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Chap 23: A Decision

I yawned and pulled the sweater tighter to my body. I was currently sitting on the edge of the island, my legs hanging off the side of the ledge. I hadn't slept a wink of sleep; I was kept up all night by both Karane's snores and thoughts of Ghirahim, as well as regret.

That's probably why I wasn't afraid of heights at the moment. I usually wouldn't hang my feet off a floating island. I wouldn't get within 50 feet of the edge of this island, actually. Especially when I still suspect they have flying sharks in the air. Yet again, being deprived of sleep can make me do weird things. Like that one time I took the leftover whipped cream from the fridge and drew smiley faces on the walls with it. That was when I was 10, though.

Yet here I am, hanging my feet off the edge and looking out into the morning sky full of clouds and the rising sun. It was dawn and still slightly cold. But it was nothing that I couldn't handle. My eyes gazed down into the clouds that separated the floating islands from the surface world. I chuckled as a thought came to mind. "Ghirahim told me a long time ago that the land was called 'The Surface'. I never understood what that meant or why it was called that until now..." I shook my head, clutching what was in my right hand.

It was the broken necklace.

After I decided that I wasn't going to sleep, I tried to fix it. I thought that maybe I could do something about it and show Ghirahim that it was all right and that I was sorry I yelled at him. However; it's not the easiest thing to fix, it being a metal chain and all. I'm pretty sure fixing the situation with Ghirahim wouldn't be the easiest thing to fix either.

"It's cheap anyway." I frowned, dangling the necklace out before me. "Probably only 10 dollars." I had the ring back on the chain, but was holding the two broken ends between my fingers so that I wouldn't drop it.

Drop it? What would happen if I dropped it? If I got rid of the necklace then maybe the memories of Jordan would be gone too. Then all that would matter would be Ghirahim. Or maybe I was ready to drop it because I didn't need it anymore. I didn't need to have memories of love, happiness, laughter and summer because I had those memories here, with—

"Hey! You, short girl!" A booming voice called from behind me. It startled me so much that I let out a shout of surprise and jumped. My heart lunged in my chest when at first I thought I was going to tumble over the edge. My hands flailed wildly to grab onto something. Thankfully, I regained my balance. As a result, however, something was missing from my hand.

I looked down as my necklace plummeted to the clouds below. My hand accidentally let go of the dangling ring and chain. The necklace that I had worn for the past two years—even risked coming back to this world for—was now gone, forever lost on the surface world. I would never again find it.

For a second, I felt horrified. I just let go of something that was very important to me. I just lost something that I truly never will get back. It wasn't merely broken; it was gone. This, if you think about it, is worse than being just broken. If it was broken, I could fix it. If it was gone...well, I'm shit out of luck. And then I really would have gotten angry at Ghirahim for nothing.

So now that it was forever and truly gone; I felt numb. I didn't quite know how to feel. Then suddenly; I felt good. I felt new. Somehow different. Sure, I wasn't overly thrilled or happy that I just dropped the necklace I sacrificed Ghirahim and mine's friendship for, but I felt free.

"Hey! I'm talk'n to you!" A gruff voice repeated, right behind me now.

And now I just felt pissed off.

"What the hell is your problem, asshole?" I shouted, pulling my feet up from the edge and turning to face the man. "You just made me drop something! I can't get it back now!" I was ready to punch this guy. I didn't care if his voice sounded intimidating, like Mike Tyson. I was going to bash his skull in with nothing but my bare knuckles!

I stopped short though, doing a double take on the man. He was tall—possibly as tall as Ghirahim—and was super buff. He looked stronger than both Ghirahim and Link combined. His face and hair were weird though, more weird than Ghirahim's

"What the hell kind of haircut is that?" I asked, scrunching my face up and tilting my head to the side. His hair was a blazing red and swept up in a really high...pompadour. I think that's what they called them, anyway. To be honest, his hair reminded me of a Cardinal, the bird.

The tall and buff man stared at me for a moment, his jaw hanging open. "Well?" I insisted, feeling awkward. "Aren't you going to answer my question?" He was just staring at me; it was so weird. Then he closed his eyes and stuttered on his words, sputtering out nonsense before he finally found his bearings.

"It—it doesn't matter! And don't talk bad 'bout my hair!" He blushed looking off to the side and crossing his buff arms. "It's not your hair...anyway..."

