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Chap 30: Time Gone Wrong

"Ghirahim, whatever did happen to Demise?" I asked, looking from the couch I sat on.

"Demise?" Ghirahim scrunched his invisible brow in confusion. "Who the hell is that?" I raised my eyebrows in surprise at his words, before I remembered that Ghirahim was never there to witness Demise attack me.

"Oh, you never saw him," I murmured. However, I stopped short. How did Ghirahim know Demise was a demon, and suggested that Ghirahim may be able to reverse the terrors? "Are you sure you don't know who I'm talking about?" I asked again, just to make sure.

"Gina, I've never heard of this 'Demise' fellow. He seems rather...dull and brooding to me." He sighed. "I mean, really, who in this world has the name 'Demise'?" Ghirahim went back to looking at the book titles on his bookshelf. My thoughts became occupied after that. Questions and thoughts rushed through my head. What had happened while I was sleeping? Where did Demise end up? Was he still out there, ready to attack me again?

"Ghirahim?" I called. He turned to look at me once again. "How did you know that I was in trouble? How did you know where to find me?" I turned around fully, facing the window. The smoke rising from Eldin Volcano catching my eye.

"Well, you see I was...I was..." He fell silent, trailing off into thought. I turned back to him when he didn't answer. He had a hard time forming the words. I tilted my head in worry.

"Ghirahim, what's wrong?" He looked at me with wide eyes; concern secretly found swarming around the pupils.

"It...it seems that I've suddenly forgot how I found you,"

I sat up straight, narrowing my eyes. "What do you mean?" I squinted my eyes in thought. "You can't just forget how you came to find me layingthere, especially when the last you saw of me was back in the desert."

"No, I know how I found you, where to find you...but my mind has suddenly gone blank, as though someone's instantly swiped a cloth over a dirty surface," He paused. "I was at the castle, and there was a sudden feeling within me. And then something pulled at me, practically dragging me to go somewhere. I teleported...and the next thing I know is that you're laying on the ground, passed out."

"So you're going to say that you just...felt I was in trouble?" I chuckled at the thought.

"No, when I teleported, I wasn't teleporting to you," I bit my lip, confused at where Ghirahim was going with this. "I teleported somewhere else. Yet there's this big part of my memory that I'm missing. From the time I teleported to the time I found you on the ground." He sat on the armrest of the couch, next to me.

"There's no way he would just know, right?" I tossed inside my head. "There's gotta be a reasonable explanation."

"UGH!" Ghirahim groaned, throwing his hands up. "This irks me that I don't know what happened! I know I must have been battling someone, because by the time I found you I was drained of energy. Teleporting doesn't take up nearly as much power," He explained, getting up and pacing the floor.

"Maybe there's just no reason for why you can't remember?" I suggested. In all honesty though, I was just as clueless as him.

"There's always a reason for why something happens in this world, Gina," Ghirahim muttered.

I opened my mouth to retort, but the door to the room suddenly burst open. We looked away from each other and to the door.

"You again!?" Ghirahim shouted, getting read to form his sword with the snap of his fingers. "I thought I told you to stay out of my castle!"

Daniel looked at the both of us wide eyed. For a moment, I thought he had just been through the scariest, most concerning day of his life. Yet he focused on me and ignored Ghirahim, walking right past him, murmuring. "Glad to see it worked, Ghirahim,"

Ghirahim could only stop in his tracks, confused as he furrowed his invisible eyebrows at the man. What could Daniel possibly mean by that?

"Gina," He called my attention. "I'm glad to see you back to normal!" He bent forward, his arms wrapped around me as he held me tight. I felt him tremble, as though he were trying to hold himself together. What was wrong with Daniel?

Suddenly, a hand covered in a white glove rammed right into Daniel's shoulder, went right through him, and punched me rather hard in the chest. I wheezed, my breath suddenly gone as I fell back against the couch.

"What the—!?" Ghirahim shouted, surprised that his hand went right through the angel. He quickly realized what he had done and was next to me, apologizing and checking me over. I could only keep gasping for breath.

"Look what you did!" Daniel was standing straight again, assessing Ghirahim and I, his arms up in the air. "You're not supposed to punch the girl right after she's better!"

