The Butler and the Maid

The Secret of the Angels

"You're so close," Laurence Kingsley said with a smile, stroking Anna's cold face. "Your soul is almost ready for harvesting."

"Y-You'll never win," she rasped weakly. "You will never take my soul."

"We'll see about that," he responded in amusement before slapping her harshly across the face. "Watching you suffer like this is quite amusing. Why don't you cry out for your lover? Why don't you cry out for your beloved angel? Michael, wasn't it? Or why don't you cry out for Sebastian? I'm sure he would love to be in my position right now. Devouring an angel's soul is very rare, as rarely do angels stay in one place so long that a demon can hunt them down."

Anna coughed up more blood, and Laurence grabbed the hilt of the demon blade, twisting it further, and she cried out in agony. She was in so much pain, and her fever only made her condition worse.

"Please… please…" Anna pleaded brokenly, "just let me go…"

"Too bad, Anna," he replied. "Your soul is far too valuable to fall from my grasp. A soul marked by a Greater Demon, a soul untainted with a dark past, and a burning desire to pursue a forbidden love. Your soul has surprising value, Anna. Your soul is far too precious for me to just allow it to slip from me when I'm so close. And to top your soul off, I'm adding the spices for my best dinner yet by torturing you and adding pain to that beautiful, remarkable soul of yours."

"U-Ugh…" Anna groaned, her eyelids fluttering as she struggled to stay alive… but she was losing the fight.

The sadistic demon smiled. "I think it's time for dinner," he said with a smirked, tipping her head up him, his lips inches from hers as his eyes glowed demonically. "I will definitely enjoy this…"

As his mouth caught hers, the door broke open, and Sebastian and fully-transformed Fang burst in, only to see a sigh escape Anna's lips as her head drooped lifelessly as Laurence pulled away from her, licking his lips.

"Mmm… most delicious soul I've ever had," he said, smirking darkly at Sebastian. "You've just come too late, Sebastian. You lost your chance."

An inferno of anger raged inside Sebastian as he saw Anna's lifeless body, and instantly, he leaped at Laurence, his raged demon eyes blazing with fury as he and Laurence exchanged furious swipes, and Fang leaped to Anna's side, brushing his muzzle against her cold cheek.

"Anna! Please! Wake up!" the panther hissed at her.

But she didn't respond him, and the large cat nuzzled her cheek before tears strayed down his golden feline eyes as he laid his head on her shoulder for a moment before growling deeply, rushing to leap out at Laurence with a great fury, sharpened claws outstretched.

Laurence was fast… but Sebastian was faster, determined to kill him especially since the angel he fell in love with had fallen. Sebastian scratched Laurence with the sharp silver dinner knives hidden in his sleeves, and in Laurence's recoil, Fang sank his teeth into the demon's leg, digging his claws into the demon as Sebastian leaped back while the ferocious and furious angelic beast took out his fury on the demon.

"Anna…" Sebastian murmured, a faint guilt sewn into his voice as he snapped the demon cuffs on Anna's wrists and ankles easily. As he pulled the limp angel into his arms, he pulled the demon blade from her torso, brushing her cheek very gently, cradling her as if she were just a child. "I'm so sorry, Anna… I wasn't able to save you in time."

The demon butler did not know how much the angel had truly meant to him until he finally lost her. Now… he felt pain and agony burn inside of him; inside the heart that he never knew he had. Pressing his forehead against her cold one, he kissed her softly, tasting her blood and what tasted like remnants of Anna's soul.

"I love you…" he whispered softly, a silent prayer to the angel he had loved.

Laurence Kingsley was thrown viciously on the ground before Sebastian, covered in blood. Fang leapt in front of Sebastian and Anna, stalking around the demon angrily.

"…bast… ian…" a voice weakly whispered, "S-Se…bastian…"

To Sebastian's surprise and relief, Anna's eyes weakly fluttered open to meet his.

"Anna!" he breathed in surprise. "Y-You're alive!"

"I-Impossible!" Laurence hissed angrily. "I was sure I killed you! I devoured your soul already!"

A faint smile touched her lips, and she nodded at Sebastian, closing her eyes before her entire form glowed, her damaged wings appearing as she floated from his arms. Her wings folded around her form, and a warm pulse echoed from her body as she was set upright.

"Aargh!" Laurence screeched, lunging at the hovering angelic form, but both Sebastian and Fang knocked the demon away.

Anna's wings spread, and the angel's eyes opened, the demons and cat seeing the angel in her full glory, dressed in a simplistic spaghetti-strap dress that reached her ankles, silver bangles dangling on both her wrists and crystal earrings jingling on her ears. Her silver hair was neat and seemed to flow in waves, a halo of golden light hovering over her head. All of her wounds and bruises were gone, and golden light seemed to be faintly radiating from her flawless skin.

