Turnabout Lawful Love

The Panty-Dropping Prosecutor

Von Karma Estate, April 10, 2019, 9:05 am

"Give me that!" Franziska suddenly heard Miles' agitated voice in the background before he spoke directly into the phone. "Miles Edgeworth speaking."

"Greetings, liebling," she managed to say pleasantly, even though she was inwardly fuming. "I hope I'm not interrupting anything?"

"No worries, I will always make time for meine dame," he assured her.

"Me being your lady is knowledge that seems to elude a few," Franziska intoned with mock sweetness. "It appears the strange girl on the line was unaware of my identity? Do you have that many women calling you regularly? I inquired if I had caught you at a bad time as you seemed too busy to answer your own phone?"

"Of course not!" Miles groaned. "I just don't make my subordinates privy to my private affairs unless absolutely necessary." He then attempted to muffle his next words but she heard the dangerous note to his voice nevertheless. "So help me Kay Faraday, if I ever catch you filching my phone again…"

"I told you I was the Great Thief, Yatagarasu!" Crowed Kay, whose voice Franziska recognized from earlier. "It took you this long to notice? I swiped it an hour ago!"

"You're supposed to steal the truth! Not my cell phone!" Miles sounded exasperated. "Now could you go get a Swiss Roll or something please? I need some privacy for a few moments."

"No problem, Mr. Edgeworth. I'll get lost. But I'm kind of short a few dollars. Can you help me out here?"

Miles muttered unintelligibly under his breath. "Here, take this ten."

"Thanks! But hey, what about Gummy? Can you give me some money so I can get him one too?" Kay needled.

"No! Let him buy his own snacks," Miles grumbled.

"Well, I'm sure he would if you paid him more! Come on, I've got to get him one, too, or else he's going to guilt me into sharing mine, as he undoubtedly will whine that he's always starving because he's living off nothing but instant noodles!"

"I am not the food bank, Kay!"

"Don't be such a meanie! Give me money for Gummy or I'll just stand here and force you have an audience while you have phone sex with that sultry-sounding German lady!"

"That's Ms. Von Karma to you!" Miles retorted. "Here, take this twenty. And I want my change back this time!"

"Thanks Mr. Edgeworth! You're awesomesauce!"

"Yesterday, I was amazeballs," Miles confided to Franziska once it appeared his assistant was out of ear-shot, in a reluctantly amused tone. "And that was because I bought her lunch. The girl thinks I'm a walking ATM, apparently! Good grief, now I know how Wright feels about the expense of supplying his assistant's bottomless burger diet!"

"She sounds awfully fond of you," Franziska observed, a hint of misgiving in her voice.

"You've met her before," Miles reminded her. "As a child, and then again in Los Angeles, when you were investigating Tsubasa Kagome's murder for Interpol. We've both known the cheeky little imp since she was a 10-year-old whippersnapper who blew her nose in my cravat! She's naught but a child."

"Oh yes, the little raven-haired hissing cat of a girl now turned Ninja? I remember now. I also recall she's a comely teenager at the present, and more woman than child."

"Regardless, the girl-child is still a minor, and my assistant, nothing more," Miles stated firmly. "Besides, she's 17, so completely illegal. Not to mention way too immature and young for me, even if I wasn't already spoken for, which we both know I am."

"That didn't stop Phoenix Wright," Franziska mumbled, hating herself for feeling so insecure and vulnerable but unable to help herself.

It was one thing when she and Miles were apart due to business, quite another when he was away from her and in the company of an attractive female. One who sounded quite familiar with him!

"Kay and I are in a completely different league than Wright and Miss Fey," Miles snickered. "My relationship with her is completely a professional one. With the other two, although their mutual ardor is apparent to everybody within vicinity except themselves, four years later, Wright has yet to man up and declare his affections to her. Or vice versa! And incidentally, Miss Fey is no longer a teenager. She's turning 21 soon, and when Wright rung me to wish me a Happy Birthday, he also wanted to find out if I'd be attending the little birthday gathering he's throwing for her next weekend. I told him I'd be there."

