The Butler and the Maid

Small Partings

"Annabelle," Sebastian said softly as he entered the room, finding the angel lying awake in her bed, staring up at the bland ceiling.

"Sebastian," she responded, gesturing him over. "I heard from Fang that Adrian's parents are coming to pick him up? Fang's off to Heaven to pick up something for me."

He nodded, leaning down to give her a soft kiss. "They will be here within the hour," he agreed. He looked outside. "And it is snowing too."

She sat up, looking outside. "Oh dear," she said. "I've never noticed. But…" A warm smile touched her lips. "It's beautiful."

"As are you," Sebastian added, capturing her lips into another, deeper kiss.

The angel kissed back fiercely, feeling his tongue brush against hers before she suddenly pulled away. "I just remembered, we should probably talk with Ciel about how we're going to handle our relationship from now on," she said, her words completely ruining the mood Sebastian was trying to set up.

There was a low grumble in the demon's throat. "Let's worry about that later," he said, his hands running all over her body, clearly stating with his body language just what he wanted from her.

Anna pulled away from him knowingly. "Not right now, Sebastian," she warned. "Though it may be true that our relationship has been accepted by the Council, don't take advantage of that. There will be a time for such acts, but now is not the time. Right now, we should prepare for Adrian's leaving. Fang's with him now, if I am correct."

The demon pouted frustratingly before exhaling heavily. "Very well," he reluctantly agreed. "Do you have something in mind planned for the young child?"

"I do," she answered, "however, let's go see Ciel first. Perhaps he may also have something in mind."

Anna and Sebastian stood before the young earl, who was seated in his chair, hands folded on his desk.

"Anna, Sebastian," Ciel declared, "from this point onward, you are to conduct your relationship in a professional manner. Do not allow your relationship to get in the way of your respective duties and refrain from doing anything indecent during your work." He flushed, a little embarrassed at his next comment. "And if you both really feel the need to sleep together, do so in the confines of your own rooms while keeping an angel barrier up so the entire compound doesn't know what the two of you are doing together."

Anna and Sebastian mentally chuckled, finding it a little amusing that Ciel became rather squirmy around this issue.

"Of course, Ciel," Anna agreed. "I agree to all of your terms."

"Yes, My Lord," Sebastian chimed. "We will not overstep our bounds."

Ciel nodded satisfyingly. "Well, now that that's settled," he said, "let's us deal with our next topic at hand: baby Adrian's departure from the Phantomhive Manor. I will not be seeing the boy's parents. I have more important work to do. Sebastian, my order is for you and Anna to handle this ordeal. Make it quick and simple."

Anna looked taken aback. "Are you sure, Ciel?" she implored.

"Yes," the child replied sternly. "You have my leave to make preparations for his departure."

"Understood, Young Master," Sebastian said with a fluent bow, and Anna curtseyed politely before both servants left the room.

"Interesting that Ciel doesn't want to meet Adrian's parents," Anna noted. "I wonder why."

The demon butler shrugged. "Perhaps it would be because of the fact that the Young Master himself will never receive that feeling of reuniting with his parents on this Earth," he suggested. "Perhaps I should ask him about it?"

"No," she responded sternly, remorse in her eyes. "That would be far too cruel to him, even for a demonic sadist like you."

"My dear," he teased, embracing her against his chest, his fingers entwined together around the small of her back, "whose being cruel now? If anyone's being cruel, you're being cruel to me." His lips curled into a smile, and there was a dark teasing reflecting in his ruby orbs.

Her hands rested on his chest as she met his gaze squarely in the eye, sighing. "So… what are you going to do about it?" she baited.

Sebastian pretended to sigh heavily, gazing up for a moment. "Well, I suppose I'll have to punish you, of course," he told her before meeting her awaiting lips with his.

Anna felt Sebastian's tongue brush over her lips for a moment before he bit down lightly on her lower lip, sending a shock through her body, her mouth opening to gasp, and Sebastian took the opportunity to slide his tongue into her mouth, stroking hers as they made out. They both felt the need to taste each other, and Sebastian gently knead circles with his thumbs on her back, sending waves of pleasure through her body before she finally pulled away from him.

