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Chap 10: Fine! I'll Leave!

"Link! Stop moving around so much! You're making me uneasy!" I yelled at him, trying to swing his sword around, to create a circular motion. Link only laughed and continued to mess around with me.

I was currently on Link's shoulders, trying to kill of these stupid eye monsters that follow the tip of his sword around. My own sword disappeared a while back. I have yet to figure how to get it back.

Either way, I was on Link's shoulders, and he was moving around on purpose. He thinks it's funny how I squirm when I'm up high. Ever since I was on that tree with Ghirahim...I still shudder at the thought.

"You're not even up that high." Link teased.

"I just don't like heights, ok?" I finally killed the monster eyes, both of us watching them go crazy before falling from the wall to the floor. "Now let me down." I demanded. But I quickly realized the flaw in that. "Wait! Let me do it!" I shouted, gripping his shoulders. "Let me do it." I repeated, just so that he knew.

I was afraid that he would suddenly drop me. That's the last thing that I wanted.

We collected the small key from the chest and moved on. "So, Gina." Link called my attention. "What have you seen so far?" He opened the door.

"Lots of stuff. I've seen parts of the forest. I've even been to another temple by a giant pit." I walked just a little bit slower.

"Wait, you've been to the giant pit? Did you see the old lady?" He stopped.

"Yeah." I answered, looking to him. "Did you?"

Link nodded. "She's the one who told me that Zelda was a spirit maiden...or whatever it's supposed to be. She sent me to go after her, because Zelda was to find her destiny and I was to follow." Link explained.

My face was frozen with realization, as I slowly pieced things together.

Ghirahim was telling me about the Holy Goddess and how she was reincarnated. I'd go as far as to say that 'Spirit Maiden' was pretty close to 'reincarnation'. And the Chosen Hero...he was supposed to aid the reincarnation in finding her destiny. If Link is searching for Zelda, and Zelda is out searching for her destiny...does that mean that Zelda is the Holy Goddess and Link the Chosen Hero?

I shook my head, being drawn back down to earth. "She told me..." I looked Link in the eyes. And I have to say, it hurt to lie to him. "...not much. Told me her past and sent me on my way. She said it was dangerous in the forest. But I didn't listen to her." I lied, making a face.

"Oh." Link continued to walk. I followed him, a big put off. I really didn't like lying to Link.

But I quickly was lost in my thoughts, thinking more on Link and Zelda.

The Holy Goddess sent the Hylians on a rock to the sky. And Link is from the sky! The reason why Link is down here is because he has to follow Zelda and protect her. And Zelda is down here for whatever reason there is.

But how does my fate tie in with theirs?

"Kill it!" I screamed, pushing Link out in front of me. "KILL IT!"

It's been only an hour. However, Link and I have become great friends. Heck, I just pushed him in front of me to defend myself from a spider!

"It's just a Skulltula." Link took out the Beetle, a weapon we acquired from killing the skeleton, and sent it at the spider. The spider's web from it's spider butt snapped and the spider fell to it's death.

"I don't care what it's called. It's GIANT! They're bigger than the spiders on the vines." I squirmed.

"You mean the Walltulas? They aren't that bad; just pesky."

"The Wallawhatas aren't as bad as the Skullthingy; their smaller and easier to kill." I crossed my arms, glaring at Link now.

Link only smiled at me, shaking his head. "Whatever you say." He turned back to the giant gap in the floor. "Stand to the side." He commanded, backing up. Then he took a running start and leaped over the giant gap. I screamed, thinking he wasn't going to make it. But he got a good grip on the edge of the other side, and pulled himself up.

Link looked back at me, laughing a bit. "Did you really think I was going to die?" He asked, crossing his arms.

"YES!" I shouted. "You just leapt across a giant hole and didn't land on your feet! It scared the shit out of me." I sighed, shaking my head.

"Well, now comes the hard part; you have to do it."

"What?!" My heart thumped loudly in my chest. "No way am I risking my life to jump over a hole!" I ranted, laughing nervously.

"Zelda's really close. You said you can sense her. Please? She's in trouble...we have to hurry." He tried to convince me, kind of using the guilt trip on me as well. Talk about peer pressure...especially in this kind of situation. But it's different because there's someone's life in danger. I mean, it's not like I could be killed her either. Daniel wouldn't let me die, would he?

"If I fall..." I backed up, sucking in a deep breath. "I will haunt you." I used a weak humor to lighten the situation. It didn't seem to work.

I closed my eyes to calm my nerves. It still did very little to help me. My breathing was heavy and my heart was thundering in my ears. I could feel my palms get sweaty the more I thought about it.

Now or never.

