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Chap 25: Abnormalities

When I opened my eyes, I knew something was off. I didn't know what, because when I tried to think of it my mind only drew up blank. It was like trying to figure out a feeling you couldn't understand. Then when my eyes focused on my off-white ceiling, that feeling calmed down. It dulled. Yet it was still there.

For a moment, I was lost. I couldn't remember what happened before I woke up. I don't remember falling asleep. All there was in my head was a ghost of a memory, where I was somewhere warm, and I was happy. Or maybe not happy; I was terrified. But usually I was happy.

"Wh—wait a minute..." I murmured, sitting up. I pulled the covers off of me. There was something else. Some guy...

I reached to my head, feeling a sudden burst of pain hammer against my temple in repetition. "Ugh!" I hissed. "What the hell? Why does my head hurt so much?" I scrunched my face up in agony, vigorously rubbing at where the pain came from. This was seriously my worst headache ever.

I pulled my hand away when the pain dulled to just a throbbing. I got a clear view of where I was. I was sitting on my bed, inside my room. The off-white ceiling and blue walls were a dead giveaway. Not to mention the furniture and many posters half pasted, half falling from the walls. "Hold on..." I was confused and totally out of it. What was I doing in my room? I knew I just woke up, but it didn't make sense. I don't remember anything. How did I get here? What time is it? What day is it?

Sighing in annoyance and slight pain, I pulled my legs over the side of the mattress, slouching. My hands rubbed against the material on my legs, and I realized I was wearing jeans. I furrowed my eyebrows, feeling the fabric form to me in a sticky manner. "Why am I in my school clothes?"

Something really wasn't right here...

A buzzing called my attention to the phone on my bedside table. It vibrated against the sleek and shiny wood. Reaching over my pillow, I snatched the black phone and slid the screen up. The usual picture of a Japanese Cherry Blossom Tree greeted me. However, a message popped up on the screen, asking if I wanted to read it. My eyes squinted as I peered at the text message, which happened to be from my mother.

I called the doctor. After I get home, we're going to see what's wrong with you.

"What's wrong with me?" I murmured. I texted her back.

Am I sick?

I slipped the phone shut and waited for the reply. Then a whole bunch of new questioned opened in my head. Why am I going to the doctor? Did something really bad happened before I woke up? Is that why my temples keep throbbing? Did I hit my head?

Before I could stop myself, I slid the screen up again. It showed that the time was 2:31 pm. My heart gave a giant leap of surprise and fright. "Holy Shit!" My voice was loud and high enough to make my temples start to throb harder. "I'm missing school! What the hell is going on?" I took a deep breath, rubbing my head again in silence. I received a new message from my mother.

You went to school and fainted. You had a fever when you got home and were delirious.

I searched my mind for anything I could pertain to this, because I most certainly don't remember going to school. Everything was still for a moment when a foggy memory faded into my mind. I couldn't see everything very well, but I just knew there was a lot of green.

I took a step forward, my shoes walking across the dirt, pebbles, fallen leaves and sticks.

A soft, warm breeze blew through my red-brown locks, slightly tangling them. A ray of sunshine slipped past the leaves guarding the shade and made it's way to my face, kissing my cheek. It left behind a faint feeling of warmth.

I was pulled back when a searing, white hot pain shot through my head. I fell back onto my bed, clutching my temples. It literally felt like someone had taken a sharp pencil and jammed it into my head. I felt the tears leak from my eyes, a strangled cry tear from my throat.

After about a minute the pain eased up.

And I had already forgotten the memory.

"Just the flu? Nothing else?" My mother asked. "She keeps complaining that her head hurts," My mother insisted, her hand squeezing my shoulder. She always sheltered me when I was sick. She did the same with my sister.

"No ma'am. Just the flu. It's fairly common to have a headache and feel fatigue when you have the flu. I'll prescribe you some medicine for the flu portion, but feel free to give her some Tylenol or Advil for her headache."

