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Chap 22: Regret in Skyloft

I hissed as Link tied the ripped cloth around my thigh, were my nice new wound was still seeping blood. It wasn't deep enough to be fatal, though, so I didn't have much to worry about it.

"Until it gets infected." Link warned, helping me off the ground. He then took hold of my hands, seeing the jagged cuts on them as well.

"What?" I asked, worried. "I can't just let it heal? There's no way I'm going home with a giant gash running down my leg! My mom's going to kill me!" I cried with a hoarse voice. "And what about that giant wound on your chest?"

Link looked down, pulling his tunic away from him a bit, showing the tear and the wound. My eyes bulged at how long it was. That's when I noticed it wasn't bleeding. "Wait...why...?"

"I applied the rest of the ointment I had left to the gash when you were arguing with Ghirahim. Now that I see the damage I did to you, I wish I hadn't used it all." He grimaced at his actions. I only sighed, shaking my head.

The blinked my eyes rapidly, trying to get rid of the sting behind them. My eyes were still a little puffy from my crying spell I had before. My throat burned and sounded off from the shouts I let out.

"I was planning on taking you back to the sky. We have stuff up there that can help you. Besides; I told you I'd take you sometime." Link explained. "And you look like you need something to occupy your mind for a day or two." He sympathized with me, before searching the rubble of the weird gate left by Impa and Zelda.

"And how do we get there?" I grumbled, hissing every time I put weight on my bad leg. Link led the way out of the ex-battle field.

Strange, I spent so much time trying to get to the giant statue. And I end up only spending a total of 10 minutes here, before I'm already leaving.

"You know these bird statues?" Link asked, walking up to one.

"Yeah, what about them?"

"You might want to grab onto me." He smiled, taking something from his satchel and holding it above his head. I looked up at the same time he did, noticing it was some sort of cloth. "Tightly." He added.

I wrapped my arms around Link's torso. "What do you mean grab—WHOA!" I just about wrapped my legs around him as well! A strong, warm wind thrust out off the ground and caught hold of the object in Link's hands. I screamed as we were carried thousands and thousands of feet off the ground within a few seconds and into the sky. My jaw hung open on its own accord as I looked down and saw everything.

The giant statue, the weird temple the Goron pointed out earlier. Pretty much the whole desert region, which got smaller and smaller the higher we climbed.

I wanted to close my eyes; I was deathly afraid of heights. However, my eyes wouldn't budge. I could only stare and hold onto Link to the point where I trembled. I wondered what would happen if I were to fall...

I would die. End of story.

"End of Gina, more like it." My shaky voice murmured, already lost in the wind.

The wind carried us so far off the ground now that we were about to pass through this weird cloud with a giant, gaping hole in it. Strange, it was as though it was made just for us. "Link!" I shouted as loudly as I could, pulling my head from his chest to look up at him. "What is that?"

"That's the cloud barrier! It's not visible when you're on the ground! Don't worry, you'll be safe!" He yelled back, smiling down at me.

"I hope you're right!" I held my breath and closed my eyes as we got closer and closer to the hole. I had the feeling of passing through it, as the sunlight blazing upon us was momentarily blocked out from the thick clouds. I shivered, feeling how cold it was in the sky without the sun.

But then everything was warm as I felt the sunlight hit my skin once more. The wind wasn't as loud either. It seemed rather peaceful. My ears perked up when I heard a very high pitched and clear whistle, which called my attention. Without thinking, I opened my eyes.

I honestly wish that I hadn't, because the moment I did; I screamed.

There was nothing but clouds beneath us. The sun was bigger than normal and there were floating islands.


I closed my eyes again, screaming as loud as I could.

There had been fucking floating islands thousands of feet above my head the whole time I've been in this world. There was no way I was every going to get over that.

I grunted and groaned when my body hit against Link's, almost knocking the wind out of me. I peeked one eye open, knowing that he caught hold of something solid. And it was a vivid red color.

"Link!" I shouted, clinging tighter to him. "What the hell is this thing?"

"It's a Loftwing!" He turned his head to smile at me. "My Loftwing." He seemed to be in his element. It was like he was safe and he knew what he was doing. In shorter words that are easy to understand; Link was home.

Once I set foot on solid ground, I clung to the grass. I practically kissed it.

