The Butler and the Maid

Humorous Situation

As they all went to the next room, Sebastian pulled out the music sheets after handing Ciel his violin and taking his own. He smiled at Anna before turning to Ciel. "What do you feel like playing today, Young Master? Are you feeling like Bach's Chaconne? Or would you like to try a cheerier one? For example, how about Elgar's Opt. 12, Salut d'Amour?"

"Whatever," Ciel sighed tiresomely.

"Very well," he responded, taking the respective sheet and handing a copy to Anna as she opened up the piano.

"Hmmm… Salut d'Amour," she murmured, "A very good choice." She sat down at the piano, setting the sheets up on the stands.

"Well, Young Master," Sebastian began, "Anna and I shall give you a demo of what this song should sound like when performed perfectly." Setting the violin against his neck, he looked at Anna, and she nodded.

Her hands flowed along the keys, the beautiful melody ringing out in the air, and after the first few lines, Sebastian began to flawlessly play the violin in tune to the music. Together, they wove a beautiful sound that echoed throughout the mansion, stopping the other servants in their work as they paused to listen. Ciel and Elizabeth closed their eyes as they listened, feeling the song carry a light emotion within in. It was the feeling of triumph, and a pure happiness that Ciel knew he hadn't felt in years… ever since that fateful day. He felt… lighter, somehow, and as demon and angel played in perfect harmony, Ciel couldn't help but feel even the faintest hint of a smile tug on his lips.

"Ah, how beautiful," Lizzy cheered happily.

"They sound remarkable together," Agni added.

Soma nodded.

Very nice, Sebastian thought to Anna. I see even the Young Master is pleased with our performance, very amusing.

Oh you, she sighed mentally, flawlessly continuing her part of the song. You shouldn't tease your master like that. Demon or not, you never know what that boy could order you to do. And because you're bound under the Contract, you must obey his orders.

As their song came to a humbling close, clapping filled the room.

"That was wonderful!" Elizabeth exclaimed.

Sebastian and Anna bowed in union.

"Well… Ciel, shall we begin?" Anna asked, and Sebastian moved aside for Ciel to look at the pages on the stand. "How does it look?"

"Hmmm…" he muttered incomprehensibly, placing the violin against his neck as he began to sight-read the notes, still playing decently well. Very easily, Anna caught where he was and played along perfectly on the piano. The pace was slower, and the sound emitted from Ciel's violin was more amateurish compared to Sebastian's previous playing.

"Not bad, Little Ciel," Soma commented. "Quite interesting…"

"Ciel…" Anna sighed, not missing a note as she continued playing, "you need to put more emotion into it, even if you are sight-reading it. Emotion is the key to moving others to believe what you are playing."

Ciel's brow furrowed as he tried to do as she advised, finding it a little tricky to actually understand what she had meant by putting more 'emotion' into his playing.

"Not bad, Young Master," Sebastian commented afterwards.

Anna looked at Ciel. "You still have to put more emotion into it, Ciel," she told him. "Though I do compliment the fact that you at least managed to play the song decently well, you still have some work to do."

The young earl scoffed.

"Nice job, Little Ciel," Soma commented.

"Ciel!" Lizzy exclaimed, leaping to give him a huge hug. "That was absolutely adorable! You look so adorable when you're playing the violin! Now you just need the perfect outfit to go with it too! Then you'd look perfect!"

Agni looked at Anna. "You are quite a skilled maid as well, Miss Anna," he complimented, and she smiled.

"Thank you," she responded. "I'm sure that you are just as skilled in your own unique areas as well, Mr. Agni."

The door burst open as Fang and Kylee dashed in, a certain red-cloaked Shinigami chasing after them. For some strange reason he was holding two double-layered cakes in his hands.

"Come back here you two!" Grell Sutcliff exclaimed.

Immediately, Fang ran to Anna as Kylee ran to Sebastian, both cats leaping up to their owners' arms.

"Fang!" Anna gasped, "what in the world is going on? Grell, what are you doing here?"

Sorry to interrupt you, Anna, Fang told her, looking up at her, I needed to warn you about this Shinigami, but he was insisted on seeing you. I'm unsure about what those cakes are though.

Go on, take Kylee and get out of here, she replied him, Sebastian and I will take care of this. Please take Adrian to the other servants to have them take care of him.

The Shinigami stopped, looking at the angel maid. "Uh… Will sent me here to deliver these to you," he announced, walking over with the cakes.

Anna's eyes widened, clearly taken aback. "Well… thank you very much," she replied as Fang and Kylee nudged Adrian's cradle out of the room.

"Those are some amazing cats you have there," Soma commented.

Anna and Sebastian smiled. "Thank you," they replied in union.

Without warning, Grell tripped, and he dropped the cakes. As he tried to recover from his trip, he stumbled, both feet stepping into the cakes as suddenly he was sliding around the room on the cakes like they were skates.

Oh no… both Anna and Sebastian thought as the Shinigami sped towards them all.

"Prince Soma!" Agni exclaimed, grabbing his prince protectively and leaping away.

"Sebastian!" Anna called immediately, "Grab Lady Elizabeth!"

As the demon grabbed the young lady to safety, Anna grabbed Ciel and pulled him away to the side as Grell crashed into the piano, broken and jagged notes sent in all directions, Grell falling onto his face in the pile of broken wood.