"It's your fault!" Ghirahim responded, turning to him with an angry, red face. "I didn't know you had no physical form!"

"Stop it you two!" I wheezed as loudly as I could. They did stop, turning to look at me. "Enough fighting, I'm the one who always ends up with the consequences."

Daniel rolled his eyes, before smiling that cheeky smile. "Same as ever I see...though the necklace is new." He winked, as I grabbed hold of the black diamond hanging from my neck.

"It's a gift," I murmured, blushing.

"What. Do. You. WANT!?" Ghirahim stood up, standing in front of me, practically protecting me.

"I came to tell Gina some rather unfortunate news." Daniel stated, matter-of-factually.

My stomach lurched at his words. I looked around Ghirahim and to Daniel with horror. Why was it that he had to tell me the bad newsnow?

"Well, what is it?" I asked, standing beside Ghirahim, still rubbing my chest.

Daniel paused, his face guilty. "Well..." he trailed off, hesitant. I only glared at him. "You remember that whole time thingy?" I stared at him. "Where like, spending three days here amounts to three seconds in the real world?" He asked, scratching the back of his head, nervously.

I grew worried, a pool of concern swarming in my stomach. "Yeah, what about it?"

"Well, in the event of when it were to wear off...time in the other world would pass faster than the time in here. So, a week in this world is like...a month in the real world."

His voice got smaller and smaller as he continued to explain. My eyes got bigger and bigger as realization hit me harder than Ghirahim had. "And you are telling me this because...?" I really didn't wanna hear what I think I was going to hear.

"Well, for the past week I might have accidentally turned off the time restrictions."

I got light headed, and fell back onto the couch. "Oh lord, heaven help me..."

I was gone for a month. A month! Not three days, not three seconds, not a week. In the other world, I was gone for a month!

My. Mother. Is. Going. To. Kill. Me.

Daniel tried to make light of the situation. "Hey, hey! It's not that bad—!"

"NOT THAT BAD!?" I stood right back up again, my body shaking with pure rage and anger. Ghirahim backed away from me, standing off to the side. He had the right idea of not getting in my path when I was angry. "NOT THAT BAD!? I screeched once more.

Daniel put his hands up in defense. "Really! It's not!"

"Daniel," I rubbed my eyes, hard. "In the other world, I've been gone for a month." I paused, letting that sink in. "Not only is my mother probably worried sick about me—thinking I've been kidnapped and raped and killed— but I'm also missing school! Missing school is the one thing that I REALLY didn't want to happen!"

I huffed, crossing my arms as thoughts rushed through my brain. "I HAVE TO REPEAT THE GRADE IF I FAIL SCHOOL!" I shouted, getting closer to him.

I stood before Daniel, glaring up at him, my eyes burning into his soul as though hell were inside of me. He could only smile nervously, and open his mouth to say something. I cut him off instantly, pointing my finger at him.

"And where were you when I was stuck in that endless dream!? Since you came in here saying 'Glad your back to normal!' you must have known exactly what happened to me!" I growled. "Where the hell were you if you knew I was in danger!?"

"Alright! Alright! Calm down, let me explain!" He called out, putting his hands on my shoulders. I re-crossed my arms, huffing as he readied himself to tell his story. However, he looked around him first, catching sight of Ghirahim. "One second."

Daniel waved his hand, purple dust appearing from the air with sparkles in it. It came together in a ball, before resting as a pile on his hand. He pointed it towards Ghirahim, then blew it at him. It hit Ghirahim on full force.

"What the hell was that for?" I tilted my head in question, confused. That's when I saw it; Ghirahim was frozen. My face contorted in horror. "WHAT DID YOU DO!?"

"Once again, calm down! I just don't want him to hear my explanation; it's not for his ears." He walked away, across the room. "I just momentarily froze him. He can't see or hear us now...you see, there's something I need to explain."

I huffed, crossing my arms tightly across my chest. "What's that?"

"Ghirahim probably went on some rant about needing to resurrect his master, in the beginning of your relationship, correct?" He asked. I blushed.

"We're not in a relationship!" I defended. "But yeah, he said something like that."

