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Chap 7: I Bet You A Kiss

Let's name off the things I would do just to get a good grade in my Language Art's class!

1. Write a story that people think is fake, when in reality it really happened.

2. Go back to a world with someone in it that wants to kill me.

3. Actually end up meeting that someone in the world and having him almost kill me.

4. Still continue to write the fecking story.

5. Sit through a whole lunch period with Jamie Smathel annoying me.

Oh no! No...just...just no, I don't want to do the last one.

Yet here I sat at a lunch table with a notebook and my food pushed off to the side. And right when I'm going to take a big bite from my mashed potatoes, Jamie Smathel sits down right in front of me.

Jamie Smathel is...well frankly, she's the schools biggest bitch that you'll ever meet.


She can make your life hell if you don't do something she wants. And I'm speaking from experience, because I've run into her before; it didn't end pretty.

"Gina." She said in that high pitched girl voice that I hated.

"What do you want?" I asked, shutting my notebook from her prying eyes.

"Words out that Lizzy, like, took your guy." She smirked at me, resting her chin on her hands.

Ugh, she had the kind of voice where you want to punch her.

I narrowed my eyes at what she said; of course she would now. "Whatever." I shrugged, rolling my eyes.

But then I did something pretty stupid...

I looked up at her. "What if I say I have my eyes on another boy?" I finally took a spoonful of my mashed potatoes while Jamie looked surprised at my words.

"Oh? Really? Are you moving on that quickly? I thought you would like, pose more of a fight." She taunted.

"I guess not…"

"So…what's his name?" she pressed on.

"Ghirahim." I stated, not looking at her.

This is totally not true. I do not have my eyes on Ghirahim. I'm just using his name because Ghirahim is never going to go to my school anyways.

"Is that, like, Russian for something?" She asked, confused. I shrugged my shoulders again.

"Who knows? I just met him recently and he's super weird." I paused, thinking about this. "Actually, at first, he came off as mean and tough. And of course, REALLY weird. However, once you kind of crack his shell he's just...nice."

Ghirahim's not nice though, right? He tried to kill me for crying out loud! And he licked my face...

"Well...he still saved me."

Only because you saved him first! He just thought it was fitting to save you back!

"But that's not something that Ghirahim would do..."

"I don't believe you." Jamie stated, crossing her arms.

I sighed. "Go ahead and don't believe me then. I never asked you to believe me in the first place." I took another spoonful of mashed potatoes. Jamie got fed up and went to another table. And with that, I flipped open my notebook and started writing again.

I paused to laugh.

The thought of Ghirahim going to my school.


"I'm not even halfway done." I sighed, scrolling down the screen of my computer. I had typed everything up, yet I was still short quite a few pages.

"I really don't want to go back there, I said that I wouldn't!" I told myself, leaning back in the chair. But then I stopped, furrowing my brow. "Actually, that was last time...I still ended up going back there." I reasoned with myself. For a moment, I sat there, staring off into space.

Oh great, here we go again. I found myself thinking.

"Let's just get this over with." I sighed, logging off and heading up to my room, getting some my backpack. "This is ONLY for my story. Once I get enough adventure from my world, I'll head back and continue typing it up. I am NOT going back to my world for any other reason." I told myself, packing some clothes, beef jerky, matches and other stuff into my backpack. That included my journal.

Yet as I set foot out of my house, I found myself growing excited to get back to my world.

Not just because of the story either... there must have been something (and I mean someone) there that was making me this way.


I sat on my throne, bored completely out of my mind.

Ever since that crazy, foolish little girl left, I've felt completely...uninterested. I want something more...fun. Of course, looking for the Holy Goddess and the Sky Child would suffice, though honestly; what was the point? The Sky Child had already gone back to the sky, most likely to get more supplies. Though, I have yet to introduce myself to him, I'm waiting for the perfect opportunity. One must always make a grand entrance, therefore I must wait. Besides, I want to crush him like the bug he is once I catch the Holy Goddess and make her scream in front of him.

And now that leaves only the human girl.

