The Butler and the Maid

The Angel, the Demon, the Dog

Anna barreled forward, crashing into the archangel with a white-hot fury, her sword of light blazing brightly as she had transformed into the angelic knight that she was. Pure white battle robes that looked like it had been made with an Eastern touch hugged her body, her hair tied up in a tight messy bun as she thrust her sword forward at Ash.

"Why won't you allow these pathetic humans to die, Anna?" Ash screeched at her. "We could start this world anew!"

Dodging his advance on her, she flew back, beating her wings once to keep herself afloat. "You truly are a fool," she scolded, "do you honestly believe that humankind would differ any way from how they are now? All you would be doing is taking away millions of innocent lives."

"Of course you would think that way," the archangel hissed with a smirk, "you were once human, were you not? A beautiful young woman heavily burdened before being burnt at the stake."

Anna's eyes narrowed before blazing golden, and she threw two balls of white fire from her palm at the angel, blue lightning crackling around it.

"Hmph," Ash smirked, unimpressed as he sent two in return, the fires crashing in brilliant white sparks and smoke, blurring the area. "You're going to have to do better than that."

But what he wasn't aware of was that he had lost sights of the angel in the smoke. Sensing the sudden presence of the angel behind him, he whirled around, but a moment too late as Anna's blade just slashed against his side, drawing blood.

"Why you-?" Ash broke off at seeing Anna's confident smirk before she focused a ball of white flames and electricity in her hand before thrusting it against Ash's chest.

BOOM! A tremendous explosion rattled the earth as Ash was sent spiraling back into the ground, tendrils of smoke trailing from burns on his formally-white suit. Anna cleared away the smoke easily with a few beats of her wings, looking down at the unharmed Phantomhive manor grounds, noticing a familiar black-clad butler standing by the edge of the barrier.

"Sebastian!" Anna shouted, soaring down to greet him. "What are you doing here? I ordered you to take care of Ciel and-"

"I did," he interrupted, "the Young Master is perfectly safe right now. You clearly only made a suggestion to take him to the townhouse at post haste."

She groaned, shaking her head, glancing at the slowly-recovering Ash. "It's still not safe," she said, "now what in the world are you doing here?"

"The Young Master ordered me to help you," Sebastian informed her.

Anna grimaced. "While I appreciate the offer, I'm perfectly fine in taking care of myself for the moment," she replied.

His eyes scanned her over. "On that note," he began, "what on earth are you wearing?"

"Ah yes, this," she said, glancing herself over. "Angel battle robes but I kinda liked having an Eastern touch to it. It's very comfortable and easy to move around in, so it's efficient in such dangerous situations. Anyway, get out of here, Sebastian. I don't need the help."

He smiled. "The Young Master insisted," he reasoned, and she sighed, shaking her head.

Ash was getting onto his feet, brushing off debris, dirt, and dust from his formally-white suit.

ARHOO! Anna glanced towards the forest as a howl filled the air. "Hmm…" she muttered, waving a glowing hand over herself, and a split image of the angel appeared. "Ciel's in danger. My image will distract Ash for a short while, but not for too long. Come Sebastian, let's go."

Ciel looked at his surroundings, hearing one loud boom come from the direction of the manor, and the ground shook beneath his feet.

"Hmph," Ciel snorted, sitting down on a large protruding tree root, crossing one leg over the other as his arms folded across his chest.

I wonder how much longer they're gonna need, he wondered. Hopefully it'll be done before the party in a few days.

ARHOO! A howl rang through the air, and Ciel leaped to his feet, whirling around as paws hit the ground hastily as something sped towards him.

"Young Master," Sebastian addressed as he and Anna arrived.

"What is that noise, Sebastian?" the young earl demanded, "What's coming?"

"Hold on," Anna said, "I recognize this." Easily, she curled her fingers by her lips to let out a high-pitched whistle that echoed for a moment before the paws quickened, a happy bark filling the air.

"Is that-?" Ciel broke off, recognizing that familiar bark.

Before he could finish, a huge light blue demon dog bounded out from the trees and towards Anna, a crazed joy in its dark red eyes before it transformed into a tiny puppy version of itself before leaping up into the angel's arms.

"Pluto," she said cheerily, hugging the demon dog to her, "what are you doing here? I told you to stay back in your forest home until I sent for you."

"But Pluto is dead," Ciel tried to reason, mostly to himself. "Finny, Maylene and Bard killed him."

Anna smiled, shaking her head. "Close to death, but not completely," she explained as the dog licked her face affectionately. "I saved him and took him in afterwards while allowing the rest of you to believe that he was dead. And I've given him a third form as well; the form of a tiny puppy."

Sebastian's eye twitched for a moment in slight jealousy of how close the demon dog was to the angel, then relaxed as Anna put him down. Pluto transformed back into his huge true form, and Anna rested a hand on his muzzle.

"Now, I want you to take Ciel and Sebastian safely to the townhouse, okay?" she instructed. "I've already taught you that Ash and or Angela are bad people, so you don't listen to them, okay? You only listen to me."

Pluto nodded his head, laying down on his paws as she pet him.

"Why would you revive a demon dog?" Ciel implored.

The angel smiled as she turned to the young earl. "Even though he is a demon dog, he is still but only a pup," she reasoned. "Under the nurturance of Angela, he was taught to obey at all times, under both normal control and by a collar. The blood one is borne with won't tell whether a person is good or bad. Everyone deserves a second chance, so why not Pluto?"

Sebastian couldn't help but smile. Though he did not fully comprehend her reasoning, it was the compassionate side of her that bewitched him.