What is wrong with this dude? Before, he sounded as though he were ready to pound me into the ground. Now he's all bashful and can't stop stuttering. "Fine then...what'd you want?" I scowled, crossing my own arms now.

"I heard from my buddy Cawlin that Link met you while he was out try'n to find Zelda. I just thought I'd come and check out the short girl." He explained, holding his head high.

"Oh." I uncrossed my arms, and held my hand out. "My name is Gina; I'm not really special, just a friend of Link." He looked at my hand before grabbing hold if it firmly with his own, shaking it.

"Groose..." He trailed off.

"Groose? What kind of names do you people have?" I asked, confused. Seriously; I've never heard of that kind of name before. Along with Link...Cawlin...Pipit...Karane...Ghirahim. Dang, these people...

"Hey!" He yelled at first, offended. He quickly calmed down, however, looking away from me. "Well, yeah? You're name isn't the most normal name to have either! Gee-nah! Who has that kind of name?" He asked, scowling now.

"Gosh, sorry! You didn't need to go all bat-shit crazy on me!" I defended myself, my hands pulled up. "But if you must know, I have that kind of name! Besides; it means 'Famous Warrior' in old English." I smiled, taking my turn to hold my head high.

He rolled his eyes, crossing his arms again. "Whatever." He turned around, as though ready to ignore me. I stared at the back of his head, watching his blazing red hair move in the wind. That's when the sun peaked out from the clouds and shown right behind the grand Goddess statue. It illuminated the statue and the island. It seemed to set everything ablaze with a fiery tint and bringing life as well.

I could feel the warmth from the sun on my face, more intense than in the forest. I was really starting to understand why people lived up here now. It was nice and peaceful—most of the time—and it was beautiful to watch the sunrise. "Wow..." I breathed out the word, staring at the statue. I'd never seen something so beautiful before.

Groose turned his upper body, facing me. I barely noticed the face he made; I was too busy watching the beauty of the statue. Then he chuckled, nodding his head. "It's always a sight to see in the morning." He paused. "I'm sure it's more special for you, though. You're not used to seeing the statue. In that way, you're lucky; everyone else grows accustomed to it." He explained. "The awesomeness of it dulls after years."

"I suppose I am." I sighed. "Though, I'm not lucky enough to get closer to it." I pouted now, looking away to the ground. "Link offered to take me, but I needed to rest and have my leg properly dressed."

"What happened to it?"

"I..." I paused, wondering if I should tell him. "I accidentally cut it on a sharp object. It's only shallow, though. Nothing to worry about, but it still hurts." I shrugged.

Lying to everyone was getting easier for me to do. Well, it was that or Groose was really easy to lie to.

"I can take you, if you want. I've got time on my hands." He suggested. I looked up at him, a smile already plastered on my face.

"That'd be great!" I answered, quickly.

Groose took me to the base of the Goddess Statue, and I was finally able to feel the smooth white stone rubbing against my palm. It was strange; because the moment I touched the beautiful statue before me, I felt good. It was as if the statue gave hope to all the people in Skyloft. It even gave some hope to me.

It was astounded though, having to crank my neck back so far just to see the Goddess's head. It loomed over you, giving you chills at the grandness of it all. The vastness of stone that was somehow miraculously carved by people. It left you wondering; how in the world did they get this thing up here?

A better question would be the question of all laws of physics. How could this floating island be floating? How can these birds be flying around up here when the air would be too thin to breathe? And if these people are closer to the sun; shouldn't they have really bad sunburn?

"What am I thinking?" I said to myself, shaking my head. "This is my world; you'll run into some pretty messed up stuff..." I mumbled, trailing off.


"Gina...I didn't..."

"NO! Go away! I don't ever want to see you again!"


"I hate you!"

My eyes clenched shut at the memory as I tried to block it away. It didn't work.

I had really angered her this time. I thought I had angered her back then when I teased her for reading her journal, but this time I pushed her far. I didn't know I could push her to the point of hatred. I knew that she's been annoyed or doesn't want to deal with me at times, but for her to hate me?

I sighed, running my hand through my now disheveled hair. She was the only possible person to make me mess up my perfect complexion and looks by thinking of her too much. Only Gina can make me re-think my actions.

