Welcome to Our World

By KagomeNarome

Romance / Adventure

Chap 3: Running for my Life

The forest seemed to be laughing at me as I walked through it. "That man is the most unnatural and disturbing creation I'll ever meet. " I rambled, fiddling with the chain around my neck. Suddenly, I let out a grunt as I stumbled over an unseen tree root.

I shook my head, continuing on into the forest. I had been walking around it for a good thirty minutes now. I sighed with frustration. "You know what? I'm not leaving this world! This is MY world after all; I have a right to stay! I don't care if that weird man is here too, I can handle him." I decided, folding my arms across my chest.

In truth, I didn't want to stay. I only said that because I felt like an idiot walking around the forest looking for those two trees. I had no idea how to get back.

Though, to that thought about the Ghia...Gira...him, that guy. It made my stomach flip in a bad way just by imagining him in my mind. He practically oozed evil in every view my brain came up with. And that's how I got to wondering how he even came to be in my world.

Surly I wasn't that messed up in the head, right? I wasn't that strange. Not strange enough to imagine up Ghia...hum...that guy in my world. He's just...a whole other level of creepy and weird and any other eccentric word that could describe him.

"Now that I think about it, who really made this world? Me or Daniel? Or maybe...not even Daniel at all. How was this world made?" I mumbled, scrunching my face up in thought. Did Daniel just reach into my mind and take what I imagined my world to be and somehow made it...real? Was that how Ghia...ham...that guy and the forest came to be? Or did he just...create some random world with some random forest and a random creepy guy in it?

Possibly...was he using a world that he'd already used before? For someone else like me, someone who wished to have their own world and be a god of that world?

"UGH!" I groaned, my head spinning. This was crazy; trying to find the answered to everything. It was like trying to figure out Alice in Wonderland. I was Alice...and this was Wonderland. Yet everyone knew that Wonderland was a world that just...didn't make sense.

I had continued to walk while thinking and I soon stumbled upon a small spring of water. I sat down to rest and drink while thinking more, furthering the headache that was now developing.

Now let's think this through. I wished to have a world of my own, one that only I could escape to. I also wished to be the god of said world.

"Well, I got my world. As far as I know, I'm the only one from the real world that is here. Obviously that Ghira-guy isn't from the real world...that only leaves my status of being a god."

"God of this world, huh?" I mumbled again, staring off into space. "That Gaara-guy thought I was this 'Holy Goddess Hylia.' And I'm a 'god' of this world," Or technically a goddess, since I'm a girl. "Either way, he spoke as though he knew of that Holy Goddess before hand. Meaning...he was here before I was." I concluded.

I scowled, realizing that I was beginning to find the explanation behind this world. There was still too much information I was missing to say for sure, though. There was something else missing too...

"Daniel said I was the god of this world. He even told me to 'imagine up some weapons to protect myself'! He said I can do anything! I tried; it didn't work!" I ranted, getting worked up. "If I was a god then I should have easily dealt with that creep! I could have waved my hand and he would have vanished! Why didn't it work then?"

My voice carried out into the forest, but my question was left unanswered. I huffed, while crossing my arms. I just didn't want to admit that the reason it didn't work was because I didn't try hard enough to imagine a weapon. So I avoided that thought, distracting myself.

Looking down into the surface of the spring, I saw my reflection. All that reflected back at me was just...me. There was no godly glow, no change of appearance. There was just my usual self, my normal and slightly below average looks.

"Am I really a god...or am I just playing at one?" I mumbled, mentally stabbing Daniel with a sharp knife.

I realized that Daniel pretty much lied about me being a god. I didn't have any powers, I wasn't special...besides the fact that I'm in a completely different world.

Daniel pretty much plopped me into this world, told me it was mine and that I was a god. Obviously, the only explanation to how this world was created was that he had a spare world on hand. Only, this world is messed up, yet he just shoved it off onto me.

Wishing for a different world wasn't the best idea I've ever had.

"Screw adventure! Screw having fun! Screw being a god! I really need to get home." I called, out loud.

I stood up, stretching my limbs. And then my stomach growled, warning me that it was chow time. And that, in turn, had me looking to the sky, wondering if I would get home in time for dinner. To my disappointment, it was starting to grow dark. My mother would have been home already, wondering where I was. It was most certainly going to be a fun time explaining this to her...

I started to walk, hoping and wishing with all my heart that I would somehow stumble upon those two trees. I stopped in my tracks when my stomach gave another growl, this time making me groan with discomfort. Hunger was my weakness.

I looked up at the surrounding forest, hoping to see some berries or fruits. What I did see almost made me crap my pants.

Giant mushrooms.


"Ahah...no...I didn't make this world up." I shook my head, staring at the blue fungus. "I hate mushrooms."

