Welcome to Our World

By KagomeNarome

Romance / Adventure

Chap 8: Bipolar


I snapped out of my alert stance, and stepped away from Ghirahim, brushing off the dirt and dust from my clothes. My face blushed as red as it was allowed to. I was absolutely embarrassed that Machi and the other Kikwis most likely saw that.

Ghirahim didn't mind as much, however, for he stood there, watching and smirking as he saw me fiddle with my clothes. I caught his eyes and finally stopped fiddling. My face grew a darker red again. What was wrong with me? I only act this way around people when I...

"It...we..." I looked to the ground and crossed my arms. "Don't say anything." I warned, seething it through my teeth. Ghirahim only tossed his head back and chuckled.

I shared a kiss with Ghirahim and now I'm embarrassed and I feel awkward. I mean, sure, this wasn't my first kiss, but it was my first kiss while...feeling something. At least to this kind of magnitude. I know I've been thinking about Ghirahim lately, but that's only because he saved me and didn't kill me last time. It's not like I was thinking about kissing or hugging him or anything like that!

The fact that I liked the kiss with Ghirahim, and actually wanted another one, was just outrageous. He was toying with me, I just knew it.

Machi came forward, a few other Kikwis trailing behind him. "Miss Gina! Are you and Ghirahim going to stay the night with us? Kwee kwee?" The little guy asked. I looked at Ghirahim from the corner of my eye. I subconsciously fiddled with my hands and clothes again.

"I know I will," I answered, bending down to Machi's level. "But I don't know about Ghirahim." I looked at him, narrowing my eyes. "I don't think he would want to stay the night sleeping on the ground anyway." I added.

Ghirahim also narrowed his eyes, his white lips stretched into a thin line. "I can sleep where I please. And if it is on the ground, so be it." Ghirahim stated, turning to overlook the forest below the cliff. His hair elegantly flowed as he turned, catching in the wind.

I ground my teeth together, rather annoyed to have Ghirahim staying with me. It was just another bump in the road that I'd have to deal with until I finish writing my story. "Well then, go back and tell Bucha that we're staying with you. We'll find you guys later. We just...need to sort a few things out." I smiled a very fake smile, but Machi was too naive to notice. He turned around, leading the other Kikwis with him.

I turned around as well, glaring at Ghirahim. "Alright, explain yourself. Now that you know what a hug and kiss is, tell me why you were spying on me and Daniel."

Ghirahim stared at me for a moment, narrowing his eyes into slits. "I am the Demon Lord Ghirahim. I preside over this land. Whatever and who ever comes through it, is always brought to my attention. When I heard that you were here, I thought I'd come and scare you, since you were stupid enough to come back." He explained, pulling his gloves tighter over his hands.

My face boiled as my stomach churned in anger. "Ugh! You're evil! It's very rude to spy on people! I hate you!" I crossed my arms and spat my thoughts out at him. He only rolled his eyes.

"Remember my title; Demon Lord."

At that, I smirked, just the slightest as I turned my body away from him. "Hah, more like Diamond Lord." I murmured.

"What did you say, you unbearable brat?" He took a step forward, his invisible eyebrows narrowing against his eyes.

I tossed a look over my head, a smile in place now. "Nothing." I teased him.

He looked down at me for a moment, one invisible eyebrow cocked up, the other a smooth line down. His soft white lips hung open just a bit, indicating that he was in a sort of trance. We both looked at each other for an awkward moment, thoughts running through our heads.

What was wrong with this man? Why does he dress the way he does? Why is he even looking at me right now? Why does he have to be so annoying?

"So, who was that man?" I suddenly asked, his thoughts running out his mouth. I blinked, chocking on my answer for a moment.

"Uh, I-er-his name is Daniel. He...recently did something for me." I explained, avoiding the whole other world thing.

"Daniel...?" I looked up at Ghirahim, who seemed to be staring off into a distance place in his mind.

The thought crossed my mind; Did Ghirahim know Daniel?

It would make a lot of sense. Daniel knows the old lady, the one who told me about the other people who were 'supposedly' sent here by Daniel as well. Daniel knew about Ghirahim too, so Daniel knows him. But does he actually know him?

"I've suddenly acquired a headache." Ghirahim murmured, running hand through his hair and stopping at his forehead to massage it. I smiled, nodding my head in agreement.

"I know the feeling."

He looked up at me, past his white glove. He seemed to be analyzing me. "There's something I want to ask."

"Well then, ask." I shrugged.

"When are you going to tell me the truth?" He narrowed his eyes even more.

My felt like it was going to beat right through my chest and fall on the ground. So...Ghirahim suspected that I was lying. Not good.

"I don't know what you mean." I lied again.

