Turnabout Lawful Love

Indecent Proposal

Von Karma Estate, April 10, 2019

The aching familiarity of that mischievous grin, combined with the thrill of being in his arms, made Franziska's spirits soar, and feel light-hearted enough to float. Not to mention the euphoric joyfulness brought by his words, and what they symbolized.

She looked up at him from beneath her lashes with a sexy, confident expression on her face.

"You know, Miles, it's still your birthday," she purred. "I think it's about time we got to that dessert I promised you."

"But we've already had that superb black forest – oh," Miles caught on quickly when he spotted her lascivious look. "I imagine it will be slightly lower calorie, though?"

"But equally as sinful, I assure you." Franziska pulled away from his arms and stepped back. Reaching behind her neck, she deftly released the two ties that bound her sleek halter dress together and let it slide slowly down her body, clinging briefly to her hips for a second before drifting to the bearskin rug at her feet, leaving her standing before him in nothing but her ivory stiletto heels, snow-colored see-through lacy bra, and matching wispy lace panties, with the blaring fire place creating a sensual, luminous glow over the lusciously displayed curves of her beautiful body.

Miles felt his mouth go dry as he looked at the vixen standing before him. Never before had pure, virginal white looked so decadently, irresistibly impure and unchaste. He felt himself easily topple on the armchair behind him as she shoved him backwards with one scarlet-tipped hand, and felt his blood pressure, among other things, rise.

She walked over to him, and put her lips to his, asking for their familiar kiss. She ran her tongue along his lips, parting them enough to slide its tip inside his warm mouth. He surrendered under her coaxing, and she deepened the kiss. Their tongues danced in slow motion. She moaned once, sending a whole new shiver down his spine, straight to his groin. A loud gasp escaped from his throat. The kiss was long, and as satisfying as a favorite meal.

Without warning, she suddenly wrenched her mouth away from his. Then, without smiling at him, without saying a word, without doing anything other than meeting his eyes, she slowly sank down at his feet and unbuttoned his shirt, one by one, pushing the sides of the material apart to bare his muscled chest and rippling abdominals, before expertly unbuckling his belt. It was utterly surprising—and red hot. She was mistress of the art and he was her equal.

Franziska caught the hungry look in his eyes. "Brace yourself birthday boy." She gave him an irrepressible smile. "I'm about to give you a present that you'll never forget."

Neither knew if it was seconds, minutes, or eons that they lay in a state of complete exhaustion. He lay back, idly watching the last of the glowing embers in the fireplace in a state in blissful satisfaction, with Franziska's satiny head resting against his chest, feeling like the happiest, luckiest man alive.

Miles was the first to move. He propped himself on one elbow and gazed down at the sleeping angel at his side. Pressing a gentle kiss on her temple, he leaned over with gratitude and tenderness, and murmured, "You are the first woman, the first woman, the first woman…"

Franziska stirred lazily in his arms before cracking open one sleepy eye and barely bit back a triumphant smirk as she looked up at him. "May I propose a lifetime of such glorious satisfaction, liebling? Was that enough incentive for you?"

"That was definitely the gift that kept on giving!" He chuckled. "And yes!"

"Was that a yes to a satisfied lifetime with me as your frau or to that being incentive enough?" She persisted silkily as she ran her nail down his throat to his chest, reveling in her freedom to do so.

"Marry me, meine dame."

Franziska stared deeply into his smoldering grey eyes, searching for any signs of reluctance or coercion, but saw only leaping arcs of desire, love and sincerity. Then, instead of replying, she pulled down his head and impressed a hungry, twisting kiss on his receptive mouth that made his heart pound and his blood race as the kiss deepened. Both were panting when they finally parted.

"I'm going to take that as an indubitable yes! I guess this means we're engaged now," he said, still breathing unevenly.

"So your post-coitus proposal was an affirmative to my initial marriage proposition?" She jibed, the corners of her mouth curling up into a sensuous, exultant smile.

"Oh, yeah, " he drawled, smiling and nodding his head before ravenously claiming her lips with his own again.

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