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Chap 13: Foolish Girl!

I didn't always dislike Diamonds. By that, I mean the shape, not the pretty stone they put on a ring. I think I started to dislike them when I met Ghirahim, becuase he was obsessed with them. I mean, the guy wore diamonds on his clothes and had a diamond tattoed on his face! Who does that!?

However, at this particular moment, I was very pleased to see that stupid diamond marked underneath his eye covered by his bangs.

I sat up from the position I was in—which was sprawled out on top of Ghirahim—and looked him in the eye. I couldn't believe it was him. Then, does that mean that I could be dead? Or did I lose my mind while I was waiting to die and started to hallucinate that I teleported to Ghirahim?

Ghirahim sat up as well, keeping me in his lap. His hair swished back and forth into it's normal place, hanging over his eye. With out thinking, I reached up with my good arm, and I ran my fingers through his hair. And then they landed on his cheek, my thumb softly caressing the diamond underneath his eye.

The diamond was less like a tattoo and more like glass. Something I'd completely expect from Ghirahim.

"Ghirahim..." I whispered, my eyes growing blurry. "Are you real?"

His brow furrowed. "What?" He asked. "Of course I'm real, you desolate girl! What makes you think that—!"

I launched myself at him, both arms reaching up to wrap around him in a hug. But I hissed in pain again, forgetting that there was an arrow stuck in my shoulder. When I went to hug Ghirahim, it was shoved further into my shoulder.

The tears that had been gathering in my eyes fell, this time from the pain. "Shit..." I seethed.

"Is that an arrow protruding from your shoulder?!" He asked, taking hold of me, gently. He reached for the arrow. Before he could, I jumped from his lap, gasping as I felt the pain again. I only stared at Ghirahim, trying to figure out if he was real or not.

"What's the matter with you?" He asked, standing up as well.

"Are you sure you're real? Or am I dead? Are you dead?" I questioned, looking around.

I was just in that dark abyss. I had been falling. And now I'm here. I teleported. It didn't make sense. Was it truly possible?

"Yes! I'm real! No, you're not dead, nor am I. Now answer me, you daft girl, what is wrong with you?"

I only gaped at him, tilting my head in confusion. If I hadn't thought of Ghirahim while I was falling, I wouldn't have teleported. Does that count as Ghirahim saving me yet again? "Gina!" Ghirahim shouted, grabbing hold of my forearms. I gasped again, my heart skipping a beat. Did Ghirahim just...? "What now?" He locked eyes with me.

"You used my name..." I was completely surprised and shocked.

"Yes, I did." He nodded.

There was a long, awkward silence in the air as we stood there, eyes locked.

"Ah, when did I tell you my name?" I asked, befuddled.

"Stupid girl, last time we...we saw each other." He answered, looking away and off to the side.



Oh god, this was so awkward...

"How did you get here?" He finally asked, breaking the silence. I opened my mouth, but quickly shut it. There was no way he would believe me...and the fact that I didn't want to seem more suspicious with more freaky powers. Yet I opened my mouth again, with a small glimmer of hope, but shut it once more.

"Spit it out!" He roared.

I shrieked, surprised. "I teleported!"

We stared at each other for a while, another awkward silence falling over us.

"I partly don't believe you." He stated, rolling his eyes and turning away from me. And I knew he would say something around those lines.

I walked right up to him, a little angry now. "What do you mean?"

"Teleporting? And you? They just don't go together. Whenever I teleport with you, you always become grumpy." He explained. "Just goes to show that I don't believe you."

"Well..." My voice was strained as I tried not to yell at him. "I did teleport. I was being chased by those stupid bokoblins, and they shot at me!" I tilted my shoulder, showing him the proof. "And then I fell of the edge of a cliff." I shuddered, remembering the paralyzing fear I felt when I had fallen.

"And you just magically appeared here?" He glared down at me, daring me to go on.

"Well, it helps that I thought of you!" I shouted at him. Yet when I realized what I was saying, my yells turned to soft words. "And...felt the very bad need to be by you." As I looked back up at Ghirahim, I thought that I had caught the smallest hint of a blush spreading out on his face. He frowned, turning away from me to hide it.