Ghirahim took a deep breath, as though he were trying to keep himself in order. "You know exactly what I mean." He seethed. I cringed just the slightest. But I still shook my head, trying to seem confused. That only sent him on a rant.

"Just look at you! The way you're dressed is a way I've never seen before! When you're here, it's as though you've never been in a forest with monsters and creatures before. You're a helpless little girl that happens to have some sort of powers to take my own away. Not only to take powers away, but to save your self when you fall from heights or kill Keese whenever you please!"

I narrowed my eyes, thinking back to when I fell. That was my first day here. I was just looking over the edge when I felt something...

"YOU pushed me over the edge!?" I shouted out, my fingers curling in on themselves. He only rolled his eyes and continued on, leaving me fuming where I stood.

"On top of all that, you say you can't remember where you're from, but when you go through those two trees, you just disappear. It's as if something is there that I cannot see. And I know you're hiding something from me." He put his hands on his hips, indicating that he was angry as well.

I just stared at him with a hard expression of anger and...slight nervousness. My mouth went a little dry. This whole time I thought that I had been quite careful with masking my strangeness. I mean, the clothes were something that I couldn't control, but still...

Instead of giving any sort of explanation, I just crossed my arms, zipped my mouth, and stared at the ground. A long silence ensued before Ghirahim sighed, and I looked up.

"I'd just like to know. Not knowing things make me...uneasy." He looked away, his bangs flipped in the wind. He seemed calm once more.

For a moment, I wanted to ring his neck. Why? Boy, Ghirahim is bipolar. I swear on my life. I mean, how messed up is this guy?

First he tried to kill me, then he saved me. After that, he was angry with me, and then he was sad...after that he was...flirty? And now he's nice. Can't he just...pick an emotion and stay on it?

I shook my head, ignoring it for now.

"Whatever, let's just go back to the Kikwis." I waved my hand at him, heading to the Kikwis. But I stopped, and faced him again. "You're not to harm them, understand? Or I'll have your powers on the run." I warned him, pointing my finger and poking his chest.

Ghirahim sighed, the frown completely visible on his face. "I don't think I could harm them. They've already seen me at my low point. I don't want them black mailing me." He explained, pushing my finger away.

I laughed at him. "Low point? Believe me; you'll know your real low point when you've hit it. What you were doing a few moments ago was called whining."

"I was not whining! I was truly hurt!"

"Whatever, you big baby."

"I am not a baby!"


"What ever are you doing?" Ghirahim murmured from beside me.

We were sitting around a camp fire built by both Ghirahim and I, as well as the Kikwis. It was a good thing I had a lighter, otherwise it would have taken forever to get the fire going. Either way, we cooked nuts, berries and roots over the fire for diner. Ghirahim didn't particularity like them. I, however, thought they tasted rather good. And once all the Kikwis were done eating, they were out cold in a food coma.

"I'm writing in my journal." I explained, finishing up the sentence. I'd written about what happened today; with Daniel, Ghirahim, the Kikwis and the kiss... Oh, wow. I described that kiss to the best of my ability. I could almost feel his lips again. Picture those soft, beautiful things when I closed my eyes. The way he—NO! Bad Gina! Bad! Don't think about that!

"What's a journal again?" He asked now. I rolled my eyes, explaining it the second time tonight.

"It's something that you write in, to remember stuff and to put your feelings into. It's a personal thing. Therefore, you shall never read it, because it has my own personal feelings about things in here. I trust you enough to not look into it." I warned, raising my eyebrows. And my eyes caught hold of his in the dim fire light.

We held our gaze, reading each other, trying to figure the other one out. I didn't know what to make of him. What was he thinking? Was it the same that I was?

"Whatever." He stated now, looking away and breaking the gaze.

I sighed and closed the journal, shoving it back into my bag. I pulled out my thick old blanket and beef jerky bag. I wrapped the blanket around me, and as I opened the bag, I noticed Ghirahim looking into the fire with a troubled face.

"Want some?" I asked, scooting closer to him and shaking the jerky bag. His eyes narrowed, his invisible brow pulling down.

"What is that?"

"Beef jerky! It's really yummy!" I took a piece out and bit into it, smiling while chewing. He reached into the bag and took a small piece of the jerky. Before nibbling on it, he sniffed it. His face lit up the smallest bit before he took a giant tear out of it.

I chuckled. "See? I told you it was good." I adjusted myself, pulling the blanket closer to my body. "So what are you thinking about?"

"Nothing is impending my mind at this particular moment." He looked very tired, however, as he chewed.

"Oh, ok. Then, why don't we talk about this world? I haven't been all over the place to see it. Have you?" I asked.

"Yes. It's fairly...stunning." He continued to chew.

