Welcome to Our World

Epilouge: The Explinations

The Angel trudged through the old wooden doors of the ancient temple, with the Goddess's Body Guard at his side. Both were extremely tired from the fight that had earlier ensued, and both decided they would need a break from this world— if only for five small minutes...make that ten.

Let's just face it; everyone needs a break once in a while.

"Never again, Daniel. Never again." Impa croaked, sinking on the stone steps leading to the Holy Goddess herself.

"I know Impa." Daniel groaned, sinking down next to her. "I know." They both sat and rested, endless thoughts running through their heads. This was something that they both hadn't expected to happen. It just didn't seem possible.

A demon had been sent by the Devil to take over this world. How he had gotten here was a miracle in itself, but in the end that would be the least of the two's worries. The worst would be to completely defeat him. A nearly impossible task with the resources they had.

Impa turned to the Angel of Dreams and Wishes. "What is to happen now?" She asked.

Daniel was silent as he stared into space, unblinkingly. It was obvious that his brain was processing things a mile a minute. It took a while before he answered her.

I concluded there to be two paths for this world." He explained.

"The first?" Impa pressed on.

"The Demon 'Demise' will break from his seal, eventually make his way in here, kill you and then devour the Holy Goddess's power."

Impa frowned deeply, sighing before she asked again. "And the second?"

"...We somehow destroy him; erase his existence."

Impa could only sigh heavily, closing her eyes. "I don't suppose that will be very easy, will it?"

"Not at all."

This time they both sighed together. Daniel leaned back against the steps, closing his eyes as well. All the thoughts running through his head were endless possibilities on how to kill the demon—no of them a guarantee of working.

"What do we do, Daniel? While that demon is sealed up, we can't just sit here." Impa asked, impatient for an answer.

He opened his eyes, furrowing his brow. "He'll hold a bit longer...I don't expect it to last forever. The next time he breaks free I'll be here in a heart beat, ready to fight once more. I'll call Link and Ghirahim once again to help me. Of course, I'll need your help as well." Daniel explained. "For now, I'll do some research. I need a guaranteed way to defeat him."

"What of Gina?" Impa remembered. "Surely, she's been woken up by Ghirahim now, correct?"

Daniel nodded in agreement. "I'm sure she'll help as best she can. Though, not even God knows what the demon has done to her in those dreams. That sleeping curse is a powerful, dangerous one. I don't think she'll be herself for the next few days."

Impa rubbed her eyes. Her old age really wasn't helping with this predicament. "We truly have a problem on our hands, don't we?"

Daniel chuckled, nodding his head. "Oh yeah." He closed his eyes again, breathing through his nose to calm himself. "The only people who could possibly defeat Demise now are God...and Gina." Daniel sighed. "She only possesses the power to defeat him, however. She had no idea how to wield that power."

"Why does God not destroy the demon?" Daniel could only huff.

"God pretty much told me to deal with it on my own. He only created this world so that I may use it for people to find their paths. He never had any say in what actually happens in it." Impa gave a look dismay, turning to the angel.

"Then our only option is Gina, and she's not in good health, nor has and idea of her powers." Daniel nodded. Impa was silent, before speaking up once more. "What exactly is Gina's given powers?"

He smirked. "She's a lucky girl. Gina literally has the powers of God himself." Impa gasped, taken back for a moment. "I know," Daniel agreed with her shock. "It seems impossible, but it's true. Yet the only reason God gave those powers to Gina was because he knew she would never comprehend the full potential of them. Even now she can't control them." He shook his head. "It's amazing she's gotten this far without seriously injuring herself."

"And what of Link?" Impa suggested, bowing her head in understanding.

Daniel half smiled. "Once Link obtains the true Master sword, Blessed by the Holy Goddess, and contains God's biting bane of evil, only then could he stand a chance against Demise. But he'll need to gain strength in both his mind, body and spirit—something that will take a long time to learn. And we don't exactly have that time."

"We both know Link is quickly learning to do things for himself. We must give him a chance." Impa reasoned. Daniel nodded, yet sighed.

"I suppose you are right, Impa. Link grows stronger everyday..." He thought for a moment. "Keep Link on the current path I have laid out for him. I want to see how fast it will take for him to find the first flame. Then I'll judge his ability to defeat Demise."

"What about Zelda? What are her chances for defeating Demise?"