"You're such a stupid, irritating girl. You've been away this long; why would you try to come back?" He asked, walking to a nearby ledge, overlooking a rocky area underneath.

"Why?" I licked my lips, thinking it over. "I felt bad. I mean, last time I was here, we got into a fight and I..." Sighing, I tried to get the apology out. Yet even when it wasn't that hard—just to say 'I'm sorry'—I still could not get the words out of my mouth.

Why was my jaw locking up? Why did it feel so weird? It was just Ghirahim! And he's your friend, duh!

"'Felt bad'?" Ghirahim questioned, turning to me and raising his invisible eyebrows. "Girl, you've wasted your time coming back." He turned his back on me again, looking over the rock below him. My mouth fell open as he continued. "I don't want an imprudent apology, especially yours. Actually, you're wasting my precious time. I have to resurrect my master. A plan that you screwed up the last time we had an encounter." He spat out.

I saw red. I wanted to go up to Ghirahim and punch him in the face. I wanted to break his nose and watch it bleed that beautiful red liquid. I wanted to watch that liquid drip down his pale face and onto his clean, white shirt. It would stain the red, tainting the beauty of it. And I would walk away happy, knowing that he got what he deserved, that idiot bastard!

I shook my head and stopped thinking such thoughts. Instead, I settled on growling at him. I growled like a dog, which was something I've never done before. Ghirahim must bring out the weird things about me.

"You're the most mean, horrible, disgusting, sick, terrible, stubborn, idiotic person I've ever met!" I shouted, marching up to him. "I don't care if I screwed up your plan for your master—or whatever the hell you were planning—because you're a jerk! You have no idea what I went through to find you! I got SHOT, and I still have an arrow in my shoulder! And then when I finally get to you, and I'm about to say sorry, you act like a—" I gasped in fright, my mouth wide open. "GHIRAHIM!"

My heart stopped beating, or what seemed like it did. For as I walked up to him, the ground started to crack and fell out from underneath Ghirahim's feet. I caught a glimpse of his face before he fell. It was of shock and horror—probably close to my face when I was falling to my death a few minutes ago.

Without thinking, I threw myself to the ground and caught his hand before he was too far out of reach. There was a hard tug on my arm, for he was heavier than me, and it felt like my arm popped out of my socket. Of course, it had to be my left arm, the one with the arrow sticking out of it. Only I would reach out with my bad arm. Any other sane person would use their other arm.

I screamed, the pain shooting across my arm and eventually numbing from the overwhelming feeling. The tears spilled from my eyes again. I squinted through them to look down at Ghirahim, who was gripping onto me.

Wide, black eyes met my own. A tear fell from my cheek and fell through the air, before it landed on the glass diamond under his eye.

"Gina..." He mumbled. "You..."

"Since you saved my life, I saved yours back. Next time we see each other..." I gasped, chuckling just a bit. "Well, we'll let fate play that out for us." I smiled, despite the numb pain.

He stared at me before smiling as well. I'd quoted his own words, but I half expected him not to remember them. He was just that kind of guy. "Foolish girl." He stated.

"I'm crazy, not foolish." I stated, using all my strength to haul him up. My arm protested with pain shooting right through to the bone.

"No, you fool! I could have easily teleported!" He scolded me.

Oh...wow...I really am a fool, aren't I?

My eyes went wide with rage for myself. "Are you fucking kidding me?"

"Ouch! That hurts!" I yelled, yanking away from him.

"Quit moving! I won't be able to get it out!" He scolded again, taking hold of my arm.

Ghirahim ended up taking me back to his castle, where he was now trying to get the arrow out of my arm. Unfortunately, the pain was unbearable, and I was making it difficult for Ghirahim to pull it out.

He poked my arm with a metal thingy, trying to get the arrow head out. I hissed again, the pain stabbing me. "Do you even know what you're doing!?" I asked, jerking away. His grip on my arm tightened and he looked up at me again.

"I've been shot with an arrow before; it's not fun. I had to take the arrow out myself and there was no way that I was letting those mindless bokoblins near me with a weapon." He mumbled, once more digging to get the arrow head. Another stab caused me to scream and yank my arm away.

