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Chap 31: Daniel's Surprise

"That's the second time he's intruded upon my castle!" Ghirahim seethed, his white gloved hands clenching tightly on themselves. "Next time, I"ll kill him."

I rolled my eyes, slouching back into the couch. "And then next time you'll say that...and then the next time." I reasoned with him. He growled, but I ignored him. I let my head drop backwards in a deep sigh. "Why do I have the feeling that if Daniel and you were on the right terms, you two would be the best of friends?"

Ghirahim boasted with laughter. "You're foolish and funny, Gina. Me? Best friends with him?" He paused, thinking about it. Then he lifted his chin high in the air. "Preposterous!"

Yet again I found myself rolling my eyes, before standing up to grab my bag. I reached in, searching around before I found my journal, which contained my story. I'd have to finish it sooner or later, right?

Meanwhile, Ghirahim continued to rant. "I'd much rather let a Bokoblin sleepwalk through the halls of my castle, or something ridiculous of that sort, than be friends with that...that... loathsome idiot!" I paged through the journal until I got to the part where I left off.

"Ghirahim, I'm know I'm absolutely hilarious. I could be a comedian someday. However, if I were you, I'd be more concerned with your Bokoblin problem..." I trailed off, feeling his warm breath riffle my hair from above. Looking up, Ghirahim's face hovered just above mine. He looked down at me with curiosity. "Um...what are you doing?" I asked.

"No, the question is; what are you doing, Foolish Girl?" He fired back at me.

"I need to finish writing something. It's going to take me a really..." I paused to take a deep breath, which felt more like a forlorn sigh, "REALLY long time to write." Now I frowned, my face turning from exhaustion to solemn. "And tomorrow, I have to go back to my world. I don't—"

Catching myself before I could continue the explanation, I stopped to think. I wouldn't see Ghirahim for a whole summer. Yet from what I understood, Daniel said he was going to 'freeze' time here until I got back. So technically, to Ghirahim, it would be as though I'd never left.

Ghirahim sat next to me on the couch. "Yes?" He inquired. I only shook my head, smiling. "Never mind." I answered.

"No, Foolish Girl, just tell me. What were you about to say?" Ghirahim elbowed me softly, pushing me.

Hesitating for a moment, I tried to think of something to tell him that wasn't a lie. "I was...there...I was just afraid that if I went back to the other world, then tried to get back here...I wouldn't work." Taking another deep breath while crossing my arms, I continue. "After what Daniel said, nothing like that should ever happen either! So then, why do I feel...why..."

"Why do you doubt him?" Ghirahim cocked an invisible eyebrow, the words I couldn't get out of my mouth tumbling easily out of his. I closed my eyes off from my beautiful world, eyebrows pulling together in worry. I only nodded my head once.

Ghirahim put his arm around me, pulling me closer. "You doubt his words because of fear. You were put through something that terrified you, and because of that, the fear is still engraved within your soul. That fear will forever warn you of the possibility of not being able to come back." He paused, his head lightly bumping mine. "Let me explain something to you, Gina," My eyes opened and focused on Ghirahim, giving him my full attention.

"The mind focuses on the bad factors of a situation. Automatically, it does that. Even my mind does that. The trick is to see all factors, both the bad and good." I tilted my head just a bit, waiting from Ghirahim elaborate. He sighed when he realized I hadn't gotten what he was trying to say.

"Your situation is that you doubt the ability in being able to come back to this world." Ghirahim stated.

"Yes..." I nodded my head slowly.

"You're only seeing the bad side. You only think about the nightmare. You have to think of the good factors as well."

"Then what are the good factors?" I inquired, my mouth forming into a stiff line.

Ghirahim silently reached out to the diamond necklace around my neck. His gloved hand caressed the shiny black object, before lightly trailing over my skin, his left thumb resting upon it. He leaned forward just a bit closer. "Even if you can't get back, you'll always have some sort of tie to this world. Some part of me with you to keep you strong and safe."

My heart skipped a beat at his words, before starting up again, only quicker.

"This necklace is proof that this world is real, Gina. I can't promise you'll always be able to come back. But I can promise that I'll be here, waiting." He closed his eyes and rested his forehead against mine, and smiled. "Those are the good factors, Foolish Girl."

Deep inside, I felt something stir. And everything inside of me instantly warmed up. I smiled brightly back at him, closing my eyes as well. Even though I saw darkness behind my closed lids, I could tell the world around me was extremely bright. My situation was bright.

"I know," I breathed. "Thank you, Ghirahim. You just...you know how to make me smile." I teased.

