Welcome to Our World

Chap 2: Meeting the Diamond Lord

Just imagine a forest with tons of trees that offered shade from the sun's glorious rays. There are little birds chirping, hidden somewhere within the trees. And of course, there is a soft breeze rushing through the area.

And all I could do was stare out into the beauty of a world I could call; Mine.

I took a step forward, my shoes walking across the dirt, pebbles, fallen leaves and sticks.

A soft yet warm breeze blew through my red-brown locks, slightly tangling them. A ray of sunshine slipped past the leaves guarding the shade and made it's way to my face, kissing my cheek. It left behind a faint feeling of warmth.

I hadn't realized I'd missed summer so much. Back in my world, it was winter. Cold and wet and...just gross.

I was pulled away from the grandness of my world and my thoughts when someone reached out and placed a firm hand on my shoulder. I turned around to meet Daniel's tan face.

"Welcome to your world, Gina." He smirked. "I hope you'll find it to your liking..." I looked away from him for a moment, smiling as bright as the sun while I looked out into the forest.

"When you're in the real world, you can get back here anytime. Just go through the two trees and turn left, like I showed you before." He explained.

"And when I want to go back to the real world?" I asked.

"Do the same thing with the two trees in this world."

I turned around to stare at the two trees Daniel and I had used to enter this world. "How will I know where to find them? I mean, what if I get lost in this world?" I asked.

Daniel gave a cheeky smile at me. "You're a god, are you not? You can do anything. That includes finding your way back."

I rolled my eyes and turned away from the two trees.

In all honestly, when Daniel took me from my house and walked with me to the two trees in the real world, I was surprised. I mean...trees? Really? It's...original, I'll admit, but totally not something I would expect.

"So, this is all real?" I asked again, unsure. It just that it was funny and strange that I was lucky enough to get my own world. What did I do to deserve this? And even more so, why did I feel like this world was a dream?

I didn't want it to be a dream! That's one thing I know for sure.

Daniel nodded at me. "It's real. And I can tell you love it here already...summer's always a good time of the year."

I whipped around to face Daniel. "How do you read my mind like that!? I think of it...then you respond to it!"

He chucked for a moment. "I can't read your mind; I can feel your wants...your dreams...your wishes."

It made sense..."That's why you're called the Angel of Dreams and Wishes." I concluded. He nodded once before he stretched his arms above his head.

"Well, I'm going to leave you to your adventure. Just be careful, alright? There are...people and things here. I mean, no world exists without it's opposites." He murmured.

My mind came to a screeching halt and I narrowed my eyes at him dangerously. "What do you mean by opposites?"

Daniel was truly the kind of man who would speak in riddles...and I hated riddles.

At first he smiled nervously, as though he had just been caught red handed. But after his smile faded, he looked hesitant. It was as though he didn't want to give too much away once again. "Things are always in balance. There's no such thing as a peaceful world, only a world in balance."

I turned my head but kept my eyes locked on him. "Care to elaborate on that?" I inquired.

He sighed before continuing. "With good there comes evil, Gina. This world can be good but it's also evil. It's the same with all worlds in this universe."

His answer still left me with questions...but something stuck out at me like a sore thumb, even if I had to do a bit of thinking to figure it out. "Are you just saying all these words to cover up the truth of me possibly being killed or hurt here?"

Daniel responded with giving me a very nervous smile. My eyes went wide with worry.

"I don't even have anything to protect myself with!" I shouted at him. In turn, Daniel crossed his arms and rolled his eyes.

"You wanted to be a god of this world; you are. Imagine up a weapon to protect yourself with." He explained.

I groaned. "Why do I have a feeling you're like a genie? You grant wishes but I need to be very careful and specific about them."

He chuckled. "I suppose I'm sort of like that...but you must have known deep down inside you that wishing for a world does't mean it's a perfect world. It's practically the same world you came from—though just a bit different."

I threw my hands up in the air in frustration."That still doesn't make sense!"

"Well, while you think of the meaning behind that, I'm going go. I'll check in on you later!"

Then Daniel just...disappeared. It was as though he faded away into...nothing.

I stood there for a moment, replaying what I just saw over and over again inside my head. Then I opened my mouth. "But...I'm horrible at imagining things." I mumbled to myself. "That's the reason why I'm failing Language Arts."

Suddenly, my lungs started to burn and my throat got itchy. I quickly brought the collar of my shirt up to my mouth and violently coughed into it.

