Welcome to Our World

Chap 19: From Good to Bad

I was lying back in the grass; my hair a reddish halo around my head, drying as the sun rained sunshine down upon us. My dress was still slightly damp, for it stuck to my skin just a bit. Yet it kept me cool in the afternoon hotness. Ghirahim was next to me, his hands behind his head and eyes closed, enjoying the now afternoon sun.

"You know, I think we might get a tan." I smirked, murmuring the words. Ghirahim only laughed, opening one of his eyes.

"You will; I won't. I don't get tan. I stay pale." He explained, closing his eye again. He shifted his position, getting comfortable.

"That's where you're wrong. I don't tan, I burn." I closed my eyes as well, breathing in the sweet air. A moment of silence later, Ghirahim turned to me.

"Gina?" I opened one eye, much like what Ghirahim did before.

"Yes?" I smirked.

Ghirahim hesitated before he asked me his next question. That wasn't a good sign. "Where...would..." He fought with himself on finding the right words to say. "What are your origins?"

I stopped and stared at him for a moment before making a face. "Ghirahim, you're a man. I'm sure you know exactly where I came from."

Ghirahim's eyes went wide as he was caught off guard. He held his hands up in defense. "NO! Not like that! I mean, you go through those trees and you just vanish. I remember asking you this before, but you refused to tell me." I nodded my head and smiled in understanding, realizing what he really meant. But I bit my lip, hesitant to tell him the truth. Should I?

"I suppose you don't have to tell me." He said after a moment of watching me. "But...we're friends, right? You can trust me." He scrunched his (invisible) eyebrows up in concentration, as though her were trying to figure things out. I sighed, sitting up. Ghirahim copied my movements.

I looked ahead of me, contemplating things. Should I tell him? He was right; we're friends. I dare say he's my best friend. And I could trust him, to an extent.

I looked back at Ghirahim, his face full of wonder and confusion.

He told me his past, so the least I could do is tell him mine, right?

"Alright, get comfortable. It's a long story." I paused. "But just...don't freak out, ok?"

I sighed, my legs to the side so he wouldn't see up my dress. I leaned on my left arm, my right hand playing with the long grass. I picked a few pieces and inspected them. I felt the blazing sun drying my reddish brown hair, the heat radiating off my head.

"I'll start with; I'm not from this world. I'm from a whole different world." Ghirahim tilted his head, taking it all in. It only made him look more confused. "Daniel, or Danny to you, he's an angel. And he granted me the power to travel from my world to this one. Those trees are the doorway for me."

Ghirahim's face remained scrunched up. It was a cross between anger and confusion. Did he always have to have a scowl on his face like that?

"In my other world, I don't have powers. No one does. There aren't any diamonds that you can use to form stuff. You can't fly or create balls of fire in your hands. The closest thing we have to that are computers. They let you do stuff virtually, but it isn't real." I explained.

"Computers?" Ghirahim asked, tilting his head. It was cute.

"In my world, there is this thing called electricity. It's an invisible energy that give life to a lot of stuff in that world." I sighed, rubbing my neck. "Next time I go back to my world, I'll bring my lap top and let you play on it." I paused, before realizing something. "ONLY if you don't break it." I pointed out.

"Are there other worlds out there?" He asked.

I shrugged my shoulders. "I don't know, but I suspect that there are. So far I just know my world and this world."

"I have a feeling that there are a lot of things your world that I won't understand..." He trailed off. I laughed, nodding.

"Probably. You kind of have to grow up there to be used to it. I'm not used to this world either. It's just the same for me here as it would be for you there."

Ghirahim nodded, laying back on the grass once more. I did the same, sighing and closing my eyes. "But you know..." I continued. "There are a few things in my world similar to this one. Like the forest; we have those, though not many. And the volcano, we have those too. Lakes, rain, the moon, the sun. And way, way back in the day we had castles too. Now we just have houses and buildings. And there are so many things that I can't fully explain. You have to be there to see it to understand it."

Then once more we lapsed into silence, enjoying the sun.

"Do you know what a 'snowboard' is?" Ghirahim asked in a quiet tone. I sat up quickly, my eyes wide as golf balls.

"Yeah. My sister's fiance goes snowboarding all the time. It's that time of season in my world too. I know exactly what you're talking about." I paused, looking back at him. "But, how do you...?"