"Impa, I really don't mean to be a downer, but that won't work either. Zelda is no longer the Holy Goddess. Of course, she had access to that ancient power, but she can not fully use it. Same situation as Gina."

"I see." Impa replied, facing forward once more. Silence took over for another moment, before more words formed at her mouth. "The last time we sta here and talked, we were discussing how you didn't want this world to end."

Daniel smiled now. "You're right. We did discuss that."

"It seems that with this demon, this world is going to be around a lot longer than anyone of us would have anticipated."

He just nodded, smiling a little at the irony of it all. Then he shook his head, sighing one last time. Him and Impa sat in silence, basking in the few moments of peace each of them had. He then got up, turning to her. "I've got to get going, Impa. Please keep Zelda safe...and do whatever you can to stop Demise when he tries to break free from his seal. I"ll be here as fast I can." Impa nodded in understanding.

And then Daniel disappeared once more.

While Impa continued to sit on the stone steps, she thought back to the memory of earlier today.

At the portal into and out of a certain world, a young woman fell to the ground, unconscious. She fell into a sleep so deep, not even the end of the world could wake her. A man with tan skin and red hair stood over her, a menacing smile plastered across his face. With one last glance at the 'interesting' and 'funny' girl, the man turned around and continued down a path.

Destruction rained down over the forest and it's life. Anything in the demon's way turned to black and withered, the life sucked right out of it. Mattering not who you were—the Demon would kill you on the spot if you got in his way.

The path he was heading on at the moment lead to a temple, leaking an ancient and holy power. It called to him like a pie sitting on a windowsill, just waiting to be taken. Too easy to take. Too easy to use as his own. Too easy to kill.

Yet on the outskirts of the forest, where the three main provinces met, a castle stood tall and strong. It was filled with working bokoblins of all kinds. It also held a Demon Lord, who was currently in his room working on something very important. For a moment, he stopped, turning to face the window.

"Such a strange thought..." He murmured, putting down the tool in his hand before he walked over to the glass windows. "Gina.." He whispered the name.

And miles and miles away—in a different world practically—a certain angel stopped what he was doing. His form became ridged and his heart beat quicken in his chest. He could hardly breathe.

"No, it can't be." His terrified voice carried over the land he was occupying. "This is bad." He returned to the world of which his subject's stayed, fearful for their lives.

Impa looked up from her concentration on the stone steps—the same one's that she's stared at for at least a thousand years. She smiled deeply on the inside when she saw Link approach her.

"Greetings, Link. Were you able to catch up with Zelda?"

Link looked away from her for a moment, a solemn look befalling him. And was that...anger? Resentment? Guilt?

"Yeah." He mumbled. "Though when I got there Zelda had to leave right away, with a woman."

"Ah, I see. So the guardian was there as well, was she?" Link tilted his head in confusion and curiosity. Impa took that as the signal explain the role of the guardian, then teaching Link to play the harp. She properly taught him the Ballad of the Goddess, which in turn summoned the cold slab of stone known as the 'Second Gate of Time."

"Link, you will need to endure many hardships and put yourself in great danger to awaken the gate from its dormant state. Though your journey will put you in harm's way, Link...you must endure. It is your fate as the chosen hero of the Godde—!"

Impa stopped suddenly. Her heart started to thump in her chest like a beating drum. The hair on the back of her neck stood straight up and shivers ran up and down her spine, then all over her body.

No...it couldn't be. That evil...it...

The very temple they resided inside started to rumble and shake. Impa stayed rooted to the floor, an expression of shock and horror stuck on her face.

"It cannot be.." She murmured.

"Whoa! What's going on!?" Link shouted, running up to the old woman. She held onto his shoulder so as to steady herself. Impa spared a second to gather her bearings.

"Link, you've got to listen to me. Something horribly evil has made it's way into this world. We're going to need to fight it off." Link nodded silently yet steadily. "Good, let's go outside and see what we can do."

"Impa! Are you alright?!" Daniel shouted, landing on the ground next to the older woman. Her heart leapt in her chest with joy.

"I'm alright Daniel. Thank you for coming. Though, I believe that great evil we felt days ago has finally made it's way into this world." She suggested.

Daniel placed a comforting hand upon her shoulder. "Thank you for keeping up the barrier, Impa. I have to ask you to keep it up just a bit longer. We need to take this evil force out as soon as possible." Daniel explained, turning towards the pit. "Though...strange, I feel as though Link in nearby."

