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Chap 14: Enough Adventure for One Day

"Stop it!" She shouted. "Get away from me!" She tried to run from the three bokoblins chasing after her. They only blocked her path, raising their weapons at her in response. I silently cursed, looking around for a weapon myself. My eyes landed on a rather heavy, throw-able rock. I picked it up and chucked it at the nearest bokoblin.

It hit him right in the back of the head—which I now realized could have killed him—and the bokoblin fell forward, hitting the earth. The other two lowered their weapons, turning to stare at me. I felt a surge of courage course through my veins. "Leave her alone!" I yelled. "And pick on someone your own size!" I bent down to pick up another rock, throwing it again. My aiming, however, was completely off. I missed the next bokoblin by at least five feet.

I groaned. "Good job, Gina. That was an epic fail..." The bokoblins looked down at the rock and then back up at me. With a battle cry tearing from their throats, they raised their weapons high and charged at me. My heart sped up as I realized what I had gotten myself into. "Shit!" I ran the other way, toward the campsite. I hoped to fine somewhere to hide. Of course, I would have never guessed that the campsite was for a colony of bokoblins.

"I did not think this through!" I whimpered to myself, stopping in my tracks, right in the middle of the campsite. If I didn't draw more attention to myself, I'd only have to deal with the two bokoblins chasing me.

My makeshift plan was thrown out the window when above my head, a horn blew loud and clear. Looking up, I saw a lookout tower standing tall over the camp. Another bokoblin was on top of it, blowing into a bleached white animal horn. A signal for battle.

More bokoblins appeared, surrounding me. Their weapons were raised above their heads, shaking in all directions. They were just itching to bring them down on my head and beat me until I was nothing but a shell. "Damn..." I seethed through clenched teeth. I thought that I could come here and save Link, if I happened to come across him, or if Ghirahim ended up bringing him back. Instead, I end up saving some blonde bimbo wearing a really pretty white dress.

"Wait a minute." I murmured. "Blonde hair, white dress, beautiful features..." I trailed off.

She was Elegant, probably Important, and seemed almost Holy.

"Zelda?" I shouted over the battle cries of the bokoblins. I caught a glimpse of her blonde hair through the throng of angry red people. And then pain racked my body, most importantly my head, as I realized what had just happened.

A bokoblin just whacked me over the head with his weapon.

Oh look, pretty stars! "Not again..." I wheezed, before I hit the ground. Everything was black.

Groaning, I reached up, yet again, to rub my head. With the arm that wasn't in pain. "What the hell...?" It took me a few moments to remember what had happened. "Damn it!" I cursed, sitting up quickly. "That's twice in one day!" I closed my eyes tight when a head rush came crashing down on me.

"You're awake!" A soft, melodious voice called out to me. "How are you feeling?" I turned to meet soft blue eyes, much like my own, that were clouded with worry.

"I'm fine." I answered. "What about you?" I looked her over, taking in her state of being. She sat on the floor, her posture elegant, her back straight. She looked almost royal. And much too beautiful to be in a place like this. Speaking of this place, as I looked around, I saw the dirty and ashy floor. Despite the glow of lava around us, it was darker. We were in a pavilian of some sort, and it seemed that we were trapped.

Not to mention the chains around our ankles.

"I've been better. Being man handled by those monsters most certainly did not sit well with me." She answered truthfully, a frown crossing her features. Then she was silent, watching me. I bit my lip, feeling uncomfortable under her gaze.

"Anything else bothering you?" I asked in a smaller voice.

"What's your name?"

"Oh!" I cleared my throat. "I'm Gina. I'm sorry, I never introduced myself." I held my hand out to her, but she didn't take it. She continued on with interrogating me.

"Earlier, you tried to save me. I thank you for that, Gina, but you called out my name. I've never met you before. Therefore, I must ask; how do you know my name?" She tilted her head. Her hand rested on her knee as she re-positioned herself.