I turned away from it, hoping to not to discover more. Instead I headed over to a bunch of tall grass, expecting there to berries. Once I started to shift through them, though, the grass started to shake and giggle. I took a giant step away from it, worried that it would be another monster.

I waited another moment, but when nothing happened I nudged the grass with the tip of my shoe. The plant moved and then disappeared, rolling up into a brown ball on top of a fat, fluffy brown thing. It stood up, turned around, blinked it's beady eyes at me and then tilted it's fluffy head. I did the same as I stopped to look at it's long nose. It took a moment for the both of us to register what was going on.

When we did, we ripped away from each other, screaming. I fell back and onto my ass. I quickly put my arms up in defense, hoping that it would just leave me alone. However, the creature was back on the ground, covering itself with the tall grass again.

"What the hell is that thing?!" I asked myself, scooting farther from it. The creature stopped shivering and whimpering at the sound of my voice and raised it head to peer up at me.

"Huh? You're not attacking me? Kukweek?" It nervously inquired. I gave a nervous laugh in return.

"Ahah, no. I thought you were going to attack me." I responded. The thing gave a sign of relief and retracted the grass into a ball again, standing up.

"You're not from around here? Kwee?" He asked. Or...I'm assuming the thing was a he.

I smiled weakly, sitting down so that I was at his level. "Ah, yeah. I practically just got here."

"You're nice? Kekewee?" It asked this time, being strait forward.

I shrugged my shoulders. "That depends if you're going to kill me."

"A Kikwi like me would never hurt a pretty lady like you!" He exclaimed.

I looked off into the forest. "Well, it's too bad that other people can't say the same." I murmured, scanning for any signs of the creep. "But, besides that, my name is Gina. It's nice to meet you." I stuck my hand out for the creature to shake.

"OH! My name is Matchi! You wouldn't happen to be from the same place that nice man is from, would you?" He asked, taking my hand and introducing himself.

Nice man? He wouldn't be referring to the creepy Gram-guy, right? There's no way that creep would be so nice around these things. I can only imagine him kicking the little creature across the land and burning down the forest to drive them away...

"Uh...what did this 'nice man' look like?"

"He was dressed in green and had blond hair! I think his name was...Link! Kwee! He was looking for another pretty lady that happened to run by. Kewii!" Matchi explained happily.

A man by the name of Link? I've never heard of such a name before...people here have the craziest names.

"I have no idea who you're talking about, so I probably don't know him." I shook my head.

How many other people are in this world? Are they like me? Or are they like that creepy guy?

"In any case, it's quite nice to meet you Miss Gina. Kweek! Were you looking for something? Kewee!" Matchi scratched his head.

"As a matter of fact, I was hungry and looking for something to eat." I explained.

Matchi smiled brightly. "Oh! I know where food is! Follow me! Kukee!"

I ended up following Matchi to the Kikwi gathering place. That's where I met Bucha, the Kikwi elder. I just about crapped my pants at the sight of him; he was at least five feet taller than me. And I'm only five feet tall...

After introductions were done, the Kikwi's and I started to talk more. They let me snack on some weird shaped fruits they had picked from the trees. Amazingly, it tasted quiet good. Almost as sweet as strawberries and bananas.

By the time we got back to the gathering place, which was a burrowed out tree, the sun had already set and the night was creeping upon us. I needed to get home.

"I wouldn't do that if I were you. Kwee. The woods can be dangerous at night. That man you told me about earlier could be lurking behind a tree as we speak. Kwee Kwee. At least wait until morning." Bucha suggested.

Much to my dismay, I stayed the night huddled up with the other Kikwis in the burrowed tree.

At this point...I don't think I cared much for my safety; I just wanted to get home. I could just picture my mother at the moment. She was sitting at the kitchen table having a panic attack. She's already called all the neighbors.

When I get home...she's going to ground me for life.

Yet before I somehow found it deep within me to actually fall asleep, I found my thoughts on that...creepy guy whose name I couldn't remember.

Why was he so...weird? Why did he dress that way? Like Lady Gaga...

The next time I see him, he's probably going to be really pissed because I punched his junk.

I found myself chuckling in amusement. There was no way that I was going to be seeing that...Ghiraham guy again.

"Thank you all for your hospitality and kindness, but I really must be going now." I waved goodbye to them as I set off for my journey home. I had promised that next time I was around the area, I'd visit.

But we all know that I wasn't going back anytime soon.

The thought of my mom locking my away in my room was lodged into my mind. What would I tell my mother when I got home?

"Sorry mom, but I had my wish granted by an angel and I slept overnight in my own world. I hope you won't think I'm crazy!" I said to myself in a happy tone. I replied to myself in an even happier tone. "Of course I don't think you're crazy dear; just make sure you leave a note next time."

I sighed. It would be a miracle if that actually happened.

"She'll have me on crazy pills by the time I'm done telling her the story."