"That's because he is." Impa nodded towards the giant pit. "He's down there, fighting the evil force." Daniel rushed forward, looking over the edge. Sure enough, Link stood facing the evil force, sword at the ready. Though upon closer inspection, Daniel noticed the bruises and cuts on Link, and the evil force that inflicted it upon him.

An icy chill ran down his back and made his hair stand on edge. His heart stopped. "No..." Daniel whimpered.

"What is it Daniel?" Impa pressed.

He turned to face the woman. "Impa..." His eyes were wide with horror. "The evil force, it's a Demon."

Impa gave a shout of surprise. "A Demon!? Why?"

"I don't know! But if we don't defeat him soon, his power is just going to keep growing!" Daniel turned just in time to witness the Demon smack Link into a nearby wall of the pit, without even using his hand.

"I"ll keep the barrier up to protect Zelda as long as I can! Daniel, send for someone to help aid us!" Impa urged.

"Impa, there's no one that I can send for! I'm the only angel permitted in this world!"

"Then send for Gina and Ghirahim to help! Or perhaps my younger form!"

Daniel stopped, smiling deeply. "You're a genius, Impa! I'll send for Ghirahim and Gina! They'll aid greatly!" With that last statement, Daniel raised his hands over his head. Closing his eyes, breathing deeply, he silently formed a white light within his upraise hands. When the light became no bigger than a baseball, is shot from his hands and zoomed across the forest.

"Keep the barrier up, Impa, I'm going to go help Link. The others will be here shortly."

He jumped off the edge and down into the pit, landing next to Link.

Everything was momentarily stopped as the Angel made his appearance.

A silent yet deadly smile slid onto the face of the Demon. "Look here...an angel of God has come to help you." The demon directed at Link. The boy—who could barely hold himself up—looked to Daniel in curiosity.

"I wouldn't be so relaxed if I were you, Demon. I'm going to send you back from where you came." Daniel lifted his arm out, as though he were grasping something. A great, very white and pure light shot from the sky and to his arm. When the light was gone, all that remained was a white scythe embroidered with gold.

The Demon's smile slipped from his face. "This is my world now. I'll do as I please, and that includes killing you!" The Demon leapt from the pedestal he was perched on and headed straight towards Daniel. Skin met a cool blade and claws met warm flesh.

"Almost done." Ghirahim sighed, looking up at the ceiling.

He had been working on something quite important for the past few days. Something so important that he destroyed it every time it didn't turn out the way he wanted it to.

"Something so simple is actually very complex." The Demon Lord growled, crossing his arms. "Though the fact that it will belong to Gina fits the situation perfectly." He mused.

He sighed once more, sitting down on the edge of his bed. He closed his eyes and relaxed his body. For a moment, he allowed himself some peace and ease. Yet it didn't feel right without Gina next to him, smiling. She always calmed him, always had the ability to make things easier to deal with.

If he was being honest with himself, he missed her.

He missed her a lot.

His eyes shot open when he felt something come zooming towards his castle. He turned to the window to pear into the forest surrounding the castle. He eyes widened when they landed on the object coming right at him. He backed away as quickly as he could to avoid being hit.

The ball of light hit his window, exploding. It didn't destroy anything, only exploded in a magnificent out of colors—which then turned back to white and seeped through his window, into his room. It covered everything, making anything unable to be seen. Soon, Ghirahim's sight was just white.

Just as suddenly as it had happened, it was gone. Ghirahim was left standing in the middle of his room. Everything way normal...yet...

He needed to get to the old Temple standing next to the giant pit. Right this moment.

He had no reason to be there, he just felt that he was needed there.

Blood seared through the air before it cascaded to the ground in a vivid red rain.

The Demon smirked, then chuckled and finally started to laugh hysterically. "Pitiful angel!" He bellowed.

"This 'pitiful angel' just gave you a gash across your chest, stupid demon." Daniel growled.

"Yes...and this 'stupid demon' just clawed your arm."

Daniel looked down to his arm, the one holding his scythe. His eyes popped from there sockets when he realized that the demon's words had been true. "I don't feel any pain..." Daniel narrowed his eyes.

The demon cackled once more. "Oh don't worry, you will. In about...three..two...one..."

Daniel almost dropped the scythe and fell to the ground when he felt the horrendous fire crawling over the cuts on his arm. He gave a grunt of pain before he reached over and clamped his other hand over the cuts. "That's a nasty trick you've got there." He commented.