"You're coming back home tonight, and then jetting off to the States again in a week's time?" Franziska was unable to keep the dismayed disappointment out of her voice.

"Yes, that's something I actually wanted to speak to you about further that when I come home this evening," Miles told her. "I very much look forward to unwrapping my birthday present."

Pushing aside the nagging feeling of uncertainty his words had just invoked, Franziska felt a surge of heat course through her at the unmistakable double entendre.

"Your sumptuous birthday feast will be at five o'clock sharp," she purred into the receiver. "Your sinful dessert will follow immediately afterward."

Von Karma Estate, April 10, 2019
Later that evening...

"A toast to the birthday boy!" Franziska declared, clinking her crystal goblet against her lover's. "Prost! To many more to come, and to being reinstated as prosecutor again two days ago!"

"The longest three days of my life!" He smirked, but they both knew how agonizing those days had been, and how overjoyed and fortunate they were that things had been resolved so quickly. "And might I add, that dinner was sublime, meine dame," Miles told his dining companion, leaning back in his wingback dining chair. "I appreciate all the efforts you put into organizing this. I shall be sure to let Helga know she's simply outdone herself this time."

"Helga? What makes you think I didn't whip up this grand feast myself?" Franziska joked, reaching over and refilling both their glasses with the Boërl & Kroff Brut champagne she'd purchased for the occasion.

"You are too refined a lady to sully your hands in such a manner," Miles teased. "I've known you nearly my whole life, meine dame. While you are a woman of many skills, domestic ones are not amongst them. Don't you remember the time you offered to help Helga with dinner? She asked you to blend the salad, so you threw it in the blender? That night we had salad soup!"

"Give over! I was four!"

"Teen." Miles smirked. "14, meine dame. I was there! Believe me, I remember everything."

Curse his eidetic memory! Franziska scowled, crossing her arms across her chest. Besides, he was hardly one to talk! The man couldn't cook to save his life, and would probably burn boiled water; he had a manservant tending to his every need at his L.A. penthouse for that exact reason. So she wasn't a master chef in the kitchen. So what? Was that all it took to be a good wife and mother? She could learn to be a domestic goddess, if that's what it took, should that be what the dummkopf was looking for in his life partner!

If all else failed, what else were in-house chefs and servants for?!

"Please stop shooting death rays at me Franziska!" Miles chortled, noticing the petulant glare that remained on her pretty face. "Believe me, I'm only jesting. I would rather have a woman who better whets my appetite in the boudoir than in the kitchen, any day."

Franziska perked up at these words, replacing her sulk with a sexy smile. "I have no qualms being your slave in that domain tonight, birthday boy."Or any other night, for the rest of my life.

"Music to my ears," Miles winked. "Oh, before I forget, Uncle Ray sends a hug. Also, Kay was terribly apologetic if her silly prank earlier today caused any strife between us. She was quite embarrassed that she didn't recognize your voice. She sends her warmest regards."

"That's fine. But I still think she may have a crush on you," Franziska insisted, stabbing at her delectable slice of black forest cake as if she were killing it rather than eating it. "She wouldn't be the first teenage girl to fall victim to your masculine wiles. Didn't you tell me that Phoenix used to rib you about the teenaged Ema Skye being an Edgeworth fan girl as well?"

"Masculine wiles?" Miles chucked and shook his head. "I am truly flattered that you believe I really inspire this sort of frothing desire from the under aged female masses. However, I think Wright just claimed that in order get me back for all the times I'd goaded him about his pangs for his then-teenage office assistant."

"Not just teenage girls, Miles. A little birdy told me about a certain fetching flight attendant, Rhoda Teneiro and a beauteous Lauren Paups also being amongst your admirers," Franziska laughed. "Finally, last but not least, at press time, Ms. Wendy Oldbag is still president of the Edgey-poofan club and she's well past the legal age."

