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Chap 17: Thunder

Sighing, I closed my journal, resting my hand on top the cover. That was probably the longest I've ever written for my Language Arts project. My hand was cramped up and my eyes hurt from staring at the pages for so long. The next step was to type it all out.

My vision trailed to the window, seeing that the rain still hadn't let up. It had been pelting against the window for hours now. And Ghirahim still hadn't shown up. I silently stuffed the journal back into my school bag. I checked to see if I had any other homework to work on while I waited for Ghirahim. Most of the stuff I had, I needed a computer to do.

I sat in the bed for more than five minutes, waiting to see if Ghirahim would show up. He didn't. "Might as well take a nap then," I mused, sliding down the sheets. I pulled the covers over my shoulders, snuggled up. I closed my eyes, trying to clear my mind for a nap.

Then that familiar sound met my ears. The one I heard when Ghirahim teleports. Like diamonds striking the air.

"Blast this rain!" His voice rang out into the room. I sat up, the covers falling off of me. I found Ghirahim soaking wet, standing by the bed, his face pulled into a deep frown. I giggled, putting my hand over my mouth to try and hide the smile.

"Don't you dare laugh at me!" He yelled, shaking his head. Like a dog was shaking off his wet coat. Water hit my face, making me close my eyes.

"Hey!" I shouted back, still laughing. "Don't get me wet!" I cringed away from the water droplets hitting my head. Ghirahim sighed, running his hand through his dripping wet hair.

"I suppose you're probably hungry, right?" He asked, looking at me with those dark, captivating eyes. For a moment, I could only stare, captivated, stunned and lost in his eyes. Then I shook my head, remembering his question.

"Now that you mention it, yes." I titled my head. "But did you come all the way back here just to ask that?" I smiled, wondering what was on his mind.

"Well, uh." He looked uncomfortable for a moment. "I was thinking about certain matters. Then I suddenly recalled that you were stuck in bed and deprived of food." I only smiled.

"Were you worried for my well being?" I asked—or more so teased. Ghirahim blushed in response.

"What?" He stomped over to his bedroom door. "No, I just unexpectedly remembered." He then shouted down the hall, as if he were calling for one of his bokoblins. He turned back to me. "Someone will be here in a moment to bring you food. I am going to wash myself." He explained, shaking his head again. He walked out the door, down the hallway.

"I don't understand why you were out there anyway..." I mumbled, turning back to the window. It was raining cats and dogs out there. Lightning struck every few minutes, and thunder echoed off in the distance.

Someone walked into the room, carrying a tray with them. I looked over to see a red bokoblin in a animal skin dress carrying food. Or at least, I assumed it was a girl, since she wore a dress.

"Thank you." I stated, smiling at her as she put the food on the side of the bed. She nodded, a frown still present on her face. Then she left without any other ado. "That was weird..." I mused, looking down at the food.

I picked up a leg of what looked to be a chicken. The thing was; it was purple with green spots on it. Do I dare to take a bite? I mean, they wouldn't serve me something that would kill me. "Doesn't hurt to try something." I said to myself, raising the leg to my mouth. I took a small nibble from it.

I dropped the chicken onto the plate, putting my hand over my mouth. My eyes bulged and watered. I swallowed the meat. "Nope." I shrugged, picking the leg up again. "Doesn't taste bad. If anything; kind of fruity." I tore a huge chunk from it. "Yep, I'm eating a fruity chicken." I nodded. Who would have thought?

"You awake, foolish girl?" Ghirahim asked, entering the room. I jerked back to reality, for I was just dozing off.

"What?" I asked. "Yeah, yeah I'm awake." I yawned.

"Good." He called. "Then go take a bath. You're filthy." I looked up at Ghirahim with surprise, he was in his usual attire, but still drying his hair. I raised an eyebrow.

"Did you tell me to stay in bed?" I asked.

"Yes, but I suppose that you could get up now. That potion should have kicked in. Besides, the servants are coming in to change the sheets. Your clothes have gotten them dirty." He stated, acting like a stuck up man once more. I rolled my eyes.

"Excuse me for almost dying." I pulled the covers off me, looking down at my clothes. They were pretty dirty. "Besides, you could have told me to change out of them earlier." Then I reached up, feeling how greasy and dirty my hair was. "Gross! My hair is probably singed and sticking out in weird places!" I stood, then noticed that I had tipped my backpack over in the process. I bent over to straighten it out, but the moment I did, my back cried out in pain.