Human...that's what I call her, yet I shouldn't. She already let it slip that she was a god.

"I chose neither! You think you can rule me? You got it all wrong pretty boy. I'm the god here, not you!"

Though she may be a god, human is a more fitting name for her. She's not that pretty and not that smart. She's...plain. Yes, human most certainly fits the word plain; it's a perfect match.

Only...she's not that plain; if I say so myself. I must be over thinking this...

She's not plain at all. The ways she acts; with such outrage when things anger her. And she has life in her eyes...beautiful life. A sort of zest that makes you want to be around her and listen to what she has to say, because it will be either very interesting or so stupid that it's amusing. Yet I couldn't forget her ability to keep calm in a crisis...and the ability to hit the vulnerable parts of a man.

At that, I subconsciously cross my legs, remembering the unbearable pain in my lower regions.

Her hair is straight brown, though I suspect that she does something to it to make it straight. In fact; the other day it was quite curly, after it had dried from the cold water. As I remembered that, it also came to my attention that her hair isn't just brown. In certain light, it looks a bit red. Yet when the sun hits it, the locks of hair turned golden. Such peculiar abilities her hair has...

Now there are her eyes. Such lively bright blue eyes, as bright as the sky and as blue as a blue bird's feather. Or maybe as clear blue as the water of Lake Floria. And when she looks at you it's as through she...she actually sees you. And it's not just you. She sees everything about you.

Maybe human would not be such a good name for her after all. For now; I'll call her girl. Although, girl is stupid and plain as well; just like calling her human.

Then the thought crossed my mind; I do not know the girl's name.

"It's stupid of me to never have asked it. But does it truly matter? Someday she's going to die. Why bother?" I mumbled to myself, shifting in my seat. I put my leg over the arm of the chair now, getting more comfortable. "There's no point in learning her name if I know her for only a short time."

But everything has a name; even my master.

I sighed. "I suppose next time I meet her, I shall ask her what she calls herself." I decided, giving into my personal curiosity of the girl. And then my attention was diverted from my thoughts when a red bokoblin came running up to me, stumbling over itself. I groaned. I never get a moment's peace...

It started to screech and gurgle. Which is normal for bokoblins-that's the way they talked. And no one could understand what a bokoblin was saying; except me. They are my servants after all.

"What is is now?" I asked, harshness behind my voice.

It screeched and grunted, gargled and pitched it's voice. In short; "A girl was spotted in the forest. Reports say that she's short and big chested. She was seen coming from between two tree's, as if she-"

"-appeared out of nowhere." I cut him off, smirking. I realized who it was; the girl. I stood up, knocking the bokoblin over. He screeched out in surprise.

That stupid little half wit girl...she actually came back! At least now I have something to do.

Yes...fate will certainly play out today.


Cold to warm.

I'll always love my transition from the real world to my world.

The forest was still the same; yet so different. Birds chirping, wind rustling the leaves. Warm breeze kissing my cheek...

I closed my eyes, enjoying the sun streaming down on my face. I sighed, content. And then the chuckling started. Ah, of course when I was having a peaceful moment someone would come along and ruin it. I opened my eyes and turned around.

"Enjoying your world?" Daniel asked, leaning against a tree, probably trying to look like a bad boy.

Which he did...with his dark hair and eyes, tan skin. Though the purple dress totally threw the image off.

I crossed my arms, walking over to him. "What if I am?" I taunted.

"You could say thank you, for giving you this wonderful world. As a matter of fact; you never did truly thank me."

I jumped a little at his statement and felt the guilt take hold. I mean, I gave Daniel all this trouble with complaining after he gave me a priceless gift. A gift that no other girl like me had.

Well...maybe. I have yet to find the other people that old lady was talking about.

I looked at the ground. "I'm sorry. All I've been doing in complaining." I looked up now, a uncertain expression on my face. "There are still other questions and things I want to complain about...but that can wait for now." I threw my arms around his neck and hugged him. "Thank you." I whispered, happy.