Stupid cold! If I had had a chainsaw I'd hack my throat out!

After the coughs started to die down a bit, I peered about the forest, looking for a stream or a water source. Hopefully that would help me.

I had walked a little ways away from the trees before I found a small stream. The moment it appeared in my vision, I ran up to it and bent down until I was on my knees. I cupped my hands together and soaked them in the icy cold water that bit at my hands.

I lifted both my hands and the water to my mouth and drank; the water spilled a bit onto my shirt but quenched my thirst and soothed my soar throat.

That's when I realized what I was tasting. "OH MY GOSH!" I dunked my hands back into the water and brought them to my face to drink more before laughing at myself as the water spilled all over my shirt. "It tastes like apple juice!" I shouted into the forest, raising my head high.

That's when something caught my eyes off in the distance. I tilted my head just a bit, wondering what it was. I got up off my knees and jumped over the tiny stream. I headed strait towards it. It being a pure white light between the trees. You didn't see the sky or anything past it...just white light. And the closer I got, the brighter the forest became...and the more I wanted to find out what exactly the white light was.

When I finally made it to the trees and passed the barrier of light, I blinked, blinded from how bright it was. It was just white for a moment before my eyes adjusted and I could make out the sky. Even then my eyes adjusted more and suddenly the colors were right.

And when I looked down I found myself standing in front of a gigantic, very wide and very deep crater. Or maybe it wasn't the usual crater you'd see a when an asteroid falls from space and lands on earth, leaving a circular crater.

No, this must have been man made! There was a sort of path that led to the lowest point of the crater, spiraling all around the interior of it. It was sort of like a spiral staircase—but without the steps. And it was like there was meant to be a path—so that someone could get to the bottom.

I looked away from the man made crater for a moment and finally noticed the decaying stone temple covered in greenery. I smiled lightly, feeling as though I were seeing something out a text book I read in Social Studies class.

The wind suddenly grew stronger, only it came from behind me—from deep within the forest and through the opening between the trees. It blew the hair that was resting on my shoulders into my face, which tangled the locks more so.

I stared down into the crater—pit—man made thing or whatever you want to call it—once more. I then noticed that at the very bottom of the pit there was an object surrounded by a beautiful black design. Or maybe...a pedestal? And off to the side of it there was the ledge that led all the way to the top of the pit.

I gulped and had to look away, getting a little nauseous from looking down at such an high altitude. Let's just say that I didn't do very well with heights...they just weren't my thing. But when I looked away to stop the nausea from overcoming me, my gut started to tell me something; that I should run away. I don't quite know why it was telling me this...I mean, I actually wanted to walk to the bottom to find out why that pedestal was there. So why would my gut be telling me to do otherwise?

After all, this was my world. What's the worst that could happen? There weren't any people around anyway! So against my better judgment, I started to walk around the crater and towards the temple. In front of the temple there was the path that led down to the pedestal at the way bottom. When I was in front of the temple and it loomed over me, I noticed the two wooden doors. I quickly decided that once I was done satisfying my curiosity about the pedestal, I'd walk right back up and explore the temple.

Once I started my short journey down the path spiraling around the pit, I realized that the sun was high in the sky. This indicated that it was sometime around noon—though it wasn't very hot. It was the kind of summer hot where you can wear a T-shirt and jeans and not get sweaty.

A little farther down as I made my way towards the pedestal, I stopped when a gust of wind picked up and blew my hair into my face once more. I attempted to stop it's craziness by folding it behind my ears. Quickly, I decided to look over the edge of the path to see how much father I had to go.

"Damn, what were these people digging for? China?" I murmured.

Another gust of wind ripped my hair from behind my ear and it flew out before me. I gasped when something poked my back.

And I fell forwards.

Towards the bottom of the pit.

It was really slow, actually. It took a minute for the horror to take a grip on my chest. I closed my eyes and hoped that this was all a dream—even when earlier I didn't want it to be.

And I found myself on the ground at the way bottom of the pit.

The sun was high and the clouds seemed to be laughing at me as I blinked, staring up at the sky. I was sprawled out on the grass, severely dizzy and very confused. And strangely...I felt light. Like gravity didn't matter.

"Whoa..." I drawled out, feeling a bit stupid. "What just happened?" I turned my head to look about and found that I was lying next to the pedestal.