"I met your friend, Link." At those words, her eyes—and pretty much her whole face—lit up.

"Link?" She asked. "How is he? Is he here? Where did you see him? What did he say?" Her questions tumbled out of her mouth. Worry and happiness laced together as she tried to ask more and more questions.

"Whoa!" I held my hands up, signaling her to calm down. "Hold on. One question at a time." I chuckled, before running a hand through my dirty and messy hair. "Last time I saw him, he was doing alright. But, he was cut up pretty badly, after a fight with Ghirahim. He should be fine." I sighed. "I don't know if he's here, but since you are, I'd be willing to bet that he most likely is." I explained.

Zelda sighed, staring down at her hands. "I feel so bad." She mumbled. I furrowed my brow at her words.

"Why would you feel bad?"

"Link is trying to find me, but I'm running in the opposite direction from him." She explained, looking up at me through her lashes. Her eyes burned into mine. I felt a twinge of jealousy at her beauty.

"He's worried sick about you, I hope you know." I informed her, trying not to sound mean. She hung her head low, blonde hair falling over her shoulder.

"I know, but I have a duty to do. I can't stop and wait for him. My destiny must be fulfilled."

"Your destiny?" Haven't I heard this somewhere before?

"I don't completely understand it myself. When I got caught in that tornado in the sky and was pulled to the surface world, I woke up scared and alone. Luckily, I wasn't alone for long; an old lady who was occupying the temple by the pit in the forest found me. She said that I had a destiny to fulfill, because the fate of the world depended on it."

I lightly gasped, realization smacking me in the face.

Link; the Hero. Zelda; the reincarnation of the Holy Goddess. Ghirahim; the bad guy trying to kill them both.

There was just a few other pieces of information that I was missing. But soon, I knew, I would figure this out. And I didn't like the looks of it.

"And I know that it's important that I get to the spring located in this temple." Zelda continued.

"I see..." I trailed off, looking around.

Bokoblins were but a few feet from us, I noticed. I tugged on the chains, wondering if they were weak enough for me to break. The metal scuffled on the floor as I pulled at them. They made an annoying, loud noise.

"Shhh!" Zelda quickly took hold of my hand. "If you tug on it too much, and the bokoblins notice, they start to get mad." We both quickly looked to the bokoblins. They hadn't noticed anything and just stood guard. Both of us sighed with relief.

"I'm going to murder Ghirahim very, very soon. Didn't he tell his bokoblins not to harm me?" I began to rant and mumble, crossing my arms and huffing. The action made my arm burn, so I quickly uncrossed them. I forgot that I was injured.

"What do you mean?" Zelda asked, turning to me once more with a hushed tone.

"Ghirahim; he's in cahoots with the bokoblins. They're practically his slaves." I pulled at my shirt, trying to air myself. It was much too hot in here.

"You mean that he's evil? He's trying to kill us?"

I paused, thinking it over. "No, he's not evil." I answered, but bit my lip. That wasn't entirely true. "Well, actually...he tried to kill Link." I scowled, remembering something. "He tried to kill me too. More than once, I believe." I shook my head. That was weeks ago, though. It seemed like forever in my mind, since I've grown to know Ghirahim better.

"How are you still alive?" She asked, surprised at me. "If he tried to kill Link and you, how is he not evil?"

This is where it got confusing. "In the process of trying to kill me, I sort of stole his powers for a while. Then I ended up saving his life, so he owed me one." That didn't make him sound too good. "Then he saved my life in return. Now we're friends."

I smiled, trying to make it seem better than it actually sounded.

"Wouldn't that make you in cahoots with him?" She leaned away from me, suspicious. Now I'm the bad guy?

"What?" I asked, offended. "No! Well...sort of...I mean..." I sighed, lowering my head in defeat. How can I explain something as complicated as this?