Daniel was a little taken off guard, but he quickly put his own arms around my waist and hugged me back, burying his face in the hair that covered my neck.


I pulled away from him, after hearing that name.

Cindy was...

"What?" Daniel asked, confused now.

"You just...didn't you just say Cindy?" I asked.

"No!" He said, a little too quickly. Then he hesitated. "Where did Cindy come from?"

I shook my head, beyond confused. "Just...never mind. I must be going crazy."

Daniel chuckled. "Oh, alright." I looked up at him, seeing that smirk.

Something was up...

"What now?" I asked, crossing my arms in defense.

"Oh, nothing." He shrugged...but then he couldn't help but smile. "Well, last time we talked you said you weren't going back to this world. However, I bet you a kiss that you would go back within 24 hours." He stated, looking up at the sky.

My face turned a bright red.


"It was just a kiss on the cheek, though...right?" I gulped.

Daniel laughed. "Yes yes." I sighed with relief. It wasn't going to be that bad.

I stood on my tip toes and placed a small kiss on his cheek.

At first he looked surprised that I actually kissed him, but then he blushed and looked away. And it took me a minute to realize something.

"How come you're solid now!? I could wave my hand through your chest the other day!" I said, poking him.

"Eh," He shrugged. "It's my power. I'm able to turn it off and on whenever I wish. I guess I forgot to turn it on..."

I rolled my eyes at him. "Whatever, you liar." I scanned the forest before me. "I don't know about you, but I'm going to head off again. Any real and helpful advice for me?" I questioned.

Daniel chuckled. "Hmm, nope." Then he stopped. "Though I should tell you something about Ghirahim." He leaned his back against the tree again.

My attention diverted from the forest right to Daniel in a split second. "What about him?" I might have asked that with a little bit too much curiosity...

Daniel's face looked dark...almost as though he were remembering something that upset him. "Ghirahim wasn't always a Demon Lord." My eyebrows knit together at this. What does that mean? "Ghirahim had human feelings at one point. He buried them deep down inside him. However, I think that they're resurfacing...thanks to you." He looked up again, a smile spreading like butter over his face.

"What do-" And then Daniel disappeared...again. "-I have to do with his feelings?" I muttered, annoyed with his disappearance. "It's not like I impacted his life as much as he impacted mine." I shook my head.

Both Ghirahim and Daniel confused me. They could get together and become best friends, take over the world, and bring it to ultimate destruction.

"Whatever." I shrugged, continuing on into the forest. I decided that I'd look for the Kikwis, since they don't tend to attract a lot of violence. It would be perfect for the rest of my story.


I took hold of the tree branch and snapped it under my intense grip. The wood splintered, echoing the sound off into the distance of the forest.

I ground my teeth together. My heart raced as anger coursed through my veins. It was like a red hot fire filling and fueling my every desire to kill something.

"Why did she do that? And why to that man?! Anything but that man would have been better!" I seethed through my teeth, my chest heaving up and down. I threw the rest of the tree branch out over the cliff, watching it land harshly on the ground, further breaking. I then continued to sit on the small edge of the hill. It over looked the river nearby the girl.

I tossed the memory over inside my mind, analyzing every little thing that had transpired while watching from a branch in the tree.

I frowned, just teleporting to see the girl and a man who I most definitely recognized. Yet I couldn't, for the life of me, remember him from anywhere. I stayed silent, watching them.

Suddenly, the girl came forward and threw her arms around his neck. The front of her body was pressed to him...and soon enough the man did the same. I've done that before...back in the frozen waste land. I held her...embraced her. And she did the same. What was it called? There must be a specific name for it.

I almost growled when the man hid his face in her hair, as though he was going to bite her neck. I waited for her to scream in pain, so that I may come forward and rip the man off of her, but she never did.

What, is he taking in her scent? Why are they taking such a long time?

