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Chap 1: Wish

When I get home from a long day at school, I tended to head right to my room and drop onto my bed. And you wouldn't believe what happened at my really long and tiring day at school. There was just no way that you could ever understand. Well…actually, I take that back, you probably could. I'm just being dramatic because I'm upset. So, as I thought back to what happened today, I ran my hand over my necklace.

I was late for my first hour class and the teacher yelled at me in front of all the students. I realized that I hadn't brought my lunch either and I refused to eat the school lunches, so I was hungry. We also had to practice running the mile in gym class. Wouldn't that make anyone's day horrible?

Well, maybe only to lazy people like me...

However, gym class was the least of my worries. The worst thing that could ever possibly happen to me today was hearing some interesting and unfortunate gossip about a guy I had a crush on. And that's exactly what had happened.

Now don't get me wrong! I still very much like the guy I fell for when I was 12, maybe a little too much to be honest. However, you can't blame me when another cute, nice and attractive guy comes along! And it's not like I'm going to actually ask him out! I just…think he's cute. And I may or may not have day dreams about him.

And I'm sure there are girls reading this right now that know what I'm talking about; they just won't ever admit it.

So the guy that I currently have a crush on—who is named Tommy—is now going out with Lizzy. You should probably know that Lizzy is my best friend. You should also know that Lizzy KNEW I very much liked Tommy. And apparently she didn't mind losing a friend—since she was enough of a bitch to do something as low as going out with Tommy.

My hand clenched the small ring on the silver chain as I let out an angry and frustrated sigh. Emotions like these just...sucked! What was worse was that I'm actually making a big deal out of this! I mean, Tommy's just another guy! Why am I getting so upset?

Why do I keep thinking about him!?

Fortunately, fate had great timing to distract my thoughts.

It was faint but I had heard something clatter in the kitchen downstairs. My eyebrows knit together as I tried to place what would have made the noise; be it the dog or my sister that decided to drop by.

When the same noise reached my ears again, I got up and stopped at the top of the stairs. "Hello?" I called out, listening for an answer.

When there was none, I made my way down the stairs. I found myself thinking about horror movies; where the victim hears a strange noise, goes to check it out and ends up with a fork in their head. So why was I going to check it out? This was my house and I didn't care if it was a ghost, a thief or just the dog. You don't get into my house without me knowing about it.

And as I rounded the corner into the kitchen...I found a person standing by my sink. Even though I'd only looked at him for a moment, I screeched at the top of my lungs and grabbed the thing nearest to me—the dog dish.

"WHO THE HELL ARE YOU!?" I held the dish out before me, ready to defend myself. "And what the HELL are you doing in my house?!"

The stranger held his hands up, indicating that he was innocent. "I'm not stealing anything if that's what you mean! I'm just here to grant you a wish!"

"Shut up! When I'm done with you, your ass is going to be hanging—!" I stopped short, lowering the dog dish in surprise. "Wait, back up...what did you just say?" I inquired, raising my brow at the man.

He laughed nervously but stood tall and brushed himself off. That's when I finally got a good look at what he was wearing. It was a purple robe with one strap on the left shoulder. The strap stretched down to end at his rib cage. And the rest of it just hung off of him like a purple skirt with—thankfully—blue pants underneath it.

Was this guy from ancient Greece or something?

As for his face, he had brown eyes with black curly hair. And he was tan—super tan.

He cleared his throat, holding his chin high. "My name is Daniel. I am the Angel of Dreams and Wishes." He explained.

I just stood there, still hanging onto the dog dish as I stared at him. I let the words sink fully into my brain before I opened my mouth in question. "Are you high?"

He was caught off guard with that and took a step back, a hand flying to his chest in offense to my question. "What!? NO!" His hand fell back to his side as he groaned the next few words. "Why does this happen every time? They either think I'm high, a rapists, thief or killer! I'm an ANGEL!"

I scoffed, rolling my eyes and crossing my arms, the dog dish dangling from my hand. "Yeah, you're totally an angel...that's why you don't have angel wings and aren't dressed up in white. And you don't have the glowing halo thing." I stopped, shaking my head at my rambling. "Why do I even care? Just...get out of my house before I call the cops!"