Maybe I didn't need to fight with the Sky Child; it wasn't a necessity. However, I did need the Spirit Maiden, therefore the Sky Child would get in my way... I sighed again, this time in annoyance. It was a never ending circle! When I did something I wanted to; Gina would be angry at me. When I did what Gina wanted me to do, I'd be angry.

"Ugh! Why is this so difficult!?" I shouted out into the morning air, tugging at my hair. As I pulled my hand back, I realized that I pulled a little too hard, for a bit of my precious soft locks had been tugged out.

As I stared at the stray strands of silver hair, my mind landed on the real reason why Gina was angry with me. Yes, she was disappointed in me because I tried to harm her 'friends'. However, what provoked her to say she hated me was when I broke her necklace.

That small metal chain with the tiny ring that wouldn't fit a newborn's smallest finger. When Gina had almost succeeded in suffocating me, that necklace had fallen from her neck. I picked it up from the dirt ground and brought it back with me to my castle. Somehow, I knew she'd be back for it.

It seemed like such a long time ago that had happened, when I had first began to actually know her.

Yet back to the problem at hand; breaking her necklace.

"I didn't mean to," I murmured to myself. "I was holding it and she stepped back too far, and it snapped. Technically, it wasn't my fault!" I tried to convince myself. Yet it still didn't help me to feel any more better.

She was still angry with me, and that was that.

I sighed for the millionth time, running my hand through my hair and then rubbing my forehead.

This girl was driving me crazy. Usually, I could care less about what anyone or anything thought about me. However, that changed when Gina came along. I think twice before I act now. I consider what wold happen if I did certain things. I think less about my master and more about Gina.

"I'm going to kill that girl someday," I said to myself. "I swear; she's put me through more conflict than I've ever been though in a whole century," I huffed, sitting up straighter. At that, I turned my head to the side and then to the other, so I may crack my neck.

I've never done that before, until I saw Gina do it once. "Seems that she's rubbed off on me..." Though not just that, he's brought more life and adventure to this world. Or at least to me, she has.

Before I knew it, the sun rose from the horizon. It lit everything on fire in a golden view. And it made a certain object falling from the sky shine in the light.

"What the..."

And it hit the ground, right in front of me. As I bent down to pick it up, I already had the feeling of what it was.

And my suspicions were confirmed.

"Her necklace," I plucked the broken chain and the small ring from the ground. It was so delicate and serene in my gloved hands. "Why was it falling from the sky?" I questioned, looking up.

That's when it hit me; she had gone with the Sky Child to the islands in the sky. She was currently above my head.

Thoughts flooded my mind. Too many thoughts that it clouded everything as though a storm had formed.

She had found a new friend, a 'better friend' than I was.

She was up there having fun and forgetting about be while I was down here moping.

She had dropped her necklace after all the crap she said to me!

I wanted to scream. I wanted to take my saber and stab every little critter that resided within this forest. I wanted so badly to something...bad! Yet how many angry thoughts crowed my mind, the last thought that came kept me in place. It stilled me. Froze me to the bone with a sharp chill.

"Is she ok up there?"

It was simple question, I admit, but it had a lot of concern hidden within it.

Gina did not like heights. In fact, she hated them, as so expressed that to me so often. She also didn't know anyone apart from myself, the Sky Child, The Goddess and that loathing servant dog. There could be people there that hated her, that might kill her. What more, she was up there, thousands and thousands of miles above the ground!

I didn't quite know if she was clumsy, but if she was, she could easily trip and fall to her impending doom.

At that, I shook my head, trying to calm the concern running through my veins. She should be alright; the Sky Child was with her. "Then again, if her necklace is here, she could be following right after it..." I looked to the sky once more, half expecting a short, screaming girl barreling towards me.

I groaned, shaking my head yet again. "She's alright! I would know if she was in danger," I told myself. Though I had no reason to believe I would actually know when she needed to me; I think I only said that to convince myself not to go after her.

I gazed down upon the necklace in my hand. I ran my thumb over the small ring. My heart gave a leap when the ring suddenly broke into three different pieces. This, I found a bit strange. Usually metal or copper doesn't break; it bends. "This must have been a really brash necklace. Horribly made,"

Then an idea popped into my head.

Gina needed a necklace that would never break. A necklace that would remind her every day and night for the rest of her life of happy times. Of times where she glowed brighter than any other goddess in this whole world. Of times she felt loved by someone more special than the previous.