"The whole story is really long...basically, after I saved his life and he saved mine, I tagged along with him to the temple in the forest. We got into a fight, he left me there all alone, I met Link and tagged with him to save you. We were separated for a little bit and he walked into a battle with Ghirahim. Ghirahim was going to kill him but I stepped in the way and pissed off Ghirahim. Then just yesterday I met up with Ghirahim again and apologized. Then he brought me here while he went off somewhere else."

I started to sweat more than usual, breathing in the heavy air as I tried to explain the whole story without confusing her. I failed.

"I'm confused. Which side are you on?" She inquired, her brow furrowed.

I smacked my head. "I'm on Link's side...but I'm also on Ghirahim's side. Both are important friends to me. I don't want either of them to get hurt. Especially by each other's hands." I paused, my mouth hanging open. Zelda still seemed confused. "Just know that yes, I'm friends with Ghirahim, but I don't agree with his ways. If he tried to kill you or Link, I'd stop him." I sighed in defeat.

The silence between us was thick and heavy, like the hot air choking us. I could take it no longer. It was too awkward. "Now that we're both captured, Ghirahim's going to find out that I tried to help you. And he's going to get mad at me once again." I groaned, tilting my head back to fan myself.

"This Ger—ham guy; he's the one who's after me, correct?" Zelda wrapped her arms around her legs, curling up into a ball. She seemed small and battered. It was almost scary.

"His name is Ghirahim, but yes, he's after you." I sighed. "It's because apparently, your some 'Spirit Maiden' that Ghirahim needs. Why, I don't know. And Link's trying to find you, to keep Ghirahim from getting you."

"I thought he was trying to find me because..." She trailed off, a frown invading her face. Her forehead creased as she continued to brood about something in her head. And I think I know what it was.

"Umm..." I smirked. "I do hope you know Link isn't just trying to save you because he has to. It's because you're his friend, someone really important to him...and I think that he likes you. Like...likes likes you." I empathized the 'like', leaning in closer to her. Her face instantly brightened with happiness and color.

"What?" She asked, blushing. "Why would you think that?"

I shrugged, my shoulder stinging at the action. "It could be because whenever Link talks about you, he always goes on and on about you. And he's so dead set on finding you, no matter what it takes. And when I did ask him if he liked you...he got all flustered. I took that as a sign that he did."

Zelda's face broke out in a grin, her cheeks turning a darker shade of a blush. I giggled, shaking my head. "And I can see that the feelings are returned right at him." I teased. Then I pulled at my shirt; it stuck to me. I might overheat and faint soon. We needed to get out of here.

"Zelda?" I asked, changing the subject. "Where exactly are we?"

"We're in the Earth Temple, inside the volcano. I don't know exactly where, but it's not good."

"How long did it take for the bokoblins to haul us here?"

"I'd say about 25 minutes at most."

I groaned, fanning myself some more. "That long? By the time Link get's here, Ghirahim would have found us. We need to get you out of here before he hears about your capture." I reasoned, taking hold of her chain.

"Please! It's no use!" She tried to stop me. "You'll only draw attention to us."

I shook my head. "Just watch and see." I closed my eyes, trying to concentrate. I imagined the white mist again, since that worked last time. When Zelda gasped, I opened my eyes again, smiling. I knew my powers were working.

The white mist was surrounding the chains, and the screws holding the metal in place were slowly being unscrewed by something invisible. One by one they fell into my hand, as I tried to stay as quiet as possible. The metal around Zelda's ankle fell away as well. She looked up at me with amazement. It just made me feel all the more smug.

"How did you do that?" She whispered, before looking over to the bokoblins. They hadn't noticed anything suspicious. I started to work on my own chain bounding me to the floor.

"Some people have powers. Like Ghirahim; he can teleport places and apparently make a sword appear in his hand. I can do that too, but my power is much less aggressive than his." I whispered back, catching each screw as they fell.

And out of nowhere, a bang sounded from behind us. A few of the bokoblins screeched in surprise. And then the ground shook in a mini earthquake. Zelda and I gasped, grabbing each other's hands. Her eyes locked with mine. "Did you do that too?" She asked, worry creasing her face.

