The Butler and the Maid

A Lost Friend

"Ciel, what have you found?" Anna implored softly.

"I was looking through my ancestors' books and found a journal by one of my earliest ancestors," the young earl explained, presenting an old green book, "a journal by Lady Annabelle Marie Phantomhive before she was burned at the stake." He looked directly at Anna with an analytical look in his eye.

The angel winced at the memory. "Wait… I wrote a journal?" she noted, tilting her head to the side in thought and a hint of confusion. "That was so long ago… I can't remember."

"Well, nevertheless, I found something interesting that you wrote in here," Ciel said, "let me read it. 'Dated on the 20th of March, while I was taking Richard and Sarah out for a walk, I was met by a strange-looking man that called himself a Greater Demon named Andrew Hawkins. He told me that he was interested in my soul, but I have no idea what he's talking about. Honestly, I think he's just a little messed up in the head.'"

Anna's brow furrowed. "I-I don't have any memory of this at all," she stammered, feeling a sharp pain in her head, and her expression reflected what she was feeling.

"Anna," Sebastian said in alarm, "Anna, what's wrong?"

"Something's… something's blocking my memory," she gasped. "I-I don't remember any of this. I-It hurts just trying to remember."

Very gently, the demon touched his lips against her forehead, drawing out the pain. "Interesting," he noted. "This mental block placed has the scent of a demon; a very familiar demon too."

Ciel raised an eyebrow. "So are you saying that Andrew Hawkins has met Anna before when she was still human? And that he's been keeping an eye on her since that time?"

"So it appears," he answered.

Suddenly, Anna tensed, feeling a sharp pain of loss within her; a deep loss of memory that seemed crucial to the issues at hand. "So Ciel, what did you find that would help?"

"You also wrote in your journal that the Greater Demon had told you that angels and demons could only be slain by weapons of angelic and demonic origins, and that Greater Demons were no different," the young earl said. "Do you both have any weapons of the sort on you?"

"The Dagger of Light I gave you is one," Anna responded. "I have an arsenal as well, but I keep them up in Heaven. But that doesn't mean they're unreachable. It wouldn't take me too long to fly back up and get what I need. I only keep a few with me."

"And I've never really needed to have any weapons with me," Sebastian added. "Most of the problems we used to deal with were mainly mundane ones, with the exception of the Shinigami, but we haven't had too much trouble with them." He looked back amusingly at Ciel. "So, Young Master, your orders?"

Suddenly, the door pushed slightly open and Fang and Kylee padded into the room.

"Good day, everyone," the angelic cat greeted easily, "any luck on finding any leads?"

"The only lead we have is that Andrew appears to have been following Anna ever since she was human," Ciel noted.

The cat was surprised. "Whoa…" he murmured, looking up at his partner, "and you have no memory of this, I'm guessing?"

She shook her head. "I think he's placed a mental block on my memories of that time," she guessed. "But maybe I'll be able to get them back… somehow. By the way, where were you two?"

"While Kylee was napping, I took a quick flight around London to see whether I could pick up any strange scents or anything," the cat explained.

"And?" Sebastian pushed expectantly.

"Nothing, I'm afraid," Fang answered. "Unfortunately, I cannot find any traces in the slightest of Andrew Hawkins. Then afterwards I came back to the manor and found Kylee waiting for me, and then we came here to see whether you guys found anything."

Ciel snorted. "Andrew Hawkins must be lying low right now after what happened with kidnapping me and all," he predicted.

"Unfortunately, you didn't have the opportunity to hurt him with the Dagger of Light," Anna mused, "if you did, it would have probably bought us a little more time. We should still be prepared, as he could strike any time."

I doubt it, considering the deal we made, Sebastian thought, making sure that Anna was unable to hear these secret thoughts. If he's planning on making a strike on anyone, it should be those angels Ash and Angela who should be prepared.

"By the way," the butler's young lord suddenly brought up, "Anna, how was it that you sent your thoughts to me when we were both being held captive by that Greater Demon?"

She smiled at him. "I'm an angel," she reminded, "and you are my descendant after all. Naturally there's some of my blood running through your veins, and we're bonded through that blood. It's kind of like the Blood Bond between Sebastian and me, except for you and me it's between family blood. Angelic powers only strengthen that connection enough so that telepathy can be used between us."

"Could I do the same and use telepathy as well?" Ciel asked curiously, raising an eyebrow as he leaned forward on his elbows.

"Only if you're trying to contact me, you should be able to," Anna said. "However, the distance would probably be limited to a relatively close distance, considering you're inexperienced in it as well. With some practice, I'm sure you could contact me almost anywhere in London."

