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Chap 28: Death in Darkness

Darkness. Darkness all around. It's like floating in the ocean, but so far deep in the depths that the light can't reach you. There is no sound. There is no smell. There isn't anything. Your body is just numb. Yet all you can comprehend is your existence at the bottom of this dark, deep, vast ocean. Pounds and pounds of endless water is pushing you down like a heavy blanket.

Seconds, minutes, hours, days, months, years, decades, millenniums pass. A person should go crazy with nothing to do in that darkness. That's due to the long amount of time that is left for you to think. The only thoughts bouncing around in my head was the memory of a man that I knew I loved and a world that used to be mine.

Yet so much time passed that the memories eventually faded to black as well. They melted and drifted away to the point where the memories were just a small feeling. That too eventually faded into the blackness all around me. Melded into a somber thing that no one could see or hear or touch.

What had happened to the girl that, despite not being able to imagine anything, could create things out of thin air and bring life to the world?

She died.

She died in that horrible, terrible darkness. She turned into something that no one would ever recognize if they were to ever see her again.

It would be like that forever.

And ever.

And ever.

And ever.

And ever.

And ever.

A constant silence.

A constant fear.

A constant sadness.

A constant loneliness.

A constant lost hope from a girl who once had everything.

Yet somehow, through it all, she would remember the ghost of a cheeky smile. The feel of the soft feathers upon her lips, as a corner kiss was pressed. The gentle caress of a hand through her hair. The safe grip of arms around her. A warm, pleasant feeling filling the inside.

To have it all back would be a miracle.


It's a funny thing, how fate seems to toy with me. Oh, but how glad I was that it did.

A voice; one I recognized, pulled me back.

It pulled me right from the depths of the ocean on some sort of invisible thread and right into the waiting arms of the memories I had long forgotten.

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