I shook my head, gulping down the fear that was stuck in my throat. "No, but if I did; it wasn't on purpose." I squeaked out.

Yet another bang sounded, shaking the ground. More bokoblins screamed. Zelda and I turned around to catch what was happening. That's when we noticed that the bokoblins standing guard were either knocked out or dead on the ground.

Was this the end? Was Ghirahim coming for Zelda? What will he do when he finds me here as well? Should I lie and say that they saw me and thought that I would just be an added bonus to him? Or do I fight for what I think is right; keeping Zelda safe?

A tall figure appeared out of the dust. I tensed, gripping Zelda's hand tighter.

At first, I thought it really was Ghirahim. The figure was tall enough. However, as it came forward, I realized that Ghirahim did not have brown skin, nor wore black. Who was this new person? Was this the master that Ghirahim was talking about before?

"Who are you?" Zelda braved herself, knitting her brow together.

I quickly realized that the figure was a woman. Very flat chested, tall, and very skinny. On her forehead there looked to be a red tattoo of an eye with a tear coming from it. Under her left eyes was another tattoo, a white tear drop.

"Your Grace." The woman got on one knee, bowing to Zelda. "I am Impa of the Sheikah tribe. I was sent to protect you on your journey and guide you in the right place. There is much for you to learn." She explained, standing back up.

Zelda studied her for a moment, determining if what she said was true. If what she said could be trusted. "I believe you." She responded.

Now Impa turned to me, looking me up and down. "Your Grace, who is this?"

"My name is Gina." I held my hand out for her. She only looked at it with a scowl. I dropped it, biting my lip. Apparently she didn't like me.

"She tried to save me from the bokoblins. Unfortunately, they knocked her out." I scowled, still angry about being clubbing in the head twice in one day. "However, she freed me from those chains." Zelda motioned to the chains on the floor; Impa followed her gaze.

"You have my thanks, Gina." Now Impa turned to Zelda. "Your Grace, we must get to the Earth Spring as soon as possible."

"Where will we go from there?"

"We'll travel to the Temple of Time, located in Lanaryu Desert. There's something important there waiting for us. It is urgent that we get there before anyone else, Your Grace." Impa explained, helping Zelda off of the ground.

Zelda nodded, understanding the situation. Then she turned to me. "Will you stay here and tell Link where I am? I would appreciate it. I don't want him to worry about me." I smiled.

"Of course. Besides, someone needs to make sure he's alright."

Impa scowled, interrupting us. "Do you mean the Goddess's chosen Hero? I passed him on my way here; he's late."

I tried to defend him. "You have to take into consideration all the monsters that get in his way. They slow him...down..." I trailed off. The face of hatred that Impa was giving me scared the crap out of me.

"You don't understand." She seethed. "It matters not what is put in the Hero's way. He must help Her Grace! It is his destiny to do so! The fate of the world depends on it!" She snarled at me.

I wanted to groan. There everyone goes with 'The fate of the world depends on it' stuff again. I didn't understand this! What is so important about Zelda's destiny? What is she to do? And why must Link help her?

"I'll inform Link about it." I answered her in a small voice. "Just...take Zelda and do what you need to do. Make sure she's safe and away from Ghirahim. I'll go find Link."

Impa nodded at me once, turning away to lead Zelda to the spring.

"Thank you, Gina. I will never forget your kindness." Then Zelda turned to follow Impa.

I headed in the other direction, taking a deep breath of the ashy air and exhaling.

This was going to be interesting...

I was now resting on the stairs, trying to catch my breath. The hot air made it nearly impossible.

I officially hated this place. I'd rather take the frozen wasteland over this stupid temple any day! My hair is frizzing, I'm covered in sweat, soot, dirt and who knows what else! My arm was burning with pain, which I thought just a bit strange.

I just wanted to lay down in a cool, dark place and sleep forever.