"How did I get down here?!" I shot off the ground, sitting up properly. Though I regret my action because my head started to throb painfully. As I took hold of my head—thinking that holding it would make the pain go away—I looked up to the ledge I had been standing on not seconds before.

That was really high up from where I was sitting now. And I realized...I should be dead. A fall like that would have killed me. Only...I was very much alive right now.

"This is impossible..." I murmured while standing up. "I know this is my world—and I'll admit that I'm a strange girl—but that is just plain weird." I concluded.

Let me just state something right now. When I wished for my own world and to be the God of that world...I was expecting my world to sort of by like me. And like I said before; I'm slightly under being an average, everyday girl. And my way of thinking could be thought of as unnatural. But what just happened now...that's more unnatural than me.

When my eyes landed on the pedestal once more, I decided to brush the incident off for now and come back to it when Daniel showed up—whenever that may be. And right now—I was heading towards the pure white pedestal. At a closer look, I found that it was made out of stone and had many small and fine details to it. Little swirls and solid shapes danced before my eyes as I examined the thing.

I felt the need to touch it—something that was a curse to me and my mother. She could never take me to a museum because I would always touch everything. Either way, I reached my hand out to feel the cool stone, wondering it it was going to be as smooth as it looked.

However, it was intercepted by someone else's hand.

The other hand was clothed in a white glove. For a moment the word Angel crossed my mind. And when I say Angel I meant the real Angel, since the glove was white. However, the hand that took hold of mine started to get tighter and tighter with it's grip; so tight to the point that it hurt.

I was about to yell and yank my hand away but whoever the hand belonged to covered my mouth with the other hand while twisting my arm so far behind my back that it caused me more pain—and immobilized me. I tried to scream but the sound was captured with the white glove covering my mouth.

I didn't think something evil would show up so soon in this world!

"Behold, all my hard work to find you and you get trapped this easily? Well, it does spare me the time searchingfor you all over again." A deep voice sounded next to my ear, which was followed by a deep chuckle. "Oh, this just makes me was to frolic in a nearby meadow!"


Was this super evil and super strong dude secretly a little girl from the Disney movies? Nonetheless, I attempted to get free, scratching at the hand over my mouth with my free arm, all the while giving muffled screams and squirming about.

"Oh come now, girl, you don't have to claw at me!" With the last word that left his lips, he flung me to the ground. I landed hard on my ass. It momentarily had knocked the breath out of me. But when I regained control over my breathing I looked up at him and my eyes almost bulged out of their sockets. Then I covered my mouth and tried my best not to...laugh. Though, my body started to wrack with silent giggles.

The man scowled at me. "What's so funny, girl?" He inquired, tilting his head in a daunting manner.

My chest started to heave up and down in quick motions. "You—you—you look like a dork!" I finally broke out laughing. Though while I was laughing, his scowl got deeper and deeper while he glared at me.

He had on the weirdest outfit I had ever seen anyone wear! It was a white full body jumpsuit that hugged tight to his skin. It had diamonds cut into the suit, starting from his ankles, running over his shins and knees and up to his thighs. It exposed discolored pale skin—which was a chalky pale or almost a darker grey.

Wrapped around his waist was a golden sash with a huge red diamond on the side. His torso was also white, since it was a fully bodysuit—but without the arms. On his left upper arm he had a golden bracelet...which had diamonds engraved on there too. And of course there were his gloves...with diamonds cut in those.

Over his full bodysuit there was a strangely made red cape. The inside of the cape had more diamonds on it, but they were yellow. This included the weird...head thing that surrounded his head as an oddly shaped bowl. But the rest of the cape that hung from his shoulders were cut into three slits, which hung like triangles. Though that was on the back, on the front there was just one giant one. Holding the cape together was a chain...the individual links in the shapes of diamonds.

Now moving onto his face, it was as pale as his body—which made me think for a second that he was an albino, had some weird disease, or just a bad skin discoloration. He had no eyebrows, which made him look like a creep. His lips were white—which I suspected was lipstick. Under his eye he had purple eye shadow and his hair was cut in a weird way; sharply cut Emo hair style. But instead of a black color, it was a pure white, like his suit.

"Are you done with your obnoxious laughter, girl?" He foulded his arms across his chest. I breathed in a bit, still shaking with giggles. My gut still ached from the laughing.