Scoffing, the Earl of Phantomhive took a moment to ponder before finally sighing. "Well, Sebastian, Anna, continue seeking out any useful information," he ordered, "and if you happen to find even the slightest hint regarding the whereabouts of Andrew Hawkins, immediately come and tell me."

"Yes, My Lord," Sebastian said loyally, "However, Young Master, at current, it is time for Annabelle and I to make dinner."

Many hours after dinner, Anna went to check up on Ciel in the library as he was doing some reading.

"If you don't mind my asking, Ciel," she began curiously, "what are you reading?"

He took a sip of his tea. "Reading your old diaries," he said bluntly, as if there were no problems with invading her privacy like that.

She flushed in embarrassment. "I-Is it really necessary, Ciel?" she asked shyly. "I didn't write anything embarrassing in there, right?"

"Well, you did talk about your fiancé quite a bit," he sighed, flipping easily through the pages, "well, I know not to show Sebastian, that's for sure. But you need not worry, there are no dirty secrets or anything."

Fang and Kylee rose from their curled up positions further in the library before padding over to them.

"Anna, Kylee and I have been resting since I returned this afternoon," Fang explained, "we're going to see what we can dig up tonight, okay? We'll be back in the morning."

Anna nodded. "Be careful," she warned, "if you happen to run into Andrew, run. Don't confront him. I don't want anything to happen to you."

The angelic cat nodded, flicking his tail at the black feline beside him. "Let's go," he said, and both cats dashed out of the library as it clicked close behind them.

"Do you honestly think that this demon would confront two cats in the middle of the night?" Ciel asked, raising an eyebrow in disapproval.

The angel bit her lip, her eyebrows tightening. "You never know," she said.

There was a soft knock on the door before Sebastian poked his head through. "Sorry to intrude Young Master, but it's getting late. Time for bed."

Sighing, Ciel shut the diary and stood up, stretching. "Very well."

After they had tucked Ciel into bed, Sebastian led Anna to his bedroom. Upon arrival, he kissed her feverishly as he used his demonic powers to blow out the candles illuminating the room.

"S-Sebastian…" she panted, pinned between Sebastian's body and the wall. "Wait."

His ruby eyes were practically glowing in the darkness as he peered into her twin azure orbs. "What is it?" he asked.

"I-I'm just still amazed," she explained. "I never imagined that I would fall in love." Her smile widened. "You know, when I was human, my dream was always to fall in love, get married, and perhaps one day, have a family. But… I-I just never knew that I would fall in love when I was an angel."

Sebastian's lips brushed against hers softly. "Annabelle, I never believed there was such thing as true, real love until I met you," he told her. "You are my everything now."

His words suddenly stung his heart as he suddenly remembered that he had dealt away Anna's soul in return for assisting Ciel with his revenge. His mouth pressed against hers, his tongue sliding into her mouth to meet hers, and she melted into his embrace before they began removing each other's clothing as they moved towards the bed. Anna instantly raised an angel barrier around the room as they fell together into bed.

The couple constantly made passionate love that night, but little did they know that while the two of them were in an embrace of passion, another couple was heading into huge trouble…

The next morning after Anna and Sebastian had finished dressing, the angel sighed tiredly.

"I feel sorer than our first time," she told him. "Might it be from my cold as well?"

Straightening his tie, he shrugged. "Perhaps," he said, "but how do you feel otherwise?"

"I'm okay," she replied. "But there's a dark feel of dread in my heart, even though I don't know why."

Sebastian strode over to give her a tender kiss as he held her against his hips. "I'm sure everything's fine," he assured, running his fingers through her silver hair.

Hugging herself against him, she pressed her cheek against his chest and closed her eyes. "I love you, Sebastian," she murmured.

Tilting her head up to him, he kissed her deeply. "I love you too," he replied.

"Good morning Ciel," Anna greeted. "How do you feel this morning?"

"Mmm… pretty good," he muttered incomprehensively.

She nodded in approval. "That's good, that's good," she said. "There didn't seem to be much trouble last night. I've heard no word from Fang either, nor have Sebastian and I sensed anything out of place."

"Hmmm… I suppose that's good news," the earl decided.

Anna shrugged. "I guess," she said. "But I'd prefer it if we actually had some leads. Even one would be good."

There was a knock on the door before Sebastian pushed in a trolley.

"Good morning, Young Master," he greeted. "Would you like scones or biscuits in accompaniment of your tea today?"

"By the way," the angel interrupted, "I was hoping to ask; have either of you seen Fang?"

Ciel looked at her. "He went out with Kylee last night," he responded, "but I haven't seen him around since."