While Link was in his element up here, I was totally out of mine. I've never been so far away from my two trees before! I was afraid to think about teleporting back, or anywhere else for that matter. "I think I never want to teleport again." I murmured into the warm grass beneath me. It tickled my skin in reply.

I had sprawled on the ground, half of my face pressed against the grass. Link finally hopped off his Loftwing and smiled at me, patting the giant bird's back. "You see! We fly on birds up here!" He continued to pet his bird, smiling even brighter. I just looked up at him, tilting my head as he pet a giant monster that could eat him at any moment.

"What the hell have I gotten myself into?" I asked no one, sitting up and looking around nervously.

There was a civilization here, with tons of houses and paths and green grass. We were closer to the edge of the floating island. I noticed that no one even bothered to put a fence at the edge to make sure no one fell over.

"You people are crazy!" I stood up now. "What happens if a baby crawled away and fell over the edge?!" I asked. My knees felt a little weak when I looked at the edge. I hated heights...I absolutely hated them. They made me feel heavy, as if gravity wanted me on the ground and not in the air. It makes me shake uncontrollably. I was afraid of heights and there was no changing that.

"Don't worry; we have knights patrolling the sky. They watch for people who have fallen and also protect our land from danger." Link explained.

Oh? That was interesting... "But...still! Aren't you ever afraid to die from falling!?" I ran my hands through my hair frantically.

"I don't know." He shrugged. "We're just used to it." My eye twitched as I watching him be so calm. How could he be so calm about something like this? And then I quickly realized that Link and all the people on this island were born up here in the sky. They were raised to see that it was normal not to be afraid of falling. You can't be afraid of something that you're around every day, right?

Link pat his bird once more before sending it on its way. It nudged him with his beak in a loving manner, then took off in a beautiful array of red feather. The wings caught themselves on the wind currents and he flew off in the distance. I stood there, stunned for a moment.

It was a beautiful creature with grace and elegance. It was a creature I've never seen before. So of course it was beautiful in my eyes. I was slightly jealous that Link had something amazing that only existed in this world.

I averted my eyes, distracting myself. They landed upon a thing at the edge of the floating island. It seemed to be a dock, but there was no water to go underneath it.

Oh no, don't tell me that they go fishing with some weird air fish and sharks. That'd be creepy.

"What's that?" I asked, pointing to the dock.

"That?" Link asked, smiling. "It's just a platform. You sprint off of it and fly into the air."

My eyes went wide. "Suicide!?" These people are throwing themselves into the air! What kind of place is this!?

"No! No!" Link laughed loudly, putting his hand on my shoulder. "After we're in the air, we do a nose dive and then whistle. Our Loftwings come to use and take us into the sky. It's totally safe!"

I hugged myself, shaking my head. Link and his people might be used to this, but I most certainly am not. And never will be. "You people are crazy." I looked up, checking my surroundings. That's finally when I realized there was a giant statue of a woman with wings here. And when I say giant...I mean ginormous!

"Holy sweet balls of cheese..." My eyes went to the size of tennis balls and my mouth hung open like the dark entrance of a cave as I cranked my neck to see the whole statue.

They just have everything up here, don't they?

Link smiled, drawing me closer to him so that I was leaning on him, his arm around my shoulders. "Yep, that's the statue of the Goddess." He chuckled a bit. "Beautiful, isn't it?"

"If there was a word to describe something beyond beautiful, I'd say it." I suddenly became breathless. "Because beautiful doesn't sum it up..." I trailed off.

"You want to get closer? Its more amazing up front." He nudged me, giving a small smile.

"YES!" I screeched, jumping away from his grip on my shoulders, dashing forward. I stopped and hissed in pain though, and instantly dropped to the ground. I clutched at my thigh and the make-shift bandage.

"Gina!" Link rushed forward, kneeling down next me. "You ok?" Concern was written blankly on his face.

"Of course I'm not ok, dipstick!" I groaned. "My thigh feels as though someone's holding a burning metal pole to it. I can't believe it wasn't hurting this bad before." I sighed, letting go when the pain subsided.

My heart started to flutter really fast when I pulled my hand away and saw the blood staining it. I was bleeding through my bandage. Holy Crap! What the hell happened to it just being a shallow cut?

"I'm going to bleed to death! I'm going to slowly die in complete and utter pain. All because I didn't want you to hurt Ghirahim! What the heck is wrong with me!?" I shouted out, getting worked up. My breathing started to grow short as I sucked in air as hard as I could.