"Well, he never really had a master." Daniel said, bluntly. I raised my eyebrows.

"Ghirahim thinks he has a master, because along with the countless other powers I have; I can re-write someone's memory. Though, not completely, for there will always be parts of people that they will always remember. Yet, I re-wrote Ghirahim's memory. Erased it, and added a few things to to it, including the thought of Ghirahim having a master."

My mouth dropped open in shock. "You can't do that! It's inhuman!" I yelled. "And why would you do that!? It's like you designed him to forever be the bad guy!"

"It's completely human for me to erase his memory if he wanted it erased." He defended himself now. I only furrowed my brow. It felt like I was going in circles with figuring everything out.

"He wanted it erased? But it doesn't make sense! Now he wants to remember it!" I demanded.

Daniel sighed. "I know, and he will...with time. That's why I won't give them back to him and I won't tell you about the memories he lost. I have my reasons for why things are the way they are. All you need to know is that Ghirahim really doesn't have a master to resurrect."

I nodded, sighing and looking to the stone floor. Ugh...things are way to complicated for me in this world.

"Well..." Daniel spoke up again, his tone a bit high. "He didn't have a master to resurrect, not until of recent events." I furrowed my brow.

"Recent events?" I repeated. Daniel nodded, hesitant in telling me what was going on.

"You were put into a sleeping spell, correct? A very powerful one."

"Did you not know about this already?" I nodded, suspiciously.

"Yes, I did. However, you need to know that the person who put you under that spell; he was actually a demon from the deepest levels of hell. His name is Demise, and he was sent from the Devil to do horrid stuff; taking over this world is the main idea for him."

My face melted from suspicious to 'holy-shit-we're-all-going-to-die' face in a second, flat. It was literally like the light bulb turned on above my head...and practically exploded, embedding little glass shards into my skull.

"While you were under that spell, I called Ghirahim and Link to help me fight off Demise. I couldn't do it alone because he was out of my league to fight. So, we ended up defeating him—only temporarily. We weakened his powers and sealed him away in the huge pit. The one with the pedestal at the bottom."

I nodded my head, though it felt heavy and fragile. "Well shit..."

"Yes, and it just so happens to be the place where Ghirahim believes his master to be sealed away. So, even though Ghirahim doesn't have a real master, there's now a reason for him to completely believe that he does."

Slowly, I opened my mouth. "And the reason why Ghirahim knew where to find me and didn't know what had happened after he teleported was because you wiped his memory of the event?" Daniel nodded. "So he knows nothing of Demise..." I concluded.


I started to get upset again. My stomach twisted in knots. I felt my heart leap in my chest and I felt a cold sweat of terror cloak me. "Why would you do that!? Now Ghirahim thinks Demise is his master and that he needs to restore his power! I didn't even spend 10 minutes with Demise and I already know I don't want that ass in my world! I'm terrified of him, Daniel! You don't know what I went through in that curse!" I huffed, tearing up just the slightest at the memories.

"Do you have any idea of the trouble you've caused!? What in God's name possessed you to seal him there!?" I gripped my hair tightly between my fingers. What's Daniel older and wiser than me? He should have known better!

"Gina, I have a reason for doing everything I've done. Yet I can't tell you why. It's not for you to know. Just trust me on this, alright?" He sighed. "There's a reason why I explained all of this to you and not Ghirahim; because I need you to keep Ghirahim from resurrecting Demise. In this world, Ghirahim is very much the bad guy now. I didn't want him to be but that's the way it it."

"Then why do I have a feeling you're lying to me? How can I trust you if I know nothing?" I sat back down on the couch, exhausted. My head spun, completely clueless as to how one stupid demon could screw up a perfectly good world. I didn't understand how such a powerful angel like Daniel, who no doubt has mastered all his powers, let something of this magnitude happen!

Yet I realized, in the end, it wasn't his fault. It wasn't my fault. It wasn't Ghirahim's fault. It was no one's fault. It was just...something that happened.