"Yeah, sorry! I just...you're wearing some really weird clothes, dude." I chuckled again, a giant smile plastered on my face. "I can't take you seriously when you're dressed like that. It's too funny!"

He looked appalled at this. "Funny? Weird? Girl, I think you mean...Beautiful! Stylish! Fabulous!" He used his arms as emphasis, thrusting them out before him at each adjective he used.

I stopped laughing but still smirked in amusement. "You? Fabulous? I'm sorry...you look like a cross dresser who's obsessed with diamonds. I think it's a little...pathetic and ugly." I scuffed, biting my lip to stop from laughing again.

Don't get me wrong, I have nothing against cross dressers, gays or transvestites. It's just that I wouldn't expect someone like this guy to show up in my world. I mean, come on! I'm strange...but not THAT strange!

His face contorted with anger at my words and he disappeared in a cloud of...Diamonds.

"Wha—what the?!" I looked around me, but he was gone.

"You think this is pathetic?" His enraged and deep voice shouted out to me. I looked up and saw him standing upon a ledge high in the air. Not only was he standing there, he had his hand up as though he were going to snap his fingers.

"How did you get all the way up there?" Though, I already knew the answer; in some twisted coincidence Daniel must have allowed the other people in this world to have godly powers as well.

He never answered my question, he instead snapped his fingers. I waited but when nothing happened I started to grin. "I don't think your—!"

The ground beneath my feet shook and the sky turned to a dark grey. The air nipped at my skin, making goosebumps raise on my bare arms. The warm, clear summer day suddenly turned into a numbing, raging storm. And it all happened with just a snap of the fingers.

Whoever this guy was—he was powerful.

The ground gave one more dangerous shake that threw me on my ass. After the tremors stopped, it was silent for a moment—and I expected that everything was done. When I opened my mouth to say something, however, a gigantic crack appeared, splitting the earth in half. It reached across the ground until it stopped at where I sat.

My eyes stayed glued to the crack, wondering what was going to happen next. Was this guy evil enough to trap me underground, suffocating me?!

When I heard a distinct flapping noise, I peered over and into the crack. My view was met with thousands and thousands of swarming bats, sporting huge fangs and long wings.

A scream tore from my throat as I half crawled, half stumbled away from the crack until I was finally on my feet once more. I sprinted as far away from the crack in the earth as fast I could. However, when the laughter of the man above me struck the air—along with a snap of the fingers—I ran face first straight into a solid yet slightly see-through wall made up of...Diamonds.

An explosion of pain spread across my face as I dragged it across the wall—sliding to the ground. For a moment the pain was so intense that I believed to have a bloody nose. Fortunately, when I placed my hand on my nose and drew back to peer at it, there was no blood.

But as I laid there—half propped up on the diamond wall—a loud and great flapping surrounded me. Giant bats lunged at me with the intent to harm and in an attempt to protect myself, I swatted my hands every which way I could. All the while I was screaming in terror.

I felt just a little bit like Batman...being surrounded and terrified of these rabies infested rodents.

The mans deep laughter filled the air, along with the many squeaks and flapping noise from the bats. In just a split second, rage bubbled deep inside of me. My shoulders tensed as though I was ready to fight. My body went rigid as I started to shake with anger.

How dare he laugh at my peril!? How dare he send these stupid bats to torture me?! I'll show him!

I clenched my eyes tightly and readied my lungs. "STOP!" I screeched at the top of my lungs.

All around me I heard many individual small explosions fill the air. The smell of something dying met my nose. When I opened my eyes I found that the thousands of bats attacking me had fallen to the ground and were turning a deep purple or black and then exploding.

I sighed in relief and relaxed my shoulders, still laying on the ground. I soon realized that the laughter had stopped and there was just silence. And of course, my body went rigid once more when the man appeared in front of me in a cloud of diamonds, making me yelp. He loomed over my figure on the ground and he smiled in a menacing way at me. I'm sure he felt superior to me as he crossed his arms and tilted his head in amusement.

Anger bubbled within me once more and I stood up. I marched right up to him, broadening my shoulders and puffing my rather big chest at him. "Do you have any sense of humanity!? I could have been killed by those things!" I screamed at him.

Despite my strong and ear piercing scream, he continued to smirk.

"Foolish girl, I'm not human." He tilted his head up just a bit. The white hair hanging on the left side of his face moved and I caught a glimpse of a black diamond tattooed beneath his eye. I shook my head and huffed, rolling my eyes.