Was there something wrong with the air? Was it because we were so high up that it was thin? There wasn't enough oxygen or something?

"Gina! Calm down!" Link motioned. "Yes, it's a shallow cut. It's just broken skin, no major damage." He pried my hand away from the bandage.

"You're right." I huffed, calming down. "I guess we're not going to the statue then?"

"You're going to the academy to rest and have your leg checked out." He answered, looking up at me.

"Academy?" I furrowed my brow in question. Wouldn't they take me to a hospital or clinic instead of an academy?

"It's where all the knights-in-training are. It's also where a doctor and the headmaster are located. It's where Zelda and I used to live. We still do, but you know the whole situation..." He helped me back onto my feet. The blood trickled down my leg now. I used the bottom of my shirt to wipe it up.

"Here, I'll give you a rid so we can get there faster. We'll have to go through the whole town. Get ready to greet a lot of people." He smiled, kneeling down so that he could carry me.

I sighed blissfully as I finally laid my head back on the comfy pillow.

I was lying on Zelda's bed, my leg having just been checked out and properly dressed. My hands were bandaged as well, with some sort of lotion plastered over them to stop the pain. Of course, the red potion they gave me, similar to the one that Ghirahim had me drink, was helping to speed up the healing process.

I closed my eyes in exhaustion. Today was a long day...and not just today, either. The whole time I've been in this world has been one long, continuous day of exhaust. I silently groaned to myself when I started to go over what I've been through.

I woke up after a thunder storm from last night to Ghirahim calling me 'foolish girl.' I got to wear a pretty dress, sat in a throne room watching Ghirahim order bokoblins about, finally went on a nice walk with Ghirahim and told him the truth about my being in this world. After I changed my clothes, Ghirahim almost saw me naked—thank God he didn't—and learned a new trick with my powers.

I sighed, sucking air deeply into my lungs. From there, everything else kind of went downhill.

I managed to piss of Ghirahim again with his whole Zelda the Goddess obsession, followed him to the desert, met a Goron for the first time, THEN met up with Ghirahim. Almost killed myself because my powers failed me, once again pissed of Ghirahim by saving Zelda and Impa.

I sighed once again, closing my eyes. I moved my hand down to reach into the pocket of the pants I was given to wear. I pulled out the necklace I had stuck in there for safe keeping, after they took my old clothes.

And then Ghirahim accidentally broke my necklace. And I told him I hated him.

I held the necklace in my hand, opening my eyes to inspect it. Honestly; I truly feel foolish now. It took me a day to calm down and think it all through, to realize something.

"I did all of that for nothing." I murmured to myself. "I said I hated Ghirahim for practically nothing." I swung the ring on the broken chain back and forth in front of me. "My necklace breaking; it wasn't a big deal! Besides, only the chain is broken. The ring itself is fine." Yet when I said that, it only made me feel worse.

I didn't really hate Ghirahim. It was incredibly hard to hate that self-centered, egotistical, conceited, vain, hopeless, stupid, imprudent, narcissistic, master obsessed, pompous diamond loving freak.

Most of all; he was my diamond loving freak; practically my best friend. Honestly, Ghirahim was the only person who made me feel so alive. Yes, he pissed me off occasionally, and yes, I didn't approve of his way, but somehow and he made me happy in way that left me smiling, left me with a good feeling.

"I'm so stupid..." I huffed.

Now don't get me wrong; it really pissed me off that he broke my necklace, even if it was on accident, even if he was important to me. But I think the shock of my necklace actually breaking is what set me off so quickly. Otherwise, I don't think I would have done what I did.

Yet what pissed me off even more is when I realize that I was caring less and less about the necklace and more about what I said to Ghirahim. Because my necklace breaking was not worth more to me than Ghirahim.

"I'm so stupid!" I said again, louder this time. I quickly placed the chain and ring on the side table. It made a dull 'tink' that echoed through the small room. I then shook my head to clear the thought of Ghirahim and my necklace from my mind. Instead, I looked about the room; Zelda's room. I would be staying in it until I went back to my trees.

I didn't mind her room; it wasn't too girly and it wasn't blah either. It seemed grown up, nice, but gave away hints of her personality. I liked her room, especially her bed. It was comfy, sort of like a cloud. It was perfect for Skyloft, a place that rested in the clouds.

