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Chap 20: So I Know

"So you met up with Link earlier?" I asked.

"Hmmmm!" He confirmed. "My ol' pal Link! I run into him a lot lately. He seems to know a lot about the island in the sky! All these bird statues and goddess cubes you might have seen before; he knows how to activate them!"

"Seems pretty cool, huh?" I asked, cracking my neck as I twisted it from side to side.

"You bet!"

"But, how is Link? Last I saw him, I was too sick to remember if he got out ok."

"He's doin' fine. Doesn't looked scratched up. Though, his spirit is seem'n a bit in the dumps."

I sighed with relief. "At least he's not dead."

"Not yet anyway." The Goron smiled at me once more. My eyes went wide as I heard this.

"What do you mean?" I tilted my head. Concern laced my words.

"You see, Link was trying to get to this area under that giant statue." The Goron pointed at the bird statue, the same one I wanted to get to. "However, some boulders blocked the way in. There's another passage in there, but it's through the underground mines."

"What's so bad about that?" I asked, incredulous.

"You see, those mines are hundreds of years old! There's got to be quicksand all around the place! Not to mention if a bad cave in were to happen. Poor Link would be trapped in there forever." He exclaimed.

I stood there for a moment, my heart racing. If Link would be killed...he'd never save Zelda from Ghirahim. The apocalypse would happen. Impa would be pissed. Oh god...what do I do?

Calm down, Gina. Think this through logically!

I smiled, turning in the other direction. "You don't understand. If Link can get through the forest temple, the volcano temple, battle countless amounts of enemies, get past all the quicksand above ground and STILL have the motivation to save Zelda...I don't think he'll have much trouble." I explained, trying to convince myself as well. "I think I have more faith in Link than I do in myself." I murmured.

Staring into the vast desert with the yellow sands and the heat waves cleared my mind. I wouldn't be surprised if Link was halfway through the mines already. And it's got to be much cooler down there than up here.

"I have to say, Link has some really good friends." The Goron laughed, patting me on the back with his massive hands. I wheezed a bit, his hands knocking the air out of me.

"Yeah..." I turned back to the Goron. "Do you think you could show me the way to the area under the statue? There's something I've got to do there."

He pointed to a small tunnel in the left side of the far wall. "Look over there." It was just a few yards from us. "Just walk through that tunnel and you'll see mine carts floating in the air. All ya gotta do is hop inside one and it should take you to the other side. Though, there are some boulders blocking the bridge to the statue." He explained.

"That's alright!" I smiled at him. "Thank you. I really appreciate it!" I waved goodbye to him as I jogged over to the tunnel. I disappeared from the sun's harsh glare in the tunnel's shade.

I wiped the sweat from my forehead, suddenly grateful I was wearing shorts. Though I cursed myself for not wearing a spaghetti strap. I'd be less sweaty then. Yet I'm sure I'd be sunburned at the end of the day.

I looked around the area, analyzing everything I saw. There was a giant dead tree on a ledge in the middle of a massive dark abyss. That horrible, terrifying darkness I almost lost my life to. Not that long ago either.

As I looked closer, there turned out to be a small tunnel going through the bottom of the tree. It looked cool, but it confused me. Why would there be a random hole at the bottom of the tree?

I searched the area for the floating mine car the Goron told me about. I saw the mine cart, but it wasn't floating.

I sighed. "Might as well." I jumped right into the car. I closed my eyes, bracing myself for something to happen. But nothing did. "Well, isn't this just great?" I grumbled, running my hand through my slightly damp hair. "I look like an idiot again." Well, at least no one was around to see me.

A chuckle brought me from my thoughts. I turned my head left and right, searching for its origins. Of course, I already knew who it was.

"Ghirahim!" I called, standing up and leaning on the side of the cart. "Don't play around!" I placed my hands on the edge of the cart keeping me from falling over.

"Now, what fun would that be?"

That's when I felt a harsh push to my back. I toppled over the side of the mine cart, despite my hands keeping me from falling over, and landing face first on the ground. I felt the new stinging pain of scrapping my face on the ground. I sat up, groaning and brushing tiny rocks embedded in my skin off of my face.

Don't you just love face plants?

And for the love of god, please, note my sarcasm here!