"Oww!" I hissed, placing my hand on my lower back. I closed my eyes from the tensed muscle.

"What?" Ghirahim instantly dropped his towel on the other side of the bed, coming over and closer to me. I noticed that his hair was still wet and was slightly curly. Gosh, he looked so cute.

"My back; it's really sore." I explained, face scrunched up in pain. Damn...what happened yesterday that made my back hurt so bad? Oh wait...it was all those things that attacked me.

"You're more trouble than you're worth." Ghirahim sighed, before scooping me up in his arms. I squeaked in surprise.

"Ghirahim! What are you doing?"

"Getting you to the washroom." He stated, walking out the doorway and down the hall. We passed by an open walk away. I peered down it, seeing a chandelier hanging from the ceiling.

I couldn't wait to see the rest of his castle.

"Ghirahim!" I shouted, trying to squirm out of his arms. "I can walk, you know." My back still hurt, though...

"Stop moving!" He warned. "You want me to drop you?"

"No! But stop changing the subject! I can walk, my back is just sore." I said again.

"You don't know where the washroom is." He stated, smirking now. I rolled my eyes, though he did have a point.

"I'm sure I would have found it sooner or later."

"I don't need you causing trouble in my castle, foolish girl." He answered.

"I'm not going to win this argument either way, am I?" I asked, crossing my arms and huffing. We finally stopped outside a door.

He smiled, letting me down on my feet. "For once, you're actually right." He turned the nob and opened the door. My eyes went wide at the sight before me.

A huge room with a beautiful picture painted on the wall was before me. It was just a simple tree with lots of green leaves flowing in the wind. It cast a deep shadow on the ground, giving shade to someone who would sit underneath it. In the back ground there looked to be two people walking hand in hand off into the distance.

Just looking at the picture made your imagination come to life. It was like you were actually there, in the picture, standing under the tree and watching as two people you once knew walked away.

In the middle of the room was a giant tub built into the ground. Steaming hot water was already inside, along with soap bubbles.

How the hell does Ghirahim have soap in this world? I mean, there's no skyscrapers or airplanes, but he has soap? How does that work?

That thought exited my mind the moment the aroma of explainable scents hit me right in the face. It was like rose, cherry blossoms, lavender, sweat peas...I could go on with how good it smelled. But of course, it didn't last.

"Hope you like your bath warm.' Ghirahim stated, before picking me right back up again and heading towards the tub.

"What are you doing?" I asked, narrowed my eyes at him he only looked down at me for a moment before looking back up. Yet I caught that evil smile he wears when something bad pops into his head.

"OH! NO!" I shouted, clinging to him. "Wait! Wait! What if I told you I don't like water?!" He pulled me away from him, holding me over the water.

"You'll get over it." He stated. And then he dropped me right into the tub, clothes and all. I sputtered and coughed as I came to the surface, breathing in the air once more.

"Ghirahim!" I shouted, splashing water at him. He only laughed, retreating back to the door.

"A bokoblin should be in here soon with clothes for you. Once you're done, head to the end of the hall. The room should be on the left side at the very end." He smiled, before turning to the door. "Have fun!" He closed the door behind him.

I groaned, pulling off my clothes. It wasn't very easy, especially when they are wet and sticking to your body. But once that was done, I sighed, relaxing in the water and letting the hot water heal my back.

I peeled open my eyes when the door opened again. I ducked deeper into the water, thinking it was Ghirahim. However, a pink bokoblin made its way into the bathroom, carrying what I suspected to be my clothes. She set them down, along with two bottles of something, then smiled at me. I smiled back, thanking her. Then she left.

I swam over to my clothes and the bottle, figuring that the bottles were shampoo and conditioner. I took my clothes, spreading them out, finding that it was a white dress that hung down to the knees. It looked very pretty, but was most likely a night gown.

I sighed sinking deeper into the water after I was done. It was nice to just sit back, relaxing.


I made my way back to the bathroom to finish drying my hair. I brushed through it, untangling the mess. That way, it would be nice and sleek once more. I needed to keep my hair absolutely fabulous, for I was a Demon Lord. I couldn't run around with a mop of hair on my face, now could I?

Sighing, I stood by the window, watching the rain slow to a drizzle. I heard someone come into the room, quickly turning to see if it was Gina. Sadly, it was just the bokoblin coming in to change the sheet. She quickly pulled the sheets off, spreading new ones onto it. Once she was done with that, and left, I laid onto the bed, resting my eyes.