"Damn it! You may have been able to get it out yourself, but I'm not one for pain!" I shouted. Ghirahim sighed, looking the other way while resting his hands on his hips. It was obvious he was becoming inpatient. "You're going to have to find a different way to get it out without poking at me." I stated.

"How do I do that?"

"I don't know! Don't you have a drug for me? You know, something that will dull the pain?" I suggested.

He was silent for a moment, digging through his thoughts. "No..." He trailed off.

I sighed with worry. Now I'm going to go home and have to go to the doctor to get the arrow removed. My mother will freak out, and I'll probably make some lame excuse that an Indian attacked me. And to think that this all happened because I ran into a red fat guy.

"I hate your stupid bokoblins, especially the fat ones." I stated. "If you had just told them not to attack me, I wouldn't have gotten shot." I looked up at Ghirahim.

Something blunt came at me head on. The bang resonated through the room, and the next thing I see is stars in my vision. Ghirahim had whacked me over the head with something.

"Sorry..." Ghirahim murmured. I mumbled something I can't remember, and giggled.

And then I blacked out.

When I came to, I had a throbbing headache, a bump on my head...and my arm felt as though it were burning in a fire. I reached up, groaning, and massaged my head with the arm not burning.

"You're finally awake." His voice came from beside me. I opened my eyes and turned my head. I soon realized that I was lying down in his bed again, Ghirahim next to me. Though, Ghirahim was sitting up and above the covers.

I looked around more, seeing the bright, streaming light coming from the windows. The sun was still out; how long had I been asleep for?

"Huh? What?" I asked, groggy.

"You've been asleep for 16 hours now. I didn't realize hitting you that hard would knock the lights out of you for so long." He stated, turning the page of a book in his lap.

"You...wait!" I tried to get up. "You hit me in the head! What the hell, Ghirahim!?" I got a head rush, and the room spun for a moment before I fell backwards. Ghirahim sighed, whereas I groaned. He put his book down, and helped me sit up right, my back leaning on the headboard.

"It was the only way I could get the arrow head out. You wouldn't let me near it with the pliers." He smirked, picking his book up once more. "You're pathetic when it comes to pain, by the way."

I glared at him. "Just remember, I have to give birth one day; you don't."

Ghirahim groaned in distaste and disgust. "You really had to put that image in my head?" He asked. I only smiled more, facing forward.

We sat in silence for a few minutes; he read his book while I stared out the window. I realized the sun was rising in the distance, next to a large mountain. Or was that a volcano? I couldn't tell; it was too blurry.

"What's that place?" I asked, leaning in next to Ghirahim. He looked up from the book as I nodded to the far right window.

"That's Eldin Volcano. It has high altitude and sandy slopes that a easy to slide down. However, there are copious amounts of lava pits around the slopes. Also, another temple is at the very top of the volcano, and leads into the heart of it." He explained.

I gulped, imagining trying to climb up the volcano, lava and sand all around me. The sand slipped from underneath my feet and I slid all the way to the bottom, and into the blistering hot lava.

Oh god, falling into the dark abyss must have corrupted my mind.

"That's a very dangerous places." I stated.

"It can be, if you don't know what you're doing." He looked back down at his book. I did as well, wondering what was so special about it. I squinted my eyes to see what he was reading, and saw weird scribbles.

"What the...?" My eyebrows knit together in confusion. Don't tell me that Ghirahim doesn't know how to read and write...

"What? What's wrong?" He asked, looking up at me once more.

I nodded towards the book. "What is that?"

"It's a book..." He trailed off.

"I know it's a book. What's in it?" I pushed.

"A poem."

"I don't see words though." I locked eyes with him. "Those are squiggles drawn by a four year old."

"Really?" He asked, bringing the book closer. "I can read it plain as day. Don't you know Hylian?"

I chuckled. "Oh! No wonder why I don't understand it. I only know English." I explained.

"English...?" Ghirahim squinted at me, confused. I shook my head.

"Never mind, it's too hard to explain." I motioned to the book once more. "What's it say?" I asked.

"I feel as though I'm chocking from being strangled.

On my flat, smooth cheeks, I can sense your temperature.

Ah, I was able to make that wish that I would love you and only you.

Forever and ever.