I rolled over onto my side, shutting my eyes. To avoid thinking of Ghirahim again, I thought back to all the people I met in town today. They all seemed to stop and stare at me as Link carried me on his back to the academy.

"Whoa! Link! Who's that? That isn't Zelda, is it? Because Zelda has blonde hair and that lady has red hair that looks brown!" A little girl came up to us with a smile plastered on her face. She wore weird clothes and had her hair in a high pony tail. "And Zelda isn't as small as she is! And Zelda's more flat chested that this lady! And Zelda has normal clothes, this one doesn't." The little girl ran her mouth a mile a minute.

"Ahah, Kukiel, this is Gina." Link introduced me. "I met her while I was out searching for Zelda. She helped me, but ended up getting hurt. She needs a little help." He tilted his head to the side before continuing on with his path to the academy. Kukiel followed after us.

"Whoa! Link!" Another person, a boy this time, stopped us. "Who is that!?" He ran up to us and studied me. "She's...strange..."

"Hey Pipit! This is Gina!" Kukiel smiled, introducing me. "Link found her while he was searching for Zelda! He said she needed help because she got hurt."

"She needs help, huh? I guess it's pretty bad by the way you have to carry her." Pipit concluded. "Not to mention the bloody bandage around her leg." He noticed the make-shift cloth tied around my thigh and winched. "That must not feel good."

"No...it doesn't." I agreed, weakly.

"That's why we're going to the academy. We need to see the head master and the doctor." Link explained.

"I'll tag along with you guys. I have to go there anyway." Pipit then followed us as well.

By the time we got to the academy, three new people joined us. There was a red head by the name of Karane, another miserable looking boy who I couldn't remember the name too, and a very short boy by the name of Cawlin, I believe.

Five people were following us, arguing, talking and poking me to see if I was alive and just being over all annoying. I was getting a headache, which just added to my problems. As if my bleeding leg and Ghirahim issues weren't enough for me...

"Is this what usually happens when someone new comes into town?" I whispered to Link. He only chuckled, adjusting his grip on me.

"You're the first new person to come into town. I think they're handling it pretty good." He paused. "I thought they would have called the knights to throw you in prison at first." My body froze at his statement.

"Well, I'd much rather take their bickering over being thrown in prison..." I trailed off, looking behind me. I watched as they all yelled at one another. Pipit was walking tall and proud, a slight blush and scowl on his face. Karane was laughing loudly, a blush on her face as well. Kukiel was being all cute, waving her hands around. The quiet boy in the back had his head down, a smirk present. Cawlin was scowling and yelling that he 'didn't agree' with what Kukiel said.

I was silent as we climbed the stairs to the yard of the academy. I was starting to think that the floating island wasn't so bad. At least, the people on the island were nice and seemed to know each other very well. The location, in my opinion, wasn't the best of all places.

"Ah! Link! You're back already!" A very fat man with weird hair and eyebrows greeted us at the doors of the academy. "Ah, I see that you've brought quite a lot of people with you..." He paused, tilting his head. "As well as a new person?"

"This is Gina." Link introduced me. He looked back at the other five people who were at the top of the stairs. They were too busy talking to notice the fat man in their presence. "May we go to your office to talk in private?" The man nodded, motioning for Link to follow.

So, we ended up going into his office. He fetched me a doctor to look at my thigh. While that was happening, Link explained what happened at the Temple of Time, in the desert. The man then went on to explaining about the harp Zelda gave Link, and the lyrics to a song.

Later, I got the chance to take a bath. Karane gave me some clothes from Zelda's closet to wear. After my hair had dried, had new bandages on, I limped over to Zelda's bed and finally laid down. Which brings me to were we left off.

"You ok in there?" Karane asked, poking her finger through the wall.

There was a small crack between the wall for Zelda and Karane to talk at night. I thought it was pretty cool; to have a way to talk to your best friend.

"Yeah, why wouldn't I be?" I chuckled, a bit nervously.

"I keep hearing you sigh." Karane explained, but then giggled. "You seem like you're in love." She added.

"I'm not in love!" I quickly answered, defensive. "I'm just...thinking about something." I lamely finished. Karane must have rolled her eyes.

"Ok..." She said in a higher tone. "Whatever you say."

There was a short silence, before I continued on. "If anyone's in love, it's you!" I called out. "I see the way you look at Pipit. Don't deny it."

