The Butler and the Maid

Angel vs Angel

"Okay, so, Ciel, what do you remember from last time?" Anna asked, and was met with silence. "Oh dear… you don't remember anything from our last lesson?"

"Come on, Ciel!" Elizabeth cheered, "You can do it!"

"Yeah, Little Ciel," Soma added, "you opened up my eyes to the world, and yet you can't even dance the waltz."

Sebastian chuckled as a vein pulsed on the earl's forehead. "He's right, I'll admit," he said. "Here, allow Anna and I to demonstrate it to you again."

Eagerly, Sebastian pulled Anna into his arms and looked at Ciel as he slipped a hand around her back as she settled hers on his shoulder. "Remember Young Master, lead from the heel," he addressed.

The demon-angel pair began to waltz, and Ciel tried to pay attention to their perfect steps, but just didn't seem to get it. Anna noticed his frustration and looked at Sebastian.

Perhaps we should have Lady Elizabeth assist him so he isn't only just watching, Anna told him mentally.

He dipped his head, and both of them stopped, looking at Ciel and Elizabeth.

"Ciel," Anna said softly, "I was thinking that it would be easier for you to learn if you're doing it with us at the same time."

"Lady Elizabeth," Sebastian addressed gently, "would you please be the Young Master's dance partner for his lesson?"

"Of course!" she squealed happily, turning to Ciel, who flushed slightly.

Inhaling deeply as Anna and Sebastian's previous lesson of 'being a gentleman' flooded his mind, he forced a smile, offering his hand out to her. "May I have this dance, Lady?" he implored respectfully.

"Yes!" Lizzy replied happily, taking his outstretched hand and moving into formal dance position.

Soma and Agni exchanged glances.

"We'll be going now," Soma announced. "It was good to see you again, Little Ciel, Sebastian. And it was nice to meet you both too, Lady Elizabeth, Anna."

Anna dipped her head with a kind smile. "It was nice to meet you too, Prince Soma, Agni," she replied. "Please come by anytime."

After Ciel was put to bed later that evening, Anna turned to Sebastian, giving him a soft peck on the lips, burying her face in his chest for a moment before pulling back.

"Anna, is something wrong?" he implored worriedly, his deep red eyes shining at her.

She shook her head. "Sebastian," she said softly, "come with me to my room. There is something I need to talk to you about. It's important. I'm going to prove to you how far I'm willing to go with you."

The demon raised an eyebrow. "Are you planning on seducing me, Anna?" he implored.

"Come with me, please?" she replied while blushing, avoiding his question. She batted her eyelashes flirtatiously at him and he sighed.

"Fine, fine," he agreed, giving her a kiss before brushing her lips with a thumb. "You're going to have to do a better job of seducing me than just that, if that's what you're after."

Late that night, Ciel was disturbed by a loud shouting.

"CIEL! CIEL! WAKE UP!" Anna's voice shouted through the hallway before the winged angel burst through his bedroom door, Sebastian not too far behind.

"Gah!" Ciel shrieked, sitting up abruptly. "What is the meaning of this?"

The ground rumbled beneath them and Anna shook her head, spreading her wings wide. "There's no time to explain it completely right now. You need to get out of here. It's not safe here anymore for the time being," she explained quickly as bright lights flashed outside as the ground shook again.

"The Phantomhive manor is being attacked by Ash," Sebastian informed his master, "he's having a full-out assault on the entire property. But rest assured, Anna's protecting it right now using an angel barrier."

"But if something should happen, I need you out of here," the angel barked, "I've already placed Finny, Bard, Maylene, Tanaka and Adrian into a deep sleep, and Fang's taking them to the townhouse in London right now. Sebastian, get Ciel out of here and to the townhouse until I give you some sort of signal that it's safe."

He bowed, picking up Ciel. "Understood," he said.

"Oi, Sebastian!" Ciel hissed, barking at the rough handling of his butler. "Let me down!"

The demon shook his head. "Absolutely not," he replied sternly. "You heard her. It's no longer safe here at the manor for the time being. You must allow Anna to handle this."

"Sebastian's right," Anna agreed, looking outside the window, her sword of light materializing in her right hand, blazing brightly.

"Anna," Sebastian addressed, and she turned to him, only to have his lips press against hers. Then she found him staring into her azure eyes with hard red ones. "Be careful."

