The Butler and the Maid


"Of course I love her," Sebastian declared. "'However, I'm afraid I cannot come to your terms. I'd rather devour delicious pure souls instead, I'm afraid. Even my affection towards an angel could not change that. If I were to choose between the two, I'm afraid I'd choose devouring souls instead.'"

Fang, Michael, Kieran, and Anna gasped. The angel's eyes were filled with a deep hurt and betrayal. Ciel smirked expectantly.

A demon is a demon, he thought. Would his affection really change what he truly is?

But to the young earl's surprise, the demon chuckled in amusement.

"At least, that's what I would say had I not truly been changed by this interesting angel here. Naturally, you should have figured by now that I'm kidding, Annabelle," Sebastian told her affectionately. "Though I am unable to lie, I do enjoy playing light tricks. You know how I feel about you, my dear lady." Anna playfully punched him on the shoulder with a scowl before he looked at Kieran. "Of course, that would conclude that I will accept your terms."

The crowd was even more surprised at how far Sebastian seemed to be willing to go for Anna, proving to them that perhaps this demon was truly worthy of such a pure angel's love. Most surprised of them all was Ciel.

If he's willing to go as far as changing what his nature expects him to do, he thought calculatingly, what's going to stop him from disobeying my orders?

"Then it is agreed," Kieran said with a nod, "with that said, this trial is dismissed. Annabelle, I will contact you later regarding details." As he vanished in a flurry of brilliant lights, the Council of Angels vanished with him.

Sebastian sighed heavily, as if a huge burden had been lifted off his shoulders. Then he turned to Anna. "I can't believe you gave yourself up so easily," he scolded her lightly, "I was certainly expecting more fight from you."

The angel shyly looked away, her cheeks flushed red with embarrassment. "I-I already told you," she reprimanded, "I accepted my fate the moment I chose to sleep with you."

He shook his head distastefully at her as he held her face in both of his hands, leaning close. "Did you honestly believe I'd allow what's mine to get away from me?" he demanded, his voice low and sounding like velvet, with a hint of underlying seductive tone to it.

Sebastian closed the distance between them and kissed Anna passionately and her hands rested on his chest. Pulling away, she touched her forehead to his.

"We are bonded together, now… and forever," she promised in a whisper. "I love you too, Sebastian. Promise me one thing though…"

He looked at her curiously. "What is it?" he implored curiously.

"Never, ever, trick me like that again," she told him sternly. "You really scared me for a moment there. I honestly don't know what I would do if you really had been lying about your feelings to me."

The demon butler smirked as he pulled away. "Yes, My Lady. But Anna, sleeping with you isn't enough to prove my feelings for you?" he teased, and she blushed furiously, looking away.

"ANNA!" Fang exclaimed, and he flew into her arms, and she hugged the sleek feline tightly, feeling the cat purr in her embrace.

"Oh, Fang! I'm so sorry for worrying you!" she cooed.

"I'm so glad you're alright," the cat responded, flying out of her arms to look at her. "Why did you give yourself up like that so easily?"

She smiled. "Because I've already gotten everything I've ever wanted in my life, and I felt fulfilled because I've already helped so many people," she answered. "I wouldn't mind helping more, of course, but if my time came, then I would freely leave."

Sebastian wrapped his arms around her waist. "Not if I can help it," he growled, his lips now by her ear. "I do have a strong desire to monopolize what is mine."

Ciel cleared his throat loudly, and both angel and demon looked at the young earl, who looked even smaller and fragile in the presence of so many spirits and angels. Only the Earl Phantomhive and his black-clad demon butler seemed truly out of place in the stark white courtroom.

"Enough of this," he declared, "Sebastian, Anna, it's time to go."

Anna smiled, spreading her wings as she flew over to him with one powerful sweep of her wings. "You know, Ciel, naturally I'm afraid I'll have to seal off your memories of Heaven, being a human and all still," she informed him gently. "But as for certain important conversations, I will allow to remain unsealed. So for now, let's have a friendly chat with those present before we go."

"It's been a while, Ciel," a familiar voice said, and the young earl whirled around to see Fred Aberlaine sitting in the crowd. He looked strong and happy, free from all stress that had been part of being a young officer in Scotland Yard.

"A-Aberlaine!" the child gasped, "What are you doing here?"

He smiled at Anna. "Well, Annabelle was the angel who collected me after I died trying to save you," he informed. "Naturally I'd be at her trial trying to help."

Anna smiled cheerfully at him. "Thank you for attending, Aberlaine," she thanked gratefully. "I'm also thankful for you and the others for speaking up in my defence."

The former officer nodded. "It's good to see you again, Ciel," he said, turning to the child. "How have you been?"

"Nothing to complain about, I suppose," he responded irritably.

