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Chap 15: Poison and Black Hair

Blood intertwined with sweat, trickling down my temple. I ran as fast as my feet would allow me to. My breathing was uneven, hasty. I couldn't believe I'd left Link behind, just so that he may deal with that...that thing!

I heard a scream of pure torture carry over head as I ran in the opposite direction. I closed my eyes tightly, trying to block it out. It was no use, as the screams continued, getting louder and louder.

Poor Link.

I tripped, skidding across the floor in the process. I let out my own cry of pain as I rolled onto my back. I stared up at the ceiling. My hair stood on end when I heard something; a galloping noise. Something purple swam into my view, and as I looked up and focused my eyes, I saw what it was.

A purple unicorn with bunny ears and a sparkly horn.

Its eyes glowed red, and blood stained the fur around its mouth. I could see a finger sticking out from between its teeth. Was that Link's finger!?

The unicorn then spoke to me, in a combination of Zelda, Link, Impa and Ghirahim's voice.

"Join us Gina, join us."

"That goddess-serving dog escaped with the girl!"

I was brought back to earth as Ghirahim's voice surrounded me. He seemed very angry.

Wait, where was I again?

I'd spaced out while listening to Ghirahim. Strange. I don't recall even thinking about unicorns in the past month.

"—and now I can release it. You see...there's this girl, the one you were with last time. She has been driving me crazy; she even almost killed me! Though, not on purpose. But she has gone missing on me again; how rude of her. She's still quite important to me, so it's crucial that I find her. In the meantime, there's someone special that I'd like you to meet. Oh don't be shy! I need to vent all this unhealthy anger and worry! Your agony is such a great stress reliever."

Ghirahim leaned up, so that he was standing tall. It was weird how he hadn't noticed me on Link's back yet. He must be very involved with his emotions and desires on hurting Link. I mean, this guy could rant on and on all day about whatever was upsetting him. He was just the kind of guy who wouldn't shut up.

Speaking about hurt; why is my shoulder burning so badly?

"It won't take more than a few moments—"

"Link," I mumbled. "I don't...arm...hurt..." I groaned more, clenching my eyes shut. The pain was unbearable. It was like someone was holding my arm down in lava.

"—friend before you're charred to a satisfying crisp—!"

I didn't wait for Ghirahim to finish is rant, I just screamed in pain. My arm now felt as though I were touching the sun, if it was even possible. Mid scream, a cough arose in my throat, cutting me off. I let go of Link, falling backwards and onto the floor before continuing to cough. A familiar sound struck the air; the same sound whenever Ghirahim teleported.

"What in the name of the Goddess...?" Ghirahim's voice was near, coming closer now.

"Gina!" Link bent over me.

Something gurgled in my lungs, something not pleasant. I coughed harder and harder, trying to get air through me once again. I felt the warm liquid pass over my tongue, and tasted the copper, bitter taste. I was coughing up blood. What was wrong with me now?

Ghirahim was before me, standing over my body that racked with coughs. "Gina." He called my name. I looked up, my eyes filled with tears. Blood dripped from my chin and onto the dirty stone floor. When I locked onto his eyes, I saw his pity for me.

"Don't just stand there!" Link shouted. "She could be dying!"

Ghirahim's eyes moved to glare at him. Link became suddenly silent. I coughed again, turning over and onto my stomach. I hauled myself to my hands and knees, ready to fall forward and just die anytime. Coughing up blood didn't feel good. It felt like I was breathing fire, but I knew I needed to spit the blood out to breath.

Ghirahim kneeled down, taking hold of my chin. He tipped it up so that he could see my face. "Of course..." He murmured to himself. With his other hand, he took hold of the side of my head. Using his thumb, he pulled my eyelid up. His eyes narrowed as he looked into mine.

The moment he let go of me, I turned to face the stone again, coughing up more blood. "I didn't realize..." Ghirahim muttered.

"What?" Link questioned. "What didn't you realize?" He narrowed his eyes at Ghirahim, ready to bash him over the head with his sword. Ghirahim turned to the boy, his eyes dark with hate.

"Earlier, she was shot with an arrow. It never occurred to me that the arrow could be poisoned." He bit back harshly. Ghirahim bent down, taking hold of my waist. He then proceeded to throw me over his shoulder in a quick movement, as though I were nothing but a big sack of potatoes. I groaned in pain, my aching stomach and body not appreciating the sudden and harsh movement.

