The Butler and the Maid

Angel Fever Strikes

"Any word on Anna's condition?" Ciel implored, flipping through his papers.

"I'm afraid we have no choice but to let it pass," Sebastian replied. "There is no cure. All we must do is take care of her until it passes."

The young earl sighed. "Then I suppose my dancing lessons will be delayed," he replied. "Anyway… I will do a little more research anyway to try and figure out what's going on behind the scenes of Lord Druton's client services. For now, take care of Anna until she fully recovers."

He bowed. "Yes, My Lord."

"By the way, Sebastian," Ciel began, "how did you make Anna fall in love with you? Did you use your demonic charm on her or something? Or did you use that approach?"

Sebastian chuckled. "I suppose I just had to be myself around her," he responded. "But of course, I added a little more of my charm around her. Just for the record, Young Master, I've slept with a few women in my long life as a demon, all of it for information. As Anna has become the angel I seemed to have grown quite fond of, I would never take that approach with her because of my growing affections."

"Whatever," the earl scoffed, blushing slightly with embarrassment, as that was definitely more info than he needed. "Anyway, as I said, go take care of Anna. That's my order."

Knocking briefly on Anna's door, Sebastian walked in, carrying in a bowl of cold water and a cloth.

"Fang, are there any improvements to her condition?" he implored.

"Sebby~ !" Anna cheered, leaping from her bed to throw her arms around Sebastian's neck, giggling profoundly.

"Obviously not," Fang replied with a sigh. "As you can tell… she's only gotten worse. Ah… who knows what other troubles she could get herself into? I've alerted Michael, but he can't do anything, considering that he's going to catch it too if he comes to meet her and try to take care of her. Stupid Ash… it's his fault Anna caught Angel Fever."

"Sebby!" Anna cooed, rubbing her cheek against his chest. "Are you here to take care of little old me?"

He nodded. "But you must calm down, Anna," he chided. "You could hurt yourself if you keep this up."

Anna was burning up, and her cheeks were red as if she were drunk. "But Sebastian," she whined, "I love you too much! Stay here with me!"

He nodded with a smile. "I'll stay here as long as you need me," he assured her. "Don't worry. Now… get back into bed so I can take care of you. Fang… please take care of the Young Master in my temporary absence."

"No way… I'm staying here to make sure that Anna's not going to do anything stupid," Fang retorted.

"Fang!" Anna squeaked as she wiggled into bed before poking her cat in the side. "Listen to Sebastian and go take care of Ciel! Obviously he can't do a lot by himself! Go! Go! Shoo!"

Fang leaped away, hissing at Sebastian. "You'd better not do anything to her, demon," he warned. "If even one hair on Anna's head has been disturbed, your head will be between my jaws, and I will end you."

Sebastian bowed, "Of course."

"Take good care of her, Sebastian," Fang told her. "I know that if you truly love her, you wouldn't harm her."

After Fang left, Anna had a huge grin on her face. "Sebby-chan!" she cooed happily. "I love you, Sebby!"

"Oh my," he murmured, "this seems to be more serious than I thought. Calm down, Anna, please." He began to dab at her forehead with the cloth after dipping it into the cold water and squeezing most of it out.

She began to pant feverishly. "S-Sebastian…" she panted, tugging at the collar of her uniform. "I-It's so hot…" Only able to loosen her collar, she tried to unbutton the dress from behind, but Sebastian stopped her hands, and she resisted, pulling him up so that he was nearly resting on top of her.

"Anna, stop," he told her. "What's wrong?"

"I-It's so hot, Sebby!" she whined between pants, "Y-You must be hot too!"

She tried to unbutton his waistcoat, but her hands fumbled with the buttons.

Again, Sebastian pulled her hands away. "Anna, what in the world are you doing?" he implored.

"Undressing you," she replied simply, as if there was no real issue with it. "Sebby, it's so warm though! And I love you! I'm only trying to help!"

The demon sighed, shaking his head as he stared into her feverish eyes. "Are you trying to seduce me, Anna?"

The ill angel did not reply, and she forced herself up to kiss Sebastian passionately while trying to pull off his waistcoat, her hands wandering over his chest.

"Ahhh…" he murmured, easily restraining her hands once more. "You're not thinking clearly, Anna. As much as I would relish the thought of sleeping with you, I won't unless you actually want me. And I know that you're ill and obviously not thinking clearly, so you are not in your right state of mind, therefore you do not want me."

She reached for him, but he held her down before placing a hand over her eyes, putting her to a light rest, and with a sigh, she collapsed onto the bed.

Sebastian sighed, straightening out his jacket before continuing to dab at her face with the cool cloth, wiping away the sweat from her brow and squeezing her hand reassuringly.

"You'll be alright, Anna," he assured her gently. "I will patiently wait for the day where you do want to sleep with me, but out of your own volition, and not because of some illness."

After he finished cooling her off a little, he placed a soft kiss on her forehead before planting one on her lips.