Though I must admit...I've smelt her scent before. It was that of sweet, melted sugar. It was so strong and sweet I could almost taste it on my tongue... This time I did growl, just a bit, when I saw how the man held her back. His hand placed on her waist. It's wasn't too low, yet it wasn't high enough. And his arms were crossed, just enough so that it wouldn't be easy for her to escape. He was holding her tightly enough to the point where she would have felt safe in his arms.

Safe in his arm and not mine. I found myself realizing, my anger building up inside of me.

What am I thinking?! This stupid, annoying, foolish girl has gotten in my way too many times. Why would I be thinking something like this?

Yet I found myself imagining her arms wound around my neck. My own arms were crossed and holding her waist so that she'd try to squirm out of them, yet she would find that should can't.

Just to have her body pressed against mine in such a gentle way...it showed affection, warmth, care.

I wish-no, I want to hold her to me.

Now I feel something...something I've felt before, but can't remember where.

It makes me want to punch something out of frustration; to choke someone until their lifeless eyes are staring back at me, frozen with white horror.

I feel so...irritated, vexed, aggravated.

My attention was brought back to the situation at hand when the girl suddenly pulled away from him. She looked confused. Then she shook her head. A few words between the two were exchanged before her cheeks were set ablaze with the red color of a rose. Such chubby red cheeks...it made me want to reach out and pinch them off of her.

She placed her hands on the man's shoulders and stood on the tip of her feet.

She reached up and...placed her lips upon his cheek.

Everything around me went silent.

All I heard was the resonating sound of air escaping as she pulled her lips away from his face. It was followed by a deafening ring, indicating that I heard nothing but the waves inside of my brain.

My heart stopped before it started up with a violent beat.

I didn't stay to see what happened next. I just teleported away, ending up where I am now.

I knew what that was-what she had done I just couldn't remember what it was called! I just knew there was a specific name for it.

My head ached as I tried to figure out what it was and what I was feeling.

Why was I so...jealous?


My eyes winded at the word. Then I narrowed them in complete and udder disgust.

Jealous, Envy, Greed, Spite, Resentment, they were all the same. They all made me feel so human. Just like that helpless, stupid, crazy girl. I thought I had pushed that feeling away a long time ago, when I...

Who was that man anyway!? I knew him, but I didn't…know him. Does that make any sense?

"Of course it doesn't make any sense! Nothing, absolutely nothing makes any sense when that girl is involved!" I yelled out, my anger getting the best of me.

I picked a rock up off the ground from nearby, seized it in my hand until I knew my knuckles underneath by glove had turned white, and relinquished it out over the cliff with as much force as I could muster. I never saw where it landed, for red blinded my vision. My chest was heaving, as I felt another feeling rise inside of me, this time constricting my heart, it seemed.

I heard a rustling come from behind me, interrupting my outburst. I turned around, expecting a Bokoblin or some other random monster to bother me.


A creature, one that I've seen before, poked it's head out of the brush. It's long nose came first, and then I saw it's beady eyes, and then it's whole head.

I was no longer angry, the new feeling that had somehow filled my heart had taken over and I felt the need to flop down on the grass and do nothing. Nothing but...but...let water flow from my eyes as I screeched like a bokoblin going in for the kill.


"They say that love is forever, your forever is all that I need..." I mumbled the lyrics to a song that was stuck on repeat in my head. The forest around me was still the same. Green...peaceful...warm.

And then something tugged on my hand. I looked down to see a small Kikwi staring up at me.

"It's Miss Gina! Miss Gina's back!" It shouted in a higher pitched voice. I smiled back at it.

"Yeah, it's me! I was back in the neighborhood and thought I'd drop by for the night. Where are the rest of you guys?" I asked, tilting my head to the side.

"Follow me!" Despite being just a bit hesitant, I followed the small Kikwi. I was lead to a group of Kikwis all huddled together. They came running towards me when I came in sight.

"Miss Gina! Miss Gina!" They shouted.

"Hey guys!" I laughed. "What's got all of you riled up?"

"You've got to come see this! Kikweee! There's this weird looking man at the edge of the forest, just beyond those bushes!" I looked up, seeing a small opening in the bushes.

I could see something white sitting way in the distance.