Ghirahim slowly opened his eyes, pulling away before sitting up straighter. He flipped his hair with gloved hand. "Hah, I know. I'm just that amazing." I crossed my arms again, gave a sly, cheeky smile.

"You also have a huge ego." I added. He paused for a moment, looking down at me from the corner of his eye. "Yes...that is something I concur with." I smirked again.

"But you're also a big baby." Now he frowned.

"That, however, is something I do not agree on."

"I knew you wouldn't." I giggled, enjoying the presence of my own, personal Demon Lord.

If only I could stay in this world with Ghirahim while time is frozen. Maybe Daniel came make a fake me in the other world, so that I wouldn't be stuck there. I frowned at that thought, however. "What am I thinking? I love my family. I just have to balance my time here with my time there."

I closed my journal, sighing and standing up. "I need to go on a walk. Just kind of...clear my head, you know?" I explained. Ghirahim stood up as well.

"Would you like me to accompany you?" He asked.

I smiled. "I was going to make you come with my anyway." Ghirahim just rolled his eyes, leading the way out of the room, down the many stairs and floors and even past the throne room.

"Wait...you don't have a favorite color? Not even white?" I asked. Ghirahim just shook his head.

"I may wear a lot of white, but that does not mean I absolutely love the color. Diamonds, however..."

I made a face. "You don't need to explain. It looks like a diamond threw up on you." I stuck my tongue out, looking at his outfit in the corner of my eye.

"What about you? What is your favorite color?" He asked, turning to me.

"I thought you already knew?" Ghirahim shrugged, lightly closing his eyes.

"I do, but just to hear you talk is worth asking the same questions over again."

I rolled my eyes, smiling none-the-less. "Yes, my favorite color is orange, Ghirahim." My eyes lit up at a new question that popped into my head. "Hey, what about—!"

"Hold on a second." Ghirahim held a hand up, shushing me. He turned his head this way and that, his hair flipping away from his face, and acted as though he were listening for something. But then he groaned. "I've got to take care of business at the castle. Some stupid bokoblins have started a fire in the kitchens."

My eyes popped out of my head, confused and surprised at this new information. I didn't know that bokoblins had the ability to do something as dangerous and stupid as that. "Oh, that's ok!" I exclaimed though. "I'll just stay and walk around some more. If I get bored I'll teleport back or something." I smiled sweetly.

"You sure?" He asked, a touch of concern written on his face. Yet I nodded my head, still smiling.

"I'll be fine." I assured him.

With that, he snapped his fingers and disappeared in a cloud of Diamonds.

I walked around, feeling the beautiful world around me. Listening to the birds chirp and the wind blow through the trees. And when I got tired, I simply laid down on the ground, pulling at the grass and sunbathing.

Why wasn't I spending my last day with Ghirahim? I knew I wanted to be, because I won't see him for a while summer! So then why did it feel good to have just a little bit of space away from him? Did I subconsciously want alone time? Or was I just being a moody teenager again?

When my hand landed on a dandelion, I pulled it out of the ground and threw it. Ugh, I hated dandelions. They were just always all over the place.

And then something flew out of the whole the dandelion weed had been occupying and hit my stomach.

"What the heck!?" I searched around for what I believed to be a rock. How could a rock fly from the ground and hit me? When I did find what I was looking for, I raised my eyebrows almost up to my hairline.

"A jewel...a jewel flew out of the ground." I picked up the small green jewel. It was no bigger than my thumbnail, but it looked glazed over with glass, almost as though it came from a jewelry store.

"I wonder..." I somehow found my way over to the next weed in the ground and pulled it out, throwing it away. Sure enough, another jewel popped out of the ground.

I felt like a little girl waking up on Christmas morning to find her living room flooded with presents from Santa. "This is awesome!" I shouted with joy.

I continued my routine, snatching up jewels until the pockets of my shorts were full.

Ghirahim towered over me, giving me cheeky smile. "Hmmm...I was beginning to worry that something happened to you." Ghirahim may have been smiling, but I was frowning, deeply.

Being squished between two red bokoblins was not the most comfortable thing, especially when you had been dragged away from searching for jewels. Literally. Dragged me. First they came at me with clubs held high, and my natural response was to scream and run away. These things were smarter than they looked, however, because they threw ropes at me, which tangled around my feet and made me hit the ground, hard.

"I need new clothes." I demanded. "These have grass stains and holes in them! And your stupid bokoblins are at fault here!" I seethed, crossing my arms and pouting. Really, it kind of hurt to be dragged over the hard ground, all the dirt and rocks hitting my skin wasn't very fun.

