The Butler and the Maid


The next morning, Fang yawned widely, stretching out his legs as he shook out his fur, nosing Kylee awake beside him. It had been a peaceful, quiet night for the cats as they stayed in Sebastian's room.

"Good morning," Fang greeted with a lick to her ear.

She meowed back her greeting, purring against him.

Anna, are you awake? He called through their connection, but then he suddenly realized that her presence was nowhere in the mansion.

"Maybe she's gone out shopping for Ciel's breakfast this morning?" he reassured himself. "Either way, Sebastian should know where she's gone. I'll go ask him."

The white angelic cat padded alongside Kylee as they went to Anna's room. Fang's nose shot up as he smelled a musky lingering scent emitting from the room and tackled the door open, finding Sebastian sitting alone on the bed, fully dressed and adjusting his tie. Upon his face was plastered an emotionless mask, and Anna's aura lingered around the demon.

"What did you do, Sebastian Michaelis?" Fang hissed. "You didn't-"

"I did," Sebastian cut off, looking at the cat, "last night, I slept with Anna."

The cat's golden gaze widened before his fur bristled in pure anger. "How come I heard nothing of this?" he demanded.

"It was Anna's idea to create an Angel Barrier in this room," the demon explained calmly, "that way, no one could hear us nor interrupt."

"Where is she now?" he continued.

"This morning, she was taken by several archangels to face trial and judgement," the demon butler informed, "I'll admit I'm unsure of what I can do, as I am unable to bear witness to her trial."

"Do you know what you've done, Sebastian?" Fang hissed. "Anna will be sentenced to purgatory! She will be purified and cleansed that she'll forget herself, and be reborn as a new person! We will never see the real Anna ever again!"

Sebastian squarely met the cat's furious gaze, and felt a new determination rise in him. "Fangorn, I will make this right again," he promised. "For now, go to Anna. I will alert the Young Master of what has happened."

"You're lucky I haven't torn you apart, Sebastian Michaelis," Fang threatened, "if Anna is found guilty of all her crimes, know that you'll be seeing me again… let's hope you don't."

Without another word, Fang broke through the window and up into the skies.

"Sleeping with a demon won't be her only crime," Sebastian muttered, "after all, we've made a Blood Contract. Not to mention, on the night before Ash attacked, I've made a true Faustian Contract with her… the Young Master's ancestor, Annabelle Marie Phantomhive…"

"Sebastian," Anna began, closing the door behind her.

The demon butler turned to her, looking amused. "You're doing a terrible job of seducing me, Anna," he told her, "I thought that a woman of your charms would have-"

"Stop it, Sebastian," she told him sternly, "I'm being serious. This has nothing to do with seduction or anything."

He decided to take her seriously now, and she exhaled deeply.

"Remember that time you pulled me from the room after I had finished fencing with Lord Lau?" she recalled, "You challenged me whether I would take Ciel's place as the soul you devour, and I said yes. I have called you here to honour that vow."

His eyes widened. "Anna, you don't honestly mean-"

"Yes, Sebastian," she cut off, "I want to make a Contract with you. Once Ciel Phantomhive gets his revenge, you will not devour his soul, and in exchange, you will get mine."

The demon stared at her squarely in the eye. "Are you absolutely sure you want to do this, Anna? Once we do this, there is no turning back. This Contract will be final."

Her eyes glowed golden as she nodded, and a purple ring began to glow below her as Sebastian kneeled down before her, one hand placed against his chest.

"I, Annabelle Marie Phantomhive, hereon surrender my soul to demon Sebastian Michaelis on the condition that Ciel Phantomhive's soul be spared," she called, "let the Contract be made!"

Both angel and demon glowed with dark purple light as Sebastian's pentagram seal imprinted upon both of their hearts, hiding the seal to everyone who would look at them. As the lights vanished, Anna sighed as she fought to control the demon's aura burning on her heart. She began to collapse forward, and was caught in Sebastian's arms as he swept in to hold the angel against him.

"So… did it happen to be a coincidence that I told the Young Master about his ancestor Annabelle Marie Phantomhive?" he chuckled.

"You already knew… didn't you," she accused, "you already knew who I was all along."

He chuckled. "Perhaps I did, perhaps I didn't," he replied innocently.

She groaned, leaning heavily against him. "I can't believe you," she moaned, gripping his shirt. "You could have at least told me that you knew my true identity! Does Ciel know?"