The Demon flashed his pointed teeth at Daniel. "Thank you. I pride myself on my tactics."

Daniel flashed his perfect teeth as well. "I also pride myself on my tactics...it seems that we're both alike." With that last word said, the Demon gave a yowl of pain and grabbed the gash on his chest.

"YOU SPITEFUL AGENT OF GOD!" He screamed. Daniel only rolled his eyes in amusement.

"You're not the only one with tricks up his sleeves."

The demon glared deadly at Daniel. "And I've got millions more of them just for you." He seethed.

Daniel answered, crouching down with the scythe to attack once more. "I'm counting on it." The Demon did the same, readying his claws. Just when the two were ready to pounce on each other and rip their guts out, a collage of Diamonds appeared on the ledge above them. When they cleared, Ghirahim stood in there place. He looked around at the situation, seeing Link, Daniel, and the Demon all tense.

"What is happening here? He cocked an eyebrow, mildly interested in this.

Daniel stood back up, smiling and placing the scythe over his shoulder, casually. "Ah, Ghirahim, I'm glad you got my message." He called.

Ghirahim only glared. "Oh, YOU were the one who sent that? To be honest that...how does Gina put it? 'Scare the shit out of me'." He quoted. "And strangely enough, I felt the need to come here out of no where." Then he looked to the Demon. "And who is this? An annoying friend of yours?"

Daniel chuckled. "I wish I could say that...unfortunately, he's an enemy of mine."

Ghirahim raised his invisible eyebrow, curiously eyeing the Demon. "Enemy, huh? I think I like him already."

This time the Demon smiled. He stood tall and approached Ghirahim, even though he was a level lower than him. "You're interesting as well. There's a fair amount of...evil leaking off of you. However, it's quickly being replaced by a light." The Demon called to him, inspecting Ghirahim.

Of course Ghirahim would take offence to what the Demon just said. He growled. "Just who the hell are you?" He posed his hand, ready to summon his word. No one ever talks down to the Demon Lord.

The Demon in question jumped from his place on the ground, landing right in front of Ghirahim. He smiled menacingly. "My name is Demise."

"Demise, eh?" Ghirahim murmured. "Strange name..."

"As is Ghirahim." Demise cocked an eyebrow.

This time Daniel appeared from no where, swiping his scythe at Demise. He leapt back to the pedestal on the lower part of the pick, cackling.

"Ghirahim." Daniel called. "Don't listen to a word he says. He's an insane creation made from the very deepest levels of hell."

Ghirahim crossed his arms. "And why should I trust you?" He inquired, tilting his head.

Daniel rolled his eyes. "Gina trusts me, doesn't she? And you trust Gina, do you not?"

Ghirahim's spark of fight died down rather quickly. "Of course I trust Gina...she just doesn't trust me at the moment." He looked away.

Daniel furrowed his eyebrow. "Ghirahim...where IS Gina? I thought when I called you, you would have brought her along."

"Gina's angry with me at the moment...or forever. Who knows? She told me that she hated me. Then left with the Skychild." He looked over at Link, who was finally off the ground and adorning his sword at Demise. He overheard them, and called out.

"I brought Gina back here! She said she needed to get back to her 'trees', so we went out separate ways." Link explained, still watching Demise with angry eyes.

"Then she's back in her own world." Ghirahim crossed his arms, looking upon the destruction that's happened in the past hour or so.

Daniel creased his eyebrows in worry. "No, that's impossible." His voice trembled a bit. "I would have felt if she left this world. I'm notified every time she does."

Demise cackled, his deep and dark voice cutting the thick air of evil. "You mean that funny little girl? The one with the bright blue eyes, full of life and light?" Demise spat the last part out, as though it were disgusting to even think about.

Everyone turned their attention to him, eyes full of confusion and their body filled with concern. Demise continued, laughing periodically. "I found her earlier. She was such an interesting little thing, took away nearly half my power! I found that I couldn't come near her with the intention to harm her." He explained.

"You hurt her!?" Link cried out, gripping his sword tighter in anger.

Demise turned to him. "Don't worry, boy, I didn't hurt her. A force field form her wouldn't allow me to get close enough. Of course, I couldn't harm her...but I could do something else to her..." He gave a satanic smirk.

Ghirahim gave Daniel a look of hostility. "What does that mean!?" he urged.