"Oh, you don't need to explain that to me! I just figured that out!"

His eyes narrowed just the slightest before he took hold of my arm with a tight grasp. He snarled at me, "Pay attention, girl!" Everything blurred for a moment, all just a mix of colors before my eyes. I got the distinct feeling of motion sickness...and before I knew it, I was standing at the top of a very large, very tall tree.

My heart surged about in my chest, practically hitting my rib cage. My throat tightened up and a scream tore from my vocal cords, echoing off into the forest. The scream was so forceful and full of air that I got lightheaded and stumbled back. However, I backed right up into a strong, hard chest. I turned my head and caught a glimpse of the man. An amused smile was plastered upon his face.

I didn't think twice before I latched onto him for dear life, afraid that I would fall. I despised heights! I just couldn't handle them!

And I tried to ignore the fact that this man's body was very strong and...nicely shaped. Though my mind was pulled back to this world when the man thrust his arms wide and out into the air. I screamed and held onto him tighter before his voice boomed over the forest.

"I am Demon Lord Ghirahim, and this," He nodded his head, indicating to the forest. "Is the Surface World!"

"Are you crazy!? LET US DOWN!" I clung on tighter and tighter to him with each word, deathly afraid that this 'Ghirahim' guy—what a weird name, right?—would let me fall to my death.

His chest convulsed as he giggled.

Motion sickness enveloped me once more before I found myself at the base of the tree rather than the top. I was about to pull away from him and kiss the sweet green ground, but he held onto me. My skin burned just a bit from his harsh touch.

However, he did the most disgusting thing to me that I could ever imagine him doing; he stuck his tongue out and licked my face!

I stood there for a moment, frozen in both horror and disgust. I couldn't comprehend what he just did...and when it finally sank in I gave a cry of repugnance before I swung around and slapped him across the face. I pushed away from him and instantly grabbed my cheek, vigorously rubbing the saliva he trailed across it with the back of my hand.

"Ugh! What the hell is wrong with you!?" I shouted, still rubbing at the saliva.

He licked his lips while he held the cheek I had slapped him on. "You taste of something very sweet and sticky. It's like sugar, only melted..." My eye twitched as he said this. No one had ever told me what I tasted like. It honestly sounded like something a sexual predator would say. And after looking at this guy...I could tell he was seriously sick in the head.

"When Daniel said this world also had evil in it, I was thinking of people who dress in black and pillage villages. But then you came along and lick my face!" I pointed a finger at him in disgust, scrunching my face up as well.

He only sneered and came closer to me, running his hand up his face and through his hair.

"I would have expected the Holy Goddess to be much less fickle than you...and much more beautiful and smart." He held his chin high in the air with arrogance. "Though, I suppose I'll have to deal with you either way." He sighed and turned around, making his hair fly about.

I was silent for a moment as the words 'Holy Goddess' processed through my head. So of course I didn't keep my big mouth shut when I realized he had me mistaken as someone else. I mean, there's no way that he would know about my wish with Daniel and I did nothing to make it seem like I was a 'Holy Goddess'.

"Holy Goddess? Uh, I can't decide if your crazy or just very dumb." I stated, rolling my eyes and crossing my arms. "But you see, I'm not a Holy Goddess." I explained slowly, thinking that if I talked slow he would understand it better.

He turned so suddenly that I took a step away from him in surprise. The deep scowl on his face made me want to take yet another step away, only this time in fear.

"Not a Holy Goddess?" He stared at me before his face broke out in a smile. "Girl, it is you who are crazy. Surely, you must be the Holy Goddess, Hylia, reborn?" He came closer to me, looking me up and down. "Besides, you saved yourself from that high fall and you killed those Keese!" He circled me, still looking up and down at my form. "Of course you're the Holy Goddess Hylia! You have powers like hers! There's no other explination." He claimed, stopping before me.

I was confused as to what he had meant about me having powers. And I didn't believe him when he said I used 'powers' to save myself from the fall—or to save me from the bat things or whatever he just called them.

The thought had never crossed my mind while I was in danger to save myself by using 'powers'. Therefore, there's just no way I used them! I would have known if I did!

"Uh, sorry, but no. I am NOT this Highla...Hela...whatever 'Holy Goddess' that you're talking about! I didn't even know that Goddess existed. And I do NOT have powers! I may have survived that fall but that doesn't mean that I used some weird magic to save myself. You're just crazy." I insisted, turning away from him.