"Ugh…" Ciel groaned, disgusted as he turned away. "Whatever. Has Ash been taken care of?"

Anna withdrew her hand from Pluto's snout. "I have to go back," she announced, "Pluto will be your guard as you all head to the townhouse in London. I'll join you as soon as I can."

Without another word, the angel took flight, and Sebastian smiled after her before Pluto licked his face, instantly irritating the demon.

"Let's get out of here," Ciel hissed. "Prepare some red tea when we arrive, Sebastian."

Anna tackled Ash, pinning the archangel to the ground.

"Leave here, Ash," she hissed at him, "you'll never win. As I speak, Sebastian and Ciel are getting as far away as they can. They're out of your reach, and the other angels have been alerted of your activities ever since I branded you a few days ago."

He glared at her before furiously throwing her off, and she skidded back a few feet before stopping, leaping forwards to stab her blade at the opposing angel, and he blocked it with his own.

"You're a fool, Anna," he chuckled.

She smiled. "I don't think so," she said as she twisted her blade down into the ground, stepping back a few feet before a huge dome of golden orange light surrounded Ash. "You've fallen into my trap, Ash."

The fallen angel's eyes widened with sudden anger and hatred as he threw himself at the angel barrier in an attempt to break it, but to no avail. Anna stared emotionlessly at the angel, her hands by her sides.

"What has made you into this, Ash?" she asked softly. "You were once a brave, strong angel that really wanted to come to Earth to see what the world was through the eyes of the humans. And now… you long to be the annihilator of them. Why?"

"Because I saw their taint; their filth," he spat acidly. "They must all pay for their sins."

Anna closed her eyes, inhaling deeply as she raised her arms, the orange dome around Ash rising and levitating the angel into the air, trapped within a ball of orange.

"W-What are you doing?" he demanded in a howl.

The angel opened her eyes, her pupils glowing silver. "Ending this battle," she said softly. "Goodbye, Ash, for the last time."

Without warning, another sharp blade pierced from Anna's back and through her chest, and the angel coughed, blood dripping from her lips. She glanced behind her to see another winged angel twisting the blade.

"A-Angela?" Anna breathed, "I-Impossible!"

As Angela yanked the blade from her body, Anna stepped back a few steps as blood splattered on the ground, a hand over the wound. She was lucky that the blade that had stabbed her was a normal human-made sword, otherwise that wound would have proven to be fatal. However, Ash was free from Anna's broken concentration and he dropped down next to Angela.

"This just doesn't make sense," Anna murmured in confusion. "The two that was one… became two? How? Why?"

The angels smirked.

"We found the secret to separating into two individual beings," Ash cackled. "But that secret will remain a secret. And you're going to die. Against two angels, you don't stand a chance."

Anna closed her eyes, feeling a quick warm light seal her wounds, if only temporarily. She brushed the blood away from her lips, and she refocused on the two angels, nevertheless, her vision was still a little blurry from the rapid blood loss.

"Now die!" both Ash and Angela shouted as they lunged for Anna, angelic blades poised at her.

She leaped back just in time but fumbled to the ground.

Not good, not good, she thought as she tried to get up on her feet. Gotta survive.

"Anna!" several voices shouted in unison, and Anna looked up to see a bright light shine down on her from above before three angels flew down by her side.

"Michael! Kieran! Alisha!" Anna gasped.

Alisha smiled, flicking back her long brown braided hair as her sword hand twitched. "Need some help, Anna?" she implored rhetorically, her light green eyes sparkling mischievously.

Michael kneeled down next to Anna. "Kieran, take care of Ash! Alisha, take Angela!" he shouted at them.

"Got it," Kieran responded, glaring at Ash with hard chestnut eyes. "Take care of Anna."

Immediately, the angels engaged in a huge battle, and Michael wrapped his wings around both him and Anna protectively.

"M-Michael, what are you doing here?" she demanded.

"We sensed angel activity coming from the Phantomhive Manor," he explained as he held Anna's hands, transferring his healing powers to her, warming her body and sending magic tingles fluttering all inside her. "We went to check the brand tracker, and there were two accounts of the brand you had placed on Ash. We knew something was up and immediately came here to help you out."

She smiled as he held her against him. "Thank you," she whispered softly, closing her eyes as she let herself fall into a short trance. "Thank you."

Michael smiled down at her, hugging her tighter. "I know that you love that demon Sebastian," he said softly, "and it's okay. I will love you anyway, because you're the only angel that I hold dear to my heart."

Sebastian, Ciel, and Pluto arrived at the Phantomhive townhouse in London, where they were greeted by its caretakers Prince Soma and his servant Agni.

"A-Agni! W-What in the world is that?" Soma gasped.

"No idea," Agni responded somewhat calmly, "but if Mr. Sebastian and Lord Ciel are friends with it, you should be fine."

Ciel was let down by Sebastian and the earl looked at them.

"Pluto is a demon hound," Ciel answered. "He won't hurt anyone unless he's ordered to."

"A-A demon what?" the Indian prince gasped, incredulous.

Sebastian bowed. "Let's go inside and I'll make something that might ease you, Young Master," he offered, looking at the other servant. "The other servants are here already, right?"

Agni nodded. "They were in a carriage, and they were all asleep. Miss Anna's cat was in there too," he said. "They're all inside right now, and the servants have been put to bed."

Ciel sighed heavily, "Let's go inside. I'm tired. Sebastian, make some tea."

"Understood," the demon butler responded, and took a quick glance back in the direction of the Phantomhive Manor where deep in his heart he hoped that Anna was okay. But of course, he would never, ever tell that to anyone. He was, after all, one hell of a butler.

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