"It could mean a number of things. He may not be able to harm her directly, though he could hurt her in other ways. Things like controlling the elements, earthquakes, lava, water, possibly summoning monsters as well. He could use a normal weapon too, like an arrow. Anything that does't involve him getting too close to her." He narrowed his eyes with every thought entering his mind. Demise only smirked back at him.

"She's not dead, if that's what you're wondering." Daniel quickly added. "I would have felt her life pass from her body and into heaven." Daniel summed up. Ghirahim relaxed a bit, as well as Link.

"No, I didn't kill her or harm her...I merely smothered the light in her eyes." He threw his head back, cackled loudly, maliciously, much like Ghirahim had before he met Gina.

This time Ghirahim visibly shook with anger. He never truly loathed something until this very moment, after hearing those words.

"You smothered the light... the life... the love from her eyes!?" He seethed, his voice so low that Demise could barely hear it.

"Of course I did! She was so...powerful. Such a great power, I can still taste the beauty and the wonder of it. Really, it was the only kind of power to match mine. Though, THAT power, up there," He nodded his head towards the temple atop the pit. "is quite powerful as well, maybe more so than the girls. However, it lacks the...life like the girl's did."

"WHAT DID YOU DO TO HER!?" Ghirahim screamed now, snapping his fingers as his sword appeared overhead.

"Just a simple sleeping curse...one where she'll be forever tormented in the worst nightmare anyone can ever imagine. It's going to dim the light in her eyes, and the spirit, the life, the power for a LONG time." He laughed again, throwing a burst of power towards the temple. It reflected back at him, due to the force field Impa currently held up. It was obvious, however, that it was weakening.

Ghirahim lunged at Demise, his sword swiping just in front of his face. It was a move that was mean to slice his head clean off, but Demise moved back just in time.

"Hmm..." The demon tilted his head. "I underestimated your power. You seem to be more skilled that I thought. Maybe it has something to do with the girl?"

Ghirahim started to shout again. "Damn right it does! You touched her! You touched her with those evil, despicable and disgusting hands of yours!" He summoned projectiles to be launched at Demise. He merely avoided them with a move of his hand.

"You have the basics of power that I have. Very similar. You're a Demon yourself, are you not?" Demise smiled. Ghirahim stopped for a moment, lowering his guard for a fraction of a second.

"Yes, my name is Demon Lord Ghirahim. I preside over this land." He narrowed his eyes.

"Join me then. Together we can take over this land and destroy every ounce of light there is!" Demise boomed, his claws sharpening. "It will all be ours!" His eyes flashed red.

Ghirahim hesitated.

It wasn't like he right out agreed to join him.

Ghirahim hesitated.

"No." He claimed, strongly and deeply.

Daniel turned his head away from Demise to steal a quick glance at Ghirahim.

"Did he really just...?" Daniel thought to himself, smirking.

Ghirahim gripped his sword tighter, before he surged forward with the intention to kill.

Sweat dripped off the brow of the brave heroes fighting below Impa. How long had it been since she had first felt the temple shake? An hour? A day? She no longer knew. What did DID know, however, was that her power was nearly drained. She had an aching suspicion that Daniel knew it too. She did not know how long she could keep the barrier protecting Zelda up.

Swords against claws and the thick air of evil clashed. A scythe swung through the air, attempting to behead anything that got in it's way. Evil's laughter electrified the surrounding area. Yet no matter what the heroes did, no matter what formation they used, they could not seem to waken or injure the Demon known as Demise.

Impa soon realized this was not a battle to be fought physically. They needed to think it through, they needed to plan. If they could not defeat Demise...then what was the alternative?

The moment the idea popped into her head, Daniel looked up at her through exhausted eyes and smiled, as though he were thanking her.

After all, he was the Angel of Dreams and Wishes. Right now she wished that Daniel knew her plan.

And he did.

Link stopped a moment to catch his breath while Ghirahim fought on, ruthlessly. "I'll fight however long I can, but I feel like this is impossible." Link explained, bending over just the slightest.

"Don't worry." Daniel gasped, sweat pouring down his temple. "Impa and I have a plan." Link tilted his head, confused as to what 'Impa' had to do with this. "I know how to carry it out, but I'm going to need your help."

"Then what's this plan? I'll help anyway I can!" Link assured him.