The familiar intake of breath from somewhere over the lava made it's way to my ears. It was then followed by a splash. The creature that attempted to kill me too many times before. I ducked as a lava frog squirted a flaming ball of lava at me. It missed, flying over my head.

I jumped up in return, sticking my middle finger at it. "You freaking frogs! Why throw fire at me?! I've done nothing wrong! I'm a helpless human that can't defend herself!" I yelled, picking up some rubble. I threw it at the monster, but missed. The rock just burst into flames as it melted into the lava.

I take that back; I'm not a helpless human. I've just a helpless girl with the powers of a goddess. She doesn't know how to use them either.

I sighed, glaring as the frog disappeared under the lava. I've barely gotten very far in this temple. There were no signs of Link. Thankfully, I haven't fallen into the lava or received any burns...yet. The only good think that I got out of this death pit was having time to think.

It was what everyone was saying. It was tossing around in my head all the time. "'The fate of the world depends on it...'" I mimicked Impa's words.

Was there an apocalypse happening that Daniel forgot to tell me about? It seemed like something he would do, too. "Daniel always leaves out important information." I complained, brushing off the dirt from my pants. I huffed, standing up.

I became distracted when I heard the strange noise of a Chubaka from Star Wars choking on something. When I turned around, I barely got the chance to blink and scream before a giant lizard man hit me in the gut with a spiked ball attached to it's tail. You can't imagine the pain I felt when it hit me. It was like falling on my front side after I jumped off from a high building.

I wheezed, grabbing my stomach. My eyes failed me when I started to see some pretty, sparkly stars floating around me again. Everything faded away...

"Master, I believe the entity known as 'Gina' is waking up." I heard the monotonous voice close by.

I cried out in pain when something shifted underneath me, my stomach and arm burning and aching all at the same time. And then I found myself on the ground. I felt the tiny rocked pushing on my skin, the cool stone on my cheek. I clung to that feeling, rather than the pain I was in, or the hot air around me. I refused to open my eyes, afraid of what was happening around me.

"Gina?" Another voice asked. This one was kind and warm, but obviously concerned. A hand was placed on my shoulder, trying to shake me. I cried out again, my arm searing with pain. They retracted their hand from me.

"Gina? Are you ok?" That voice asked again. I groaned in response. Wasn't if obvious that I was in pain? I was crying, for heavens sake!

"What's wrong?" He asked again. This time, I peeled one eye open. The first thing I saw was one of the slopes I slid down earlier. I turned my head, looking behind me. Link was kneeling over me, his face creased with worry. Fi was floating not that far behind him.

"What happened?" I groaned, the pain easing away slowly. "Where am I?" I attempted to sit up, but I only fell back to the ground, hissing at the pain. Link took hold of me, helping me up. I just wanted to sit there and cry from the pain, but I knew it would be no use. Link could only look at me in pity.

"I was looking for Zelda when I came across monsters known as Lizalfos. Then I saw you passed out cold on the ground between them. They were guarding you. After I killed them, I picked you up and continued to try and find Zelda." He explained, standing up. He gave me his hand, which I took with my good arm. Slowly, he pulled me up. The movement just caused me more pain.

Come one Gina, take a deep breath and take it like a woman. I know you aren't one for pain, but this is ridiculous.

"I saw Zelda earlier. She asked me to tell you not to worry for her safety." I wheezed. Link tensed at my words, his eyes widening at the mention of her. He was anxious to see her. "Zelda's with someone who's protecting her." I groaned, my good hand lightly resting on my pained stomach. "And that person isn't too fond of you." Link's eyes burned with concern and worry.

"You're not saying that the person is that Ghirahim guy, right?" He asked, hesitantly.

I tilted my head. What in the world would make him think that? "What? No! Ghirahim's trying to capture her. This person saved her and me. Her name's Impa; and she's mad that you're late in saving Zelda. I tried to tell her that you're always stopped by monsters, but she refused to listen to me."

