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The Butler and the Maid

By kisa_kara_chan

Romance / Adventure

Angel's Arrival

"Oi, Sebastian! What's on my schedule today?" 13-year-old Ciel Phantomhive demanded.

A tall, dark-haired man smiled. Sebastian Michaelis poured a cup of the finest Earl Grey tea and handed it to the young master. "Well, master, you have an appointment today with a young woman by the name of Lady Anna. She should be arriving within the next hour."

He smiled, sipping at his tea. "Well… then we'll be sure to give her the full Phantomhive hospitality then, shall we?" he said. "What do we know about Lady Anna?"

"There are absolutely no records of her in the slightest," Sebastian replied, sensing something strange entering the Phantomhive mansion. "We'll have to be careful, master."

Suddenly, there was a brief knock on the door, and the maid Maylene poked her head into the young earl's room.

"I-I apologize for the intrusion," she stammered shyly, blushing at the sight of Sebastian, "there is someone by the name of Lady Anna at our door. She said that she had an appointment with you, master, so I let her in. She's currently in the study."

Ciel nodded. "I'll be there soon," he said, looking at Sebastian. "Well… let's greet our guest, shall we?"

Sebastian bowed and followed the young earl out of the bedroom, leaving to the study. Obediently, the demon butler opened the door, and Ciel walked in, and a tall slender woman with gorgeous azure eyes and long silver-white hair sat in a chair, dressed in a pale white dress, one leg crossed over the other as she stared out the window overlooking the Phantomhive estate.

"Milady," Ciel addressed, walking over to her.

"Ah, Earl Phantomhive," she greeted, standing up to curtsey politely to him as he took her hand and kissed the back of it respectfully. "How are you?"

"Well," he responded. "I can see you're well, Milady."

Respectfully, Sebastian stepped in front of Ciel, and the young earl was surprised as the butler placed himself between Ciel and Anna. "With all due respect, Young Master, please step back."

"What is the meaning of this, Sebastian?" he demanded, but Anna smiled.

"I don't know why you've decided to make a Contract with this demon, but I find that he's very different than several other demons I've met," Anna said, scanning Sebastian over. "May I ask your name?"

He smiled at her. "My name is Sebastian Michaelis," he greeted with a deep sweeping bow. "And you?"

"Sebastian, explain yourself of this rudeness to our guest!" Ciel demanded impatiently and confusedly.

"Just Anna will do," she responded, looking at Sebastian while ignoring Ciel's comment. "I daresay, you are quite dashing, Sebastian. It is rare for me to meet a well-groomed, handsome demon."

The demonic butler smiled. "Well… it is an honour to be in the presence of such an elegant angel," he replied. "What brings you to the human world, and especially in such an attractive form?"

"W-Wait," Ciel paused, "she's an angel?"

Anna nodded. "I am part of a special division of angels that watches over the wishes of humans all over the world, and well…" she explained, "I was ordered to attend to the wishes of a certain earl named Ciel Phantomhive, so explains my being here. Do not fear, I am not like that other angel who had his own ideas of a 'peaceful world' through destruction."

"Pardon my saying," Sebastian commented, "but it would be my responsibility to fulfill my master's wishes."

The elegant angel in human form chuckled, walking to the rest her hand over the window glass. "Well… I was sent here to help Earl Phantomhive, therefore… I request to become something of a maid within this household, so that I may be of… some service to you," Anna said. "However, my duty is to grant your heartfelt wish, but nevertheless, I will protect you."

The young 13-year-old earl blinked. "For the time being, I will half-grant your request," he said, looking at the beautiful woman. "What are your skills?"

"Like all other angels and demons too, I suppose," she began with a smile, "my skills vary greatly, as I am not actually human, much like your butler there."

"Very well," Ciel replied, "then I ask that you go with Sebastian and learn a little about how things are run in Phantomhive manor."

Sebastian frowned a little. "If I may so point out," he began, "angels and demons do not tend to get along very well due to our… well… conflicting natures and values."

Ciel looked at him, his expression unchanging. "Your point being, Sebastian?" he responded, "Do not make me repeat myself."

He bowed deeply. "As you command, Young Master," he said, and Anna curtsied, following the butler out.

"Well… Sebastian," Anna began after they were alone in the hall, heading to the kitchen, "I daresay the young earl is quite strict with you."

He glared back at her with his blood-red eyes. "What are your true intentions of being here?" he demanded suspiciously. "Are you in any way associated with those Reapers?"

"Ha," she smirked, "not in the slightest. My job is to grant wishes, as well as free lost souls and such duties. What's a demon like you doing here in the human world? I will not allow you to devour Ciel Phantomhive's soul."