"How many places are there? What are the best places...and the worst?" I continued on, smiling. I was excited to learn about my world. After all, the first reason that I wished for a whole world was because there was bound to be deserts, forests, lakes, mountains, valleys...anything really! I wanted to see everything without having to pay anything. Without having to drag someone with me. I wanted to have the adventure of a life time, meet as many people as I could.

Ghirahim was smiling lightly as well. "As you can see, we're in the forest right now. Of my personal opinion, I like the forest the most over the other regions of this realm. The forest is peaceful and I continuously have an emotion when I come here." He paused as he described it.

My heart beat just a little bit faster as he described the forest. I related to that...I knew what he was talking about. Whenever I walk through the trees and hear the birds and the leafs, I always seem to smile and feel better.

"...Do you recall my room? When you woke up after saving me?" He asked now, seeming to change the subject.

"Yes...but that doesn't really answer my question." I recalled the soft fur covers Ghirahim had. I wondered where he got those.

"I just thought you should know that my palace is right in the center of the land. I am able to look out my windows and see all three main parts of the realm." He paused, sliding closer to me now, after looking around.

"Whoa, only three?" I asked, once again wondering if Daniel ripped me off on THAT as well.

"Did you not pay attention to the 'three main parts'?" He frowned at me, annoyed. I bit my lip in an apologetic way. "There are more," He continued. "but they are so insignificant and so far away that you will not see them. Some have yet be discovered, I'm sure..."

"So, the three main parts; they are the biggest and the closest?" I asked.

"Yes. I also find them the most stunning. If you'd like...I could take you to my palace and show you sometime." He suggested, hesitantly. The very idea surprised me. Ghirahim was being nice and hospitable...which is not very Ghirahim like.

But nonetheless, I smiled. "Sure! That would be really nice." Ghirahim's blush compared to mine was nothing...but you could most definitely tell that he had one.

"Uh...ahem, alright then," He kept his voice lowered. "Which main part did you want to hear about first?" He changed the subject back to the land forms.

"Hmm...Tell me about the forest, since we're already inside it."

And so, Ghirahim sat with me for more than half an hour telling me all about the lakes, trees, the temple with the old lady, and other temples that I have yet to find and much more! That was only the forest; imagine what the rest of the world was like.

"What about the creatures who roam the forest? What can you tell me about them?"

Ghirahim mad a face and sighed with exhaustion. "By the time I would get done telling you, it would be dawn." He explained. I giggled at this, but decided not to bother him with all that.

"Besides," he added. "Once you find your way around, you'll see all sorts of creatures. I wouldn't want to spoil your adventure." I nodded, but rolled my eyes.

"You know, with how I attract trouble all the time, I think I would end up getting hurt if I ventured out." I mumbled, more so to myself. Ghirahim raised his invisible eyebrows at me. (Seriously, he needed to grow them out)

Then slowly, he seemed to smile. "Oh, that's too bad. I mean, this world is such a stunning one, but you're right. There are a lot of dangerous things in this world as well. You'd need a guide to get around." He explained.

I caught on with where he was leading, and slowly smiled as well. "You're right," I played along. "Although, I have not the slightest clue where I could find one. You wouldn't happen to know one, would you?" I asked, lightly nudging him.

"Hmm..." He looked up into the night sky, as though he were sorting through his thoughts. "As a matter of face, I do."


"Well, he's a striking fellow who has fabulous style. I know him very well. However, it's going to cost you." He smirked at me again, leaning in towards me. I returned it, my smile seeming to tear at my face.

"And what could this cost be?" I asked, leaning in as well. Our faces were close again, close enough to kiss...

"That once he shows you all around this world; you will leave and never, ever, come back."

...Wait...what? What!?

Leave and never come back?

I stood up abruptly, my figure saying authority. "How dare you say that!? How DARE you! And I thought that we were friends! Friends! I thought that we were just joking around, but then you go and say that! You ruined it!" I seethed at him. My face was turning red with anger and my eyes were starting to get water.

Oh god, the last thing I wanted to do was cry in front of Ghirahim. If I didn't already...I can't remember.

Ghirahim stood up too, trying to calm me down. "I didn't mean it. I was un-serious...you know; you say something but you don't mean it. I thought I was being funny." He tried to explain. I only glared at him, crossing my arms.

"Well, you weren't! I like it here and when you go and say stuff like that, it makes you seem like a total jerk!"

"I apologize, I didn't know that it would hurt your feelings. Apparently, my type of humor doesn't suit you. But you can get me back while I'm showing you about tomorrow." Ghirahim took hold of my hand and pulled me to sit once more. I jerked my hand from his, taking a deep breath to calm the nerves that had built up my stress.

"Oh don't worry," I growled. "I will."

"Now," he changed the subject. "I explained to you that I can't be a friend, yet you still contemplate me as your friend?" He asked. I only continued to frown.