My hand flew to the necklace around my neck in thought for a moment. Technically, I DID wish to be the God of this world. So, I should have powers...but it just didn't make any sense. I mean, I would have known if I used them, right? A God would know if she used her powers or not, right?

That's when Ghirahim lunged forward and took hold of my throat with his white gloved hand. He squeezed my delecate wind pipe—quite hard I should add!

"WHA—?!" I tried to pry his hand off of me, but he continued to crush my wind pipe with the brute strength he had.

"Not the Goddess Hylia, huh? Then who are you, girl? Why are you here?" He shook his hand just a bit. "How did you manage to fall from that ledge but not die? How did you kill all those Keese?" With each question he asked, his grip got tighter and his voice got dangerously lower.

"Let...go of...me—and I might...have enough...air—left to talk!" I managed to choke out. His eyes narrowed and he looked me up and down once more before he finally let me go. I dropped to the ground, coughing and taking in as much air as my lungs would allow.

When I had enough air I looked up at him, still breathing heavily. "I wonder if you're a sick freak who enjoys tormenting girls." I gasped, still holding my throat. He glared down at me, his black eyes like endless voids of hate.

"Enough of your foolishness, girl. Tell me where you come from! Tell me everything!" He shouted once again and pulled me onto my feet by my upper arm with a harsh tug. I'm pretty sure that by the time I got home today, I'd have bruises all over my body.

"I don't know how I survived that fall or how I killed those bats! I don't even think it was me!" I defended right away, holding my hands up.

"What else? Where do you come from? The Sky?" He suggested in a harsh tone.

I tilted my head, wondering if he was being sarcastic about the Sky. Nonetheless, I shook my head to his suggestion. "No...I..." For a moment I was hesitant. "I can't remember where I come from." I lied.

I didn't tell him the truth because—let's be real here. If I told you my whole story about Daniel granting me a wish, would you really believe me? No, you'd write me off as crazy. And I have a nagging feeling that Ghirahim would do more than just 'write me off as crazy'.

His eyes got dangerously dark as he took hold of my wrist and twisted it around until I had to pivot my body. Now he had my hand behind my back in an uncomfortable position. "I don't believe one word you're saying." He pushed up against my arm which sent a shock of pain shooting up my arm and to my back. I cried out in pain. "Now tell me the truth, girl, before I decide to break your little arm."

"Ow! Ow! I am telling you the truth!" I lied once again, clenching my eyes from the pain. "The only thing I can remember is that I'm not...from around here!" I shouted out in pain once more when he bent my arm farther forward. I started to feel my elbow crack just a bit.

"And where exactly do you think your from?" He murmured next to my ear. I felt his breath brush the side of my face and felt the goosebumps rise on my skin. Suddenly I didn't feel...right.

I desperately tried to think of something—anything that could help me out of this situation. Didn't Daniel tell me to imagine up a weapon or something?

With no other options left, I held my breath and tried my hardest to think of a weapon. First it was a sword, then it was a bomb...I could only picture the sword blowing up.

Ghirahim twisted my wrist and my arm, pressing forward again. I screamed out in pure pain, feeling the elbow crack even more. "I'm getting impatient, girl!" He seethed.

I gasped, my chest heaving up and down. That's when I suddenly remembered some movie I watched about self defense.

"Do you really want to know?" I whispered in such a soft voice, you could barely hear it. He leaned in closer, replying with "What are you mumbling about, girl?"

Screw imagining things up; I'm taking the bad ass way out!

I smacked the back of my head into his chin, thrusting his head backwards. I have to admit that momentarily my head stung. Though in seconds I was already digging my heel into his foot as hard as I could. He let go of me and reached down, towards his foot. I took a step away from him, turning to face him. And just to finish him off, I threw my fist back into the air and hurled all my weight into my punch!

Which was aimed at the part of him guys don't appreciate being hit in.

I could swear to my grave that his eyes could have popped out of his head as he keeled over in pain, grabbing his junk. I gave a single chuckle and walked up to him, bending down so that I was at his face level.

"I can't promise that you're going to be feeling better anytime soon. However, I CAN promise that you're going to have a bruise there for a few days." I smiled for my own benefit.

And with one last look at 'Ghirahim'—unusual name as it is—I turned and ran off, looking for a way out of my crazy world.

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