Welcome to Our World

Chap 27: The Horror

They stuck me back in school, which wasn't the greatest thing to happen to me. The other kids looked at me whenever I walked down the hall, pointing and saying, 'That's the crazy chick', or "She's the one who had a mental break down'.

The teachers were extra cautious around me, one even followed me around all the time. They pulled me from Spanish class so that I'd be in Special Education study hall with the special education teachers. I felt...kind of humiliated. But at the same time I didn't care.

All I wanted was to get back to Ghirahim.

And my sessions with my doctor continued. Since the first session, where he determined that I had an overactive imagination with an imaginary friend, he had me tell him my story of Ghirahim from the very beginning. This I didn't mind, because deep down I hoped that he would realize my story was real.

Every time I spoke of Ghirahim, about my world, about my adventure, my whole body and my emotions were put into the story. While doing so, I realized that this was the only time when I was pulled out of this black and white picture and could actually live a bit. When I told him about my world, I felt alive and as close as I could get to Ghirahim at the moment.

Though, when I told the doctor my teacher was allowing me to write this whole story down as extra credit, he spoke up. "What do you mean?"

"My Language Arts teacher is letting me write a story for extra credit. I conveniently used my world and my adventure with Ghirahim as the story. I mean, I changed a few things, but I had to write this all down before!" I paused, frowning. "I tried to find my notebook I took along with me into my world, but it's nowhere to be found."

The doctor wrote something down on his clipboard for a moment, and then looked back up at me. "Gina, are you sure your teacher is allowing you to do this? If I were to ask him, would he say yes?"

I stopped to think for a moment. It was then that I knew something was...just inevitably wrong. I distinctly remembered all the times I wrote in that journal. Ghirahim even asked me what the journal was, and then he read through it. Of course this assignment had to be real—or at least in my mind it was, if I was really crazy.

"...I don't know. This whole thing is just messed up. It's like when I got back to this world...everything had been..." I trailed off, before my face lit up as though God himself had shed light onto the situation. I realized something very important.

"As though everything had been what?" The doctor pressed.

"It's like..." I couldn't begin to explain it, because even I did not understand it myself. Yet I knew that something in this world was truly not the way it should have been.

"For the life of me, I can't seem to figure out how I got back to this world. Come to think of it; I don't remember anything past leaving Skyloft..."


"When I got back to this world, everything was re-created. Like someone set everything back to a time before I met Daniel and he created my world. Like, this is some kind of parallel universe! Or...I went back in time travel and never met Daniel!" I stood up from the couch, my heart racing. I started to pace, nervously. "The possibilities are endless, and I don't know how, or why, but I'm in a place where I shouldn't be right now. Ghirahim is real, my world is real! I'm just stuck here." I gasped. "And I need to find a way out!"

"Gina, why don't you take a seat?" The doctor suggested.

"NO! No, no no. I'm fine, really. I'm just...ecstatic! I mean, what if this world isn't even real? Like I'm trapped in some—!"

"Alright! Gina, that is enough!" I looked over to him, my eyes wide. I was surprised that he had yelled at me. He was usually very calm. "I don't mean to get angry with you, I'm sorry, but this is going a bit too far. Gina, you need to realize that this world is the real world and the other world isn't. You need to realize that I am real and Ghirahim isn't. It is completely fine and understandable that you wanted to believe him to be real, and the world to be real. Little children do it all the time. However, they aren't going to extremes where they're running out of their classes trying to find some passage into their world."

I stared at him for a while, before sitting myself down on the couch. My suddenly good mood from trying to figure out what happened quickly turned into a sour and depressed mood as the doctor's words sunk in.

He didn't believe me. My mom didn't believe. No one would believe me.

No one but me.

I tilted my head down, letting my hair cascade past my shoulders, covering my face for a moment. When I looked back up, I still had a sorrowful expression, but it didn't show the true sadness on the inside. Yet then, out of my sadness and despair, the idea popped right into my head.

"I...I erm...I realized something..."


"You're right." I agreed with him in a small voice. "Children don't do such things...so a young woman like me shouldn't either...and I suppose..."

"Yes?" He pressed him, his eyebrows rising on his forehead.

I gave a small smile, though it didn't touch my eyes. "Well, I think my whole adventure, and my world, would make a great story for me to write."

He was silent for a moment, as things ran though his mind. I wondered if he was determining if I was lying or not. When he tilted his head and tapped his pen against his clipboard, I knew something was up. Before I could figure it out, he stood and returned with a few stacks of notebook paper.

"I want you to write your entire story. I want you to write everything you told me earlier. I want you to start from the very beginning, with how you stated that you wished your life was like a book, because books could suck you into a whole new world."

I gave another smile, this one a bit more real from my satisfaction of where this was heading, and took the paper and pencil and started to write.

"So that's it?" My mother questioned, as I sat on the couch, still writing. "No more imaginary friend with a whole different world?"

The doctor smiled. "Ma'am, your daughter does have an overactive imagination." He assured her. "She just didn't quite know how to channel it."

"What do you mean?"

"What I mean is that Gina's mind is full of ideas of fantasy from books and stories. Her mind compiled all these to make her own story. However, she didn't know how to get it out of her mind, and she channeled it by pretending her world was real." He sighed a bit peacefully. "I believe that she's finally found something that lets her imagination run loose. Without causing trouble, of course." The doctor smiled, turning to face me. I was still pretending that I was writing my story, while silently listening to them.