"Well...that...I..." I stuttered, trying to think about something. I was flustered, surprised by his question.

"I suppose it's ok."

"What?" I asked, startled. Did he just...?

"I think it's ok...being friends, I mean."

"But I...you said..." I trailed off, completely confused by his mood change.

"I know what I said, but that was before I noticed how..." He paused, tilting his head and looking up towards the sky. "...How different you are."

I narrowed my eyes. "Different?"

"I can't clarify it, so let's just leave it at that."

This time I didn't argue with him. I was afraid that he would change his mind and his mood again.

"So, where are we going first?" I asked, walking along side Ghirahim, down a dirt path in the forest. Ghirahim snapped his fingers, diamonds summoning around them. They then disappeared, and in their place there was what looked to be a map.

"You decide; just point to a place on the map, and I'll teleport you." he explained.

"Wait a moment, what's the point in teleporting? I want to see everything!" I smiled, poking him.

"Everything?" He asked, raising his invisible eyebrows. I sighed yet again.

"Not everything but most of it. So no teleporting! We walk." I exclaimed. Now it was Ghirahim's turn to sigh.

"You're going to be the death of me."

I smirked at him. "Oh, I'll hold off death for a while. Torture is more enjoyable." I took hold of the map.

"And I thought I was supposed to be the evil one..." He complained. I ignored him, taking a better look at the map. To say it was amazing was an understatement, because it had high detail and good color. You could easily distinguish the three main parts.

I started to laugh as I pointed at something. "Is that where we ended up last time?" I looked up at Ghirahim to see him staring off into the distance again. "Uh, Ghirahim?" I asked, taking hold of his elbow. He shook his head and looked at me.

"What'd you say?" He murmured, still seemingly distracted.

"Isn't that where we ended up last time?" I repeated, still pointing to the map. He frowned, taking the map from me.

"If you must know; yes, that's where we ended up." He sighed, rolling up the map, snapping his fingers. The map disappeared. "Of course I wouldn't forget that blasted frozen tundra, where I nearly died." I rolled my eyes.

"I've decided." He now stated, turning to me. "I want to show you the temple up ahead." He demanded.

"Wait!" I whined. "I thought you'd let me chose?"

"The was before you took too long and before I realize that I have business there." He explained.

"What kind of business?" I inquired.

He grew annoyed now. "What other kind of business does a Demon Lord have?"

I furrowed my brow. "I don't know...I've never met one until now."

Ghirahim snaked his hand around my waist, pulling me closer to him. My eyes widened in surprise as he hit a certain part of my side that could be classified as ticklish. "Then it's time for you to find out." He snapped his fingers again, that teleporting feeling rushing through me. There was a burst of color before my eyes, and when I looked around, we were standing behind a giant mushroom, close to a building.

"Ghirahim!" I yelled. "I told you not to tele-!"

"Shh! Quiet girl!" Ghirahim hushed me, peeking around the stem of the mushroom. I did the same, only on the other side.

Then I saw what was moving. Or, maybe not something, but someone.

A man dressed in green with blonde-brown hair. I widened my eyes as I recalled the conversation with the old woman in the temple.

"Others? You mean that there are more people who wished for a different world?"

"That is correct. Three to be exact. And from what I see...Daniel is planning to have them meet with you on your journey."

"Three others...all of them are to meet me? I suppose Ghirahim is already one of them, and this man has to be the second! The third has yet to come..." I thought to myself, narrowing my eyes as I watched the man run up behind the stone building.

Ghirahim crouched down low to the ground, looking over his shoulder at me. "Girl, get on my back."

I blushed. "What?" My voice was high pitched. "Why? I don't think I'd-!"

"Just do it!" He hissed at me. I made a face, and slowly climbed onto his back, my hands grabbing hold of his shoulders. My body seemed small enough to fit right between his shoulder blades. Then, he gripped my legs, right beneath the knees.

"Why the hell do you want me to-WHOA!" I was about to question him before he suddenly leapt into the air, landing silently on the stone building. My hands went from his shoulders to his neck, as I watched the man in green swinging on a vine.

The man pumped his body back and forth until he soared from the vine and landed on a higher part of the ground. There was another path waiting for him. However, right before he entered, he stopped. I took in a gasp of breath, holding it in my throat tensely. I wondered if he'd turn around and be hostile towards Ghirahim and I.

But the man didn't turn around, only slightly turned his head, as if he had heard something but decided it wasn't that important. He continued down the path.

I let the air out of my throat, my shoulders relaxing. That was the wrong thing to do, because the next thing I hear is Ghirahim snapping his fingers and I see a whirl of colors.

I almost passed out from the surprise! And the audacity of Ghirahim...even when I said I wanted to see everything, he still decided to teleport to places.

Some guide he was.

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