"I know that word. Snow...this thing that would glide across it."

How did Ghirahim know what that was? "That's what a snowboard does." I explained, lying back down. I bit my lip, thinking too hard.

That old lady said something along the lines of Link, Zelda, and Ghirahim wishing for a different world. Daniel even agreed with her. It was hard for me to imagine how many other worlds are out there, and that Link, Zelda and Ghirahim were all from different ones.

But I was starting to believe that Ghirahim was from my world. However weird he looked...it was still possible.

I changed out of my still damp clothes. Ghirahim dropped me off in the closet room, telling me to head back to our room when I was done. He had to go order more bokoblins around.

I stopped a moment. Our? Did I really just say that? I meant to say his, not our. That just...too weird.


And so, I browsed the closet room, looking at the millions and millions of clothes.

"Let's see...an orange shirt." I pulled it from the hanger, throwing it towards the mirror. "Now I need...aha! Blue shorts!" I pulled that from the hanger as well. Undressing in front of the mirror, I saw that the bruises on my stomach were barely there. I no longer ached either. Though, a nice scar was left on my shoulder from the arrow.

I brought a finger up to caress the marred skin. The scar was darker than the rest of my skin there, and just a bit tender. It was sort of circular. I wonder what my mom would say if she saw it.

I pulled the clothes on, and it was only till then that I realized; I had no bra on. Shit... "I really need my old clothes." I said to myself, crossing my arms and heading back to the room. I walked through the open doorway. "Ghirahim, do you know where your bokoblin put my clothes?"

There came no reply. I looked around to see no one there. Though, on the bed there was a pile of clothes; my clothes. My face lit up as I saw my bra on the pile. Thank god, just what I was looking for! I rushed over, examining it before taking my shirt off to put it on. "Doesn't look like they did anything to it." I murmured, holding it in front of me.

"I brought some food. I hope you like—what the!?"

I heard a crash and something metal clatter to the floor as Ghirahim came into the room. I quickly covered myself, squealing out and turning my head so that he would not see my front. "What are you doing!?" I screamed. "Just coming into the room without knocking first!?" I quickly pulled my bra on.

"But...you...you shouldn't be undressing in here! I thought you would undress in the closet!" He shouted back at me, slightly stunned while he turned around. "Besides, it's my room; I'm allowed to go in here!"

I pulled on my shirt, finally turning around to see that Ghirahim dropped the tray of food he was carrying. "You were that shocked to see me naked that you had to drop the food?" I asked, raising my eyebrows.

"I didn't see you naked!" He defended himself, blushing. "I just...just...wasn't expecting you to be in here undressed." I bent over to pick up the tray, but Ghirahim stopped me. "Don't clean it up; I'll just call a bokoblin." He leaned towards the door to flag down a bokoblin. I, however, pulled him back before he could even take a step.

"Oh come on!" I complained. "You don't need to call someone to pick it up. You have two arms, don't be lazy." I paused, smiling. "Actually, let me try something."

I turned back to the upturned tray and food. I held my hands out, focusing. I took in a deep breath and exhaled. Mist seeped out from my hands again, surrounding the tray and food. Ghirahim's face shrouded with amazement and disbelief as he watched the food slowly lift back into place, back onto the tray.

It floated in midair, waiting for someone to take hold it. Ghirahim placed his hands out, where the tray gently released its weight. The mist disappeared, leaving the full weight of the tray and food in his arms. I smiled smugly while Ghirahim stared at the tray, before looking up at me.

"Even I can't do that." He furrowed his invisible eyebrows at me. "You have the powers of a goddess..." He trailed off, thinking of something as he set the tray down on the bedside table. His eyes turned away from me, clouded with wonder.

"I told you that I teleported before too. Now do you believe me?" I asked, smiling. "I've done other things too; like communicate with people telepathically—though that happened only one time. I took your powers for a while, and I've opened locked doors. Ghirahim; I bet I'm more powerful than you!" I teased him.

His frown developed into a full scowl. "Watch your mouth, foolish brat." He murmured, sitting on the bed. He seemed to be studying the tray and food, while I continued to brag about my accomplishments. I was just so happy over what my powers could do. I wanted to tell him everything.