Ghirahim smirked, nodding at them to go. "I told them to be a little rough. I knew you could use the excitement." They dropped their grip upon my shirt and walked away, shouting weird things.

"They dragged my face across the dirt. Not that exciting." I mumbled, following his footsteps through the castle. It was dark out and multiple torches were lit throughout the castle. I was ready to take a bath, get new clothes, and go to bed. Though, it would be last night in this castle, in this world until the end of summer.

My last night with Ghirahim.

"Here." I was startled when a fresh set of clothes were thrust into my arms. I looked up at Ghirahim who had handed me the clothes. When the hell did we get to the closet so fast?

"Huh? What...when...how did we teleport?" I furrowed my brow. He gazed at me with first confusion, and then amusement.

"You must be very tired." He chuckled. "We walked here, Foolish Girl." Turning me around, and pushing me to the bathroom, we walked a steady pace until we reached the door. "Just go take a bath and come back to the room."

With that, I followed his orders, glad to rest a little bit. It had been a rather long day.

I found myself waking up to the sun shining it's extra bright rays into my face. I was comfortable and warm and happy. Yet as I realized I didn't remember what had happened the night before, I turned over, confused and a bit angry.

"What the hell? I don't even remember falling asleep...or getting out of the bath!" Ghirahim's face shined in the morning light. Instead of him curling up next to me, using my body as a stuffed animal to cuddle with, he was sprawled out with only half his body under the covers. His mouth hung open and he was snoring lightly.

I almost laughed out loud at him. I'd never seen him sleep in such a manner before! "Oh man, next time I'm bringing my camera." I giggled lightly, only to frown when realizing what I had said.

Right, my last few moments with Ghirahim before Daniel forces me to go back home. Then I'd be stuck without him for a whole summer.

How long had it been since I've been to the real world? A week? Maybe more?

I reached over to my back pack, which rested on my side of the bed. I pulled out my journal, finding that I had written a little bit before I fell asleep last night.

"I'm only up to where I leave Skyloft. Almost to the end..." I murmured, taking my pencil and starting to write some more.

At one point I had gotten uncomfortable whilst staying hunched over on the bed. I got up and moved to the couch. I wrote for maybe a good hour before Ghirahim stirred in his sleep. It's nearly impossible trying to stifle my giggles watching Ghirahim as he shuffled around in bed, his fist reaching for the covers and yanking them up...until he punched himself in the face.

He was such a dork. It was adorable.

"Shit." I heard him mutter, angry with himself from the accidental punch in the face. Only then, he felt around the bed, looking for something. He raised his head, looking over to the side where I usually slept.

"Gina..." He murmured, eyes still half lidded. Then they shot open as the fact that I wasn't there sunk into his sleepy head. He jolted up right in bed in a panic. "Gina!" He yelled, looking around.

I waved at him, catching his attention. He sighed in relief, bringing his hand up to his forehead. "Oh, my great goddess of rainbows..." He murmured, breath heaving. "You scared me for a moment there." He stated, laying back down. I laughed, hearing his murmurs to weird goddess.

"Sorry!I just wanted to finish writing some things. My back got sore in bed." Secretly, I enjoyed the last few moments with Ghirahim, even if he was asleep during them. Every moment with him was worth it.

He yawned again, wiping his eyes. "Why are you so tired?" I asked, looking up from my journal. He laughed at first, turning his head to look at me in disbelief.

"You mean you don't remember?" He asked.

"No," I answered, honestly. "The last thing I remember is taking a bath." My heart sped up for a moment as something crossed my mind. Something dirty and naughty and something I totally would never do! "Wait...did we...we didn't...did we!?" I shouted, standing up.

Ghirahim got confused for a moment, titling his head and thinking what could possibly set me off in such a way. Then his face lit up in a deep blush. "NO!" He shouted back. "Gina, no, we never did that! We're NEVER doing that." He confirmed. I felt my shoulders relax as that situation passed over us. For a moment, I had thought Ghirahim and I...we were naughty last night.

"You got back from the bath and sat with me while I read a story. Then a bokoblin called in meeting in the throne room, stating that something urgent had happened." Ghirahim explained, before his face grew dark. "Though, mind you, nothing really did." He growled, glaring at the ceiling.

"You and I went down to the throne room to listen, which lasted several hours into the night. You fell asleep on the arm of the chair while I had to deal with the frivolous congregation." He yawned once more. "I'm not a very good person in the morning when I do not get much sleep the night prior." He concluded.