"Some powerful goddess you are." Ghirahim smirked, crouching down in front of me. I looked up at his stupid face. That stupid smirk was present on his white lips. Whereas he smirked, I frowned.

"What the hell was that for!?" I shouted at him, rubbing my face. Instead of answering my question, he ignored it.

"What are you doing here?"

"What do you think?" I held my chin high, looking him in the eyes. "I followed you. I'm not about to let you hurt my friends."

By now, his smirk was completely gone. A frown occupied its place. "Watch me." He growled.

I scrunched my eyes as he stood tall before me. He was in his pose again, the teleporting pose. That familiar sound reached my ears. And that same sound reached me again, but from farther off. I turned my head, facing the land on the other side of the dead tree and the dark abyss.

A few feet from the boulders blocking the path to the statue, Ghirahim stood, hands on his hips, smiling at me with confidence.

I stood up as well, smiling just as much. "Now it's your turn to watch me!" I shouted at him, closing my eyes. There was a tugging at my body, and the sudden motion sickness I was quickly becoming accustomed to. It would be but a second when my feet would touch the dirt ground.

However, a small predicament occurred.

I didn't land by Ghirahim. Actually, I was falling again. I was falling right for the dead tree in the middle of the dark abyss. It was getting closer and closer. This wasn't supposed to have happened!

I let a scream rip from my throat as my heart sputtered rapidly in my chest. I continued to fall towards the tree nonetheless. I barely noticed the gasp of worry and concern under my terror filled screams. I didn't even notice Ghirahim take a step from where he stood, his body tense.

Then, time slowed down. I noticed everything around me. It was just like that time back in the volcano, with the boulder.

My falling seemed to take forever. But I realized I was close enough to the tree to grab onto the top part of it. It looked as though it were enough to hold my weight. My eyes slowly closed on their own accord as I spanned my hands to their fullest. They caught onto the sharp ledges of the dead and dry wood of the tree.

Time went back to normal. I still tightly gripped onto the edge of the wood. It let out a groan from my weight, but it held true. Now came the sting from my bloody and scratched palms. I hissed from the new pain, trying not to cry.

My body thumped against the hollow wood, and another scream of terror and pain ripped from my throat.

All was silent for a moment. Nothing but by heavy gasps of air. And then the singing started up. Both Ghirahim and I turned to the giant bird statue as we heard the familiar high pitched voice of a girl singing along to the strum of a harp. I tensed when I realized that Zelda was truly behind those boulders.

"Ghirahim..." I whimpered, hoping I could distract him from Zelda for just a little while longer. He turned around, the malicious smile upon his face.

"Seems that I've found my little Spirit Maiden." He stated, tiling his head back.

"Ghirahim, I would very much appreciate it if you were to help me. I can't hold on forever." I begged, my brow pulled up in worry.

"I thought you were more powerful than me. Can't you get yourself out of your own mess?"

I opened my mouth to retort to him in an angry manner, but I didn't say anything as I contemplated his words. I mean, I could save myself, since I had the power to. Yet the more I thought about it, the more I realized; I had messed up my teleporting. That meant that there was a possibility I could mess up whatever I had to do to get to land again.

There was a heavy sinking in my stomach as I realized I wasn't as powerful as I once thought. If anything, I had been blindly using my powers. I was lucky I had gotten myself this far.

Ghirahim laughed now, as he saw my face change to a desperate and depressed look. "You understand now, don't you? You're nothing but a mere girl playing a goddess. You're not as powerful as you think."

I sighed, looking away from him. Disappointment. Embarrassment. Those words echoed within my mind, settling inside of me. And Ghirahim was right. When I found that I could teleport, I didn't think about being able to do it properly, or about any accident that could happen. I only thought in my mind that I was a goddess—usually goddesses don't make mistakes.

"Ghirahim..." I started, defeated. That's when I heard the wood groan and start to crack beneath me. My eyes went wide as my heart skipped a beat. "Ghirahim!" I warned.

Another crack, and I slipped a bit. "GHIRAHIM!" I shouted, closing my eyes tightly.

"Hmmm..." He trailed off. "Should I save you or not?" He asked.