Link nodded, turning to the slope. I noticed how...distant he was from me. It felt awkward to be around him. It was like there was something between us. Something blocking us.


He interrupted me. "What were you doing with that Ghirahim guy?" He asked, his voice harsh.

The way he asked that question implied that was with him. "What am I doing with him?" I repeated the question.

Link huffed. "At Skyview Temple, you stopped him from killing me. Yet the whole time you were with me, you never mentioned that he was following me. Then you left with him as if it weren't a big deal." He turned to me, his eyes hard and cold. This wasn't the Link that I had come to know. This Link was mean; with good reason.

I was friends with Ghirahim; he had a reason not to trust me now. Ghirahim tried to kill him.

"That brings me to a more important question; are you allied with him or not?"

I gasped, feeling hurt. "Link...I know it looks bad." I started. Link rolled his eyes, scoffing at me. "But you've got to trust me; I didn't think he was going to try and kill you. Honestly; I was angry at him and completely forgot about him after I met you."

"Are you allied with him or not?" Link repeated, pushing the words from his mouth as though it were something gross.

I bit my lip. "All I can say is that I'm his friend." Link tensed. "However," I quickly added. "that doesn't mean that I agree with what he does; like killing you, capturing Zelda. I'd never let him hurt you or her if I had the chance. I showed you that back at Skyview Temple." I came closer to him, my legs shaking from the pain. "Link, he may be my friend, but you're my friend too. I'm sorry if that upsets you."

Link was silent as he turned over thoughts in his head. "I'll fight Ghirahim until Zelda's safe at home." The his shoulders sagged as he turned to lock eyes with him. They reminded me of a hurt, lost puppy. "Gina, I'd rather have you as a friend than an enemy. But if you're lying to me about Ghirahim, I'll never forgive you. And if it come down to it; I'll kill you if you betray me."

I nodded, understanding where he was coming from. I wouldn't trust me either.

Then he looked me up and down. "From the looks of it; I don't think you have the strength to be a threat to me." He chuckled. I smiled as well, but gasped in pain when I started to chuckle. The motion caused pain to shoot up my spine.

"Take it easy." He placed a hand on my good shoulder. "And...you wouldn't happen to know exactly where Zelda is, would you?"

"Last I saw them, Impa was leading her to the Earth Spring in this temple. I don't know if they're still here or if they made it there safely." I explained, my eyebrows knitting together.

"Then we're going to find out." Link stated, taking in a deep breath and standing tall. He had such courage in him...and as he walked forward, braving the path before him, I noticed just how much of Hero he really looked like.

Here I am now, resting on the ground. I felt useless, and a pain to Link. He had to carry me up the slope, because there was no way I could walk, much less run, without screaming in pain.

Though, we did have quite a scare while making our way up the slope. A trap was triggered halfway up there, and boulders were released, flying right at us. I had screamed at the top of my lungs, flinging my hands out before Link and I as if I could stop them. Just a reflex that was useless to us.

But the thing was; I DID stop them.

The white mist came back, this time without me closing my eyes, and held the boulders in place. Before I knew what I was doing, I clenched my hands into fists and thought about the boulders turning to sand—and they did.

My powers were growing. And I think I have a better idea of how to control them.

Yet right now, I'm resting on the ground, next to another statue of some sort. I was breathing pretty heavy, weather it was from using my powers or just the pain all over my body. The hot air and ash did little to help me breathe.

The door we were trying to take was blocked, for a giant dragon head above the door was pouring out lava. I silently thought to myself; how the hell is that possible?

While I was resting, Link had ventured to the other side of the room, where another dragon head was located. He said there was supposed to be a chest up there, which he showed me on his map. I voted to stay down here, not wanting to slow him down.

I shifted my position, everything hurting again. My stomach was causing me the most pain. I didn't know what else those Lizard men did to me, but just the ball in the stomach caused a hell a lot of damage. I sighed when the pain subsided, resting my head on the statue behind me. Thoughts laced my mind.