Vincent and Rachel Phantomhive approached them, and Anna smiled at her descendant. "Thank you for standing up for me as well, Vincent," she added. "I could also tell you served as a sort-of distraction to buy some more time in order for Ciel and Sebastian to arrive and save me in time."

He smiled. "Anytime, Anna," he assured her, "Anything for my dear ancestor who has done so much for our family."

She chuckled, "You flatter me, Vincent."

"Though we really are grateful for your help, Anna," Rachel added. "Both you and Sebastian have done a great job protecting our young son."

One of Anna's angelic friends approached, glancing Sebastian over suspiciously.

"So, this is the demon who has won Annabelle's heart?" the female said, brushing back her lock golden locks from her face.

Anna nodded. "This is him all right, Sheryl," she replied shyly. "He can be a jerk sometimes, but I still love him anyway."

"Well, he seems handsome enough," Sheryl responded. "You'd better not hurt her, Sebastian; otherwise you'll have the wrath of a lot of angels upon you."

The demonic butler bowed. "Never would I dream of breaking my dear lady's heart," he declared boldly, and Anna couldn't help but smile.

Both Vincent and Rachel looked at their son. Ciel stood silently next to Aberlaine, staring at them with an emotionless mask.

"Come here and give your parents a hug, dear," Rachel urged, kneeling down and opening her arms to him.

Ciel silently walked stiffly into his parents' warm embrace before he hugged them back, feeling a warmth in his cold heart, as well as an aching desire to be back with his family.

"We love you, Ciel," Vincent told his son affectionately. "And so we'll continue to watch over you from here." He looked at Anna. "I trust you'll continue to take good care of our son?"

She dipped her head, shyly folding her wings. "That was what we promised five years ago, after all," she agreed. "Not to mention I still have to grant his heartfelt wish, whatever that may be, when the time comes."

"And naturally, I will be there to protect the both of you as well," Sebastian added, a hand loyally over his chest. He directed a teasing smirk at Anna, and she flushed, looking away quickly.

"He's so sweet," Sheryl teased, giggling as she nudged Anna with an elbow. "I can see why you fell for him. Perhaps I should go find my own handsome demon, eh?"

"Hey!" Anna protested, "You still have Kieran, don't you? Did you know that he was promoted?"

She smiled. "I knew," she admitted, "but he promised me not to tell until the time was right. Plus, I didn't know how to say it. 'Hey, did you know that my boyfriend got promoted to be an Archangel?' Yeah, I don't think so. Plus, it's not like he's any different now. He's still the same old normal Kieran."

Anna sighed tiredly. "If I could say that about Sebastian, I would," she groaned. "But whatever he may act as at the time it's needed, he's still annoying no matter what."

The demon smiled. "All the more to tease you with, my dear," he said. "But naturally, you know I would never allow you to be harmed. One reason would be naturally because of the Contract made between us, and secondly, well, because you are mine." He gave her a light kiss.

"Sebastian, Anna," Ciel called, but his voice was soft and sounded tired, "let's go home."

His mother gave Ciel a light kiss on the forehead. "Take care of yourself dear, and farewell," she bid. "Don't forget, we'll be watching over you always."

Anna flew a short distance over to him, placing a hand over his eyes before putting him to sleep, and the young earl collapsed into her arms.

"I've already selectively erased parts of his memory," she informed, picking him up carefully and handing him to Sebastian.

"Hey, come back and visit us sometime, okay?" Sheryl told her. "We never have time anymore to just chat because you're always off on one mission or another."

Anna chuckled, "It's not my fault. I'm just doing my job."

"Even so," she pouted, "at least come with Fangorn and drop by just to say 'hi'. Fangorn, I trust you to take care of Anna and Sebastian and keep us updated?"

The cat dipped his head. "Of course," he responded. "Say 'hi' to Missy for me. It's been a while since I've seen her. How is she doing?"

"She's had a litter of kittens lately," Sheryl answered. "She's very happy. You should pay her a visit next time you guys come back to Heaven, okay?"

Fang nodded before Anna beckoned him over.

"Fang, Sebastian," the angel said gently as she spread her wings, "come on. Let's go home."

Ciel stirred awake to find himself in his bed. His memory was a little fuzzy, but all he remembered was that he and Sebastian had gone to Heaven to try and save Anna.

I forgot, did we succeed? He wondered. Well we should have, considering that Sebastian was under my orders to save her.

"Sebastian!" he called, and immediately there was a knock on the door before the demon stepped in, a dark smile on his face. "Where's Anna?"

"She's still resting right now," the butler replied. "After what just happened to her a few hours ago, it's really taken a lot out of her. By the way, Young Master, a telegram just arrived a few minutes ago. I was on my way to inform you that our young guest Adrian's parents are on their way to pick up their son right now."

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