"He's crying and wailing about you, Miss Gina! He was saying something about another man as well! Some of the Kikwis are trying to keep him company, but we're too scared of him!" They exclaimed, overlapping each other.

"Wait, wait," I raised my hands, calming them down. A weird looking man is crying about me and another man? Even I'm confused. "Alright, let's get to the bottom of this." I stated, pushing past the bushes.

"Machi! Machi! We're back! You won't guess who we brought!" The Kikwis kept up behind me while my eyes bulged at the sight before me.

Ghirahim was sitting on the ground, legs crossed, with his face stuffed into the Kikwi he was hugging; Machi.

Why didn't I pack my camera?!

"OH! Miss Gina, you're here! Look Mr. Ghirahim! Isn't this the pretty lady you were talking about?" Machi wiggled his small arms at Ghirahim, who was still tightly holding him.

There came a small gasp that was followed by a loud wail. Was Ghirahim crying? The other Kikwis back up, while I stayed where I was. Next there came a sobbing that wracked his whole body.

"What's wrong?" I asked, drawing closer to him. He only continued to sob and wail. I rolled my eyes at him as he ignored me. "Ghirahim, you're being such a baby. Would you look at me?"

He did look up at me, with his tear streaked face and all. "Leave me alone! Leave me to wallow in my misery!" He shouted, scaring the Kikwis. I took a step back, surprised at his outburst. But despite my surprise and fear, despite the slight anger I felt from his shouting at me, I was concerned.

"What happened?" I asked, kneeling down by him.

"I found him on the ground. Machi was wondering what was wrong with him when Machi saw he was crying. Kwee. Machi asked what was wrong and Mr. Ghirahim said there was a pretty lady upsetting him." Machi explained, in his person view. Ghirahim let out another wail. "The only pretty lady that I could remember was you, Miss Gina." Machi wiggled his arms again.

"So I was upsetting you, Ghirahim? What did I do?" I asked now, reaching out to him. Ghirahim only hugged Machi tighter, leaning away from me. I retracted my hand, narrowing my brow at him. This was not the Ghirahim that I had come to known...even though I did not know him for that long. A day, was it? With a huff, I took a strong grip on Machi and pulled him from his grip. And in turn, Ghirahim took a hold on my arm.

"Miss Gina! Miss-!" Machi started out, panicking, thinking that Ghirahim was attacking me. In fact, he wasn't. He was just clinging to my arm. No longer sobbing.

"It's alright Machi, I'll handle this." I rolled my eyes. "Just...go back to the other Kikwis. I'll see you later." I smiled, before turning back to Ghirahim. I heard Machi leave, rather quickly I should add, into the brush. With my other hand, I took a light grip on his shoulder, trying to keep my balance while I squat down next to him.

"Ghirahim?" I asked in a gentle voice. "Ghirahim, why are you crying?" I lightly smiled. I poked him in the forehead now, hoping to get a reaction...and boy, I most certainly did.

"Why am I crying? Why am I crying?" He asked, looking up at me through bloodshot eyes. His hands, which were cradling my arm, tightened, making me wince in pain. "I'm crying because you make me so...so...!" He pushed me, making me topple over, and stood up, clearly distraught.

"I make you so...what?" I squeaked, daring to ask.

His fingers curled in on his palms as he raised his arms. "Angry! Irritated! Sick with envy!" He screamed at me, the air seeming somehow colder now. I cowered back from him, he truly was scary.

"But...why would I make you envious?" I asked, my voice small and careful.

And just like that, Ghirahim sighed and seemed to calm down, sitting back on the ground. "I saw you with that man." He explained. I blinked, staring at him. First he was sad, then he was angry, and now he's...calm? And he's making it seem like I did something really naughty with Daniel. It wasn't that big of a deal, either.

"Ghirahim, I don't know why that would make you envious." I shook my head, squinting my eyes. "Or angry. Or irritated." I added, turning to look at him now. "Ah, Ghirahim? What exactly did you see...?"