"But h-how?" Laurence demanded, "I was sure I killed you! I took your soul!"

"Us angels hold a deep secret that protects our souls from being taken by demons," Anna chimed, her voice sounding like bells. "And this is why it is so rare for a demon to devour an angel's soul; an angel's soul cannot be taken, but only freely given. That is our secret."

Sebastian smiled at the angel, relieved that the angel was safe and alive. He realized how much he was in love with Anna, and how close he had been to losing her.

"For you," Anna announced, her form radiating with power, "this game is over."

"Anna!" Fang exclaimed. "You're still ill, you shouldn't be using your powers! Though you may seem fine, you're still sick with Angel Fever!"

"Anna," Sebastian advised her, knowing very well not to touch her, "let Fang and I take care of him. Don't waste your energy on him. You need to save your strength to recover from Angel Fever."

The light around Anna faded with her wings as her clothes transformed back into her simple cleaned maid outfit, the Phantomhive emblem pinned on her chest. She sighed, collapsing into Sebastian's arms, and her demon held her tight, her head laying against his shoulder. A darkness radiated from Sebastian as his eyes glowed demonically. Darkness began to envelop the room, and for the first time, Laurence felt fear as Sebastian began his transformation…

"Mmm…" Anna murmured, slowly opening her eyes. She found herself in her bed, her hands folded over her chest, and the world seemed a little fuzzy to her at first, but eventually she refocused, resting a hand over her forehead. "W-What happened?"

"Anna, you're awake," a warm voice said, and Sebastian's gloved hand brushed over her cheek. "How are you feeling?"

"Not… too bad," she replied, glancing over to see the demon sitting on her bedside. "I feel so sore and tired though. How long have I been asleep?"

"About a full day since you were last conscious," he answered simply.

"What happened to me?" she implored.

"You were sick," Fang said, hopping onto her bedside, "you caught Angel Fever from Ash. You're alright now though."

"Ugh…" she moaned, her hand resting over her eyes. "Did I do anything stupid that I should know about? Anything happen?"

"Nothing too severe," Sebastian assured. "Laurence Kingsley is dead, and you were nearly killed. You nearly lost your soul, you transformed into your true form, and above all else, you tried to seduce me."

A blush covered Anna's cheeks as she twisted her head away in embarrassment, and Fang's fur bristled in anger. Sebastian had told him already about it before, but still… it bothered him.

"Awww… don't worry about it," the demon teased, stroking her cheek. "You were very cute and sweet. Don't worry, I didn't give in. I knew you were ill, and it's not like me to take advantage of the woman I love."

Fang sighed, looking at Anna in concern, "One more thing, Anna, you revealed the secret of the angels, to both Sebastian and Laurence. Thankfully, Laurence is dead, however, as for the matter of Sebastian…"

"I did what?" Anna demanded, sitting up abruptly and instantly regretting it. She flopped back down on the bed, groaning at the dizziness she felt pulsing in her head.

"Well…" the feline continued calmly, "I've spoken with the Council, and they sent Michael to relay a message and a deal with the demon; Sebastian will keep quiet about the angels' secrets, and in return, the Council will approve of his relationship with you… for now, anyway."

Very softly, Sebastian gave Anna a kiss, unhurried and undemanding. His hands snaked around her waist and around her back, sitting her up against him as he held her. Pulling away, their foreheads touched, their eyes closed.

"After nearly losing you, Anna," he said, running his fingers through her hair, "I've realized just how much you mean to me. In all honesty, I am appalled at how much I seem to love you. I didn't think such a feat for a demon would be possible. You truly must be a maid sent from heaven."

She chuckled at the irony of the joke before pulling away. "We should probably tend to Ciel," she said, "I'm sure the other servants are busy too."

"They've been worried about you," Fang told her. "They've all been quite distracted, Finny especially. He ran the pool table through the wall."

"O-Oh my…" she stammered in shock. "Well… then I suppose we should definitely go tend to the Phantomhive Manor's affairs before we continue on with the day. Speaking of, I still have to continue teaching Ciel how to dance, otherwise he'll never be ready for the dance coming up in a few days."

Sebastian sighed, "Unfortunately, I believe that no amount of teaching will help the Young Master improve."

Anna shrugged. "You never know, Sebastian," she replied optimistically. "A lot can happen in several days. The relationship between you and I is one of the best proofs of that."

He chuckled, giving her a soft kiss. "I'm afraid I agree with you," he told her gently. "You truly are remarkable, Anna. You've melted the non-existent heart of a demon with a just a smile."

She smiled. "Well now, Sebastian," she told him gently. "You're not that bad yourself. You've made an angel fall for a demon. That is definitely something that no one on earth could have ever predicted."

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