"Au contraire," he replied with a dark smile, "as of the Contract, his soul does belong to me. I just cannot claim it until his revenge has been fulfilled."

Anna looked at the handsome butler with sad azure eyes. "I know…" she sighed, "I am aware of the Contracts of the demons. I am still trying to figure out if there are any loopholes in said Contract."

Suddenly, Sebastian whirled around, lifting her chin so her eyes met his directly as he was now dangerously close to her. "I warn you now then, Milady," he threatened, "do not test my patience. There are secrets to slay even an angel, including devouring their soul."

"How dare you," she responded calmly, staring into his deep red eyes before pulling away, "you'd slay an angel? How evil…" Then she sighed. "Well… I suppose your threat is something that cannot be helped. Rest assured, I will not alter Ciel Phantomhive's Cinematic Records, and I will not cross you as long as you don't get in my way, and you will not cross me unless I get in your way."

He smiled darkly at her. "Then we are at a mutual understanding," he resolved. "Now… let us go. The Young Master would be most unpleased if I do not teach you properly of the rules around here."

"I'm afraid that tonight it would have to wait," Anna said. "Tonight is the night of a full moon, thus… I have business I must attend to."

Sebastian smiled. "Well then… if need be… our training will have to continue tomorrow," he said. "I also understand the duties that angels perform upon the night of a full moon."

"Sebastian…" she said softly. "I have heard stories about you, including the aliases you have varied. But just observing you with the young earl has me thinking differently; as it seems that something has changed about you. That boy… he's changed you, hasn't he. You seem… altered… somehow… You've become more attached to his soul…"

He shrugged simply. "Maybe I have, maybe I haven't," he stated, "who knows?"

"Hmmm…" she murmured quietly, rubbing her arm shyly, and Sebastian couldn't help but glance back at her, silently admiring the faraway look in her eyes. "Well then… I suppose we should put aside our differences and do what's best for young Ciel Phantomhive. I'm honestly worried about his overall well-being."

"I will always faithfully stay by my lord's side," Sebastian swore. "I will ensure that his well-being is good."

Anna placed a hand on Sebastian's shoulder, and he turned around. To his surprise, she reached up to give him a gentle kiss on the cheek. His red eyes stared at her in wide shock, and she only smiled at him.

"Well… Sebastian…" she said, "I will look forward to working with you… or even against you." There was a spark of strong angelic power reflecting in her azure eyes, matching the spark of powerful demon strength within Sebastian's eyes.

"I look forward to working with you too," he responded with a sincere smile, feeling his cheek burn where she had kissed him. "Now I will give you a personal tour around the place."

"Thank you, but I already know my way around Phantomhive manor," she replied. "If you'd please though, may I be shown the room I shall be staying in?"

He blinked in slight suspicion before bowing gracefully. "Of course, My Lady."

Later that evening, Ciel had Anna fitted for a maid's outfit, and she was changing in her new room while Sebastian and Ciel waited for her outside the door.

"Are you ready yet, Anna?" Ciel implored impatiently.

The door opened, and Anna appeared before them in a light blue and white maid's outfit, a white maid's crown on her head, blending with her silvery white hair. She was wearing a short fanned-out long-sleeved blue dress, and a white fancy apron. She wore high white stockings that reached her mid-thighs, and she wore black shiny shoes. She looked very sexy in the maid costume, but there was something to her that seemed almost… angelic, yet at the same time, very decadent, as the costume hugged against her body tightly.

"Ah… this dress is a little too short," she complained, peering around at herself. "I think I would like to have it lengthened, if I could, even if it's just a little. I feel kinda awkward wearing this."

"You look fine," Ciel assured. "But if you want, another outfit could be arranged. But there's nothing wrong with you."

"In fact, you look quite attractive," Sebastian added with a chuckle. "I doubt that any maids in all of England would look anything like you."

She smiled. "Well… I am a maid sent from heaven," she teased with a wink. "Now… this will probably take some getting used to, however, I don't believe it should be too much of a problem."

"Ah," Ciel sighed, "I'm tired. I'll retire for the night."

"As you wish, ," Sebastian replied obediently, giving a swift bow, and Anna bowed as well, closing the door behind her as she followed Sebastian and Ciel back to Ciel's room.

"Is there anything you require, Ciel?" Anna implored as Sebastian put him into bed, removing the eye-patch concealing the proof of the Contract in his eye. "Forgive me, the one thing I will not become accustomed to is to call you my master. As of course, I am only here to grant your heartfelt wish and protect you. I do not truly work for you."

He sighed, "Whatever. Anyway, can you sing, Anna? Sebastian has told me stories of how angels' singing voices are enchanting and help put people to sleep to open up their heart's deepest wish to them."