I sat on the examination table/bed/chair thingy, holding my head. The pain wasn't constant—only when I tried to make sense of things, or remember what happened before I woke up. Many times I tired to think of it, and when something came, the pain stopped me, distracting me. And I'd forget what the memory was about.

It was like there was some sort of device inside my head keeping me from remembering what I wanted to.

The next thing I know, my mother and I are in the car, on our way home. "Mom, what happened before I woke up?"

"You still don't remember?" She asked, concerned.

I stretched the truth. "Not really, it's kind of blurry,"

"You got up at the usual time, you were fine. You went to school...and then at 4th hour you walked into the classroom and just...fainted. They called me, I picked you up and brought you home," She sighed, switching lanes. I watched her face, noting how...she was different. Like she wasn't what I remember my mother to be like.

"You were murmuring and you had a fever. Half and hour later you were getting better, and you told me to go back to work because you were just tired and wanted to sleep."

I nodded, biting my lip. "Weird..." I said, closing my eyes and leaning my head against the car window. I didn't remember any of that. And when I tried to imagine that was what had gone down, my head throbbed. I just stopped, not wanting to take the pain.

"Gine!" Tommy called out, running up to me. "You're feeling better I see," He put a hand on my shoulder. I blushed, looking away.

Why was Tommy touching me? Why was he so concerned about me? Why did I think he was cute...but at the same time just...different? I shook my head, remembering he had been talking to me. "Ah, yeah, I went to the doctor. He said I just had the flu and a fever. Gave me some medication, and I'm feeling better today." Though, two days of rest will most certainly make anyone feel better.

"That's good!" He took my hand, and my eyes widened. "Let's get to Math," He pulled me down the hallway, a blush present on my face the whole endeavor. I was totally confused. Why was Tommy holding my hand!? Why was he so nice!? Did something happened that morning before I fainted? Something that involved Tommy and I?

But for now, I let the questions slide and enjoyed the feel of his soft hand clutch my own.

Even if it felt a little...unrealistic.

In the middle of Math class, something sort of happened.

I was all good and happy, drawing hearts in my planner. Some had my name, then Tommy's, and in the middle a typical heart with cupid's arrow through it. I didn't bother to pay attention to the geometry lesson, the teacher droning on about shapes and such. Silently, I scolded myself for drawing hearts. This was something that I would gag while doing. So why was I doing that?

It all changed when I glanced up at the board at the right time, and the teacher drew a peculiar shape on the board. The air hitched in my throat, my stomach twisting and my chest aching. My eyes narrowed in on the single shape.

A Diamond.

It called to me, telling me of some hidden meaning behind it. Why was that? Why was my body freaking out over a diamond? It's just a freaking shape!

I turned the page of my planer, and this time, instead of a heart, I drew a diamond. I nearly did this without thinking, for my hand seemed to have a mind of it's own. It started out with one small diamond, small enough to fit onto my pinky nail. But then it turned into multiple diamonds. Big diamonds, small diamonds. Diamonds that filled the whole page. Soon enough, five pages.

"Gina, I'd appreciate it if you were to stop doodling during my lesson, pay attention and answer the question I asked you," I jumped in my seat, my head snapping to the front of the room. The teacher stood, looking at me expectantly.

For a moment I looked around the room, seeing the students looking at me. I blinked several times, closing my mouth before opening it again. "Um...alright," I put my pencil down, closing my planner. My body shook without reason.

"Ok, so, Gina, can you tell the class what kind of shape would fit into the interior of this square?" He asked, pointing to the square he had drawn on the board.

"A diamond?" I smiled timidly. I completely guessed.

"Yes, that is correct," He nodded, drawing the diamond on the inside of the square.

I sighed tiredly, running a hand through my hair. I was obsessed now.

After watching some history channel about a new kind of species, and a rather painful headache for some reason I couldn't remember, I decided to take a shower. Of course, after the shower, I would go to bed.