So I ran as fast as I could, a sprint if that's what you want to call it, and literally dived to the other side of the hole. And I screamed as loud as I possibly could. It was a ear shattering scream.

"Gina, you're ok." Link assure me, shaking me. I opened my eyes to see that I was on solid ground. I widened my eyes and clung tighter to him, visibly shaking. Link chuckled. "You actually leapt farther than me. You didn't have to grab onto the ledge." He explained.

I didn't say anything. I just clung to him. That was the last time that I would do anything like that...ever.

"Hey, look over there, by that door." Link motioned, dragging me with him into another room. I looked to see another green bokoblin on the other side of a tightrope. And the tightrope led the only way across an even bigger hole than the one we jumped over. A dark abyss lay underneath. A really long and big dark abyss.

We're talking big enough to fit two buses side by side in the hole kind of big. And speaking of the dark abyss, I felt my chest clench up in fear yet again.

The bokoblin saw us, and started to walk across the tightrope. He made some weird noises, like most bokoblins did. Link tried to pull me off of him. "I'm sorry, but if you want me to kill it, you'll have to let go."

Doing as he wished, I let go and watched as he went up to the tightrope and got down on his knee's. He shook the rope back and forth. The bokoblin made loud noises of alarm, and tried to retreat to the other side of the rope. However, Link had moved the rope around enough to make the green monster lose balance. It fell to it's death.

I peeked over the edge, looking down before shivering. The dark abyss was so thick that you couldn't see anything. And I still hadn't heard a splat from the bokoblin. I shivered again, my chest tightening.

Maybe it never ended...you'd be left for eternity to wonder when you're body would hit the cold, hard ground and end your life. You'd be in constant fear. Your heart would throb hard in your chest. Your stomach would lurch with every moment that passed by, as you waited for your death.

"Gina, you see that chest? Behind those bars?" Link pointed over to the left. I followed his finger and saw what he be was pointing to. I nodded. "I'm going to go across the tightrope, climb up those vines, and get over to the chest." He explained. I looked at him with horror. How could he do that? How was he not nervous? He could easily fall to his death!

"I don't think that's such a good idea!" I exclaimed from behind him, still on solid ground. My legs felt weak.

"Don't you sense Zelda on the other side of that door?" Link asked, still walking.


"Well, someone has to save her. I don't care what obstacle is put in my way. She's my best friend; I would go to the end of the world to save her." He stated. I could only smile, just knowing what was really going on.

"So, when were you going to tell me that you loved her?" I asked, teasing him. Link stopped momentarily on the rope, looking back at me.

"What?! No! That's not it!" He defended himself, blushing horribly. "What gives you that-!" Link turned around to look at me, but the action caused him to lose his footing...and fall.

I opened my mouth wide, letting a blood curdling scream tear from the recesses of my throat. I stopped, however, when I realized that Link was still ok, because he was hanging onto the rope with his hands.

"LINK!" I shouted. "Don't you dare ever do that again! You scared the life out of me! Do you have ANY idea how SCARED I was?! I thought you were going to DIE!" I jumped up and down on the stone, throwing a fit. I could hear my heart beating in my ears and could already tell that my face was a bright pink of instead of the usual deep red. The pink was a step up from the red.

And now I was going to be stressing over his safety.

"I know. I'm sorry." Link calmly said, as if it were nothing.

"That's all you can say?" I nagged. "That's all?" I tried to catch my breath.

"Yeah, pretty much." He now slowly started crawling underneath the rope, using his hands and feet. He looked like a lizard of some sort. It seemed more safe to do that, rather than walk across it.

When Link got to the other side, he first checked out the door to see if it was open. It wasn't. And so, he went off to climb the vines hanging from the trees.

I turned around, heading over to the bars he was talking about earlier. "I hate not being useful..." I trailed off, leaning my head on one of the bars. And then my head slid off the bar and right between the two of them.

Wait, it was wide enough for my head, and then some.

I smiled.

"How did you get in here?" Link asked, tilting his head to the side in confusion.

I smiled, holding the weird looking carving out to him.

"I slipped between the bars." Link took the carving, staring at it and wondering the same thing that I did; what exactly was it?

And so, while I just slipped back through the bars, Link Tarzan'ed it from vine to vine, back to the other side.

"Zelda's on the other side of the door." He called across the tightrope. "Seeing as how you freaked out when I walked across the tightrope, I don't think you'll try to walk across."

"It's ok." I called back. "Get Zelda and come back for me." I smiled, waving at him before sitting on the ground. He turned to the door, placing the carving inside of it and opening the giant doors. He turned to me one last time.

"Just be safe while I'm gone, ok?" He tossed over his shoulder. I rolled my eyes.