"She just needed some space for her imagination to run free? She just didn't get it through her head that she needed to write these things rather than act them out?" My mother was skeptical.

"The human mind is a strange thing. Maybe something just didn't click before. Or it could be that she was tired, and all the stress got to her. The possibilities are many. But what I can say for now is that your daughter is normal."

My mother smiled and sighed with relief. "Thank you! Thank you so much for your help!" She took his hand, shaking it.

I smiled, happy that my mother was done worrying about me. But on the inside, I was still frowning.

They thought I had an overactive imagination. I just needed to channel it. Yeah, that's what they thought...but that's exactly what I wanted them to think. I only wanted them off my back, so I could figure things out.

Something definitely wasn't right in this world.

I was going to find out what it was, even if it killed me.

"You could very well send this in to get it published. I find this a very interesting story...it's something like Twilight," The doctor smirked at me, looking up from the paper her was reading. It was a part of the story I had written out. Yet I rolled my eyes, smiling at his stupid pun.

I bent back over the paper, continuously writing. Every since that one session, where he had me 'channeling my imagination through pen and paper' I came back every Monday so that he could read what I had written. And what surprised me was that he liked the story.

It was similar to my writing assignment for my Language Arts class. The class in the REAL world.

That the conclusion that I've come to; that this world, the one I am in now, is not real. I have yet to figure out how it's not the real world, but I'm getting close. And writing my story out is really helping me. Every night I re-read what I wrote that day. Then I'd add things. On Mondays I'd take my story and let the doctor read it. This wasn't really a session anymore, though technically he had to assess my mental stability. Yet...with him, my favorite part was that I didn't hold back.

I always had to change a few parts, because it was inappropriate. Now, I let everything run wild. Big boobs, suffocating Ghirahim, swears, awkward positions, kisses...they were all there. And the doctor didn't mind.

I smiled, writing the closing paragraph to my latest chapter.

I only chuckled, turning around to hug tight to Link, so I wouldn't fall off.

It was nice to meet new people and get a break from the Surface world. Yet, now it was time to go back to the real world. The real world I had originally come from.

All I wanted was a break...

And that was the end of the chapter. I numbered the page, setting it in the correct place. I got a fresh sheet of paper and my pen was ready. However, when I moved my hand to scrawl across the top line...my mind came up blank with what to write.

"Wait...what happened?" I thought to myself, furrowing my brow. "I waved goodbye to everyone and got onto Link's Loftwing...and then...then nothing! There was nothing!"

I leaned back on the couch and sighed, running my hand through my hair. This was too strange...while I was writing the story; everything came so easily and quickly. Then when I get to this part; nothing!

"Think Gina, think...why were you and Link on the Loftwing?"

That's easy; because I needed to get back to the other world!

"Then write about the landing."

The landing...?

The landing! That's right! We had to free fall to the earth, and Link's sailcloth was the only thing keeping us from dying.

I quickly bent over the paper and wrote as fast as I could. When I got that part done, I once again found myself stopping.

What happened next?

"Well, didn't you still need to get back to the other world? To have a break?"

Yeah, and Link tried to follow me. I convinced him I didn't need help, so we parted ways and I walked back to my trees.

"And then what?"

My mind drew up another blank. I narrowed my eyes as I stared at the paper in front of me.

"I had to walk back...did I just walk through the trees and end up in the wrong world? And got sick without remembering it?"

I shook my head, sighing. Something just wasn't adding up. It doesn't make sense that I just walked through. It felt more like someone deliberately messed up this world. And they took my memories of Ghirahim. Then, that would explain as to why I forgot...because I wouldn't just forget something amazing and wonderful as Ghirahim and my world. It just wasn't possible.

So all evidence pointed towards someone doing this on purpose. Why wouldn't someone want me to remember Ghirahim and my world? It would have to be someone crazy and evil. To deprive me of Ghirahim and my world; it's pure torture. I'm stuck in a world where all I had known for what seemed like months now was no longer real. And everyone thinks I'm crazy.

I groaned when the headache started up again. I clutched my hair as something flashed before my eyes.

A clearing in the forest...too quiet...trees burnt, but not really burnt. Dead. Withering away. Dead. Black.

"Wha—what the—!?" I stood up, my mind suddenly a little bit clearer. My eyes were wide as I realized what had happened in my world.

"I was walking back to my trees and came across that clearing! And I knew something was wrong, but I continued on. But when I DID reach my trees, there was...there was..."

"There was what?" A deep and masculine voice echoed through the room. I gulped, looking up. I froze in horror and shock. My mouth trembled as I opened it and let the name roll out.


There he stood, bare chest with tattered shorts. His hair was longer, and there were flames emanating from it, creating a hellish look to him. He smirked, crossing his arms.

"You so sure about that?"

When I blinked, he was gone. In his place stood the doctor, who stared rather oddly at me. "Gina? Is everything alright?"

I stood there for a moment, completely in shock. Slowly, it just turned to horror. Everything made sense now.

Demise had done this. He had to. My world was real! But so was Demise.

...Or was I just imagining things? Did I really make this up? Was I really crazy!?

What I did next was super crazy, and I don't encourage you to ever do it, because it could have ended my life...but I didn't think twice before I took hold of the pen on the table and plunged it right into the side of my head.

There was a searing pain. And then every thing turned to white...

...Before it turned to pitch black.

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