I walked into my room, shivering. I hadn't expected my room to be so cold. "The hell? I thought mom had the furnace on," I ran a hand through the still damp hair, my body involuntarily shivering. My skin tightened, trying to preserve what little heat it still had. Absentmindedly, I went to the bed, pulling the clean sheets back and getting ready to sleep. All the while, my thoughts on something else.

Today had been a good day...it seems that whatever sickness I got before I can remember anything had gone away. Except for the moments when I try to remember something.

Moving on, Tommy walked with me in the hall, held my hand, even sat by me in lunch! Why was I so giddy about this? I mean, it's just Tommy. Yes, I had a crush on him, but he's just...walking and sitting with me. He didn't ask me out. And when I got home, I just did some homework and watched TV. Nothing very special, just a good day.

But something was completely off about it. It was too good, too normal. That time with Tommy; too good to be true. It just wasn't adding up.

A harsh and rather sudden shiver ran down my spine, pulling me from my thoughts. "Ugh! Winter's almost over anyways! Why is it so cold?" I reached for the light switch, quickly running over to my bed. If only I could outrun the cold...

I pulled all seven layers of blankets over me, desperate for that warmth I so craved. Yet I realized, I was still cold, no matter what. Why couldn't I just get warm and fall asleep?

"It's May!" I closed my eyes tightly, curling into a ball. "This sucks. I feel as though I've fallen through ice. It really shouldn't be this cold." My teeth chattered, and I didn't stop the shaking due to the coldness nipping at me. I just wanted this to end. I wanted to be somewhere safe and warm. Comforting. I just wanted to sleep.

Warm arms wrapped around me. One slithered under my neck, bent at the elbow to act as a pillow. The other arm was secured around my waist, tightly pulling me to a strong, warm chest. I felt it rise and fall with mine as we took in the crisp cool air. And the creepy part was that it felt as though a leg was stuck between the two of mine, tangling itself with me.

My shivering ceased, as did my chattering teeth. The goose bumps on my skin faded away. However, in their place, the hair on the back of my head stood on end, my whole body tensed. My eyes were open in sheer terror, and I felt a cold sweat descend upon me. I was petrified. Terrified to move. Wouldn't you be, if you suddenly felt a body wrap around you? Especially when you knew there was no one else there?!

The arms tightened, bringing me closer to the chest.

"Holy shit! HOLY SHIT! There's a ghost in my bedroom! There's a ghost in my bedroom and it's cuddling with me!" My mind hectically wailed. Yet I still did not move. I didn't want to upset the ghost.

There was a deep intake of air near my ear. It felt as though someone had buried their face into my hair, almost in a comforting manner. And then three lone worlds, filled with amusement, contentment, and adoration echoed through my room, my mind, and my very soul.

"Sweet melted sugar..."

I knew the voice.

I KNEW that voice!

Yet at the same time, I didn't. Does that even make sense?

No, it does! It has to! Because I knew that voice, though I don't recall where it's from, whose voice it was or why it was so familiar to me! Yet those words, I remembered them as well.

I clung to the voice, trying to replay it over in my mind again and again until it eventually faded away.

I KNEW that voice...

And deep down, I knew there was something else. Something that was familiar, but I had forgotten. My chest tightened, telling me that something was terrible and horribly wrong. Only, I couldn't figure out what it was.

And I'm frightened that I possibly never will.

The next day I was tired. The night previous was spent with the feeling of a body pressed against mind, keeping me awake and alert. Though it kept me warm, and I did not feel as though I were in danger.

Tommy walked down the hall with me, and soon enough, Lizzy joined us. They struck up a conversation with me, but I only smile and nodded my head. I didn't have the energy to try and talk today.

In Math class, our seats had been switched around. And I was seated next to Tommy. He even complimented me on my hair. "My hair that was thrown into a messy ponytail, because I was too lazy to style it," So what was so special about it? It wasn't amazing, or fantastic. Being honest, I didn't even like the look on myself.

I should be feeling all happy and giddy that he complimented me, and actually gave me the time of the day. It was obvious, the fact that Tommy liked me. So why did I not feel happy? I was rather...bored. Possibly because today was like yesterday? And I was wishing that something new would happen already?