"I should be saying that to you." Link smiled, shaking his head. And he walked through the doorway, where he seemed to fade away. The door shut behind him, echoing throughout the temple, it seemed.

I frowned now; it was actually very lonely without him around. Link is fun to have around. It's like having an older brother of the sorts.

"I have to give him credit though; he's braver than I'll ever be..." I trailed off, looking around the room. And then I sighed, wondering what kind of trouble Zelda was in. I mean, I saw Ghirahim in my vision, and...

Oh yeah! I didn't even seen Ghirahim while I was with Link. It was slightly nerving. I mean, Ghirahim was so obsessed with Link and then he just left.

"The only other person that Ghirahim would be obsessed with is that Holy Goddess he was talking about." I reminded myself, mumbling. But then I caught myself, remembering.

Isn't Zelda the Holy Goddess? Which means that Ghirahim is after Zelda and Zelda is beyond that door. And Link just went through that door.

I face palmed myself.


Do. Not. Ask.

Do not ask how I managed to get across that tightrope.

I mean, I most certainly did not almost pee my pants as I shakily crawled along the tightrope, like an upside-down lizard, all for the sake of saving my dear friend from my other friend.

And I most certainly did not haul my ass from the ledge and to the door, pushing it open.

But, as I DID push open those tall, heavy doors, they creaked.

I walked forward, fading away to the darkness as well, and walked right into a sword fight between Ghirahim and Link.

Of course, not one of the two noticed that I had opened the huge doors that scrapped against the stone floor, making very loud noises. No, Link and Ghirahim were engaged in such a fight, they were too entranced to notice.

My eyes widened with horror as I saw all the cuts and blood on Link. Ghirahim maybe looked a little scratched up. I was shocked to see that Ghirahim had a sword as well, and he was literally enjoying seeing Link fight for his life.

"No..." I barely whispered.

Ghirahim crouched down low, his sword at the ready. Link didn't look like he could easily dodge this one.

I didn't think as I ran forward as fast as my feet could carry me...and neither did Ghirahim.

Now, can I just say that it's a funny thing, how fate seems to toy with me?

The first person I ever met in this world was Ghirahim...the first friend that I made here too. The first evil person I've met, first Demon Lord. Hell, even the first person from this world to kiss me! He seems to be the first for everything in this world.

And that includes cutting me with his sword!

I stood there, my eyes wide as I felt the pain smooth over where he cut me. My arm started to throb with pain and I felt the hot blood seeping out and staining my orange shirt.

I started to scream loudly, holding the deep cut in my left arm. The pain was unbearable, and it was scaring me how much blood was coming out of it. Every heartbeat I felt, there was a gush of blood that squirted out and covered the entire floor. Why wasn't it stopping? Why? WHY? I screamed again.

God damn it hurt! I started to get really light headed...was this the part where I faint and wake up in heaven, Daniel laughing at me because I died by the hand of my own friend? How could it end like this? Why is there so much blood? How could I be betrayed by my own friend? WHY!? HOW COULD GHIRAHIM-!

Ok, ok, I might be over dramatizing this a little bit too much. That's not what actually happened...

(Back in Reality)

"Oh..." I murmured to myself, looking at my left arm. There was a light gash there, and the blood was leaking down my arm, slightly staining my shirt. "Um, ow...that hurt." I looked back up at Ghirahim, his eyes wide from the shock at what he just did. And the fact of who it was he just hurt. I looked over to my left again, his sword a mere inch away from my skin. I remember now...

I had dashed forward at Link to stop Ghirahim in his tracks, but Ghirahim didn't pay much heed to me until he got a better look. He tried to stop, but ended up slicing me a tiny bit, then crashing into me. It wasn't enough force to have me topple down, however.

He let go of the sword, and it disintegrated into tiny little diamond shapes and faded away. He stood there, staring down at me with anger now. I stood in front of him, looking up without a lot of emotion. I think I was in a bit of shock...

And my arm started to itch, just a tiny bit.

"What are you doing here?" Ghirahim growled out at me, his eyes filled with rage.

I looked him in the eye. "...Stopping you from hurting a friend." I stated, narrowing my own eyes.

"Friend?" His eyes left mine for a split second to look over my head at Link. Then they came back down to me. "You call that Sky Child your friend?" He spat out.

I glared at him, crossing my arms. My wound started to sting horribly at the motion. "He's a better friend than you are, that's for sure." I hissed at him. He looked surprised at my outburst, but then he growled again like an animal.

"What do you mean, you daft girl?" He asked harshly, taking hold of my arms and shaking me. His right hand landed just underneath my cut, and I hissed in pain, breaking away from his grip. He let me go, realizing what he had done. He looked down at his hand to see the blood, and then back at my arm.