"If we can't defeat Demise, we'll have to seal him away. It will give us some time to come up with another plan on how to ACTUALLY defeat him." Daniel explained.

"I like it...but how do we do it?"

Daniel smirked. "Among my many...abilities, I can freeze or stop the movement of something in this world. Now, I may not be able to completely stop Demise, because he's not of this world, but I can freeze the area around him. Long enough for us to seal him away. The only problem is that I need a strike of Holy Power..." He trailed off.

"And my sword was crafted by Hylia the Holy Goddess. That makes it..."

"A Holy Sword. So, while I hold Demise and chant a sealing blessing, I'll need you to strike him with a Skyward Strike. Can you do it?"

Link readied his sword, bracing himself. "I'm sure of it!"

"Ghirahim!" Daniel shouted, leaping into the fight with his scythe at his side. He swiped at Demise, only for him to flip backwards. "Back off him for a second, I have a plan. I need you to lend me some of your power."

"And how do you suppose I do that?" Ghirahim cocked an invisible eyebrow, huffing with rage and exhaustion.

Daniel smiled. "You don't have to do anything, just let me use your energy."

"No." Ghirahim growled, throwing projectiles at the Demon.

"Do you want to save Gina or not?" Daniel seethed, throwing the scythe once more, only for it to miss.

"Of course I do!"

"Then lend me your energy!"

Ghirahim's face contorted in anger. He couldn't believe what little options he was left with. "...UGH! Fine! Do it!" He bellowed.

Daniel inhaled deeply, closing his eyes. "Here we go. I hope this works." He placed his hands level before him and slowly brought them down, until they were at the end of his stomach. Then he opened his eyes with such ferocity, you would think the Angel was the Demon. His eyes were whited out and glowed brightly. He opened his mouth to speak, the light leaked from there as well.

Ghirahim could feel his energy dwindling, being sucked up by this angel. However, he was in too much shock to do or say anything. And before anyone could blink, Daniel raised his hands above his head, shouting words that echoed into the air. Demise backed away from him and into the pedestal.

"What are you doing?!" He screeched.

The ground around both Demise and the pedestal started to glow white. The Demon attempted to jump into the air whilst growling loudly, however, he was only a few feet off the ground before his body froze.

"Link." Daniel called. His voice sounded ancient, loud. "Strike him now!" He ordered. Link nodded only once, raising his sword to the sky, charging it.

When he brought the sword, along with the Holy Strike, down before him to hit the frozen Demise, there seemed to be an explosion of pure, holy light. However, before it could become catatonic, it imploded on itself until it was just a tiny white ball. Link dared to take a step towards it, wondering what he had just done.

The moment his foot met the ground, the ball of white exploded into millions of tiny white beams of light. It was like witnessing a star shatter in mid air. Then slowly, the white dimmed and turned into black...

When all the heroes opened their eyes, they found themselves laying on the ground, disoriented.

"What...what?" Link couldn't believe what was floating before his very eyes. The stone pedestal that Demise had been perched on just seconds ago was now floating in the air above the ground, in which it had once rested.

"LINK!" Impa called from atop the pit. All three looked up to see her. "Hit that pedestal with another Sealing Strike to fully seal the demon! Do it now!" Link shot up from his place on the ground, raising the sword once more and blasting the pedestal. The intricately carved designs within the stone glowed a strong and constant blue. Then, with swift movements, Link drew a triangle in the air with his sword.

He thrust the sword downward, the pedestal fell, embedding itself into the ground. The blue that had once been on the pedestal transferred to the ground in yet another intricately woven design, where it glowed for a moment and faded to black.

Everything was quiet. Not anyone dared even take in a breath or move a mere inch. They were all tense, their minds wandering in pure curiosity, hope, and terror.

Had they really done it? Had they really sealed away Demise?

Impa was the one to break the silence. "I do not sense that the dark power emanating from that pedestal is awake." She called out. The heroes visibly relaxed. "Though the power is still there, it is dormant...for now."

"As long as it buys us more time..." Daniel sighed, dropping his scythe. It turned white before it dissolved away into the air. The moment it did, however, Ghirahim started to yell.

"Where's Gina!?" He bellowed into the air. "What did he do to her?!" Ghirahim's sword let off a surge of orange energy that hit the far wall, creating a gap in the dark rock. You could feel the electrical charge of energy returning in the air around him.

Daniel sighed "Ghirahim, calm down. Demise said he only placed a sleeping curse on her. She shouldn't be physically hurt."

