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Chap 6: Bed?

It was strange, waking up to have my senses back. And they were heightened to the point where I could feel every tiny thing. That included each individual hair on the soft fur sheets that I was found myself lying on. It was extremely comfy; so I wasn't complaining.

But come one; who the hell has fur sheets?

Yet there was something else, something other than the fur sheets that I was sensing...or someone. Fluttering my eyes open just a bit, I saw that I really was on a bed. And the sheets really were made of fur; white and grey fur mixed, as though from a wolf.

I looked away from the sheets and to the room I was located in. It was big and made of smooth stone. The room had giant windows with white, see-through curtains cascading to the ground and gleaming in the sun's rays. I wanted to get up and go look through the windows and outside into the vast world I was in. I decided against it because I was in such a warm, peaceful state. I'd rather not ruin that.

I curled into a tighter ball, the little warmth I had kept me treasuring every little last bit of it. Yet I looked up and saw another body next to me. It took me a moment to realize that it was Ghirahim's body.

Wait...Ghirahim? Next to me? In bed?

My eyes were suddenly no longer droopy. Panic took control of me and my body froze up.

What had happened!?


I had dived back into the water to save Ghirahim. I sighed as I looked back at his face. He was breathing; more importantly he was peacefully sleeping. At least he was alive.

My mind came to a crash at my thoughts.

I was glad that Ghirahim was alive?


WHAT IS WRONG WITH ME!? He tried to kill me God knows how long ago! Now I'm all happy and cheery that he didn't die?

I turned the thought over and over in my mind, as though it were a smooth stone in my hands. "I couldn't have just left him there to die..." I mumbled.

Ghirahim moved, rolling over just a bit to the point that he was closer to me. Not only that; he grabbed onto me. One arm wound around my waist, pulling me even closer to him. The other slid under my arm and gripped my back. Now I was pressed against his chest; the right side of my face feeling it move up and down as he breathed.

I heard his heart beat...a calming and lulling rhythm. It was...beautiful.

His chin was resting on top of my head. I could feel his breath, a really warm and intoxicating sweet thing, ruffling my hair. I noticed that he had his right foot in between my legs. It was as though we were puzzle pieces that fit together...perfectly.

And Ghirahim was hot.

And no, I do not mean that he had a nice body. I was simply realizing that his body temperature was really warm. And he was so warm that I clung to him, hoping to get some of the warmth for myself. For just a few more moments I stayed there, being comfortable, warm and safe.

"Safe in the arms of the man who tried to choke me to death...what would my mother think?" I thought.

I decided that I could chance it now, to get up and leave. As in leave the place we were in and go home. I slowly tried to unwrap Ghirahim's arm from my waist but in my attempt he only pulled me closer to him. Sighing, I just gave up; if I couldn't get out of his grip, I surly couldn't defend myself against any monster that came after me when I tried to leave.

So…taking the opportunity, I closed my eyes and tried to fall asleep again.

Lucky me.

This time, when I woke up, I was very warm. It was a much better feeling that being cold; that's for sure.

And when I looked up I saw Ghirahim's face. He was still holding onto me, yet I was far enough away to move around a bit.

I stretched and yawned, enjoying the feeling of waking from a nice, long and deep sleep. However, I stopped mid yawn and stretch when I heard a mumble come from Ghirahim.

"Sweet...melted...sugar..." He inhaled very deeply. I furrowed my eyebrows; didn't he say something like that once before?

I stared into his face; he was very...precious while he was sleeping. His face wasn't contorted with anger. He looked happy and peaceful to be sleeping. His lips were actually attractive when he wasn't talking. His dark eyes were so deep too...like black voids that would suck you in at any given moment.

You could compare his eyes to that of a beast. They dare you to do something...something you should and probably would never do. They dare you to tame him...control him or-

Ghirahim laughed and I did a double take. Oh, duh...you don't usually have your eyes open when you're sleeping.

"Having fun memorizing my face, girl?" He asked. I blushed, looking away.

"I wasn't memorizing it! Just...realizing how ugly it was when you're awake." I lied.

"So, you're implying that it's beautiful when I'm asleep?" He raised his invisible eyebrows in amusement.

"I never said that!" I blushed even more, sitting up and turning away from him, scowling.

"Give up, girl. No one can resist my charm and good style!" He said, dramatically. I rolled my eyes while at the same time trying not to laugh. "Besides that..." Ghirahim continued. I turned around, curious as to what he had to say. "I can tell when you're lying." He claimed. At this I did laugh.

"Ok, whatever." I turned away from him once again. I felt the bed lift up on his side. I turned back around, reluctantly, to see him standing in front of one of the many windows. He was staring out into the distance it seemed, with his arms crossed behind his back. He was thinking about something...debating something.

"Uh...Ghirahim?" I asked, tilting my head to one side.

"What is it?" He turned his head slightly to the point where I could barely see the tip of his nose.