Ghirahim sighed, before shaking his head, taking hold of my orange sleeve, and tearing it off.

"Hey!" I yelled. "What are you doing?" I was annoyed beyond belief now.

"Quiet!" He yelled back at me. "I'm dressing the cut so that it won't get infected, stupid girl." He wrapped the cloth around my arm and tied it, tightly. Maybe a little bit too tight. After that, he leaned down, looking me straight in the eyes. His black orbs were menacing with danger and hate.

"You interfered with my battle...something that doesn't sit well with me." He seethed through his teeth at me, taking hold of my other arm now. He turned to face Link.

"You're lucky that this girl here interfered when she did...or you would have been laying lifeless on the ground. The only reason you live is because of her and that sword." He explained, a sadistic smile plastered on his face. His grip on my arm tightened. "As for the Spirit Maiden...I fear her presence has all but faded from here." He turned his attention to back to me. "Which means I'll leave to deal with you."

Ghirahim pulled me closer, snaking his hand from my arm to my waist. Then he turned to Link one last time. "Goodbye, Sky Child. Run and play, but get in my way next time and I won't hesitate to kill you...and not even the girl can stop me."

He reached up and snapped his fingers, and teleported away via Diamond.

However, right before we vanished, I got one last glimpse at Link. Our eyes connected. I felt the hurt from him. The confusion. The fear. The thankfulness for saving his life yet again. And then a silent message passed between us.

"We'll be running into each other again someday."

I sat down on the couch in Ghirahim's room, wincing as he untied the makeshift bandage from my arm. There was nothing said between us as we sat there. He spread some sort of homemade ointment over the cut. I hissed again in pain, but he ignored it and wrapped the cut with real and clean cloth. Once again, he tied it too tightly.

When we were done, we just sat there. The both of us avoiding the need to look at each other. I have no idea why, but I felt...guilty. And I could practically shower in the anger radiating off of Ghirahim. I opened my mouth to break the awkward and tense silence. "Ghirahim..."

And that's when he went off...right when I was about to say sorry.

"What were you doing there?" He asked, his voice low and dangerous. The fine hair at the back of my neck stood on end.

"Well..." I bit my lip, trailing off.

"You interfered with my battle, and I was so close to getting to the Holy Goddess..."

"I just couldn't-!"

"I was so close!" He shouted. "I could have killed the Sky Child and taken the Spirit Maiden with me to resurrect him!" He stood up, pacing the room.

"What do you mean?" I asked, tiling my head to the side. I was very confused now, but hesitant.

"I mean that you ruined everything."

"Oh, so now it's my fault that I saved Link?" I asked, angry now. I crossed my arms.

"Considering that you launched yourself at me to throw me off track; yes. It's your fault. Who else's fault could it have been?" He paced the room again, only stopping to spit his words out at me.

"He's my friend! He saved me when I was in trouble!" I defended myself. "Unlike you! You; who ditched me in a dangerous place and pretty much told me I was annoying!" I stood up, yelling at him.

"You are annoying! You're infuriating! You go around, stirring up trouble where you shouldn't, you useless girl! Now my plans are ruined!"

"I am not useless!" I glared at him as hard as I could. "And do you think I care about your stupid plans?" I shook my head. "And I have a name! It's not just 'girl'!" I screamed, marching up to him. Even if I was a good few heads shorter than him, I still dared to try and be intimidating.

"Well, pray tell, what is your name?" He yelled with sarcasm. His hands waved up in the air, theatrically.

"It's Gina!" I yelled back.

"This is besides the point! You are never to interfere with my battles again! Do you hear me?" He grabbed onto my chin harshly, pulling it closer to him. No, it most definitely wasn't in the romantic way either.

"I make no promises." I growled at him. He suddenly let me go and stomped away.

"Why are you so difficult? Why must you make me so angry? Why are you here in the first place? If only you hadn't gotten so close to that pit, I would have never met you."

His words echoed in my head. In my heart. It hurt to hear that. It hurt much more than when he ditched me in the temple. It hurt more than being called annoying.

He was wishing that he never met me.

Out of spite and anger, I yelled back at him.

"Fine! You want me to leave? Take me back to the forest. You'll never have to see me again!" I screeched. My voice rang out into the empty air. I felt the tears pooling in my eyes from the anger and the hurt. Ghirahim stopped and turned around, looking at me.

I didn't know what kind of look he was giving me. I knew it wasn't sadness or anger. It was more like confusion...concern.

But I didn't care in the least. I just wanted to go home and sleep in my bed and forget I ever came here. I never wanted to think about Ghirahim's stupid face and this crazy world ever again.

Yes...it's funny how fate likes to toy with me.

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