But then, who are those people beside you?

Because I loved you so much, I gave you everything I treasured.

I even offered my body just to you.

But was I merely being toyed with?

Do you belong to me?

You belong to me.

I've given you everything I could offer.

But still I have no regret.

However, it seems like the number of people who love you has increased.

In order that you won't be snatched from me, we should just die here together."

I sat and thought for a moment, the poem familiar to me. The poem was so...emotional. I know the feeling behind it. I've lived it for a long time. Strangled feelings, tears running down my checks. Loving only you...loving only him.

The necklace around my neck became heavy. I reached up, touching it.


The memories washed over me, this time unwelcomed. I felt the need to cry. To remember how much I missed him. How much I loved him.

Did I know what love was? Wasn't I too young? Surely I am...but I can't deny that every time his name echoed through my mind, my chest clenched. My heart beat fast. My eyes watered...

"Hmm!?" Ghirahim suddenly tensed. I looked up at him...happy that he had distracted me.

"What?" I asked.

"I sense...the bokoblins are acting up..." Ghirahim smirked, closing the book of scribbles. "It's coming from Eldin Volcano. Speak of the devil..." He stood up from the bed, then frantically went about the room, getting things.

I sighed, looking over to his dresser. He's going off somewhere and leaving me behind...again. I closed my eyes and tried to get rid of the bad feeling that was suddenly swarming on the inside of my stomach. What's wrong with me?

I opened my eyes again as something occurred to me. Wait a moment...his bokoblins are acting up? My body tensed and air caught in my throat. I realized something.

"Link..." I whispered under my breath.

"What?" Ghirahim turned back to me. I looked up at him, the sunlight streaming through the window and hitting his white hair.

And for a moment, I could have sworn...

I sputtered, getting back to the matter at hand. "Can I come with you?" I asked, urgently.

Ghirahim hesitated. "You're injured." He stated, tilting his head. I looked at my arm. Oh yes, that's right.

My face scrunched up in sadness. Link might be hurt, or being chased. It's not that I wanted to piss off Ghirahim, but Link's still my friend.

"Don't give me that face." Ghirahim complained. Then I tested him, giving him a puppy pout. I hoped with all my might that it would work. He stared for a moment, before he sighed and closed his eyes. "Fine." He seethed out. "You can come." I smiled, warmth spreading over me as my face had worked on him. He came up to the bed, pulling the covers off of me.

I squealed and covered myself, the cold air rushing to kiss my skin. "Don't just come and pull off my covers! I could be half naked!" I shouted. Ghirahim groaned once more, rolling his eyes.

"Stop giving me images in my head!" He warned. "Besides, they're my covers and you'd never be half naked, let alone plain naked, in my bed; foolish girl. You shouldn't even be in my bed in the first place!" He scooped me up in his arms; one arm around my back and the other under my legs.

"Why are you carrying me?" I asked, clinging to him with my good arm, tightly. I didn't like it when my feet left the ground. It meant danger, and the possibility of falling.

"You're asking too many questions." He mumbled. "But you can't walk. You sat up too quickly and fell back down. I swear, you're more trouble than your worth." He explained, huffing. I only smiled and leaned my head on his chest, just to annoy him.

When I opened my eyes, Ghirahim let me stand on my feet, keeping his arm around my shoulders to support me, in case I fell over. I glared up at him, thoughts and colorful words running through my head.

Yet again, instead of walking there so that I may see all the sights this world had to offer, no, we had to teleport again. Right at the top of the volcano, next to the entrance of the temple, I see. "Damn it, Ghirahim. Would it kill you to actually take me on a nice nature walk or something?" I bitterly spat through my teeth.

Ghirahim ignored me, as I turned to look away from the temple doors. I stopped short when I looked down the huge volcano. A huge sandy slope met my eyes, a few wooden platforms sticking out of the slope. "Whoa..." My eyes bulged at the sight before me.

As I looked down the giant slope, I got dizzy. We were so high up, and if I were to fall...I shook my head at the thought. I needed to stop thinking about falling.

Yet the sight from the top of the volcano was stunning! It seemed so small down there, when it was actually very big. A vast land before me that seemed small from the top of this volcano...who would have thought?

