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Jung Hoseok, what have you done to me? All my life, I want nothing but a simple life. I want a job that can provide me, I want a happy but a simple family, I want to have a great husband. I almost got all of that. Almost. if it wasn't because of Him. I would probably be the happiest girl alive. but why? why do I refuse to let him go? why I can't let him go? I have everything, but, I can't let him go. somebody please help me forget him

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I sigh deeply as I close my small house door. Another one hell day.

I walk to the kitchen and start to cooks some dinner for myself, just when I thought I can have a peaceful evening with a cup of ramen and probably watching some drama. But a bell ring making all of that have to wait.

The bell ring furiously, and there’s a loud knock after that

“Hold on!!” I yell as I turn off the stove and run to the door. I look at the small hole on my door and shocked when I see my best friend Hoseok looking like a mess with a crying Areum in his arms.

Immediately I open the door. He hugs me almost instantly “I’m sorry, but I can’t do this. I can’t, I’m so sorry, y/n” he whimper on my neck.

I pat his back and let him into the house. Aerum cries stop when I pick her up to my arms and rocking her back and forth and thank God, she was fast asleep almost immediately.

I put her in my room.

“How...??” He mumbles. Looking at her daughter.

I wrap a blanket around her. “You’re panicking Hoseok, she can feel it. That’s why..” I explain softly.

He nods. I look at him as he huff as he lay his head on the couch. I sat next to him and pat his shoulder.

“What happens?” I ask softly.

Hoseok is always a cheerful person, he always smiles and it hurt me to see him like that. Hoseok lifts his head and he looks at me in the eyes.

“You’re not going to leave me too right?” He asked suddenly.

I grow quiet as I looked at him. he looks serious when he said that. if only I know what going to happen. I will never agree to do this. if only I tell him about my feeling. this thing will never happen to me. But, that day I make a decision that changes my everything.

“Of course not Hoseok, how can I leave you.”

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