What was my mother going to say to me when I get back home? I knew that my stomach was going to bruise and I would have a scar on my shoulder. Unless I was very careful with showing her my stomach...

What else happened? Oh yes...Chased by a fat bokoblin, shot in the shoulder. Almost fell to my death, been knocked out, captured by bokoblins. Oh, then knocked out again, met Zelda, met Impa, ran into Lizard people, knocked out again and met up with Link.

"What next?" I asked, closing my eyes and sighing deeply.

"GINA!" Link shouted. "DUCK!" I opened my eyes, seeing him jump down from the broken ledge. He landed on his feet but quickly sprawled out on the floor. Then came a gigantic boulder, the size of George Washington's head from Mount Rushmore, rolling down the slope behind him.

The boulder rolled right off the slope. For moment, everything went still. Time seemed to slow down. Link was spread-eagle on the ground, as flat as possible. The boulder itself was in the air, just above Link's head by only two feet. I saw the smoothness of the boulder before me, and I swore that I saw my reflection in it.

Time sped up as I exhaled the air caught in my throat. The dust of the boulder whipped past my face. I heard the crushing and grinding noises as the boulder completely missed Link and rolled right into the mouth of the dragon head. It blocked the lava, providing a way to the door.

I sat there for a good 50 seconds before I realized what just happened.

Link was up, his face a mixture of disbelief, excitement and terror all at the same time. He seemed to bounce about with his explanation as to why the boulder was after him in the first place. He had his hands in the air to further his description. A grin was plastered upon his face. He seemed ecstatic that he was still alive.

I, however, sat against the bird statue, still frozen in place while I watched Link jump around. I couldn't believe what I just saw. There was no way that was real.

"Hey," Link called. "Are you ok? You look pretty pale." Link crouched down in front of me, concern taking up his face now. I opened my mouth to answer him, but instead, clamped it shut as quickly as I could and crawled to the edge of the floor.

"Hey! Wait—!" Link protested, reaching out to me as I leaned towards the lava. I bent my head over the edge and emptied my stomach into the overheated, melted rock.

I think I've had enough adventure for today.

Link was kind enough to pull my hair back so it wouldn't get all messy as I threw up. After I was done with that, he picked me up and carried me on his back.

"Thanks." I whispered, closing my eyes and gripping his shoulders.

"It's no problem." He smiled back at me.

"If I feel sick again," I mumbled. "I'll try not to throw up on you."

Link chuckled nervously. "I'd very much appreciate that."

When we got to the door, the jaw of the dragon head clamped shut, the boulder disappearing. It was as though the dragon swallowed it. We then opened the door with another weird key and came to the next room.

I had been here before. The familiar stairs, and the chains on the ground. Had I taken a different route? I don't remember seeing the dragon head in the other room. Suddenly, the whole room shook, as if another earthquake was happening. Link and I both looked up to see the boulder rolling on the inside of a dragon skeleton hanging from the ceiling. As it passed us, the shaking stopped.

Fi appeared out of Link's sword as we moved again. "Master, I detect Zelda's aura in the surrounding area." She stated, staring at us.

"Look at the ground," I stated. "Over there." Link turned, seeing the chains. "Zelda and I were bound here. I freed her and then Impa showed up." I explained. My voice became hoarse, as though I were speaking with sandpaper.

"I highly suggest that we follow this path. I calculate that there is a 98% chance that Zelda is up ahead." Fi stated, before going back into Link's sword.

"This might hurt a little." Link called my attention. I opened my eyes to find Link about to jump off a ledge higher than usual. I braced myself. Then the moment we landed, I groaned and hissed in pain. It felt like a giant was punching me with his over sized hand, sending me flying to the ground with the air knocked right out of me.

We continued up the path, which was climbing up to a door where I suspected Zelda and Impa would be. Halfway there, however, we ran into another problem.

Menacing laughter surrounded us, but I knew that laughter anywhere. I'd grown used to hearing it while I was around him...

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