On thing came to me as I was ridden with pain; he really didn't know what he was doing when he was removing that arrow. That bastard. I hope I get blood all over his outfit!

"So she really could be dying!" Link shouted, concerned.

Ghirahim rolled his eyes. "Oh don't worry, Sky Child. She'll be fine. You, on the other hand, I make no promises." Ghirahim laughed his evil laugh, then snapped his fingers. Both Ghirahim and I disappeared in another cloud of diamonds, leaving Link to deal with whatever Ghirahim had in store for him.

I was so weak. I felt like I was floating, as though I could float up to the sky, but something heavy was holding me down. Yet what I really wanted to do was turn over and cough up the blood in my throat. I couldn't; I was too weak to move. So I just stayed on my back, practically chocking on the blood, lying on Ghirahim's bed.

Ghirahim was across the room, by his dresser, doing something. "Foolish girl, didn't I tell you to stay where you were?" He asked after a while, from over his shoulder.

I answered, still chocking on the blood. "I did, but—your stupid bo—koblins attacked —me and Zelda." My body was doing weird contractions now.

"But of course, I can count on you to crash in on me and ruin my plans. I suspect that you had something to do with freeing the goddess as well?" Ghirahim came over to me, a cup in his hand.

"No," I rasped. "Impa freed her when—when we were—."

"Don't talk." He interrupted me. "You'll tire yourself out even more." Ghirahim took a white clothe and wiped away the blood from my chin and around my mouth. "You can explain it to me after you're better and not hacking blood on everything." Ghirahim pulled me into a sitting position, my back resting on the headboard. I wanted to cough again, but Ghirahim gave me a warning look. I tried to swallow the blood, closing my eyes all the while. It was hard; I hated the taste. I just wanted to cough it back up.

Lips were on mine again, surprising me. My eyes shot open, seeing Ghirahim's face close to mine. I pulled away from him and sprayed the weird liquid that entered my mouth while he was kissing me into the air. "What the hell?!" I asked, angry. I realized, I wanted to cough again. But it felt better, didn't hurt as much.

"You have to take the antidote." He glared at me, about to take another sip from the cup.

"You could have just told me to drink it!" I yelled back at him.

"You can't even more your arm!" Ghirahim shouted back at me. His face gave off frustration.

"Yes I can!" I moved my arm to grab the cup from him—but I couldn't move it. I knew I was moving it, I wanted it to move, but I couldn't. It was a weird feeling.

"That's what the poison can do; immobilize you. Eventually you'll stop breathing too. Unless you take this antidote, you'll die. You have exactly 11 minutes before you—"

"Shut up and give me the damn thing!" I shouted, getting tired. I wanted to close my eyes and drift asleep. Today was just a long...long day.

He took a swig from the cup, and then came closer to my mouth. His lips pressed against mine before he forced the antidote into my mouth. Unwillingly, I swallowed it.

My heart started to beat really fast. My face got really red and hot. I was having some sort of hot flash. My body kept growing hotter and hotter. I knew I was sweating too. What, did I just eat a ghost pepper? "What's wrong with me?" I gasped, getting dizzy. The room before me spun.

"The antidote is doing it's job. You're going to feel like you've been drugged for a while." Ghirahim explained. I closed my eyes. His voice sounded as though he were far away. But he echoed and the words repeated over and over.

He was gone for a while, before the spot on the bed next to me sunk down. I peeled an eye open to see a blurry Ghirahim before me. He had removed his cloak, probably realizing that I'd drained my blood all over the back of it.

"When you were shot, the head of the arrow was dipped in poison. Even after I cleaned the wound, the poison had already seeped into your blood stream." His words echoed again. My head felt like it was underwater. "Before, back in the temple, your pupils were dilated; that's one stage of the poison. Or," he continued. "it could be from a concussion I gave you while knocking you out."

I groaned, scrunching my face up in pain at the mention of being knocked out. That, and the two other times today.

"What happened after I left you on the mountain?" He demanded, his gaze burning into my head.

"I went to look around and I heard a scream. So I checked it out and found Zelda. Bokoblins were attacking her, so I tried to save her. Then they went after me and knocked me out." I wheezed.

"Then, you're most likely to have a concussion." I barely caught him nodding, because things were becoming too blurry to see.

"Then—chained up—Zelda. Impa found us—saved us. Went to look for—attacked by lizards—and the wind. Blacked out again—Link flying with me. I no feeling good—aching all over."