"I love you, Anna," he whispered, pressing his forehead against hers. "I'll be back in a moment, okay? I'll try to prepare you something that may soothe your body."

Obviously, she didn't respond him, and he smiled, kissing her again briefly before leaving her in peace.

A dark, evil shadow loomed over Anna, and a sharp knife was drawn over her body. Moments later, precious blood was spilt, and Anna was gone.

Sebastian knocked lightly on her door as he returned with a platter of sliced fruits and a glass of water. "Well Anna… once you're awake, I'm sure you're definitely going to like-"

Immediately, he dropped the platter as the bed was empty, blood splattered across the white pillow.

"Anna!" Sebastian gasped, rushing to search for any hints of what could have happened. He closed his eyes, trying to sense whether the angel was still alive.

Anna! If you can hear me, answer my call! He called mentally. There was no reply, and Sebastian had no choice but to fear the worst. Anna! You cannot be dead! Answer me!

Again, there was no reply, and Sebastian's hands tightened into fists. He closed his eyes and tried to focus on whose presence was there after he left.

"Sebastian!" Fang yowled, skidding into the room. "Where's Anna?" He gasped at the blood on the bed. "Sebastian! Where is she? I told you to take care of her!"

"I don't know," the demon answered gravely. "I left for just a moment to get something for her to eat when she woke up, but when I returned, she was gone. I don't know what could have happened… only that this isn't a work of a human. If either a demon or an angel has hold of her, she may be in a little trouble."

"Do you know who could have done this?" the feline implored.

"I can only think of three suspects; Ash, Laurence, or that Greater Demon that marked Anna," he speculated. "What do you think, Fang?"

The cat dipped his head. "I was thinking of the same," he agreed. "Assuming that Ash was the one who gave Anna Angel Fever, most likely it couldn't have been him."

"And the Greater Demon hasn't shown any signs of revealing himself yet, therefore," Sebastian continued, "logically our primary suspect would be demon Laurence Kingsley. But where would he be hiding…? Fang, are you able to contact Anna through your bond with her? She's not responding me through the Blood Contract, but I'm pretty sure that she's alive, if only for now."

"And why would that be?" Fang implored suspiciously.

"Laurence wants to devour her soul, so obviously he can't just kill her," the demon replied simply. "Anyway, are you able to contact her?"

"If I did, I would have done so already," the cat hissed impatiently. "She's not answering me either. You don't think that she could be…"

Sebastian shook his head. "Absolutely not," he cut off. "Even ill with Angel Fever, Anna's strong enough to not allow herself to get killed that easily. She'll put up a valiant fight until we can get to her. The only problem is… where has she been taken?"

"Where indeed?" Fang sighed, "Our only hope right now is to make sure that eventually when we're able to make contact with her that she's alright."

S-Sebastian… a weak voice whispered in the demon's mind. S-Sebby…

Anna, is that you? He replied back instantaneously. Anna, can you hear me?

Sebastian… her voice rasped in his mind. Please… help me… I don't… I don't have too… much time left…

"Anna!" Fang exclaimed, also being able to hear her voice now. "Are you okay?"

Please… Fang… Sebby… Anna whispered into their minds. I'm dying… Laurence Kingsley… demon knife… planning on devouring… soul…

Just hang on, Anna, Sebastian assured her, We'll get to you as quickly as we can. Hold on until we get there.

Anna sent them a weak mental image of the position she was in, and they saw Anna hanging by her wrists, bound by demon cuffs on her wrists and ankles as she was in a dark room, the only light in the windowless room a small light bulb and one door on the opposite side of where she was hanging. Bruises covered her body, leaving nasty marks on her formally flawless skin. A dagger's hilt stuck out from her ribcage, and blood spilt from the wound. Her face was pale as her head hung, her eyes closed as blood trickled down the corner of her lips. Her silver hair was messy and draped over her face and shoulders. A jagged scar ran right under her throat, a wound sealed by searing hot metal on it. She seemed so close to death.

Anna! Hang on! Sebastian shouted into her mind, alarmed at her condition. Don't give up! Where are you?

You'll find me… through the Blood Contract… Sebastian… she whispered weakly. But Sebastian… if you can't find me… in time…

"Don't think that, Anna! We'll save you in time!" Fang protested. "Just hang on!"

Goodbye, Fang… she told them gently. Goodbye Sebastian… I love you…

Anna! Sebastian called, but it was too late, their connection had been severed.

"We've got to do something!" Fang shouted at Sebastian. "We don't have much time! Anna will die unless we hurry. Can you find her?"

Sebastian closed his eyes and focused on Anna's mind, on her heart and her soul. He focused on the contract that he had formed with her, and he focused on the love that he had for her. Within moments, he found her, and his eyes snapped open, indicating to Fang that he had located his dying angel.

"Let's go!" Fang said.

The butler nodded. "I'll quickly inform the Young Master, then we shall leave immediately. It isn't too far from here, but Anna's weak," he told her. "Let's go!"

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