"I've made a sword appear out of air. I've turned boulders into sand! I freed Zelda and I from those chains. Now that I realize it, that time I fell from the ledge...or did you push me?" I paused before shrugging. "I can't remember, but when I fell and landed, I didn't get hurt! I'm sure I slowed my fall." I sighed contently. "Who knows what else I can do! I could do anything!"

Then I caught the look on Ghirahim's face. It was full of pure rage and hatred. "What did you say?" He got up, towering over me. He took hold of my shoulders, gripping them with a force strong enough to leave bruises.

"What?" I asked, squirming in his grip. "Ghirahim, you're hurting me."

"'You freed Zelda and yourself from those chains'?" He quoted, his brow furrowed low. His eyes were alight with flames as they locked onto mine.

It's like when you're going really fast in a car; the excitement causing your blood to rush. Then all of a sudden, you have to step on the breaks and skid across the road, the tires squealing so loud it makes your skin crawl.

I felt so stupid for letting that detail slip. How in the world could I take that back? I couldn't control time...yet. But it didn't matter, because I had lied to Ghirahim and he found out about it. This, in my opinion, makes a person more angry than when you tell them the truth.

"Well...uh...I might have freed Zelda and I before Impa got there." I mumbled, looking down to my feet. I noticed that I was barefoot. My shoes were still on the bed.

"And how exactly did you do that?" He seethed between his teeth. His grip on my shoulders tightened. I winced from the pain.

"I made the bolts unscrew themselves." I answered.

"Hmm...and you let that dog take away the Goddess?"

"Well..." My forehead creased in worry as I readied myself for the shouts he would throw at me.

"Did you or not?" He demanded, his voice like venom.

I shouldn't lie to him anymore than I already had. I sighed. "She was Link's friend, Ghirahim. I wasn't about to let her stay there and wait for you to kill her." I defended my reasoning, pulling my hands up in case he felt the need to hurt me. In the process, I got out of Ghirahim's strong grip. "And she's my friend now too. I told you that I wouldn't let you hurt them. And I wouldn't let them hurt you if I had the chance."

"What else happened?" He seethed, his eyes narrowed.

"Impa showed up and said she was going to take Zelda to...the..." My eyes widened in horror. "To the one place..." I finished. As I saw Ghirahim's eyes light with a new kind of fire, I knew I was in deep shit. I let the details slip. If he wasn't already mad at me because I lied to him, he was going to be pissed because I knew where Zelda was.

"What place?" He growled.

I grinned, sheepishly. "Just...a place. I can't remember the name of it." I wasn't lying, just not being specific.

He smiled now, though the smile was evil. "She took her to Lanaryu Desert, didn't she?"

My heart hammered in my chest. I tried not to show on my face that I knew he was right. If he knew, he'd head right over there. "I don't know." I stated, trying to keep a straight face.

"She did, didn't she?" He repeated, smiling even more. He tilted his head in a daunting matter, looking down his nose at me. As though I were some bug he wanted to squish underneath his shoe. I looked away. I didn't like where this was going. I didn't like how he could read me like a book.

Being friends with a demon wasn't the best decision I've ever made.

He grabbed hold of my chin, forcing me to look at him. He yanked my head, making my neck cringe at the movement. He got closer to me than a person would have liked. "It doesn't matter what you say or what you do to save them. They will die in the end. And my master will walk the land once more." He explained in a simple voice.

Why was he being so...evil? Just hours ago we were happy, fooling around. What happened?

"I don't believe you." I stated, frowning. "Like you said before; 'And whenever I go to see him, it's just empty. It's like he's not there.'" I repeated his words, trying to piss him off.

Now it was his turn to frown. "You will do well to learn your place, foolish girl." He seethed. "You may have powers greater than my own; but you have no idea how to use them. This renders you completely useless." He let go of my chin harshly, then turned away from me. He summoned his cloak from thin air once more. They collected around him in a fury of diamonds, all connecting together.

"This time, you will NOT interfere with my plans." He warned. Then he reached up with his fingers, ready to snap them.

"Ghirahim!" I called out to him, my voice highly pitched. He turned his head to look over his shoulder at me. "Why are you doing this?" I asked, my eyes filled with worry. My chest was heavy with bewilderment.