I nodded, humming in response. I completely agreed with him.

I didn't tell him anything about me going to miss him for a whole summer. To him, it would be as though I'd never left...so it really didn't matter either way.

"Ghirahim?" I called, and he looked back at me. "I have to go back to my world today. When do you think I should go?" I asked.

"Never." Came his reply. I blinked in surprise. Then smiled, rolling my eyes.

"Ghirahim, I can't just... not leave. I have to go."

"Well I don't want you to go." he stated, or more so whined. I closed my journal and threw it near my bag. Then I crawled back onto the bed and lay next to him.

"You say you aren't a baby and yet right now you're having a fit." I explained, smirking at him.

"Only because I don't want you to leave!" He threw his arm around my waist, pulling me towards him. I giggled and tried to squirm free, yet he only pulled me closer.

"Ghirahim! I'm serious!" I called through my laughter, which really wasn't helping my claim.

"I should just keep you prisoner in this castle. That's when I was planning to do when I first met you. I was going to put you in shackles and chain you to the wall...make you some sort of pet to keep me company." He yawned, burring his face in my chest. Somehow he didn't suffocate.

"Well, as much fun as that sounds, I'd rather not become a pet."

"Oh, but I would say you already are."

"Nope! I am SO not your pet. If anything, you're my pet." I argued with him, a smile gracing my lips all the white.

He threw his head back and laughed, yet kept me tight against him. "That's where you're wrong again, Foolish Girl. A Demon Lord is not a pet. A Demon Lord is the master."

"You're the pet when it comes to the human with god powers." He only rolled his eyes at me, groaning. I laughed, poking his had. "How about a deal? We'll keep sleeping until noon and then we have to get up. You can walk me to my trees, alright?" I suggested.

He only stuck his tongue out at me in response, but closed his eyes and pulled me even closer. Before we took our power nap, I murmured to him; "You really are a baby, you know that?"

And the only response I got was a sly smile.

"Don't worry. I'll go right through those trees and before you know it, I'll be coming right back through them." I assured him. It was true in a sense...yet I still felt as though I were lying to him.

He only grumbled and made a face. "Yeah...sure..." He sighed.

This was a bit difficult for the both of us. We both didn't know if I would for sure come back. And I knew he wanted to have me with him as long as possible...and I would be away from him longer than he thought.

What if I grew during the summer? If my boobs shrunk? I go out wearing this and then come back in some weird clothes he's going to think something bad or good happened. I don't know...the possibilities were endless.

I just knew I was reluctant to leave him.

"Oh, isn't this just lovely?" A new voice joined us. Ghirahim got on alert, ready to kill again.

"Daniel..." I sighed. Couldn't he have come later?

"What are you doing here?" Ghirahim seethed, ready to pull his sword from the thin air again. "I would think my warning from yesterday would keep you away."

"Oh calm down, Ghirahim. I'm just here to give you both a surprise." Daniel only rolled his eyes at Ghirahim's harshness.

"A surprise? What surprised?" I asked, narrowing my eyes and turning my head. I had a feeling this wasn't going to be good.

"Well, Gina, you'll be going back to your world for summer... with Ghirahim."

My eyes bulged out of their sockets. Ghirahim could only tilt his head as Daniel smirked at the both of us, obviously content in our reactions. The forest just simply continued on, as though we weren't even there.

"Are you serious?" Ghirahim uncrossed his arms, breaking the silence. He didn't seem too excited about this new revelation. He seemed...annoyed?

I started to panic. "Yeah, are you serious?" I pressed.

Sure, it'd be cool if Ghirahim went back to my world for summer...yet when I think about it, what would my mother say? What would the rest of my family say? Having a stranger spend the WHOLE summer with me?! He'd be staying in my room, going up to the campsite, shopping, eating, walking, talking riding and doing everything with me!

Suddenly, wanting Ghirahim to be with me for the summer started to turn into a bad idea.

"And you're welcome." Daniel stated, appearing behind Ghirahim and I. He then pushed us both towards the trees.

"Wait, Daniel, Ghirahim doesn't know anything about my world! What if he starts a fire or something? He's not a citizen of the United States! If the police catch him he'll be put in prison!" I tried to explain, but Daniel wasn't having any of that.

"What the hell is going on?" Ghirahim's face scrunched up in confusion, while trying to swat away Daniel's hand.

"Just...TRUST me!" Daniel yelled, pushing us. And with on last shove, we were both through the trees.

A whole summer with Ghirahim in my world...

What could go wrong?

Every thing.

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