"Did you not understand what he said?" Ghirahim exclaimed, his shoulders becoming ridged and tense. "He took the light from her eyes! The wonder...the life and adventure." His voice grew quieter and quieter. "Every time I looked into the those eyes as pure blue as the sky, I...I always saw such beauty reflecting in them. And now he...he took it from her."

His shoulders dropped, his head faced the ground and white hair covered his face. The sword he was holding turned into tiny diamonds, floating away. Ghirahim looked...defeated. And he most certainly felt sad and helpless.

"Ghirahim..." Daniel murmured, his brow creased in worry. "I would suspect that she's on the ground by her portal. Head to the tree's she always goes to."

The Demon Lord looked up at Daniel in surprise. There, you could see small view of gratefulness aimed towards the Angel. However, it quickly turned to determination. "I'm going to her. I don't care what you useless people do, but don't you DARE follow." He spoke in a rushed, angry voice. "Especially you, Skychild. She would be safe at my castle if you hadn't become her friend!" He yelled.

Now he turned to Daniel. "And you! I have no idea who you are or how you know me, but I know you have SOMETHING to do with that Demon. I don't want you near her. She's safe with ME and that's IT!" With a snap of his fingers, he was already gone.

Link's shoulders sagged as he sighed long and loud. "He's right...if I had went with Gina, she wouldn't be hurt." Daniel rolled his eyes and place a hand on Link's shoulder.

"There's no way you would have known Demise was in this world. And I really don't believe you could have prevented her from getting hurt either. Just ignore Ghirahim, he's only concerned for her, That's all." Daniel pushed Link forward, up the ledge a bit.

"Why is Gina so important to Ghirahim?" Link turned to the angel. "And why is Ghirahim so important to Gina? I know they're friends but they don't agree on each other's views."

Daniel looked forward with a smirk, chuckling lightly. "Ghirahim's been alone for a very long time. Then, Gina came along one day and flipped his world upside down." He looked at Link.

"At first, I didn't think they would ever get along. They loathed each other in the beginning. Ghirahim just about broke her arm when they first met, and of course she hit him in the man hood and ran away as pay back." Link winced, understanding the pain Ghirahim must have felt.

"Later, they met up again, Ghirahim tried to kill her...let's just cut to the chase. He ended up teleporting them into a frozen waste land to try and do away with her. Though, as Demise earlier said, her powers put up a force field because he had tried to harm her. She stole his energy, rendering him unable to use his powers. They waked all the way back to the forest in the snow... On the way there, however, they fell through the ice and into a frozen lake. Gina managed to crawl out, but Ghirahim was still under water. Despite the fact that he tried to kill her, she still dove back down to save him."

Link smiled. "That sounds like Gina...risking her life to save a person who tried to kill her..." He mumbled.

"Yup!" Daniel agreed. "I'll let you in on a little secret." He leaned towards Link a bit. "Ghirahim doesn't know it yet, but he loves Gina. He LOVES Gina...a lot actually. If you tell him, he's going to deny it; but truly he does. And she of course, loves him back, but won't admit it either."

"Blind love..." Link murmured, looking off into the distance.

"Much like yours and Zelda's." Daniel compared the two.


Daniel laughed, waving his hand over Link's eyes. They got a distant look before they glazed over and he stood there, staring into nothing but space.

"Oh don't worry. You're not even going to remember a thing. You will only know that whatever was under that seal down there broke loose and Impa had you seal it up."

Link did not respond. It was clear that he was out of his mind at the moment. Daniel sighed, shaking his head. "I have to admit; it's fun to make cover up stories...but it get's old after a while."

"Daniel, I see you've brainwashed the Goddess's Hero..." Impa croaked. The Angel turned, smirking.

"Of course, I can't have him knowing that I exist. The game would be ruined." Impa only shook her head in response.

"Come. Let's rest in the temple for a minute."

"Oh don't worry." He called. "I'm right behind you."

Impa shook her head at the memory or earlier today. She really could see herself taking a vacation. Somewhere in Hawaii would be good. Lying on a beach, not having to worry about protecting the Goddess or keeping up force fields or even having to keep a sealed away Demon in check.

She silently wished that Daniel could somehow freeze time in this world just so that they could all go on a break.

And of course, Daniel being the Angel of Dreams and Wishes, heard it all.

After all, summer wasn't that far away.

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