"I must order Gumshoe to cease confabulating with Kay and then bending your ear with this mundane gossip! As for Oldbag, she's closer to the dinosaur age; she could easily be my grandmother!" Miles barely repressed a shudder at the mention of the lecherous old woman who had been stalking him for several years.

He'd completely disregarded the mention of the other pulchritudinous pair of women she'd named, although she knew it was based entirely on unawareness rather than an attempt at obstruction, Franziska noted. She'd known Miles long enough to know that he was completely oblivious to his scads of female admirers, and up until her, had only shown a passion for law and little else. Her father had certainly raised quite the pair of tunnel-vision workaholics. It was a miracle that she and Miles had even been able to look up from the books to finally see and discover each other, despite knowing one another all their lives. And look how long that had still taken!

Franziska certainly couldn't fault any woman for having panty-dropping, lusty thoughts about her lover. On top of having a powerful, sculpted physique that only she was privy to know under his business suit, Miles Edgeworth was so breathtakingly handsome that both women and men stared at him. He was made all the more so because he paid no more heed to this fact any more than he paid mind to his devotees. There was absolutely nothing more irresistible than a man who had no idea about his swoon-worthy effect on the opposite sex. How fortunate she was to have gotten her hooks into Miles Edgeworth; a suave, debonair gentleman who was so far from conceit that he genuinely appeared to have no clue that one could get lost in his long lashed, amethyst grey eyes, or spend hours daydreaming about his flawlessly sculpted Roman features and lush lips being pressed against theirs.

Or was that just her in all her besotted foolery?

No, Franziska decided. She was most definitely not alone in her thoughts about the desirability of her mate. Which was all the more reason she wanted to seal the deal with him sooner, rather than later.

Tonight if possible.

"Well, make sure you convey my regards back to Mr. Raymond Shields and to Kay from me," Franziska told him. "While we're on the topic of friendly faces back in the States, what was it you wanted to speak to me about earlier, Mr. Jet-Setter?"

"Yes, about Maya's 21st birthday next weekend. I would very much like to attend. It also coincides with matters I must tend to out in Los Angeles anyway."

"Would these matters have anything to do with you barely setting down your bags at home before your wanderlust ways take you away from me again not even a week later?" Franziska pouted.

"Well, for one thing, I'd hoped you'd come with me to the festivities, meine dame, as my plus one."

"I am hardly a friend of Phoenix Wright's or Maya Fey's," she reminded him. "I highly doubt either of them would be desirous to toast glasses with the woman who has previously whipped the former on numerous occasions and tried to prosecute the latter for murder."

"Previously, I've succumbed Wright to verbal lashings that would rival those of your whip," Miles shrugged. "I am also guilty of having previously been the prosecution against Miss Fey. She knows it was nothing personal. The past is the past. Neither hold any ill will against either of us. As you know, those two Cupids are the primary reason you and I are together."

"And I'm sure somewhere down the line we shall find a way to repay the favor. But be that as it may, Miles, I refuse to be a gatecrasher. He invited you. I wasn't invited."

"Wright knows we are together. There is no need to send you a separate invitation if he's already extended one to me. Besides, unless you have business affairs next weekend, I really want you to come back to LA with me. I have been making some decisions lately, and they include you, meine dame."

Franziska felt her pulse quicken at the words. "Oh really? What sort of decisions?"

"During my last stint in LA, I realized that you and I have been together for some time now, Franziska." Miles reached over and took her hand, his expression earnest. "Although it has been blissful being just the two of us all this while, I think it's time we thought about having an addition to our family."

Her mind was racing. So he had been thinking about having a future, and a family with her all this time as well! While Franziska was a tad old-fashioned and would have preferred to be legally wed before baring his offspring, she loved him so much that she was willing to break that steadfast rule. Surely a wedding would follow suit eventually. Why wouldn't Miles want to marry the mother of his children?

Franziska felt her heart flutter with anticipation. She was so delirious with joy she could barely speak. "Addition?" She whispered.

"I've got so much love to give, and I want to expand it in our home," Miles looked deeply into her eyes. "Franziska, how would you feel about soon hearing the pitter-patter of little feet?"

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