The Butler and the Maid

The Demons' Deal

Ciel recovered completely within a day, and returned to his papers and work not long later. Sebastian and Anna had finished explaining their respective stories during the time that they had all been separated, and Ciel was taking in all this information.

"Ciel, I am so, so sorry," Anna apologized guiltily. "It was my fault that you were taken in the first place."

"What's done is done," the earl replied mildly. "The only thing we can do now is figure out where to go from here. The primary focus is how to deal with this demon Andrew Hawkins from interfering with our plans. One of the things on our list to do is to hunt down those two damned angels Ash and Angela, but with this demon's interference, things have not been going as planned."

"We'll do our best," Sebastian assured.

Anna still looked quite guilty, but she nodded in stiff agreement.

"Anna, Sebastian," the young earl ordered, "see what you can find, and do everything in your power to make our plans work. Obviously you guys will need to be careful, considering what has happened already. I myself will be around my study doing my own research."

"Yes, My Lord," Sebastian said loyally with a graceful bow.

Anna nodded silently.

"You have my permission to leave," Ciel said, and both servants left the study.

Sebastian looked at Anna. "You stay around the estate and help out the Young Master," he told her gently. "I'll be going out to do a little investigating on my own, and I need to run a few errands." Not to mention I need to talk to Andrew Hawkins… he added silently. Perhaps it's time I make a deal with this Greater Demon…

Sebastian wandered off through the streets of London before entering an empty, deserted alleyway. His eyes narrowed as a dark smirk crept onto his lips. His eyes turned dark and demonic, and a demon's aura swirled around him.

"I call upon Greater Demon Andrew Hawkins," he summoned, words in the ancient demon language rolling off his tongue. "If he accepts my request, let him present himself now."

The winds died down around him for a moment before acting up again, and the next thing he knew, the Greater Demon stood before him in his tailcoat, adjusting his bowtie.

"So… you must be desperate if you needed to summon me through the demonic ritual," Andrew Hawkins chuckled darkly. "Believe me, I would love to play around and mess with you right now, but I very well know I can't. If the ritual was used, a truce is held temporarily till the details are worked through."

Sebastian smiled, the true grin of a demon. "I have quite a deal for you, Andrew Hawkins," he said, "and I'm sure that you will be most interested in it…"

In the isolated room of Andrew's demon chamber in the basement of the Ridley Estate, the Lesser and Greater Demon sat across each other at a round table. Tall silver candleholders held light wax, ice blue flames lapping at the air.

"So… what is this deal you wish to present me with?" Andrew Hawkins implored, his hands folded on the table. "You must have quite a proposition for me."

Sebastian Michaelis nodded. "My offer is this: I will freely offer angel Annabelle Phantomhive's soul to you," he offered.

The Greater Demon's grin widened. "And in return?"

"In return you shall capture the rogue angels Ash and Angela," Sebastian finished, "and have them hand-delivered to me."

"You would truly sacrifice your beloved angel for the sake of your earl's revenge?" Andrew implored in amusement, leaning forward on the table. Sebastian remained silent, which made the Greater Demon push harder. "Then let me ask you this, Sebastian Michaelis: Will you be able to live, knowing that you condemned an innocent angel; a friend; a lover, to her death at the hands of a Greater Demon?"

In Sebastian's mind, he hesitated. If Anna ever knew what Sebastian was about to do… she would never forgive him. He had broken the laws of Heaven by being with her, he had broken into Heaven itself just to save her from being sent to Purgatory, and he was now about to give up her soul just to help Earl Ciel Phantomhive get his revenge?

At his silence, Andrew chuckled darkly, leaning back in his chair. "Well," he said finally, "that appears to be quite a mix of emotions on your face. Obviously this decision was not made lightly. Nevertheless, I accept your proposition, therefore let us make the pact."

Flourishing two pale white roses, he tossed one at Sebastian and both cut into their wrists, allowing their blood to stain the pure petals of the thorny flower. Then in silence, both tossed their roses to the other, turning the bloody roses purple.

"Well, with this the deal is complete," Andrew sighed, inhaling the flower's non-existent scent. However, what he really was smelling was the beautiful scent of victory.

I won't ever surrender Annabelle's soul to anyone, Sebastian promised to himself. I know that angel's souls cannot be taken, but willingly given, therefore, Anna should be safe… right?

"Well, it's been a pleasure doing business with you, Sebastian Michaelis," Andrew Hawkins said with a dark grin. "If you ever find another angel worth devouring, let me know. I'm pretty open when it comes to deals. You know how to call me."

Sebastian inspected the flower, understanding that the demonic rose now sealed Anna's fate. Only one thought rang through his mind. Just what have I done?

The Phantomhive butler was lost in his thoughts as he returned to the manor, the demonic rose tucked off in his breast pocket, and Sebastian Michaelis found a new emotion eating away at him.

What emotion is this? He wondered, I've never felt this before. Is this… guilt?

"Welcome back, Sebastian," Annabelle Phantomhive greeted. "Finished running your errands?"

He nodded silently, giving her a quick kiss. "Any troubles with the Young Master during my absence?" he asked.

