large pair of rough hands grabbed me from behind covering my mouth, the large cracked hands abruptly stopping all sound.

"Quiet, or those guards will find you as well. And one glance at your ear tells me that would be an unwise choice." His voice was rough but gentle, like his hold upon me. I knew, of course, he referred to my left ear that no longer held the distinguishable elven point, all that was left was a small barely visible pink scar where it had be cut off by King Thranduil giving it the look of a human. "I will help you, if you promise not to scream anymore. I do not wish to die tonight, I am Thorin, son of Thrain, son of Thror." Slowly he removed his hands from my mouth as the Elven Hunters dispersed, as we stayed hidden behind the nearby brush. "What is your name?"

"Ivy OrangeLeaf," I responded between sobs, trying to calm my breathing as the image of the arrow entering her body replayed itself over and over again within my mind. I didn't move away from the dwarf, just sat staring off in the distance where her lifeless body laid in the grass now stained red. Wondering what one could have ever done to deserve such hostility, one decision she made that seeped its way into my own fate.

Thorin's POV

I sighed, rubbing my forehead in grief for the elleth I've stumbled upon along with hatred of the elves in general. A young elleth, as I assumed her to be, could not have possibly done something so serious to deserve death by a Hunter's hand. "Follow me, I'm sure my grandfather would provide you the hospitality and care you need." I spoke gently towards the elf trying to calm her.

We headed back to the mountains, as soon as I declared it safe for us to leave the cover of the bushes. Striding through the halls I took the girl straight to the throne room.

Ivy's eyes scanned the vast room in a silent awe, I couldn't help but lend her a smile.

"What is it Thorin?" King Thror boomed throughout the room.

"I've rescued Ivy OrangeLeaf from guards in the fields they killed her mother, might we provide shelter and-"

"Clearly these were no mere guards," Thror snapped knowing I knew the difference between guards and hunter's. Guards did not chase people down purely for murder. "What was your mother killed for girl?" The king demanded.

"Grandfather please, she had just witnessed her mother's death..." I stood up for Ivy, without second guessing myself.

"Girl," the king snapped out, ignoring my complainants.

"I... I don't know." her voice cracked with all the crying she had been doing. "I do not know much of the matters concerning my mother."

"Tell me what you know." My grandfather commanded sternly.

"Let the girl rest." I urged.

"The girl can rest once I have all the answers I want and am satisfied with them. I will not have anybody just barging into my kingdom only to pose a threat."

Ivy bowed her head as she spoke. "I'm sorry. But I fear I don't know much. Most of my life we've been on the run. My mother and I once lived in a small village until our house was raided and we were taken to Mirkwood, where my mother was imprisoned -for what I do not know- King Thranduil had my ear cut. In fear and confusion I sought out my mother in the dungeons where she told me to set her free I was 4 at the time I did only as she asked, we came to lake town for awhile where I fell into the lake only to be saved by Girion he provided us hospitality until now. Naneth decided we'd stayed too long and needed to move on however the Hunters knew somehow. They caught up with us that's when Thorin here saved me. I haven't the faintest idea why my mother was murdered, whatever she had done must have happened before I was born and we still pay for whatever it is she has done... she always said we ran away for our own protection from the elves, from our own people but I don't know why we would need to or anything..." sobs over took her words suddenly, understandably so as Ivy spoke my hatred for the elves only grew.

"How old are you exactly?" The King eyed her curiously, "one can never be sure with elves."

"Eight, mi'lord." Ivy sniffed wiping the tears off her cheeks.

"So young," the King breathed out clearly shocked. Huffing he decided to let the girl be. "As Thorin asks, you are welcome in my kingdom. Go now."

"Thank you, mi'lord." Ivy bowed gratefully.

I showed her to a room across from my own. "Dinner is in an hour, though I would understand if you would rather be alone tonight." I commented comfortingly. "I will have something brought up for you," I didn't wait for an answer seeing in her eyes her lack of wanting to talk. With a small polite bow I took my leave.

I took it upon myself to make a few trips around Erebor, to the kitchens having dinner prepared for Ivy, to the seamstress to have a few dresses made and bought a few as well. I took it upon myself to make her feel at home and welcome.

As I made my way back to her room dresses in one hand, dinner in the other, I knew I made quite the sight.

"Brother, I knew you were odd but dresses now-" a throaty voice mocked from behind.

I was quick to respond, to my brother "these are for Ivy, you fool."

"Ohhh Ivy, you say, and who might she be?" Frerin came into sight following me up a set of stairs, his voice full of implications.

Not buying into my brother's foolishness I answered. "A young elleth who's mother was killed by hunters, this evening I saved her from the same fate. She knows nothings as to why. We provide hospitality to her."

Frerin paused in his walking briefly before hurrying forward again. "An Elf here?" He seemed surprised to hear such absurdity. "Besides how do we know she tells the truth?"

"The king and myself believe her do you need more reason?" I demanded with raised his eyebrows challenging him.

"No." Frerin insisted.

"Good, head to dinner once I drop this off to Ivy I will be down." Frerin hurried away obviously to tell Dis that there was an elf staying in the mountain. I shook my head amused at his foolishness. Knocking lightly I waited with a small smile I placed the food and dresses down when I heard her sigh in a restful state.

Ivy's POV

Closing my eyes I took a deep breath wondering to myself what life had in store for me now. So far all I knew was how to run away, a trail of open ended questions was my entire life. What did Nana do to deserve such a fate? Causing me to lose the tip of my own ear. I vowed to myself to one day gain answers to everything I seek, no matter what it took but for now I'll just live and learn.

Who would have ever thought there would be an elf under the mountain, being raised by dwarves.

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1. Welcome to Erebor
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