"Alright," I caught Daniel's attention. "I'll do what I can for Ghirahim." I murmured, looking over my shoulder and through the window, over the land. The view of it warned me of dangers I would face in the future, though I didn't want to believe it. I didn't want to believe that this world could potentially be taken over by a demon from hell. All because Ghirahim resurrected him. "Now what about the real world? I've been gone for a month now, apparently?"

Daniel smirked. "I've taken care of that. Currently, all your schoolwork is done, you've had your grades up for a while, and you basically have nothing to worry about—except for the story you still need to write for the end of the year." He paused. "Oh, and you've gotten into a life threatening accident as a cover up."

I held my hand up. "Wait, wait, wait!" I looked at him. "That doesn't make sense..."

"Well...maybe, for the past month, everyone thought you'd been hit by a bus on your way to school, and broke a lot of bones in your body. So you've been in the hospital, recovering." Daniel smirked. "Tomorrow, when you get back to the real world—which by the way, I am forcing you to—you will be coming back to school for the first time, fully healed."

I let the story sink in. I was surprised at how well he planned it out. The good grades were a plus...there was just one thing.

"No gym class?" I raised an eyebrow, hopeful. He only laughed.

"No gym class.

I could have broken out of tears. Just another good thing that highlighted my terrible situation. "YES! I love you"!

"You'll love me even more when I tell you that next week you have summer vacation."

I stopped. "WHAT!?" I shouted! "Next week!? SUMMER VACATION!?"

"Yes, why are you shouting? I thought you'd be happy."

"I have to finish my story in a week! Do you know how long that's going to take?" My eye twitched. "It's going to feel like I've been writing for four years!"

"Well..." He only winked. "Then you better get writing." I groaned, placing my hands over my face in an attempt to relieve some built of pressure. It did nothing.

"I'm serious though; you need to go back to the real world by tomorrow. I've got to remove the time restrictions for your summer vacation." He sighed. "Actually, instead, I'm just going to stop time in this world. There's unwanted business God has me taking care of, and it's too much work for me to do both this world and be busy in heaven." He explained.

My head shot over to Ghirahim.

A whole summer vacation without him. I'd just be stuck up at my trailer with my mother and possibly my sister. It's fun up there, especially with my distant relatives, but my summer would suck.

No Ghirahim. I felt a little empty at that thought.

"Alright..." I crossed my arms, holding myself together.

For a moment, Daniel looked at me, evaluating me. He quickly snapped out of it. "Alright! That's all I have to say for now! I know you probably have more questions, like 'Why erase Ghirahim's memory?' 'Did I erase anyone else's memory?' or something of the sort, but I can't answer that right now." He looked over to Ghirahim, still frozen.

With the blink of an eye, Ghirahim, who was in some sort of pose, as though he were about to bitch-slap someone, unfroze and continued the motion, but only hit the air. He was confused for a moment, realizing that Daniel's was no longer near him. He looked over at Daniel and I, standing in front of one another.

"How ever did you get over there so fast?" He narrowed his eyes. "Teleporting, huh?"

"I'd love to stay and chat, but I've got to go. Gina, remember, tomorrow I need you gone."

I nodded, practically sighing. Daniel was just about to go, but I remembered something, freaking out. "Hey! WAIT! WAIT!" I called to him. "Can I ask you something? It's important!"

Daniel rolled his eyes. "Go ahead, quickly."

"Will something ever happen where I can't get back to this world?" I asked, innocently yet brokenly.

He stood still and silent for a few moments. "It's a possibility, yes...but I'd show up to fix it right away." Then he added more. "Unless someone killed me, but only the devil himself can do that. Otherwise, no." He looked me dead in the eye.

"Nothing can stop you from entering this world,"

I felt lighter. The world around me became just a bit sunnier. I smiled with relief, a worry lifted from my heart. "Thank you." I said. "I needed to hear that."

"Anytime," He nodded. "Now, anything else? Before I go so that you may spend your 'oh so precious time' with your lover?"

I blushed, scowling. "Just go, you stupid angel."

Daniel half smirked, staring at me a moment, before smiling. "See you later..." And with that, he disappeared.

I realize I keep forgetting that Daniel is the angel of dreams and wishes. He feels whatever my feelings towards things is...my dreams and my wishes for things.

Both a blessing and a curse for me.

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