"It's been at least 20 minutes now. What's that blasted girl doing in there?" I asked myself, slyly smirking.

There was just something about Gina... "Something that makes me think of her." I mused. "Something that makes me smile..." I trailed off. Then I quickly sat up, sliding off the bed to check on the girl. Make sure she didn't drown herself in there. I stopped when I tripped over something, and fell to the floor.

Oh, that just wouldn't do! A Demon Lord does NOT trip and fall! As a matter of face, I will KILL however put this—oh wait, what is this?

I picked up the pink bag, wondering what was inside of it. I stuck my hand in, pulling out what looked like a thin book. I opened it, and found pockets full of papers. "Strange..." I mumbled, closing it and putting it onto the bed. I reached into the bag again, this time pulling out a thicker book.

I recognized this. "Gina had this before. She called it her...journal! Yes! That's what it was; her journal. Something that you write in and put your feelings down in, as Gina put it." I opened it up, flimsy pages meeting my sight. Strange, for the pages had blue lines running across them.

I started in the way beginning, where things spread through the pages as if it were a title.

"These aren't words." I narrowed my eyes at the page. "Wait...yes they are. I've seen these before." I stated, concentrating. The words were different from what I usually read. Yet I could still read it.

"Being a 14—year old— girl isn't the most— exciting thing, especially— if you're me." I read out loud, trying to figure out the words. I knew them, but they weren't very familiar to me.

Once I kept reading, I found I could not stop. This was what Gina had to say about what has all happened so far, since she's been here. Her feelings, hopes, adventures. Even that blasted Sky Child. It was her take on everything.

Oh, how interesting indeed.


I finished my bath, washed my hair, dried off and put the dress on. I cracked my back, feeling refreshed from the bath. Yet I was still tired. I was ready to go back to the room, lie down and sleep...again.

I hurried down the hallway, the cool stones again my bare feet making me shiver. I stopped halfway down the hall, however, when I caught sight of that chandelier hanging from the ceiling down the small passage way. I walked toward it, and found myself looking down a balcony.

"Wow..." I breathed out. I was very high up. I was actually getting a little nauseous. I pushed the feeling away, focusing on examining the area below me some more.

There was a red carpet against smooth stone. The red carpet was tipped with gold that seemed to actually shine in the light. It lead up to a chair—a throne, actually. The throne was also very big, decorated with gold and, you guessed it, Diamonds. Go figure; it was Ghirahim's castle, after all.

Back to the chandelier; it was magnificent! It shined like gold, probably made of it too. The chandelier was also decorated with Diamonds. How could you not see that coming? Candles circled it, but they never dripped wax, looking as though they had just been lit.

I felt a shiver go up my spine, remembering that I shouldn't be wandering around Ghirahim's castle. He didn't like it. Yet I found myself realizing I wasn't going to follow his rules anyway, so why feel guilty about it? Still, I yawned, turning around and heading back down the hall to the room.

"I'm back." I sighed, walking through the open doorway.

I found Ghirahim lying on the bed, my journal in his hands. My eyes went wide as I realized what he was doing. Oh no...no, no, no, no, no! He lowered the journal to his lap, turning his head to me. There was an evil smirk on his face. Great...just great...

"So," He drawled. "You think my lips feel very soft, 'almost like kissing a feather'?" He asked, smirk spreading out into a devilish grin. My face went up like a flame, the red ever present on my face. I'm sure I looked like a red hot chili pepper.

"GIVE ME THAT JOURNAL!" I screamed at the top of my lungs, running and jumping onto the bed. I literally dived for the book. However, he pulled it just out of my reach, laughing like a mad man.

"'I don't know how to explain it, but it was pleasant. Very, very pleasant.'" He quoted me, holding the book above me. "Or maybe even more than that. It was amazing! I saw and felt something amazing while kissing him. Something that I'd be more than willing to see again, just to feel his lips against mine."

I jumped up and down, trying to reach for the book and pry it out of his hands. But he was very tall, and I was very short.

This just ruined my day.

"So, you wish to kiss me again?" He teased. I growled, giving up and curling into a ball on the bed, hiding my blushing face. This sucked big time. I should have never written that. Actually, he should never have read that! It was my journal, didn't I tell him not to read it?

I sighed. It didn't matter anymore; he still read it and knew the truth. I felt like crying. I felt like lying there and crying silently as my world started to crumble apart. I didn't want things to be awkward between Ghirahim and I when it came to that kiss.