Sebastian shook his head. "It has never been deemed necessary that he needs to know about this," he said. "But I will inform him if the situation calls for it…"

That time is now, Sebastian decided as he breathed deep, pulling open Ciel's curtains. "Good morning, Young Master," he greeted.

Ciel stirred awake, sitting up and rubbing at his eyes. "Sebastian… why do you wake me up so early?" he growled, "You are fully aware of precisely when you are to wake me every morning."

The butler bowed. "Forgive me, Young Master," he apologized, "however, this is an emergency."

This caught Ciel's attention. If something was an emergency to Sebastian, the situation must be urgent.

"Anna has been taken before the Council of Angels to be tried for her crimes," he informed gravely. "According to Fang, she will most likely be sent to Purgatory, erasing all of her memories and being reborn."

"But why so suddenly?" Ciel implored, "She could have been taken long before today to be tried. Why now?"

Sebastian cleared his throat, a little embarrassed. "Well, that is to say, Young Master," he began uncomfortably, "last night we slept together."

The young earl's eyes widened at his demon butler's words. "What did you say, Sebastian?" he exhaled, eyes suddenly fuming with anger. "I specifically told you to keep your relationship simple and professional!"

"Forgive me, Young Master," he continued, "however, that is not the only crime that Anna will be guilty of. I have created a Faustian Contract with her."

"WHAT?" Ciel demanded, leaping out of bed to grab the butler with both hands, gripping his waistcoat tightly as he stared up at him, fury blazing in his blue eyes. "HOW WAS THIS DONE WITHOUT MY KNOWLEDGE?"

Sebastian inhaled deeply. "Young Master, recall that time whence I said that Anna was keeping a secret from you, and I told you that it would not endanger you, and that I would tell you if it was necessary. Now is that time," he explained, "Young Master, the Phantomhive head maid Anna is actually in fact your ancestor Annabelle Marie Phantomhive."

Ciel's eyes widened as he stumbled back a few steps, his resolve shaken. "W-What did you say, Sebastian?" he breathed in horror. "Anna is my-"

"Yes, she is Annabelle Marie Phantomhive, your ancestor," he said. "After her death at the stake, she was reborn as a holy angel. She's kept watch over the Phantomhive family since, which explains how she has met Lord Vincent Phantomhive."

"Dammit, Sebastian!" the young earl swore, slapping the butler across the cheek. "I should have been made aware of this a long time ago! Are demons even allowed to make more than one contract at a time?"

Clearing his throat, he nodded. "But only under certain conditions," he said. "It is too complex to go into detail, but simply, we demons are only allowed to have one human Contract at a time. However, angels rarely make Faustian Contracts with demons like me, but it is possible to have two Contracts at the same time."

Ciel gritted his teeth in frustration. He was not about to let his wish-granting angel disappear just like that; not without a fight. "Sebastian, is it possible to break into the levels of heaven?"

The demon butler's eyes widened. "I-It's possible," he agreed. "What are you suggesting, Young Master?" he implored.

The earl smirked. "Sebastian, get yourself ready," he declared boldly, "we're breaking into heaven."

Annabelle Marie Phantomhive sat in her detainment cell made of pure silver granite, patiently repenting her crimes as she sat on the bench, her eyes closed as she thought about her life at the Phantomhive Manor.

"Anna…" A soft voice greeted quietly.

She looked up towards the barred entrance into the sad eyes of the angel that loved her. "Michael…" she said gently, "I'm so sorry for everything. Hopefully when I'm reborn I'll be a better angel for you. You deserve much better than someone like me. I really am sorry, Michael."

He shook his head. "Don't be," he disagreed. "I love you just the way you are. I'll do everything I can to prevent this from happening to you. If I should fail, I only hope that you will stay just as you are when you are reborn. All of the others are shocked about what has happened with you, but they still trust you."

The angel smiled sadly at him. "They're so loyal to me…" she sighed guiltily, "I know I really don't have the right to ask this of you, but… could you please tell Ciel and Fang that I'm sorry, and let Sebastian know that I love him?" she implored.

He nodded, knowing that this could very well be her last request. He reached out his hand to her, and she stood up to go over to him.

Very gently, Anna wept a little, tears falling from her eyes as they embraced across the bars of her cell.

"It's alright," Michael assured her. "It won't hurt a bit… it's okay…. The Council is preparing your trial right now. You could be called any minute."

Footsteps approached, and they looked to see Alisha walking towards them, sadness reflecting in her eyes. "Michael, Anna," she said very softly, "it's time."

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