It was like...before I woke up not remembering anything, I had dreamed I was in an adventure. A world splashed full of vivid colors and exotic smells, wonderful feelings, and warm air. It felt good, and I felt free. Yet now...after I had woken up, the adventure faded away back to normal days in school. Everything was black and white, never an in between grey. It was either a clouded white, or a lightened black. Everything was boring and dull. Going from what seemed to be an adventure to normal days was a drastic change. It left me feeling empty of something.

Lunch rolled around. Tommy sat next to me again, yet this time Lizzy joined. She sat across from me, and we found ourselves talking about different cultures. Or rather, Lizzy and Tommy were talking about different cultures. I sat staring at my food, playing with the mashed potatoes. It came with the blah chicken the lunch ladies served.

"Tacos come from Mexico, as well as Burritos. They add a whole lot of spices and things to make it taste better, and it's healthy for you! I don't understand why the lunch ladies don't just add some of that to the chicken! This stuff tastes gross!" Lizzy picked up the chicken wing, and plopped it back down on the red tray.

"I know the government was complaining about children not eating healthy food. I know chicken does have grease in it, but if you're going to serve us this fake, one molecule away from plastic, crappy food...then we're not going to eat it. We'll starve! To me, that's worse than not eating healthy food. Then you'll have a bunch of anorexic children on your hands." Lizzy rolled her eyes, turning away from the chicken.

God, she liked to go on long rants about things.

"You know what would be cool?" I burst out, picking up the chicken leg.

"What?" They both asked at the same time.

"If this chicken was a different color. Like, let's say; it was purple and had bright green spots on it. And it tasted almost fruity!" I smiled. Yet they only looked at me with weird faces. Then Lizzy rolled her eyes.

"Alright," Tommy nodded with amusement at my imagination, although hesitantly.

"You know, I think I might have tasted a purple apple with green spots on it once. It tasted like chicken," I added that part to amuse myself.

"I'm sure you did, Gina," Lizzy smiled and rolled her eyes again. She tucked her blonde hair behind her ear and then leaned on the table, smiling at Tommy. In that moment, I could tell that Lizzy liked him. Then...why didn't I care? Tommy was sitting next to ME, and I liked him...wouldn't I be territorial or something?

I furrowed my brow when something flashed in my mind. "No, it did actually happen," I continued on. "I was in a room, and someone served it on a tray...but then they dropped it..."

"Now you're just being ridiculous Gina. It was funny the first time, no need to go on about it." Lizzy dismissed me, roller her stupid blue eyes once again. She tugged on the strand of hair, twirling it around her finger. I then noticed that her shirt was just a little too low for her today.

"Yeah...sure I am." I mumbled, turning to look at the blank, white wall.

It reminded me of how I felt; blank, blah...and begging for color. Paint or some form or design on it would be good.

I smiled, pulling the sharpie from my pocket. Looking around to make sure there weren't any teachers watching me, I leaned over to the wall, pulling the cap off of it. Then I drew a single, small diamond on it, filling it in with black.

"Gina!" Lizzy whisper-shouted at me. "What are you doing? You could get in trouble!" I shrugged at her.

"The wall needs a little design, even if it's black and white." I explained, continuing to add more to the diamond. "It's not any close to color, but it's better than no color."

Soon enough I had drawn a picture of someone. There was a head, a neck, and broad shoulders. The hair was weird, short on one side and exposing an elf ear, along with a diamond earring hanging off the ear. On the other side, his hangs hung over his eye, concealing that whole side of his face. Only, I had drawn it so the eyes and the diamond underneath it had shown through.

He had a simple nose and a cocky, flamboyant smirk on his lips, making him look confident and egotistical. He didn't show his teeth, but showed how happy he was.

His eyes, however, caused my breathing to hitch. I couldn't believe I had drawn them.

His eyes were so dark and deep, so full of emotion. Anger, hate, excitement, happiness...love... They were all mixed into them. Those black voids captivating my very soul and pulling me in, daring me to tame them.