"Hey! Keep it down, would ya?" She shushed me. "I don't want people to know...but yeah, he's so cute..." Her voice trailed off into a quiet squeal.

I shook my head. "He's totally not my type." I murmured. Then what was my type? Ghirahim?

My eyes twitched at the thought. No! Ghirahim was just my friend. I did not love him...well, I wasn't in love with him, that's for sure.

"If I get to talk with him...maybe I'll find out if he likes you or not and tell you." I smiled.

"You'd do that!?" She squealed again. "Oh my goddess, I would LOVE that!" She shook the wall a bit.

"Alright, alright!" I laughed, sitting up. "Clam down you crazy lady." I got under the covers, pulling them up to my chin. "Goodnight Karane, I'll see you in the morning."

"You too." She yawned. And before I knew it; she was snoring and I was still wide awake, thinking again. The bedside candle was still burning with my necklace next to it. I couldn't close my eyes. And a single thought repeated in my mind over and over again.

"I told Ghirahim I hated him."

"I told Ghirahim I hated him. "

"I told Ghirahim I hated him."

I sat up very quickly, my head rushing from the sudden change of position. My heart was pounding as I felt my chest constrict in pain. My eyes were wide with horror as it all finally sunk in.

"I told Ghirahim I hated him!" I whisper-shouted into the dark of the night. I turned to the bedside table and picked up the broken necklace. I could see the dim shine of the worn down silver on the copper ring. The tiny blue and white gems gleamed and sparkled. The broken chain looked longer than it should have, and was also worn down from too much wear.

It was a cold, heartless piece of metal now. I don't care for it as much as I did before it was broken. Or when it was broken, for that matter. The memory of love and of Jordan was gone. I still remembered him, but the necklace was just an everyday reminder. Yet that didn't change the fact that I was forgetting about my memory of him.

The sad part was though; the day I met Ghirahim, I started forgetting about Jordan.

And I realized; I didn't need a reminder of one happy time with another person. Why would I need a reminder of just ONE happy time when I could have a whole lot more with someone else?

"Ghirahim..." I sighed, finally able to close my eyes from the view of the necklace. Instead, I pictured Ghirahim, him and all his diamonds and the weird jump suit. How tall he was, his soft gloved hands and his nicely shaped chest, and his abs I never really saw.

Yet when I got to his face; all I saw was the pain and sadness etched onto there from the words I had thrown at him. It hurt...seeing him like that. I was just so angry at the time; I had to scream something out to express how angry I was. Instead of him getting angry at my words, I hurt him.

I laid back on the bed, staring up at the ceiling. "I have to face reality..." I murmured, feeling my heart lurch. "Jordan doesn't love me...or like me...probably doesn't remember me. The necklace is all for nothing." I didn't want to believe the words that came from my own mouth. I didn't want to believe them, but I needed to believe them. Or I wouldn't move on.

I was hung up on a guy who happened two years ago, when I was just beginning to like guys, too. I was letting a guy who probably didn't remember my first name ruin an amazing and wonderful friendship with a different guy whose soft lips I kissed more than once. NOT that I liked Ghirahim like that...no. Never... nope.

A guy who almost killed me. A guy who I almost suffocated with my boobs. A guy who hated me at first, then slowly started to let me in and trust me. A guy who brought me into his castle and saved me from dying a cold, snowy death—a guy who cuddled with me in bed!

This was the guy who was completely bipolar. He was senseless, crazy, irrational, malicious, evil, dramatic, egotistical, conceited, rude...trusting, funny, witty, amazing, interesting, fascinating and...strangely; he was always there for me.

Where was Jordan when I needed someone to talk to? Where was Jordan when I was soaked to the bone, barely breathing and stranded in a snowy hell? Where was Jordan when I had an arrow in my shoulder? Where was Jordan when I was suffering from the affects of poison? Who stayed with me?

Jordan wasn't anywhere. Hell, he wasn't even in this world.

Ghirahim was. He was there for me on most of my adventures. The forest, the volcano, part of the desert, the temples, his castle. He was there with me. He stayed with me.

"I'm such an idiot." I realized, siting up in the bed once again. I threw my legs over the edge, the slightly cool night air hitting my ankles.

I needed to stop thinking about Jordan, because he was gone. I needed to start thinking about how to fix things with Ghirahim. Ghirahim, after all, was the one and only Demon Lord in this world.

My Demon Lord to be exact.

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