Anna bit her lip. "Something doesn't feel right," she said. "He hasn't contacted me at all, normally he'd just let me know that he was okay… guys, I think something's wrong. He's not responding to my calls either."

The earl twitched. "I'm guessing that you want me to allow you to go and find him," he assumed. "Well, Sebastian and I will go with you. Perhaps we'll find something out as well. Sebastian, I'll take breakfast later."

"As you wish, Young Master. Well then," Sebastian finalized, "shall we go?"

Anna flew through the air as quickly as she could, Sebastian leaping across the rooftops with Ciel in his arms, close behind.

Come on, Fang, please be alright, Anna prayed in her heart. Please let nothing happen to him…

Their endeavour led them outside to the outskirts of the city. In the snow-covered, frozen field, at first nothing seemed wrong, however… there was an uneasy tint of blood drifting with the wind.

"Fang! Fang, where are you?" Anna called.

Immediately, they heard an alarmed meow before finding a single familiar black cat dash towards them before leaping into Sebastian's arms. Disturbed, Anna began running frantically around, looking for her beloved feline partner.

"Kylee, what are you doing so far from home?" Sebastian implored before noticing her fur was sticky with blood. "Where's Fang?"

"FANG!" Anna's scream pierced the air, backing up in horror before she felt Sebastian's hands grab her shoulders, supporting her.

Oh no… Sebastian thought in horror, I'm pretty sure Andrew was the one who did this… he will pay for this. To cause Anna this much pain… by attacking the one closest to her…

The angelic cat was deeply injured, ragged scratches across his meek body, and one of his wings had been torn off, the other feathered wing practically ruined. His claws were broken, and Anna knew that Fang had used the last of his strength to transform back into his tiny cat form, knowing that staying in his panther form would only attract attention. His left ear was slightly torn, and his beautiful white fur was matted with dirt and blood. Clumps of white fur had been torn out, exposing raw skin. The cat lay on his side in the middle of a huge circle, obviously drawn by the monster that did this to him.

"A-Anna…" Fang's voice rasped in her head.

"Fang!" she shouted, failing to pry herself from Sebastian's hard grip. The demon knew that there was no way that Anna could break through the circle barrier around the cat, allowing him to die. "Fang, hold on! I-I'll heal you!"

"A-Anna, d-don't," the feline told her. "Y-You're not strong enough…"

Tears poured from her eyes. "T-Then, I'll get M-Michael to do it!" she wept. "H-He can get you fixed up in a quick second!"

"Anna," Sebastian chided softly, "you can't break through the barrier, and neither can I. Andrew Hawkins did this… I can recognize the signature."

"Kylee," the dying feline said gently, "I'm sorry I could not spend the rest of my nine lives with you…"

The black cat screeched in horror, not wanting to allow him to die.

"Fang, Fang, no, please no," Anna cried, "you can't die, Fang. You've been with me for so long, you can't leave me now."

"Sebastian… take good care of Anna," Fang said. "Please… don't let… anything happen… to her…"

"I promise I'll take care of her," the demon butler promised.

"Anna... I'm proud… to call myself your partner…" Fangorn Angelista told her affectionately, blinking golden eyes at her for the last time, "I will watch… over you… always…"

As the feline's eyes closed for the last time, Kylee meowed in bitter sorrow.

"FANG!" Anna's scream resonated through the air as she broke to her knees, uncontrollable sobs racking her entire body as she shook frantically in helplessness. Tossing her head back, she screamed the cat's name to the heavens.

Ciel looked at Sebastian. "Are you sure that Andrew Hawkins is the one responsible for this?" he asked quietly.

The demon butler nodded. "It's unmistakable," he agreed, just as silently. "Only he would do something like this to such a beautiful cat." Gently, he pulled Anna into his chest, squeezing her tightly, knowing that he had partial blame for this… even though it was true that he actually had no idea that Andrew was going to do this.

Without warning, the cat's body glowed with pale light for a moment before Fang dissipated into a plume of white feathers, floating up into the sky before disappearing out of sight, and Anna cried her tears of terrible loss.

"Fang, don't leave me," the angel wept, "FANG!"

Anna… Sebastian thought pitifully, stroking her hair as he held her against his chest. I'm so sorry, Anna… forgive me for ever allowing this to happen… His lips brushed her forehead in apology before lightly meeting her lips with his.

"S-Sebastian," she wept bitterly, "w-what should I do? I-I don't know how to track Andrew…"

"Shhh…" he hushed, hugging her close against him. "Don't worry, I promise you…" Demonic eyes glowed. "Andrew Hawkins will pay for what he's done."

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