"Is everyone okay?" Fang implored Anna.

"I think everyone's accounted for," she answered.

Ciel scoffed, "The idiot."

Sebastian nodded. "But I think the only thing I'm really worried about is the piano," he said grumpily. I'll have to get that fixed as soon as possible, he added mentally.

"That has got to hurt," Anna added. "Are you alright, Grell?"

The Shinigami looked up at them, covered in cake and broken pieces of wood. "Aw man… Will's gonna kill me," he groaned.

He won't be the only one, Sebastian thought.

"Here, let me help you up," Anna offered, extending her hand to him, and Grell couldn't help but flush at her kindness, taking her hand as he tried to stand… tried to stand.

"GAH!" Grell exclaimed as he slipped on some icing on the bottom of his shoe and was falling back, Anna's hand still gripped in his as he caught the angel off guard, pulling her down with him.

Sebastian's arm instantly darted out to grab Anna's other hand, pulling her back, and with a blundering thump, Grell was back on the ground, covered in Will's hard work and pieces of a broken piano.

"Oww…" Anna grumbled, but she had landed on something soft, opening her eyes to find herself lying on top of Sebastian, their faces inches apart as his hand was still holding hers. A blush charmed her face as she hurriedly got off him. "S-Sorry Sebastian."

He chuckled as she helped him up. "No harm done, Anna," he assured her, turning back to Grell. "Now Grell, may you please clarify as to why you are here?" Not to mention destroy the piano, he added mentally, and Anna shot him a quick look, knowing that even in the demon's irritation, he shouldn't act rashly against the Shinigami.

"Will wanted me to deliver these cakes to Anna as a gift for her services," Grell responded.

All eyes turned to Anna, and she held up her hands in front of her defensively. "Don't look at me, I have no idea what he's talking about," she defended honestly.

"Undertaker wasn't willing to give us information before you made him laugh," the Shinigami explained. "But after you all left, he told us everything we needed to know. That's why Will wanted to thank you by sending you the cakes…"

The angel chuckled in amusement. "That was sweet of him," she replied, "but he didn't have to do that for me. But I don't think it matters too much anymore at the moment." She chuckled as Grell flushed in embarrassment, knowing that he ruined the cakes.

"So… who is this guy?" Soma implored.

"An acquaintance of mine," Ciel replied simply. "This blundering idiot is always causing trouble." Whether it is trying to go after Sebastian or causing trouble for me, he added silently. There shouldn't be too many problems with him chasing after Sebastian now that he and Anna are together.

Sebastian sighed, "I suppose there goes our violin lessons with accompaniment. You're going to have to do it solo, Young Master."

"Rather that," Anna interrupted, "why don't we just move along on our schedule? We may as well, correct?"

The demon nodded his head. "Grell, if you please wouldn't mind leaving," he hinted, "then we can proceed on our schedule without any delays."

"I have to agree," Anna agreed gently, "you've caused a little too much trouble here, Grell. Please thank Will for the cakes, even though I won't be able to enjoy them anymore. It's the thought that counts."

Grell looked depressed. Will's going to kill me, he thought grimly, standing up and brushing off some cake. "Oh yeah," he said, taking a card out of his pocket and offering it out to Anna, "Will also wanted me to give this to you. It's his card. He says to give him a call if you ever need help."

As if that will happen, Sebastian thought, I will be the one to protect you if you need any help.

The angel smirked, shooting a quick amused glance at the demon. "Thanks," Anna said, taking the card from Grell and slipping it into her glove, "I'll keep that in mind."

Sebastian smiled at Anna before turning back to Grell. "Please see yourself out, Grell," he said, turning to Ciel, Lizzy, Soma and Agni, "Young Master, please wait in the dance room while Anna and I will try to clean up a little. We will be there as soon as we can."

Ciel nodded. "Take care of this, Sebastian, Anna," he said softly before they left.

Once only Anna and Sebastian remained, Sebastian went behind Anna, resting his hands on her bare shoulders as he pressed up against her back. His hands slid down her arms to wrap around her stomach as she leaned back against him, resting her hands on his as she sighed heavily.

"You seem tired, Anna," he breathed into her ear. "Are you alright?"

"I love you, Sebastian," she whispered, reaching back to turn his face towards her to capture him in a kiss, "but yes, I think I'm fine. Just a bad feeling, I suppose…"

The demon didn't seem too convinced, and kissed her again, his arms wrapping around her tighter. "I love you too, Anna," he said softly, "and have I mentioned yet that you look absolutely ravishing?"

She nodded with a smile. "You might have mentioned it," she teased. "But that's not important for the moment. We should get cleaning up as soon as we can before Ciel comes to scold us."

Sebastian kissed her on the forehead, reaching to brush his gloved fingers over the Greater Demon seal on her collarbone. "It's a pity that this imperfection is marking you," he sighed, "otherwise you'd be perfect."

"That's sweet of you to say that," she commented, and he kissed her again lightly before running his lips down the side of her neck, causing her to moan and shiver with pleasure.

He buried his face into her silver hair, hugging her tighter. "Ah…" he sighed, breathing in her sweet scent deeply, "I suppose we should clean up now, shouldn't we."

"Yes," she replied, pulling away, "Ciel and the others are expecting us. Next we have his dancing lessons."

Sebastian sighed, shaking his head. "This will be tragic indeed…"

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