Could Ghirahim even translate my drunken slur into English words? Did Ghirahim even know English? That thought seemed to bother me.

My heart beat furiously in my chest and I suddenly became very cold. But I knew that I was hot, most likely running a fever. And I was sweating. And shaking. And gasping for more air. And I was suddenly afraid.

"Ghirahim..." I squeaked, staring up at the ceiling. A blur of plain grey stone met my vision.


I whimpered, closing my eyes and trying to calm myself down. I didn't know what was wrong with me. Why was I so afraid? There was nothing to be afraid of. "Please don't leave me here alone." I begged, growing more frantic by the second.

Ghirahim took my hand, squeezing it. He reassured me, gripping my hand as hard as he could. "I won't." I squeezed his hand back. "I promise that you won't be alone. I'm here."

Instantly, something washed over me. I wouldn't say it was a calm, because my heart was still beating fast and I was still very cold and shaking, but I knew that I would be alright. Ghirahim was here with me. He promised that he would stay.

That's all that I needed. Just him. Just my Ghirahim.

When my eyes finally cracked open; it was dark out. I reached up and wipped at them. I realized that I had movement in my arms back, as well as my feet. The antidote apparently had worked.

I realized that I was also very warm. Too warm. I tried to kick at the covers, shoving them away from me, as though they were some death cloth trying to choke me. It was then that I found Ghirahim still next to me, sleeping. His arms were wrapped around me, much like they always were when we were sleeping in the same bed.

I should be freaking out over this. I should be thinking to myself; 'Why the hell is Ghirahim in the same bed with me? Why the hell is he cuddling me?'. But I realized; it didn't matter. I didn't care.

And if I was being honest; I wanted it this way. To have Ghirahim in the same bed, holding me close and keeping me safe. Keeping me warm. Keeping me together, as though I were some doll that was ready to fall apart.

Or maybe, that was just the drug clouding my mind, for I'm sure in my sleepy, drugged mind, I was not thinking clearly.

I only turned around in his arms, facing his chest. Then, I lightly pushed on him until he was on his back, his arms still around me, and moved closer to him. I placed my head on his chest, listening to his calming heart beat, and using him as my personal pillow. If he was sleeping next to me, might as well use him to my benefit.

I yawned and stretched, my arms raising above my head, the muscles tightening. And then I groaned, finding that I was very sore.

"I see you're awake." Ghirahim called out. I opened my eyes, slowly turning to face in the other direction. Ghirahim stood next to the window, looking out towards the volcano.

"Yep." I answered, trying my best to sit up. "And really sore." I added. It felt as though someone had stabbed me repeatedly in multiple places.

"That's to be expected, especially from the poison." Ghirahim smirked, turning to face me. His back leaned up against the glass.

"Ugh, what the hell was in the poison?" I asked, running a hand over my stomach. Yes, there were bruises there for sure.

"The poison started out natural; from Deku Babas in the forest. It originally caused burning sensations on the skin, nothing too serious. However, some of the bokoblins found this useful and started to play with it. They added plants and other things, as well as other poisons."

"What else can the poison do?"

"Weakens the body, makes you tired."

"That explains a lot." I murmured, momentarily interrupting him.

"It dilates your pupils and sends waves to the brain, making blood streams tighten on themselves. That results in a lack of blood to the brain, which causes illusions, spacing out, and makes you sensitive to pain." He continued.

"And that's why I had illusions of unicorns...and why I kept passing out." I mused. "But what about coughing up blood?"

Ghirahim sauntered over to me, sitting down on the bed. "Do you remember getting these?" He asked, reaching down and lifting up my shirt. He pulled it back just so that it was above my stomach. My eyes went wide at what I saw.

My stomach was covered in nasty blue, purple and even yellow bruises. It looked swollen red, and a few cuts littered my skin. "Yeah." I forced out through my mouth, disgusted by the sight. "Those lizard things whacked me in the stomach. I didn't know they caused this much damage!" I panicked, lightly running a hand across the bruises. I winced in pain.

"It must have caused a bit of internal bleeding. It wasn't completely bad; the body would have repaired it by itself. However, the poison can also cause someone to vomit, which you did, because the stomach acid tore up your inside wounds, making you bleed. And your body reacted by coughing up the blood."

I groaned at this new bout of information. "Why must this all happen to me?" I asked.