"Where are his eyebrows?" Tommy asked, leaning over to study it more closely.

Eyebrows? I looked closely, finding that he indeed did not have them. Yet, the man did not need them. I knew this face so well to know that eyebrows did not belong on his face. He looked the same as the last time I saw him, though I could not remember when that was.

"He didn't have eyebrows," I stated, answering Tommy.

"He looks weird," Lizzy commented on my drawing. Her face showed she was displeased as she picked at her food.

"Who is he?" Tommy asked again.

"I can't remember..." While tilting my head to look at the person at a different angle, I got a glimpse of something.

He was standing in a high place, far above me. I stared up at him, everything seemed blurry to me, even his clothes. The only real thing I could see was his face. Yet even that seemed blurry.

He smiled at me, his lips forming words, yet I heard no sound. Then he took his hand and flipped his hair, like a drag queen.

Another pain pulled me from my thoughts. Though this time, the pain wasn't as intense. I could distinctly remember that I had a flashback of some sort. Yet it was still blurry.

"You ok?" Tommy took hold of my shoulder, his voice full of concern.

"She's fine Tommy. I mean, she just drew on the wall!" Lizzy assured him, smiling brightly. I only pulled my hand from my head, the pain already subsiding. I looked up at the drawing, still trying to figure out how I knew him. Absentmindedly, I reached out and touched the wall, trailing my fingers over the outlines of the drawing.

Lizzy suddenly reached out as well, grabbing my wrist, gripping it tightly to the point where it hurt. Again, something flashed before me.

I had reached out to touch something. Something made of stone. But a gloved hand wrapped around mine and pulled it away in such a tight grip, it nearly broke my wrist.

"What do you think you are doing? There's a teacher coming! If she sees you touching the wall, she'll know you drew it!" She seethed at me, before sitting back in her seat, clearly annoyed.

I looked at her a moment, furrowing my brow before getting up from the table. They both looked at me and mentally questioned what I was doing. Before either of them could say anything, I left the table and never looked back.

Why the hell do I feel like this world sucks? Why do I feel like I'd rather be somewhere else? And these weird flashbacks, why do I have them?

What's wrong with me?

The next day was the normal routine. The blah and boring morning it always seemed to be.

I found myself in a sort of slumber. I was awake and there...but I wasn't actually there. I went through the motions, but I did not process it. The only thing I knew was that I was in school and that I needed to seem as though I were listening.

But come time for Language Arts, I woke up. It was like a bitch slap to the face. It's exactly how hard I had woken up.

"We'll be starting a writing assignment today. At the end of the class, we will all share out assignments. Get out a clean sheet of paper, please," The teacher explained, standing at the front of the class. I didn't groan like the rest of the students, yet I got out my paper either way.

"Today we will be writing about the strangest thing that has ever happened to us,"

I froze in my seat, my whole body turning to ice. Yet as my heart sped up I felt as though I was sweating. Why did that sound so familiar? Didn't he say something like this before? Or had us do something like it?

"Hey, you ok?" Anthony, the boy next to me, leaned in closer with concern. I only shook my head, trying to get out of my frozen state.

"I'll be fine,"

I should have stayed stiff the whole time as I stared at the blank sheet before me, a pencil in my solid grip the entire time. Yet I started to think...what should I write about? Nothing strange ever happens to me. Unless you would count those flashbacks.

No...instead of writing about the strangest thing to happen to me, I wrote about the most normal thing to happen to me.

This world was too normal for it's own good. It lacked strange things. It should have strange things.

"Gina," The teacher called, smiling. "Would you like to share your story?" He asked.

My head snapped up from staring at my paper. My tense shoulders seemed to tense even more when his question sunk in. So, I took the paper from my desk with a shaky hand and stumbled to the front of the class. I felt my face heat up as I saw all the stares the students directed at me. They were all stares that belonged to zombies.

I looked down at the paper a moment, then opened my mouth.