I then realized how hot it was here; you could see the heat waves and the slightly smoking air, as well as burning ash, rising to the sky. "Great." I complained. "My hair is going to frizz and singe." I focused on my appearance, reaching up to smooth my hair down.

"Oh please, if you haven't noticed, you don't exactly look like the face of the Holy Goddess after you wake up." Ghirahim took hold of my limp hair and played with it before dropping it back to my shoulders. "Me, on the other hand..."

"Yeah, yeah." I rolled my eyes, shrugging out of Ghirahim's grip and stepping away from him. "You look fabulous." I finished for him. He slightly growled, annoyed that I interrupted him.

I swayed a bit, and felt arms around my shoulders again. "Careful." Ghirahim warned me. "Don't fall." Worry was laced in his words. I shook my head and stepped away from him again, his hands falling from my shoulders.

"Oh, don't worry; back in your bed, it was just a head rush. Look at me now! I'm fine." I assured him, spreading my arms out wide and waving them around. Ghirahim looked me over once more, before turning away.

"If you say so." He looked down the volcano as well. As though he were searching for something. His body tensed, telling me that he was eager to get down there. And I was up here with him...dragging him down once more. I sighed, realizing that I did not want to get in his way. I'd rather have him in a good mood. Besides, if Link wandered up here by chance, Ghirahim wouldn't be here to kill him. I'd be able to warn him of the danger.

"If you're looking to go down there, then go. I'm sure I'll be fine up here." I chuckled. "I'm at the top of a volcano; what could go wrong?" Ghirahim turned back to me, his brow knitting together.

"You're still hurt..."

My lips turned up in a smile, reaching my eyes as I teased him. "Aww, it's sweet how much you care about me."

Ghirahim scowled. "No! I...I do not care about you!" I caught the slight blush on his pale cheeks. "It seems that I hit your head too hard, you've having delusions now."

I rolled my eyes, sighing. "Well, if you don't care about me, then go." I crossed my arms. My shoulder stung at the motion, but I was stubborn about it, trying to suck up the pain.

"Fine!" Ghirahim flipped his hair at me, which I took as flipping me the bird, before he teleported, diamonds and all.

"God," I murmured. "He can be such a prick." I stared off into the distance again, down the volcano and the vast world around me. "But...he's still important to me." I reasoned with myself. I uncrossed my arms, moving to explore the area.

I wasn't worried about being here alone. Ghirahim would know where I am and where to find me. I'm at the top of a volcano; there's no where else for me to go.

In front of me was the sandy slope. Behind me were the red temple doors. To my right was a giant rock and a path that probably led down the mountain, yet I didn't know for sure. On my left was a structure of some sort, an interesting thing. Further to the left of the structure was a campsite.

Yet I found myself climbing the stairs to the structure. I immediately noticed that ahead of me was a platform sticking out from the structure. I walked to it, stood on the circle that the stones beneath me created. I looked down and...wow.

You could see everything! On the right and left was the sandy slope. Down further, if you looked out and away from the slope, lava rivers, dead or withered plants, and dirt paths were present. In the lava rivers, towers of lava shot up as air tried to escape from underneath.

"This place is amazing! It's so beautiful!" I sat down on the platform, staring out into the world. "Though, also a pain in the ass, I imagine."

I let my thoughts wander as I took in the beauty around me. Maybe I didn't know it at the time...but I was slowly, very slowly, falling in love with my world. All the wonders and beauty it held could enchant anyone.

Yet I wasn't falling in love with just my world. Maybe, just maybe, I was falling in love with something in this word.

Or someone.

I came back down to earth when I heard a loud ruckus behind me. Clanking metal against metal, loud footsteps, weird shouts...bokoblins. I stood up, getting on the defense. It wasn't the greatest idea to be so close to the edge of a platform if there were no wall blocking the fall to the sandy slope beneath me. Especially when the bokoblins seem to have a death warrant out for me.

When I heard the scream—a girl's scream—I knew that things would be interesting. The scream was mixed with the shouts of bokoblins, who were now on the other side of the structure. I ran down the steps and turned to my left, where the entrance to the temple was.

That's when I saw the girl with the beautiful, pure blonde hair.

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