"Okay, okay, that's enough," she told him. "We need to focus on Adrian's departure. I have a gift for him, so I need to head back to my room to find it. Where will you be?"

"I believe I will be in the kitchen, making something special for our youngest Phantomhive guest," he responded with a clever smile. "Come and find me afterwards."

Annabelle headed over to the kitchen, the gift tucked into her pocket, and baby Adrian cradled in her arms, giggling as he reached up for the angel's cheek.

"You're so cute," she teased, tickling his cheek with her finger. "You'd better take good care of yourself and never forget me, okay?"

His blue eyes blinked innocently at her, giggling even more.

"So adorable," she squealed, pulling out a gorgeous golden necklace and placed it around his neck. "This is for you. This will protect you always, and no one can ever remove it from your possession. It will also alert me if you are in any danger. This is my gift to you, and I will watch over you."

The baby squealed, biting on the pendant, and she laughed, knocking on the door. "Sebastian? Are you in here?"

"Come in, Anna," the demon called, and she entered, finding the demon making something with milk. "Fang isn't with you?"

She shook her head. "He's still off picking up some things," she said. "He'll be back soon. And then Kylee's taking a cat nap in your room. At the moment, I'm just taking Adrian one last time through the mansion before his parents come. They should be here soon."

Sebastian nodded. "I'm just about finished," he assured. "They'll be here any moment now. I'll meet you by the door."

"If you insist," she replied before heading off to the front entrance of the manor.

Exactly when she arrived, there was a knock on the door.

Just in time, she thought, opening the door slightly to peek out at the commoner couple standing outside in the heavy snow, eyes filled with hope. These are Adrian's parents all right. He has his mother's hair and his father's eyes.

"Hello," she greeted, "I am the Phantomhive Head Maid, Anna. Are you here with an appointment with Earl Phantomhive?"

"W-We're here for our son, Adrian!" his mother stammered nervously. "I-I'm Lillian, and this is my husband Morris."

Anna smiled, pulling open the door. "Ah yes," she agreed, showing them the young bundle she held in her arms. "He's been a very good boy."

"Adrian!" they exclaimed in utter relief, gathering the baby into their arms and hugging him, rocking him back and forth. Tears flowed from Lillian's eyes like endless waterfalls in utter joy. "Thank you so much!"

She shook her head. "Don't thank me completely," she said. "It was the Earl Phantomhive who allowed me to take him in, so you must definitely thank him. However, the Earl is very busy lately, so I'm afraid that you cannot meet with him."

"Please, give the Earl our thanks," Morris pleaded. "Thank you for taking such good care of our beloved son. We don't know what would happen if we lost him. He just disappeared one day, and we've been looking for him every since."

No doubt it was Lawrence's doing, she thought.

"Oh, are our guests here already?" Sebastian implored in amusement. "I will be there momentarily."

"Would you like to come in for some tea?" Anna offered kindly.

"N-No, absolutely not!" Lillian replied, "W-We couldn't possibly intrude on you! We're just here for our son."

Anna smiled. "Well, the family butler will be here in a moment with his own gift for the young child," she said. "Please wait for a moment."

"No need to wait," Sebastian announced, suddenly appearing by her side with a brightly-wrapped box. "These are some special milk treats for Adrian that I'm sure he'll enjoy. I've also made some pastries for you both as well." He offered it out to them.

"T-Thank you," Morris thanked gratefully, "a-are you the family butler?"

He smiled, placing a hand over his chest. "I am the Phantomhive Head Butler, Sebastian Michaelis," he introduced, "It is a pleasure to meet the parents of young Adrian. He has been a great guest, and has been well taken care of in our manor."

"Again, thank you so much," Lillian sighed happily, "we will never forget this."

Anna and Sebastian smiled, and the angel leaned over to address the young infant for the final time.

"Well, it's been an honour having you as our guest in the Phantomhive Manor," she told him, tickling him under the chin, "take good care of yourself when you grow older, okay?"