Nothing strange has ever happened to me. Because in this world, nothing very strange ever happens. In this world, everything is normal, every thing is either black or white. Everything is boring.

That was all I had written, so I looked up at the class. But I knew there was still more that needed to be said.

But then I imagine a world I can escape to whenever I want. It's a world made up of everything I've ever wanted. It has people I thought I would never meet. Animals I thought I would never see. Situations I never thought I'd find myself in.

In my world, there's a forest. It's peaceful and full of life. Animals and trees and rivers and streams are scattered throughout it. Strangely, the streams taste of apple juice. And the trees practically speak to you if you listen to them. There are giant mushrooms that could be fat or skinny, or taller or shorter than you.

There's a giant volcano in my world as well. It spews lava every now and then. It has sandy slopes running up the volcano, and a lava river at the very bottom of them. Yet speaking of sand, there's a vast desert as well. The air there is to thick and hot; it rivals the heat from inside the volcano. Though the desert has tons of quicksand, which you could easily fall into if you don't watch where you step.

Then, way above your head, past a barrier of clouds that you can't possibly see, there's a floating island with people on it! They fling themselves from the edge of the island, only to be caught by these giant birds they fly around on from time to time. They even have a whole academy up there to train people to become knights! And I suspect there to be floating sharks as well.

But there is so much more to this world than you think. Deep in the forest, there's a hidden temple with an old woman residing inside of it. And on the outside, there is a gigantic pit with a pedestal at the bottom, as though something had been there before. On the way other side of the forest, there's another hidden temple full of monsters and spiders!

Not to mention the temple carved on the inside of the giant volcano. Even in the desert, there is a temple underground. Though I have not been inside of it, I have been to other parts of the desert. There use to be some weird gate residing there, but it was blown up. And overhead, there's a giant sculpture of some kind. It looks like a bird with wings spread out, and three triangles arranged to make up the head.

In every part of my world, there are weird kinds of monsters that come in red, green, blue and probably other colors. They patrol the land, trying to stop a hero that's trying to bring peace to the world. These little monsters have their own language, but are under the command of one man.

This man is obsessed with diamonds. He wears them on his clothes. He's also obsessed with taking over the world. However, I keep getting in his way and stopped him. At first he tried to kill me, but I befriended him. Soon enough, I called him my best friend, and I trusted him with my life. We tease each other all the time. He always calls me 'Foolish Girl." And I always call him a 'Big Baby', because he acts like one.

And even though we get into a lot of arguments, and we have the need to punch other another; we're still friends. We somehow always pull out in the end and we're just there for each other. He's...he's so special to me. And I don't know what I'd do with...out...him...

I froze, looking out over the amazed and intense stares from the other students and the teacher. They looked as though they had just seen an epic movie. And I had the pleasure of being in that movie. Yet I just stood there, my head pounding, looking out at them. I'm sure my face was rather pale. I felt sick all over again. But that didn't matter because I was pushing through my thoughts, ignoring the intense pain building up inside me.

Every detail and fact that I remembered, my head reached a whole new level of pain. It was like the pain was warning me not to go any father, but I needed to. I needed to remember what it was that I was forgetting.

My thoughts landed on a single name. And the pain stopped.

My questions were answered, and I remembered everything just with the name.

It rolled off my tongue, sounding both weird yet familiar. So familiar...


Before the teacher or any of the students could stop me, I sprinted out of that classroom. I ignored all of them as I ran down the hall, hearing my name being called out. I didn't give a second glance to the person sitting in the office as they watched me slam open the school entrance.

I dashed out of the school and into the snow that slowly fell to the ground. I felt my heart pounding against my chest as I continued to run all the way into the forest area, running as fast as my feet could carry me. I jumped in and out of the snow, even fell a few times before I finally reached those two trees.

I just left that school. I didn't care if I got into trouble. I was going to my world right now, even if God didn't want me to. So I clamped my eyes shut and crossed between the two trees, turning left. I could practically feel the summer breeze on my skin, knowing what I was going to see.

But when I opened my eyes, I was still in a snow covered forest.

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