"Yes," Anna responded softly, shooting a quick glance at the butler, "it seems that Sebastian's been doing his research. But nevertheless, our singing does put assistance in making people sleep, not always necessarily to open up their heart's deepest wish, but it help."

Smiling, she closed her eyes as a soft, pure note escaped her lips, and the notes wove into a haunting melody, and slowly Ciel's eyes slipped closed as he drifted into easy sleep. To Sebastian, he found the music of her voice beautiful, but the spell woven in her song did not affect him. All he did was close his eyes and listen as he held the candleholder that provided the only light in the room.

As Anna's song came to a close, she opened her eyes and smiled at the young sleeping Phantomhive.

"Sleep well, Ciel," she whispered softly, leaning down to brush away a few bangs from his face before planting a light kiss on his forehead. Then she walked out of the room, Sebastian staring after her for a moment before blowing out the candles and following her out.

"That was impressive, Lady Anna," he commented, watching as she walked back towards her room.

She stopped, but didn't turn around. "Why do you address me like that, Sebastian?" she implored quietly. "You already of who I really am; of what I really am. Don't you hate me for being your rival? Don't you at least detest me because I am an angel?"

"That does not matter," he said. "After all… you do not hate me, correct?"

She smirked, turning her head around to glance at him. "Of that, you are correct. I cannot find the heart to hate anyone, no matter how evil they are," she replied. "Now… you know that I have business to attend to."

He nodded with a smile. "You are amusing, Lady Anna," he said. "May I join you tonight?"

"But what if Ciel needs you?" she implored.

"He knows how to call me," he replied, his demonic glint in his eyes.

"Very well," she agreed softly. "But please wait, as I need to change from this outfit. I'm afraid dressing like a maid is not proper for the job I am performing tonight."

"Of course," he said, following her back to her room.

She went inside and returned out within moments, dressed in a white spaghetti-strap dress that reached just above her ankles, her white-feathered angel wings glowering in the dark, crystal white slippers cradling her feet, and she had a long dark coat in her arms as she walked towards him.

"So this is part of your true form," he said, scanning her delicate form over.

"Yes," she responded, and they headed towards the front doors as she folded her wings and wrapped the dark coat around herself. "Let us go."

Anna led Sebastian into a graveyard, but the moment Anna stepped into the graveyard, she couldn't help but swoon with weakness. She collapsed back, and Sebastian caught her, amused.

"This can't be helped…" she sighed, mainly to herself, regaining her balance. "An angel is at their weakest when they're in a graveyard… yet…" She took a deep breath and inhaled the cool night air before exhaling deeply. "I have no choice, as it is part of my duty."

"I've yet to actually see this for myself," he admitted, looking quite interested.

Walking deeper into the graveyard, Anna let her coat drop, spreading her wings out wide as white feathers dropped from the air, brushing against the cold stones and pavement. She threw back her head, her arms wide, and clean, pure notes were sung from her lips, and Sebastian could see the white transparent souls rising from various graves, sparkles of something supernatural fluttering about as the angel released them from their sorrows.

"Quite elegant…" Sebastian commented while placing a thoughtful hand on his chin. "Well… you're definitely something else, Lady Anna."

As the souls vanished into the air, disappearing to where their final resting place was, it seemed like sparkles were falling from the sky as Anna stopped singing, looking up at the moon as her irises flashed with silver and blue sparks, her wings dispersing with a flurry of white feathers as they began to fall from the sky.

"A-Ahhh…" she breathed, teetering for a moment before collapsing backwards, knowing that she'd collide with cold ground as she closed her eyes.

But the cold never came, and she felt warm, strong arms embrace her, and she felt that she was propped up against someone's shoulder, and she blinked open her eyes to see herself being held by Sebastian, the butler gazing at her with a dark smile on his face.

"My, my," he began, "that was an amazing feat you just performed, my Lady."

She blinked several times to clear her dizzying head. "Oh… uh… thanks," she said as he helped her stand, his hand gentle in hers.

"Now… shall we return to the mansion for you to get a good night's rest, my Lady?" he suggested with a smile, her hand still rested in his as his other gloved hand was rested around her shoulder.

Silently, she nodded, pulling away from Sebastian as she took a step towards the exit before collapsing with a heavy sigh, and Sebastian caught her under her arms, a smile still on his face. Easily he swept her up bridal-style, and his smile widened as he stared at her calm, sleeping face. The feathers had vanished all around them, and the night was peacefully quiet, the wind playing with Anna and Sebastian's hair. Sebastian picked up her coat and draped it over her like a blanket.

"Sleep well, Lady Anna," he whispered gently, holding her close against his chest as her cheek pressed against his shoulder as he leaped out of the graveyard, with no traces that the angel and demon were ever there.

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