Lillian and Morris bid the Phantomhive servants farewell before leaving with Adrian. Anna and Sebastian closed the doors, and Anna sniffled emotionally.

"I'm gonna miss that little guy," she sighed, tearing up a little as she looked up at Sebastian with a happy smile.

The demon chuckled, brushing away her forming tears. "You're getting overly emotional, Anna," he scolded her lightly, "you know we'll see him again."

Anna nodded, stifling her tears as she wiped at her eyes. "You're right," she agreed, chuckling, her voice strained. "I'm such an idiot, tearing up at something like this."

Sebastian's expression dropped a little as he grabbed her hands, pulling them aside as he caressed her cheeks, leaning closer. She looked up into his dark, looming crimson eyes, and his lips met hers. As they shared that infinitely slow kiss, the other Phantomhive servants were passing by when they saw their passionate embrace.

"I-Is that-?" Bard breathed, eyes widening in amazement.

"It is!" Maylene gasped quietly, a blush forming on her face. "It's Sebastian and Anna! Since when did they get so close?"

Finny smiled. "It seems we didn't have to do a lot after all," he noted. "They came together on their own."

"D-Do you think they've already done it?" the perverted maid thought, her face reddening madly as blood began to trickle from her nose. "O-Ooh! H-How passionate!"

Bard looked at Finny. "Perhaps we should get the little lady out of here before they know we're here," he advised, "Sebastian would have our heads for disturbing his romantic moment."

Both of them grabbed one of Maylene's arms before dragging her away from the main hall.

Anna pulled away from Sebastian, exhaling deeply. "That was a pity we were disturbed," she sighed. "But that was a good kiss." She smiled up at him in satisfaction. "Thank you."

Sebastian groaned, pressing his forehead against hers as his hands slipped down to rest on the small of her back, pinning her against him. "You have absolutely no idea just what you do to me, do you, Anna, especially when you give me that innocent 'come-hither' look," he growled.

She blinked. "What do you mean?" she implored in confusion, "what 'come-hither' look?"

The demon shook his head. "It's something you do unintentionally, and it drives me crazy," he told her. "But that's not the only thing about you that drives me crazy either."

"Oh?" she asked suspiciously, slanting her eyes in suspicion. "Pray tell."

"You showed me the heart in me I never knew existed," he began, "If I see you with another man, I'm instantly jealous and would like to rip him to shreds. Every time you're not by my side, I become agitated deep inside." His voice lowered to a deep whisper in her ear. "And then when I kiss you, I feel a desperate urge to sweep you up into my arms and carry you to my bed to make unrestrained love to you until you are unable to work tomorrow."

Anna laughed, pulling back. "But I want to work tomorrow," she replied, smiling innocently at him. "However, your words are very endearing… in their own way. But you mustn't forget what Ciel said, that we are not to overstep our bounds with our relationship. Please keep that in mind, Sebastian. We need to put Ciel and his safety first, not our sexual desires."

"True," he chuckled, pulling away. "Forgive me for that moment. It appears that I also can get caught up in my personal desires that I forget the terms of my Contract. This would be another first for me."

She dipped her head. "Then we are at an agreement," she said, raising an eyebrow with a smile, "shall we seal it with a kiss?"

Sebastian fluently kissed her, a brief touch of mouth to mouth as one arm wrapped around her waist.

Without warning, there was a crash and a shatter of glass, and both beings immediately sensed that something was wrong.

"Ciel!" Anna gasped in horror.

They ran to where Ciel was… only to find his study trashed and empty, the window shattered and glass everywhere. Heavy snow was blowing in through the broken window from outside, and it seemed a snowstorm had hit London. But a dark, looming aura lingered in the cold room.

"There's no way anyone could have gotten in here without us sensing it," Sebastian growled lowly. "It's that damn Greater Demon. I recognize that repulsive scent."

"No…" the angel breathed, still in shock at the sudden kidnapping, "Ciel's been taken by Andrew… we're too late."

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