The angel maid shook her head. "But… while you were gone," she began unsurely, shivering slightly, "something didn't feel right. I just felt shivers run down my spine." She forced an uneasy laugh. "I'm being irrational, aren't I? I-It's probably nothing."

Guilt tore at him, which was most unlike anything he's ever felt before. He wanted to tell her everything, or else lose her forever. Impulsively, he pulled her tightly against his chest, burying his face into her shoulder.

"S-Sebastian?" Anna gasped in surprise, "W-What's wrong? T-This is so unlike you."

"I just missed you so much," he sighed, inhaling her sweet scent deeply. "I've been away from you for twenty-one hours straight, and that was unbearable. Even just a few hours away from you is painful."

Pulling away, the demon gave the angel a deep, sweet kiss, but she pulled away with a wince.

"What's wrong?" he asked, slight concern echoing in his voice.

"I've got a sore spot," she sighed, poking at her lower back. "I think it's probably from laying in the snow on my back for nearly twenty-one straight hours… either that or when I crashed in the first place."

He grinned darkly. "Shall I make you feel better?" he purred. "I've just the perfect remedy…"

"Bard, Bard, I just saw Sebastian and Anna go into her room!" Maylene explained quickly, "D-Do you think that they're going to…?"

"Let's go take a look," Bard said with a grin, "this would make excellent blackmail material on that damn butler."

Quickly, they ran to the servant's room, both of them eagerly listened to discover what the two head servants were doing. And they could hear their conversation through the door.

"Mmm… Sebastian, do you really want to do this right now?" Anna demanded.

Bard and Maylene pressed their ears against the door to hear what was going on, and they heard movement coming from inside. Without warning, they heard hard groans coming from Anna's lips.

"Ooh, Sebastian, it hurts," she winced. "Do you need to be so rough?"

He chuckled. "The pain is only momentary," he assured her. "I'll make you feel good, Anna," he purred seductively.

Immediately the two blushed.

"A-Are they actually having-?" Bard breathed.

"Sebastian, it hurts," Anna gasped. "Need you be so hard?"

They heard Sebastian sigh from inside the room. "It's supposed to hurt," he told her, "initially, anyway. It'll help you in the long run, believe me."

She groaned. "Do they really do it like this in the eastern islands?" she implored.

"Yes," he answered, "and it's a common practice too. I was taught by a professional."

Bard's eye twitched. They give lessons on that sort of stuff? He thought in horror.

"Oww!" Anna hissed, "that really hurt!"

"Anna, your muscles are so tight," the butler scolded her with a sigh. "If you relax, it won't hurt as much."

She sighed, trying to relax. "Which oil did you use?" she implored, sniffling, "It smells pretty nice."

"Lavender," he answered, "freshly imported."

Blood gushed from Maylene's nose. They're using lavender oil as lubricant? She thought. They're so kinky.

"Normally they don't use oil, right?" Anna noted.

"It's not needed," Sebastian told her. "In this sort of activity, oil is definitely not needed. It just makes it too slippery. However, in your case, it will make you feel better."

More blood gushed from the perverted sniper's nose.

"A little more to the left," Anna sighed, apparently getting more into it.

Sebastian grunted in approval. "See? I told you that you would get more into it," he said. "Feel good?"

"Ohh yeah," she moaned in pleasure. "That's the spot. Harder, Sebastian, harder!"

The butler's grunts quickened, and immediately the idiot trio began to shrink away.

"Perhaps we shouldn't be hearing this…" Bard stammered nervously. "If Sebastian caught us, we'd be deader than dead."

"Heh, if the Young Master saw us doing this, what do you think he would say?" Sebastian snickered in amusement.

"He'd probably demand of us what in the world we're doing and why," Anna replied. "It would kinda be awkward to explain."

HELL IT WOULD! Bard thought. The Young Master would never be so calm if he walked in on two people doing… that

"What the hell are you two doing?" Ciel demanded, approaching them. "Is Sebastian and Anna in there?"

"N-No! D-Don't go in there!" Immediately they protested.

The young earl looked taken aback in surprise. "Why not? This is my home, I should have right to go anywhere I want."

"NO!" He knocked on the door before entering, and immediately Bard and Maylene looked away, faces red.

"What in the world are you two doing?" Ciel demanded.

Sebastian was standing with his bare feet on Anna's back as she lay across the top of her desk.

"Forgive us, Young Master," he said. "Anna had previously mentioned about a sore spot on her back that we believe she got from the accident, and I offered to give her a back-walking massage I learned previously when I went to the eastern islands."

Immediately the chef and maid felt like the two biggest idiots in the world. Both Sebastian and Anna were the head servants of the Queen's Watchdog Phantomhive, would they really tarnish the Phantomhive name by risking sex in the daytime?

Ciel's nose wrinkled. "Is that… lavender, I smell?"

Sebastian smiled. "Your perception is as sharp as ever, Young Master. In the art of back-walking, oil is not used, probably for safety purposes," he explained, "But since Anna's perception of smell is a little weak due to her cold, the lavender is to help me tell whether I'm stepping on the right spots to help her fully regain her sense of smell."

"Hmph," the earl snorted. "Well, in any case, finish up here and meet me in the study. I may have found something that may prove useful to us."

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