"Wait! Just believe I'm an angel, ok? Just trust me!" He insisted. "And not all angels have wings..." He murmured.

I chucked the dog dish at his tan head and was ready to dash for the phone when the dish went right through him. It bounced off the counter behind him and clattered to the floor. The noise the metal dish made seemed to bounce off the walls in the empty silence that soon followed.

My mouth was wide open and my eyes watered from being so big. My feet were glued to the ground and slowly, my head tilted to the side in wonder. I felt a little dizzy as well, to be honest.

The man—Daniel as he called himself—sighed with reluctance. "You see, I'm not completely an angel yet. I have to grant a certain amount of people some wishes and dreams—which would, in the end, show them the path that would lead them the right way." Daniel ran a hand through his curly hair. "You can say I'm kind of new out of training from Him. Once I get my wings, I'll be a full angel and I can go to heaven and do other stuff that angels like me do. I'll be working alongside Him."

Somehow I found myself standing right in front of him. My hand was busy waving in and out of his ghostly form. As my hand glided through his torso, it felt almost as though I were waving it in and out of cool air. It was one of the strangest things I've ever done.

"Are you listening?!" He took hold of my hand with a tight grip, pulling it out from his torso. Funny...I couldn't touch him, but he could touch me.

I snapped my hand back to my side and looked up at him, serious once more. "Just who the hell is this 'Him'?" I inquired.

Daniel seemed hesitant. "I can't say specifics...but he's like the creator. You would probably call him God. Then again, I can't say specifics, so let's not dwell on it." He smiled in a fake way at me.

"I'm just going to call him God." I stated, crossing my arms while with a not so amused face.

"Whatever! Just...do you want your wish or not!?" He snapped, pointing at me.

I looked from his finger pointing at my face to his feet then to his face. "I have a lot of wishes..." I trailed off.

He looked at me incredulously before sighing and rolling his eyes. "The one about wishing for your own world."

In the afternoon light from the window, you could clearly see that my eyes flashed with excitement. They literally lit up like a light turning on as he said those words.

My own world, I've been wishing for it for some time now. But there were the sub wishes...like me being the god of that world. I could control it—because it was MY world.

"If I were to agree on wishing for my own world...would I be God of this said world?" I inquired.

A small smile crept up on the corner of his mouth, and he nodded his head once. Slowly, I felt my own smile form.

To have my own world, be in charge of that world...should I take it?

Wait...what am I thinking? I hardly know this guy! I mean, I know he's not...physically touchable—which meant he wasn't just your ordinary person...but let's be serious! If a guy broke into your house—a guy who could probably walk through walls—told you he could grant you a wish, would you seriously take it?

Now that I think about it...yeah...I would.

Now, for the next thing stopping me…Was I ready?

Was I ready to abandon this world for my own world? Was I ready to leave my mom and my sister and my life in this world behind while I went gallivanting off in my own? Was it worth it?

I gulped and grabbed hold of my necklace in thought.

Something that I really wanted and something that I already had...which one to chose?

...What's wrong with me?

I hung my head low and sighed. "No, I don't want my wish." I murmured.

Daniel tilted his head in confusion and wonder. "And why is that?" He pressed.

I shrugged. "I dunno, I guess...as much as I want to have my own world, I need this one too. My mother, sister, friends...everything I love is in this world. I have strong ties here and I can't just leave them. They'd miss me." I explained, meekly.

His shoulders shook in silent laughter. I glared at him for laughing at me. "What?" I snapped.

"You're not leaving this world and never coming back! You can come back whenever you want to. What I mean is; having the power to go to a different world, one that you're a god in, and having the power to go back and forth whenever you wish." He placed a hand on my hair, shifting it around and messing up my red-brown locks.

"All that freaking inner conflict was for nothing?" I seethed, trying to move away from him so he'd stop messing up my hair.

"So do you wish?" He asked again, smiling.

I smiled right back. "Yes! I wish for my own world!"

He finally released my hair, stepped back, and gave me a bow. "Your wish is my command."

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