"Oh, but then again, I thought you could get yourself out of trouble. Since you had it in your mind that you're more powerful than me."

Before I knew it, I was falling again.

"GHIRAHIM!" I let the scream rip from my throat.

This was it. I was going to die. I could try to save myself, but for all I knew, I could teleport myself inside a wall and suffocate or something.

And then there was the familiar sound of diamonds striking the air. I felt arms wrap around my body. I clung onto his chest for dear life as my heart jumped and sputtered at the fear of dying, but also at the new hope of living.

I opened my eyes as Ghirahim set me on a ledge of the tree. I was safe as long as I didn't jump off or move. I looked up, my blue eyes locking with his dark ones. A silent message of a thank you passed to him through my eyes.

"Stay here." He commanded. But where would I go? "I'm not going to save you if you jump off." He released me and teleported back to the boulders blocking his path to Zelda. I didn't hear singing anymore. Maybe she left? But then again, it's more than likely that she's still there.

Ghirahim materialized his sword with the diamonds again. Then he pulled back, and a strange glow surrounded the blade.

"Ghirahim..." I warned, leaning forward. I didn't want him to hurt Zelda. Or get to her.

The thought occurred to me; why didn't he just teleport inside the area under the statue? That way I wouldn't be able to see what was going on.

But this is Ghirahim I'm talking about. He needs his grand and dramatic entrance.

He thrust his sword forward, the glow around his sword rushing from the weapon and clashing with the boulders. A loud boom cracked through the air as the boulders moved from the impact, disappearing in the dust they created. A high pitched scream pierced the air, and Ghirahim jumped forwards into the dust, disappearing as well.

My heart raced as I looked at the distance from the tree to the land. It was pretty far. If I were to jump, I wouldn't make it.

"Zelda!" Link's voice sounded through the air. My heart gave a leap at hearing his voice. Half of me was glad he was here; he could protect Zelda. Yet at the same time, half of me worried over his well being. Last time Link fought Ghirahim, he nearly got killed. Now Ghirahim was going to kill two birds with just one stone today.

"Here! Link! You'll need this where you're going!" Zelda's voice sounded again.

I looked back at the distance. If I used my power to boost me, I could make it. But if I failed...I'd die.

I looked back at the dust that was slowly starting to clear. I heard Impa let out a loud groan, one of pain, I would assume.

Was it worth it? Was it worth it to risk my life to attempt to save Link and Zelda? I gulped and tensed my body as I readied myself to spring from where I was.

Yes, it was worth it.

I leapt from the ledge, focusing all my power and energy at my feet to push me off with a force strong enough to send me flying. My heart pounded every second. I wasn't sure if I was going to make it. Deep down, however, I knew I had to believe in myself.

That's when I saw my shadow appear on the ground beneath me. I got closer and closer until I hit the ground, my knees and elbows scrapping against the dirt and tiny rocks. I did a barrel role before I quickly got up, sprinting for my friends.

On the way, my blood and stinging hand grasped around a cold metal handle. I didn't need to look down to know I had the same sword from the forest temple.

I looked ahead of me to see Ghirahim jump backwards in a flip. He landed, now facing Link, who was standing in front of a newly defeated Impa. She held herself on the ground, saying something to Link that I couldn't quite understand. I rushed forward, determination written on my face.

"Ghirahim!" I shouted with anger, readying my sword. He turned around, not expecting me. I extended my arm and sliced across his chest. He leaped back, staring at me with shock before it quickly turned into a full on glare. He looked down at his chest to see the damage I'd caused.

I wanted to face palm myself when I realized I didn't cut his skin. I ended up only slicing at his stupid cloak. Yet at the same time, my heart gave a beat of relief, realizing that I hadn't hurt my friend after all.

He dropped his sword, disintegrating it into diamonds again. Then he raised his hands in clenched fists, which emanated an orange glow from them. "Foolish Girl..." He growled.

I stood tall, raising my chin and tightening my grip upon the sword. "I won't let you hurt them!" I said in the strongest voice I could muster.

Ghirahim narrowed his eyes, lowering his fists just a bit. "So you think..." He pushed out his mouth.

"So I know." I confirmed, narrowing my own eyes.

The first actual battle between Ghirahim and I was about to begin.

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