It was then that my eyes caught sight of a bush full of raspberries.

I smiled and hurried over to them, picking a leaf and placing a whole bunch on it. I looked for a place to rest and spotted a log. Sitting down while resting my legs, I started to munch on the berries.

The sweet taste was better than the ones we had back in my world. And usually I can't taste anything because I tend to have multiple colds throughout the winter.


Wait a minute…I could TASTE these berries, even when I have a cold?

I took a deep whiff of them through my nose and I could smell the sweetness. There was no stuffy nose…no itchy throat making me want to cough…no watery eyes either.

I set the berries down next to me, taking a deep breath through my nose. "No way..." A huge smile spread over my face. "My cold is gone! IT'S GONE!"

I jumped up onto my feet, bouncing up and down before breaking out in my 'happy dance'.

The happy dance was extremely embarrassing to do out in public. It's usually a bunch of random dance moves with a lot of pelvic thrusts...I'd never dance my happy dance in front of other people.

So you can imagine the surprise and the horror when I turned back to my berries and found someone with a front row seat.

I screamed at the very top of my lungs. "WHAT THE—!" The shrill of my voice echoed into the forest, causing some birds nearby to fly away. I'm also sure I'm jumped two feet in the air before landing right on my ass.

Silence ensued between the two of us as I stared up in horror at the person before me. "Now, what about your 'cold'?" His deep voice, strangely calm, pierced the air.

I suddenly remembered him name.


That's when I noticed that he had taken to eating my berries.

He sat there, not blinking nor looking away from me as he popped the berries into his mouth. One after the other. However, I did not answer his question. I was frozen with fear.

"That was some dance you had there." He paused in eating the berries, an amused smile spreading over his face. "The thrusts into the air would have turned me on if it weren't for the bruise you placed upon my...lower areas."

He was no longer smiling but continued to eat the berries. I blushed a scarlet red as he had said the words.

"Is it too late to say sorry?" I asked with as much innocence as I could muster.

His eyes narrowed to slits as he glared at me, probably hoping that I would start on fire if he concentrated hard enough. He said nothing, he only hummed to himself. When he finished the small pile of delectable berries, he cleared his throat.

"So, tell me more about this 'cold' you had."

My eyebrows drew together in confusion. He just seemed so...calm. He was very gentlemanly as well.

"Is there a reason why?" I hesitantly asked.

"Just do it!" He finally snapped. I leaned back, fearful that he would reach out and snap my neck at any moment.

"Uh...well...before I got...here...I remembered a place with snow. And I had a cold from all the dampness the snow left. Now that I'm here...my cold is gone." I explained, looking down at my hands. I was still lying about not knowing where I was from.

When I looked up, Ghirahim was starting to nod, taking it all in as he quirked a brow. "Would I be right if I were to assume you don't like the cold?" He inquired.

I was getting more nervous by the second. "You'd be right."

Why did he appear so calm? It's like he had forgiven me for punching him in his junk. Obviously he hadn't...

He continued to nod, staring at me as though he had come to a conclusion.

"Alright, since you've decided to lie to me once again, I'm going to make you a deal."

"I'm not lying!" I defended myself.

He scowled. "I disagree. You said that you couldn't remember where you came from. Yet now you tell me that you come from a cold place with these odd things called 'colds'."

I scrunched my face up. He didn't know what a cold was? Didn't they have them in this world?

"Either way, I call that lying." He narrowed his eyes.

I nervously bit my lip. "Ah, I don't exactly remember where I'm from. I get little bits and pieces here and there from time to time. The snow is one of the things I remember." I explained.

Ghirahim ignored me now and put a sadistic smile on his face.

"I'm going to give you ten seconds to run." He stood up from the log. "If you're fast enough and clever enough to evade me, I won't kill you."

All the blood drained from my face, leaving behind a feeling of dread and horror. It's not normal for my face to become pale instead of bright red.

I stood up automatically and started to back away. "Seriously? You're going to kill me!?" I asked, my voice shaking with fear. He only watched me with that satanic smile of white. His lips parted as he started to count.


I turned around and flew out of there as fast as my feet could carry me.


His voice followed me as I ran. It echoed off the trees and on the inside of my mind.


Was he really going to kill me because I punched him in the junk!?


Daniel...if you're watching this...please help me!


What will happen to my mother if I don't come back? Wait...wait...this place looks familiar!


I jumped over the small stream, the one I had drank out of the other day.


There it was! I could see it! The two trees next to each other, creating the perfect doorway for someone to cross through.



I was so close, only but six feet away from those trees. Now I was currently lying on top of something I had run right into that had appeared out of no where. The thing was frantically moving around. It took me a moment to get my wits back before I realized who I was lying on.

I sprung up and rolled off of him. I felt VERY violated...and embarrassed. I'd been suffocating him with my gigantic boobs...