Ghirahim was hesitant, as though he were trying to find the right words. "You...he...his arms. And then you...your lips..." He described, barely, what had happened. I was still confused.

"What are you trying to say?" I asked, narrowing my brow again. "I don't quite understand."

He growled in response, standing up before he came towards me and took hold of my forearms, pulling me up as well. "Stand here." He commanded, placing me right in front of him. He stared me down for a bit, sizing me up. "He did this."

Ghirahim pushed my arms up just a little bit, then slid them between my body and my arms, wrapping his arms around my waist, pulling our bodies together. His grip was tight, just enough so that I wouldn't be able to squirm away from him. I was shocked and confused as to what he was doing, so I just stood stiff before him. But that slowly melted away, and I wrapped my arms around his neck, somehow getting our bodies even closer. I chuckled on the inside, realizing that Ghirahim meant 'a hug'.

But there was something more to this hug. It was different from Daniel's hug. Ghirahim's hug was so warm...happy...good. So safe and just...right. Ghirahim even buried his face and sniffed my hair. Something strange he did, yes, but totally Ghirahim. And while we hugged, it felt like forever. And honestly, I didn't want it to end.

He pulled his face from my hair, but never let me go. His arms stayed tight around my waist, while my hands fell to his chest. Ghirahim was very tall, so I had to crank my neck back quite a bit to actually see him. My blue eyes met his dark ones, and I suddenly felt...nervous but brave.

"Ghirahim, that was called a hug." I explained. Ghirahim's invisible eyebrows narrowed, making his eyes squint in confusion. But then I stood on my toes and placed a light kiss on his cheek. "And that was a kiss." I explained, leaning back on my heels again. However, one arm restricted me, still wrapped around my waist while his hand reached out and took hold of my chin in it's grip. He made me look up at him again, his face closer this time.

My heartbeat started to get faster. I felt warm, very warm. And nervous. What was he going to do? Then I noticed his eyes leave mine, slowly trailing down and stopping at my lips. What was he thinking now? I felt my stomach flip when one corner of his mouth curved up in a crooked grin, looking me in the eyes again. Then they were focusing on my lips again, his hand releasing my chin and moving up to my mouth, smoothing over my lips with a finger, practically playing with them.

"That wasn't a kiss..." He whispered, his breath licking my face. I gasped, feeling the butterflies in my stomach again. The same butterflies I felt when I got my first kiss from Jordan.

Ghirahim bent down, moving both his hands so that he was pushing the hair out of my face and holding my head in place. He looked me over one last time, closed his eyes, and slowly, oh so slowly, guided my head towards his.

Our lips met. And it felt natural but new. Great.

Usually people say they see fireworks. But fireworks weren't as pretty as the thing I saw. I don't even know what I saw, because I could barely describe it. It was so beautiful, so soft, so peaceful and magical. Innocent and pure. But at the same time so vivid and strong. Breath taking and overwhelming.

My eyes shot open and pulled my lips away from him when Ghirahim tried to slip his tongue into my mouth. "What the-!" I fell to the ground, tripping over my own feet. I looked up at him, seeing him smiling with his tongue half out of his mouth. "What is wrong with you!?" I screamed, standing up off the ground now.

Ghirahim sighed. "If you thought that measly thing on my cheek was a kiss, you're desolately mistaken." He stated, a large smirk eating up his face. I blushed.

"But...how? I thought you didn't..." I couldn't finish, too stunned. Ghirahim gave a single laugh.

"Oh, I didn't." He reached up, flipping his hair. "But I could tell that lips and cheeks don't go together. It's like eyes; you have two of them. A pair. Why have a kiss be lips and a cheek when you could have lips on lips? It made more sense to me." He winked at me. I shook my head, blushing a deep red now, the heat coming directly from my anger. Ghirahim was definitely a sneaky little bastard.

Yet I thought of something bad. Was it wrong that I...I didn't feel as though the necklace hanging around my neck was worth the world anymore?

Both Ghirahim and I turned our attention away from one another when we heard the bushes rustle nearby.

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