And I was just the man to give it to her.

"Do you have to leave?" Karane asked, pouting.

I was currently standing on one of the diving platforms with Link and the rest of my newly acquired friends. Though, I could feel the tension between Link and Groose—even though I was standing five feet from them and my attention was turned to someone else.

"Yes, I'm sorry Karane, but I do. I've got to get home to my mother," I smiled at her, patting her shoulder. "I've been here too long,"

She didn't realize that I wasn't just talking the two and a half days I spent in Skyloft, home of the crazy giant bird riding people. I was talking about the 6 days I've spent in my world. Almost a week!

Just to think, if I was gone for 6 days and my mother didn't know where I was, she'd hang me with the cord for the telephone wire.

"Next time you see Link, you HAVE to come up and visit again!" She smiled brightly. "Maybe by that time we'll find Zelda, and the three of us can have a huge sleep over!" She leaped forward, caging me in a hug.

I quickly recalled what I had done in Skyloft for the past two days and a half days. Of course, I met everyone, had my wounds dressed, dropped my necklace—no thanks to Groose—and saw the true beauty for the statue of the Goddess.

The second day was different; I spent the rest of the morning with Groose, talking for a long while before Karane found me and carted me off to gossip and do make up. I must say, I was a bit confused. I didn't think they had make up in this world.

I take that back; Ghirahim was the living proof of make up.

Later, I spent time with Link and his friends. They showed me around Skyloft, took me out to the Lumpy Pumpkin and other floating islands. That was a whole long event that left me tuckered out. Yet it was fun.

Now it's early in the morning. I'd just got done watching the sunrise by the Goddess Statue with Groose once more. I was about to head back home to the forest, to my trees, to go back home to the real world. Link would be taking me there via Loftwing.

"It was nice meeting you, Gina," Pipit spoke to me, standing tall and proud. He held his hand out for me, and I took it, shaking it. "We all had fun flying to the Lumpy Pumpkin with you. I'll never forget your face the moment you tasted the famous Pumpkin Soup," He leaned in closer, his voice light as he laughed at the memory.

I rolled my eyes, groaning. I DO have to say; Pumpkin Soup there was amazing.

"Really, don't be afraid to come back any time," Fledge exclaimed, blushing and smiling.

"Yeah, yeah! I still want you to meet my friend!" Kukiel laughed, jumping up and down.

"Don't worry guys!" I smiled, hugging Karane, Kukiel and Fledge all at once. "I'll come back to visit soon. I promise,"

We pulled away...and now it was Groose's turn.

"...You should stay one more day," He tilted his head, smirking. I shook my own head, smirking as well.

"I should, but I can't. I really have to go," I answered.

Groose...he was ok. Despite what everyone told me about him, I thought he was ok. He seemed a little confused and strange, because he still stopped and stared at me, but he could be funny and understanding. He was a great guy.

And the rest of my friends respected that, just putting up with him and his cockiness. I was used to it though, Ghirahim was the same way when it came to pride.

"Well then, I'll see you around, runt," He laughed, harshly rubbing his knuckles against my head. I waved my arms about, protesting the motion.

"Hey! Stop it Groose!" I shouted, shoving away from him with a scowl. "I hate it when you do that!" My scowl did not stay for long, however, before it was replaced with a smile at Groose's stupid and goofy face. "See you around, red headed Cardinal." I stuck my tongue out at him before I walked next to Link, ready to jump off the ledge,

"Why you little—!"

We both sprinted off the platform, and dove into the sky. I didn't scream like I probably would have. I wasn't afraid this time, because I knew that someone was there to catch me. It was safe to do this, especially more safe with Link there.

The wind blew past my face and blocked all thoughts as I felt the air sting my eyes and the sound rush past my ears. Then I heard the whistle and braced myself for the red bird that came our way.

After the Loftwing caught us, we flew just a bit higher than Skyloft. I waved goodbye to the people still on the platform, and they waved back. Those Groose waved his fist rather than his hand. I only chuckled, turning around to hug tight to Link so I wouldn't fall off.

It was nice to meet new people and get a break from the Surface World. Yet, now it was time to go back to the real world. The real world I had originally come from.

All I wanted was a break, but I got more than expected.

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