Yet what popped in my head was; at least it was me and not Link. Ghirahim had an antidote for me, and cared for my wounds. If this had happened to Link, Ghirahim would more than likely leave Link withering on the ground in pain. I would try to save Link, but how would I have known he was poisoned? And I've never tended a wound in my life. I would end up making it worse.

"Now that I've explained the poison to you," Ghirahim stood up once more. "You will tell me what you were doing with the Sky Child and the Spirit Maiden." He growled. I furrowed my brow.

I rubbed my head, hissing as I hit a tender spot. Must have been where I kept getting hurt. "Didn't I tell you yesterday?"

"You were drugged all of yesterday. You barely got a proper sentence out. While you're still awake, I'd like a clear explanation. Before I lose my patience with you." He warned, voice turning dark. Even his eyes narrowed to slits, reminding me of a snake.

It would explain the tongue thing.

I sighed, rubbing my eyes. "After you left, I went to look around. And then I heard a scream, I wondered who it was, then ran into Zelda. I tried to save her by distracting the bokoblins, but they knocked me out." I paused, looking back up at him. "By the way, can you please tell your bokoblins to stop trying to kill me? It's getting really annoying when I have to run away from them every time—"

"Don't change the subject!" Ghirahim hissed. I bit my lip at his hostility, not expecting it.

"Alright, alright." I continued. "When I woke up, Zelda and I were chained to the ground." I paused again, wondering if I should tell him the truth about my powers. How I unscrewed the screws and freed both Zelda and I. Yet I decided that it was just a small detail that I could skip. "So we talked for a bit before Impa showed up and saved us." An easy enough lie, right?

"I thought as much." Ghirahim murmured. "What after that?"

"Zelda asked me to find Link, tell him that she was alright. So, I stayed behind and looked for a way out of the temple, hoping to find Link on the way. Then I ran into those lizard things and they knocked me out too." I sighed. "I woke up to Link carrying me, I was beat up pretty badly, threw up, started to hallucinate, and you pretty much know the rest." I summed up.

Ghirahim was silent as he sorted through the thoughts bottled in his head. How was he going to take this? Would he be pissed? "I suppose I can't kill you for helping them because you were no use to them. Except for when you tried to save the girl." He paused, smirking. "But that didn't work out very well, did it?" He asked. I frowned in response.

"Excuse me for having poor aim." I crossed my arms, the motion making me ache in pain. "But you know what? If I could help them, I would." If Ghirahim was going to be an ass, then so was I.

He only glared at me. "Then you're on their side." He stated, crossing back over to the window.

I sighed in annoyance and exasperation. "You can't be serious, can you?" I asked, upset. "Does it really matter what side I'm on? No! It doesn't! Because both you and Link and Zelda are my friends! I don't care if you all hate each other. You're all important to me and I would do anything to save each of you, even if it meant pissing all of you off." I rubbed my arm, glaring ahead at the end of the bed.

I was seriously sick of explaining what side I was on. I was on my own side, no one else's. Neutral. I'd help whoever needed my help, as long as no one got hurt.

I turned back to Ghirahim, catching his face. It was full of surprise and confusion. Not a good mix for him.

"You know what else?" I asked, my voice growing weak. "I know I stopped you from killing Link and I messed up your plans. But if Link tried to kill you, I'd stop him too and mess up his plans. You're just as important to me as Link is. Why? I have no idea. You tried to kill me how many times now, but I just keep coming back." I sighed. "There must be something wrong with me."

I watched as a smirk slowly crept on Ghirahim's face. "Does that make me a better friend than the Sky Child?" He teased. "Since you put up with me?"

I narrowed my eyes, smirking just a little bit. "No, it doesn't. I still think Link is a better friend. He understands me more than you do." Ghirahim frowned again, rolling his eyes. "However, you'd be the first friend I'd turn to. I seem to know you better; at least I think I do. And I trust you just a tad bit more than Link." I leaned back on the head board, resting. "And you're fun to be around. Some of the things you do surprise me, some of them piss me off, and some of them make me smile. I just like being by you..." I trailed off. "And I don't know why."

Ghirahim's face turned a light shade of pink. Then he suddenly turned back to the window, avoiding me. "Stupid, foolish girl." He murmured, trying to keep the frown on his face. But I could see he was struggling with keeping that smile from emerging.

I chuckled, lightly wincing as the pain made my body ache. When I cracked my eyes open once again, the sun streamed through the window, landing on Ghirahim. And then I saw it again, like I'd seen yesterday, before we traveled to the volcano.

I could have sworn that Ghirahim's hair turned black.

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