"…Why did you save me and bring me here? You could have just left me to freeze in the snow or something." I asked, looking at the now interesting bed. I felt so awkward asking him.

"The last memory I have of that snowy place was falling into the water…and great pain. Then, something grabbed me around the torso and I…" He trailed off, silent for a moment. "It's fair enough for me to let you live just this once if you saved my life." He continued to talk to the window, avoiding my face.

"I have one more question." He nodded as to let me speak. "How did we get back here? When I pulled you out of the water you were unconscious and I was just slipping away as well."

"I can't explain that…all I can remember is the feeling of flying and becoming very warm. When I opened my eyes we were a few feet from where the snow tundra began. You were beside me, clutching tightly onto the top of my clothes; you created a huge tear in them." I could imagine him frowning now.

"I…I guess it'll remain a mystery then." I laughed nervously, but then sighed. I guess mom was right when she said I cling onto anything when I'm knocked out cold.

"...You're a funny girl. Crazy...but funny. It boggles my mind how I tried to kill you...yet you save my life. Why?" He asked, turning away from the window and sitting on the bed again, facing me.

For a moment I stared at the bed, trying to find my thoughts. "I'm not the kind of person to let someone die." I answered, smiling at him. He only narrowed his eyes.

"You're still very foolish. There will come a day when you make me angry beyond belief and I will send you into the arms of death himself. Don't you forget that." He stood up.

I sighed. "You don't have to kill me. We could be...friends."

Or maybe I should have gone with acquaintance?

He laughed at me. "Friends? You don't become friends with a demon lord, girl. It's either servant or slave-none of which I will let you become. You would cause me too much trouble."

I glared at him. "It was merely a suggestion; you don't have to be my friend. I'd just rather have you as my friend than my enemy." I got up from the bed. "I'd live longer that way." I looked down at myself.

"Ugh...I should have had those bokoblins finish you off when I had the chance..." Ghirahim muttered.

"What the hell is a Bokoblin?" I turned around, furrowing my eyebrows.

"Those ghastly red creatures that chased you; they serve me as their master." He explained.

"Oh!" I smiled. "So that's what they're called!" I had to remember that...

I looked back up; Ghirahim was making his way over to what looked like a dresser. There was a box on top, which he reached for and opened the lid to. Then he pulled something out of it.

"This belongs to you. It's an ugly thing that I honestly don't care for. It got me into this mess with you so I'd rather not keep it." He walked over to me and opened his hand. My eyes lit up and probably sparkled as I saw my necklace laying perfectly in his hands. He handed it over to me.

"Thank you!" I took it from him, cradling it in my hands. "When I lost it was...I was just desperate and sad. I couldn't believe I had lost it..." I secured it around my neck once more. The familiar weight of it around my neck just felt...right.

"What's so important about it anyway?" He asked. I smiled lightly...he was curious about it.

"It's from someone very important to me. I have a nice memory of him...through he's probably changed now. Yet, I'd like to hold onto the memory of us as long as I possibly can." I answered, playing with the necklace. Ghirahim nodded his head, humming as it sank in.

"So...what now?" I asked, leaving my necklace to lay against my chest as I looked up at him.

"Since you saved my life, I saved yours back. Next time we see each other...well, we'll just let fate play that out for us." He answered, smiling just the slightest.

I did the same. "I suppose you're right."

Strangely enough, Ghirahim teleported me to the two trees. He 'Had his powers back after he woke up', as quoted by Ghirahim. It was true though; he took me back via diamond. Yet again, I did not appreciate that because it gave me motion sickness.

Either way...I went back to the real world. I must have been gone a total of three days in my world...

Because in the real world I had been gone for three seconds.

I smiled. "This is awesome."

Then I made my way back home.

"…and then I woke up in a strange place. Going from a snowy, cold tundra to a furry, warm bed; it was something that seemed impossible to me. For anyone at that matter: how could it happen? How could Ghirahim, an evil man as he is, save me and bring me to a safe, warm bed? How—"

"Miss Gina! I asked you a question!"

I let out a small scream, flinging my pen onto the floor. I wasn't expecting someone to yell at me while I was writing so intently in my notebook. I looked up to see Mrs. Flanders giving me a glare.

"I don't believe those are notes you're taking?" She asked. I gave her a nervous grin and she sighed. "Don't let me catch you daydreaming again in the middle of my lesson or the notebook will be mine for the day." She warned, continuing on with the class. Everyone was staring at me by now.

I shut the notebook and looked up at the whiteboard. Everyone else eventually stopped staring at me and looked at the whiteboard too. I couldn't get Ghirahim off my mind...why would he do such a thing?

I finally came to terms that Ghirahim wouldn't save me. So why did he? Was it possible that I changed his view on things because no one would have saved him before?

I shifted in my seat, resting my face on my palm.

It was stupid to worry so much about things like this. I'm starting to think that making that wish with Daniel wasn't such a good idea.


Then again...I wouldn't be writing this story, would I?

And you wouldn't be reading it.

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