She sat on the bed, curling into a ball and burying her face into her knees. It was slightly cute how she just gave up, acting like a helpless child. Though, it was rather mean of me to tease her about it. I can understand her wanting to kiss me again, I am, after all, handsome and extraordinary.

I chuckled, poking her to get her attention. She did nothing but stayed curled into a ball, head buried in her knees. Alright, maybe I might have gone a bit past the boundary...

I sighed, shutting the journal and placing it into her bag. I poked her again, yet still she did nothing. "Silly girl, what's gotten into you?" I asked, sitting down next to her now. But still she sat there, motionless. I frowned, slowly staring to realize that I'd hurt her with my teasing.

"Gina." I nudged her with my shoulder. "I'm sorry, I went past the limit." I apologized. She was a lucky girl. I'd never apologize to a simple, little human girl. Imagine that, me, a Demon Lord, apologizing to a little girl!

This time she groaned, saying something. It came out muffled. "Say that again. You're mumbling, and I can't hear you." I demanded, smirking. She was such a child at times. She then raised her head, just a bit, keeping her eyes shut.

"You didn't 'go past the limit' Ghirahim, I'm very...embarrassed." She quickly put her head down, hiding her red face.

Embarrassed? She's embarrassed because she wants to kiss me again? Hmm...

"Because my good looks are just too irresistible?" I asked, smiling. She growled, and her head instantly popped off her knees. Her cheeks were on fire, as well as her eyes as she started to yell.

"You're a very stuck up jerk, you know that?!" She shouted, eyes still clenched shut. "I wrote that a long time ago, and right now I don't want anything to—!"

I quickly leaned forward, kissing her softly on the cheek. She shut up instantly, turning her head to face me. Her cheeks turned from red to pink to a purplish color. How cute.

"What...what did you do that for?" She asked, eyes wide with wonder. I smiled.

"Maybe I wanted to kiss you again as well." I murmured.


He leaned forward now, slowly coming closer and closer to me. I found myself not moving away from him. In fact, I started to lean in as well. And that scared me.

What was wrong with me? How could I be so mad at him one moment, and then he does something like this, and I instantly forgive him? How does it work like that? And I should be slapping him, running back to my trees, and going to my house. I'm sure I'd even like to stick a red hot pipe down his throat for teasing me about wanting to kiss him!

But I leaned closer nonetheless. Closer and closer, until I felt his hot breath mix with mine. My heart beat furiously in my chest as we both waited for the other to do something. We ended up closing ours eyes, and our lips met.

Soft, warm, gentile, beautiful. Just nice.

It felt like forever, that nice feeling present between the both of us. In reality, we were only kissing for eight seconds.

And we pulled away from each other, saying nothing, doing nothing. We only looked each other in the eyes and something just...happened. Just like that.

It was like...sort of...kind of...well, a click. Or maybe a light turning on. Or a bubble popping. It was just that simple. Something kind of happened, and I don't know what. But it just...did.

I stared deep into his dark eyes longer than I'd kissed him. He stared back at mine. We stayed like that, both our faces very close together; so close I could see the shiny surface of his glass diamond tattoo.

I could not look away from him. Even if I tried, with all my might, I couldn't look away from him. Not that I wanted to either. Yet nature had something else in mind for me.

A very loud, very scary rumble of thunder from outside sounded through the air. It shook the glass windows, even parts of the castle. It sounded like two trains crashing head first into each other. Or like fireworks going wrong and exploding too close to you on the ground.

My heart gave a leap of surprise, and I yelped. My body jumped on the bed, away from Ghirahim. Another rumble of thunder had me burying my head into the clean smelling sheets. Ghirahim chuckled at me, placing a hand on my head. "You're fine." He mused. "It's just thunder."

"I don't care; it still scares me when it's that loud." I mumbled into the sheets. "It means that tornadoes are a possibility. I hate storms like these..." I trailed off. Ghirahim only shook his head, smiling at my antics.

"Get under the covers for some rest. I feel like reading...would you like me to read out loud?" He asked, standing from the bed. He walked over to a bookshelf next to the white couch.

"Sure." I sighed, sliding into the now clean and fresh smelling sheets. Ghirahim joined me not that long after with a book in his hands. He opened it up to the first page as I laid my head on the pillow. I turned so that I was facing him as he started to read the book.

"I'd never given much thought to how I would die - though I'd had reason enough in the last few months..."

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