Just the thought made my face light up like a Christmas tree.

Ghirahim sat up, one hand on his chest as he gasped for air. "Girl, you almost KILLED me!" He seethed, turning to me with a glare. I smiled weakly, gave a nervous laugh and stood up.

"Well ah...it was nice...meeting...you." I trailed off, quickly turned around and sprinted the six feet to my trees and never looked back.

"Mom!? Mom!? I'm home!" I yelled, running into the house. I checked every room, every floor...but she wasn't anywhere to be found.

Worry creased my forehead. Was she out there looking for me right now?

My face lit up as I got an idea. "I'll call her!" I ran up the stairs to my room and dived for my cell phone.

"I should have never left the real world." I sighed, looking through my contacts list for her cell.

"Should have never left?" Someone echoed me.

"GAH!" I screamed, jumped far enough until I was flat against my wall and chucked my phone at the man sitting on my bed. It went right through him and hit the wall. The back flew off and the battery fell out.

Daniel laughed at me as I tried to calm my heavy breathing.

That's twice in one day that someone has scared the crap out of me.

"You're quite the skittish one today, aren't you? How was your day in your world?" He smiled.

"How was my day?" I repeated, slowly and quietly. I looked about the room, nodding my head as slow as possible. I made an indifferent face, shrugging. "Oh you know...IT WAS GREAT!" I burst out, storming up to him.

I tried to take hold of the front of his robes, however, my hands went right through him again.

"I'll tell you how my day went!" I started to pace back and forth through my room, ranting. "I ended up falling from an extraordinarily high ledge, had my face licked by a Demon Lord obsessed with diamonds, had my arm twisted until it cracked and had to run for my life! Then right before I got here I was violated by that same Demon Lord! The only good thing I got out of that world was a few new friends and being rid of my cold!"

"That sounds like fun." Daniel laid back on my bed, his hands behind his head. He was all smiles and giggles. I, instead, whipped around, glaring at him intensely. I made to punch him in the nose but my hand met the bed covers.

"It—how—how can you say that?! Besides, you cheated me out of my wish! I'm not a god or goddess of that world! I don't have any god powers and I can't even defend myself properly! And you most certainly didn't explain ANYTHING to me!" I shouted.

Daniel groaned and got up to leave. "I already gave you a hint on your powers. Next time try harder to imagine something and you might just amaze yourself."

I was shocked quiet for a moment, angry at myself. It was true; I hadn't tried hard enough to imagine something. Yet, I defended myself in the only way I knew how. "It doesn't matter! I'm not going back." I crossed my arms, turning away from him.

Daniel stopped in his tracks, did a dramatic half grumble—half sigh and then turned to me. "And why is that?"

"First, I don't want to deal with that creepy Ghirahim guy...ever!" I insisted. Daniel gave a chuckle, which made me turn around and narrow my eyes at him.

Did Daniel know about Ghirahim?

"Second..." I continued, hesitantly. "I wandered so far out that I had to stay the night. Now my mother is probably freaking out trying to find me!" I groaned, realizing that I still had to call her. I was about to start looking for all the pieces to my cell phone when Daniel started to laugh.

"That's what I forgot the other day."

I narrowed my eyes at him, glaring sharply. Whatever I was about to hear would probably piss me off. "Forgot what?"

"In some worlds time moves slower. So, a day in your world is...a second in this world."

My mind just about imploded on itself. This is one of those moments where you can go crazy trying to completely understand everything.

"...What?" I asked in the smallest voice possible.

"It's true. While you were gone a day and a few hours in your world...you were only gone about...1.3 seconds in this one." He smiled at me and had me sit on the bed.

"So...if I would be gone for 24 days in my world...I'd be gone about half a minute here?" I was astonished.

"Yes. Though, I did you a bit of a favor. At first, if you were to be spend a whole day in the real world, your world would have moved ahead 24 days. Basically meaning that every hour spent in the real world, the other world, your world, moves ahead a day." He paused, getting up to pace around.

"Now I have it so that when you spend a day here, it's only a day over there. Be grateful." He commanded.

I sat there, silent, for a moment. I opened my mouth to argue with him. "The whole time change only gets rid of the second reason of why I won't go back there. The first one is still stopping me and forever will. I do NOT want to deal with a psychopathic, diamond obsessed, masochistic Demon Lord." I crossed my arms.

Daniel didn't do anything; he just smiled at me; his eyes flicking downward for a fraction of a second. "I bet you a kiss on the check that you're going to go back there within 24 hours." Then he faded away again, his smile haunting me.

"Ha! I doubt that Daniel...the only reason I would go back there would be to ask for a death wish." I mumbled, placing my hand behind my neck, rubbing the stress from it.

Something felt wrong...very wrong.

And that's when I realized...

My necklace was gone.

I sighed.


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