She nodded. "Now come with me," she urged as she slipped around the threshold. "I can only open up the barrier for a moment before I need to seal it off completely so I can retaliate against Ash before he tries anything."

As they were heading out of the mansion, Anna was giving them quick instructions.

"After you get out," she explained in a rush, "get as far away from here as possible. I have no idea what Ash is planning, and I'll try to contain this as best I can. Sebastian, make sure Ciel is not harmed, and take him to the townhouse as soon as you can. Fang should already be there now to take care of the others, and I've told him to help you out if you need anything."

"When can we expect to hear back from you?" Ciel implored.

The angel looked around cautiously. "I don't know," she responded honestly. "As soon as I can. I don't know how long this battle may last. I'll either go myself or I'll send word to Sebastian through the Blood Contract or I'll inform Fang through our bond. Rest assured though, I'll definitely take care when I partake this battle, so I'll try not to allow anything to happen to me."

Sebastian didn't look too convinced, but didn't say a word in response.

Sebastian, I know you must be worried, Anna told him mentally as she navigated them carefully through the hallway, even though you don't show it. But I order you to protect Ciel. I knew that you were once a heartless, malicious demon who cared for nothing and no one and just feasted for souls, disposing of anyone who got in your master's way. I need that Sebastian now; to protect Ciel. Forget about me.

But Anna, he began.

Please, Sebastian, she cut off pleadingly, not slowing her pace as they hurried to the front doors. Do this for me. Protect Ciel, that's an order.

As they stopped at the front doors, Anna carefully listening outside, Sebastian held Ciel with one arm, grabbing Anna and whirling her into his kiss of passion, and her hand rested on his cheek for a moment before pulling away with a kind smile.

"Don't worry, Sebastian," she assured. "I promise I'll take care of myself." Then she looked down at Ciel. "Be careful Ciel, I'm sure that Ash may also be after you because of what happened last time. Sebastian will take care of you, and I'll take care of Ash if he tries to follow you or anything. Don't worry, I'll protect the Phantomhive Manor well. Sebastian, you be careful too. If things are going to go the way I think they are, even a demon like you isn't safe."

The butler was taken aback at her sudden declaration, and she smiled at him. Sebastian's worries only grew, knowing that there was a huge risk for Anna as well if even he himself was in danger. But with this worry came a new discovery. Sebastian never realized that he was so strongly in love with the angel. When he had made a Contract with Ciel Phantomhive, he swore to devote his body and soul to him. But now… if Ciel was to order him to kill Anna or allow her to die… Sebastian had no idea what he would do.

Carefully, Anna creaked open the door before motioning Sebastian and Ciel out. Ciel looked up and saw that the entire Phantomhive Estate was being covered by a huge glowering orange dome: an angel's barrier.

"Hurry up!" Anna called as she flew to the edge of the barrier.

Sebastian and Ciel arrived at the edge of the barrier with her, and she looked up. Above the barrier, Ash was flying overhead, circling the dome with a great fury burning in his eyes, his sword glowing with strong angel powers. His eyes met Anna's, and she narrowed her gaze before turning back gravely to Sebastian and Ciel.

"Remember, don't stop till you reach the townhouse," she reminded urgently, "wait there until I contact you."

She poised her sword at the barrier before thrusting it forward, the light piercing into and through, creating a door to the outside.

"GO!" Anna shouted, and Sebastian dashed through, immediately taking his young master into the forest as Anna flew up to fight Ash, the barrier reclosing around the Phantomhive Estate as both angels became bright lights battling it out in the skies.

Sebastian and Ciel were pretty deep into the forest when Ciel decided to say something.

"Sebastian, stop," he demanded, "put me down."

The demon blinked as he came to a halt, putting the young earl onto his feet. Back in the direction of the manor, loud booms that could easily been mistaken as thunder rumbled.

"What is it, Young Master?" Sebastian implored.

"I order you to go help Anna," Ciel ordered, "she's no use to me dead. And having an angel by my side may help later on when we get into a little more trouble."

The butler smiled. "My, my," he teased, "are you showing compassion towards Anna, Young Master?"

Ciel scoffed. "Not at all," he retorted briskly, "I just don't want someone who may be useful to me killed so early in the game. Now don't make me repeat myself."

Sebastian bowed. "Yes, My Lord."

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