He gave no answer, except for a look. Someone might have thought nothing of it; but it was most certainly there. I saw it with my own eyes. Guilt was written on his face.

And with that, he snapped his fingers, teleporting away to the desert. Lanaryu Desert. The place where Impa and Zelda currently were, and possibly Link too.

"Why did I have to open my mouth?" I sighed, my brow creasing with worry.

I've never been to a desert before, I can tell you that. So I had no idea what I was getting myself into when my body landed on the hot, yellow sand.

Of course I was going to follow Ghirahim here by teleporting. It was my fault he knew where to go in the first place! I'd be damned if I let him hurt Zelda or Link when I could prevent it.

I think my loyalty might be my downfall someday.

I groaned as I sat up, shifting on the sand beneath me. It burned my legs and my arms before I got up, grateful I had put my shoes on before I left. I looked around, wondering where Ghirahim was. That's when I realized he was no where to be found.

"I thought I would land somewhere near him." I said to myself. "That's what happened last time I teleported." I put my hand above my eyes, shading them from the harsh sun above. I then caught sight of the giant statue looming over everything in the desert. It stuck out of the yellow sea of sand like a dinosaur in the city would.

It looked like a giant bird pointing its beak up at three triangles above it. All in all, it was entrancing and majestic. I've never seen anything like it before. It was beautiful in its own way. I had the sudden urge to be there, beneath the statue. It was like a sixth sense; the feeling was so overwhelming that I had to take a deep breath.

I was back in the whiteness around me. There was nothing; I couldn't hear my voice or feel the heat rolling up from the sand. Just like back in the forest temple.

I knew what to do right away; search for Zelda.

As I thought of her, the blonde hair and blue eyes, I found it was easier and faster to find her. And the whiteness around me was so bright that it fogged things. It fogged the image of Zelda and Impa standing next to something moving in a circular motion.

"Zelda!" I called out. She didn't hear me. "Zelda!" I shouted again, louder now. She still did not hear me.

What the hell was happening? First I didn't teleport right to Ghirahim like last time, now I can't call out to Zelda.

I heard the rolling sort of noise. Like when the bounders were triggered from that trap in the fire temple. This one was more muted, however.

And I was quickly pulled away from what I believe to be my inner mind and found myself withering in pain on the hot, yellow sand. My blood felt like it was on fire and my heart sputtered in my chest.

Something had hit me with full force, knocking me over and doing something to make my body react the way it was now. I looked up at the blinding sun, the air in my lungs too shallow. That's when I noticed something moving next to me.

It had red skin, two big claws and antennas, along with a shell on its back. I realized it to be giant lobster crab thing. I groaned, staying on the ground. Realization filled me. A giant, electrical lobster hit me with full force, electrocuting me. I can honestly say that this was something I did not expect to happen to me in this world.

"This place sucks." I grunted, still gasping for air. As I lay on the hot sand, my eyes closed to shield themselves from the sun glaring down at me, I could only hope to get out of here soon. I got back up, in a lot of pain, after I recovered. I would be brave enough to say it as worse pain than when I was poisoned, but I would be lying.

But the pain lingered. And the fright from what happened did as well. This pain was more like a blazing, quick and intense kind rather than the deep ache I felt the other day.

I limped away, feeling that I should head towards the giant statue of the bird. "It's not that far away, either." I said to myself. I should get to the base of the statue within an hour. Possibly less. I just hoped that Ghirahim wouldn't get there before I did.

The sun beat down on my already sweaty body as I moved across the sand, groaning. "I couldn't teleport to where Ghirahim was." I ranted. "I had to land in some random spot, in the desert." I sighed, avoiding yet another pool of quicksand.

For those who don't know; I now hate quicksand. I had first stepped into it, and had the scare of my life. Movies flashed before my eyes, visions of people getting sucked underneath the sand, suffocating to death. I did not want that fate for myself. I shivered, despite the intense heat.

"Hey!" A voice boomed out from no where. "What are you doing there? Oh! You're like that one other fellow." I screeched, turning around and holding my hands out in karate-chops. My eyes went wide at the sight before me.

I was looking at a hippo-rock-creature thing. It tilted its head at me, smiling.

"You ok, fella?" He asked again.

I just about fainted. Could my world get any more weird?

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