The Butler and the Maid

Old Foes

Sebastian went to wake Ciel up while Anna set up the dining room for breakfast.

"Wake up, Young Master," Sebastian said, pulling open the curtains and tying them up.

The young Phantomhive stirred before blinking open his eyes, the mark of the Contract shining in his right eye.

"Sebastian…" he murmured. "Where's Anna?"

"Making the final touches to breakfast this morning," the butler responded. "Today's breakfast consists of poached salmon with mint salad, and there is an excellent assortment of French pastries for you to choose from."

Ciel sat up in bed and Sebastian picked up his eye patch, tying it over his Contracted eye.

"So did she help you make breakfast this morning?" Ciel implored.

Sebastian nodded. "Yes," he answered before getting the young earl dressed for the day. "She's adjusting well to the surroundings, and the other servants seem to like her; as expected for such a charming angel."

"So what's my schedule for today?" Ciel sighed as he adjusted his green jacket.

"Nothing of major importance," he answered. "At five o'clock this evening you have a visit from Professor Maxmillion, otherwise there is nothing particular planned today."

Ciel glared at the butler. "Well… I suppose you have a plan for today then…" he guessed.

There was a knock at the door, and Anna opened the door, a tray perfectly balanced in one hand, a single letter sitting on the silver tray.

"Good morning, Ciel," she greeted softly. "How are you feeling?"

"Good," he responded with a sigh. "What is it?"

She walked over to him and offered him the letter upon the tray, the royal stamp of Queen Victoria on the wax sealing the letter. "This just came in for you," she informed him. "The servant delivering it said that it was urgent."

Ciel sighed, "I understand. Sebastian?"

"Of course, Young Master," he responded automatically, handing him a letter opener, and swiftly Ciel cut through the wax, unfolding the letter to read it through as both angel and demon remained silent.

After he finished, Ciel sighed, refolding the letter. "Well… it seems that Her Majesty has asked that we find a certain 'missing person' who disappeared just a few days ago," he explained, "Lord Gareth Druton's son Anthony Druton, was reported missing a few days ago from the Druton Estate. It appears that the people behind this may have something to do with Lord Druton's business."

"Oh my…" Anna breathed. "What does Lord Druton do?"

"The Druton's take care of pharmaceutical medicines," Sebastian answered. "But there have been rumours that he also creates powerful drugs and sells them underground. Perhaps there was a disagreement during one of his deals, and his son was kidnapped as a result."

"Perhaps," Ciel agreed. "We'll have to further dig into this. I recall an invitation to a party that he is hosting in a week's time."

His butler bowed. "Yes, Young Master," he said, "fortunately, you have yet to return a response."

"But I find it rather strange," Anna commented, "why would he hold a party when his one and only son is missing? Something tells me that this isn't just coincidence."

"Yes," Ciel stated. "Sebastian, send a reply back to Lord Druton that we accept his invitation, and also… I'm going to need dance lessons, so call one of the ladies and arrange a lesson."

Anna smiled. "Well… I don't think that will be necessary, Sebastian," she told him. "If you want dance lessons, Ciel, I can provide perfect help for that. There's no need for you to ask one of the madams to help."

"You can dance, Anna?" he implored curiously.

She made a fine curtsy to him. "Of course," she answered. "I've learned to dance all styles of dance. I've learned a lot of things throughout time as an angel, therefore, they come to be useful after a while. But in any case… you should have breakfast soon, Ciel, otherwise it may get cold."

Sebastian sighed, "And that would be such a waste."

"Very well," Ciel said. "Let's go."

In the dining room, as Sebastian made the tea, Anna brought in the meal for the Young Master. Gently setting down the plate of poached salmon and mint salad in front of him, she stepped back.

"Hmm…" Anna murmured, glancing out the window into the sky as she felt something pulse within her heart. "Something's not right out there… Ciel, you're going to have to excuse me."

Without warning, Fang padded out into the dining room, and looked at Ciel, lowering his head.

"Greetings, Ciel Phantomhive," he greeted.

Ciel blinked. "Sebastian, why is there a cat in this house?" he demanded in rising fury.

"Easy," Anna chided softly. "It's alright, Ciel. This is my partner, pet, and dear friend Fang. Don't worry, your allergies won't react to him." She looked at her cat. "Come on, let's go."

"Wait," he said. "Sebastian and I will go with you, after breakfast."

She hesitated, then she shook her head. "I can't let you do that," she said, "this will be dangerous, and I can't put you in that kind of danger."

"She's right," Fang agreed.

"No, it's an order," Ciel said as Sebastian set a cup of tea in front of him. "We're going with you."

Anna smirked grimly. "You can't order me like you do Sebastian," she hissed softly before stopping herself, twisting her gaze away. "Never mind…" she murmured, walking away. "I'll be heading out now. There's something I need to check out. I will return as soon as I can."

In his anger, Ciel stood up, slamming his hands down on the table. "Sebastian, restrain her!" he demanded.

In a quick moment, Sebastian had grabbed the angel against him, restraining both of her arms and she glanced at the young earl.

"Anna!" Fang hissed angrily, claws exposed.

"Is this the Phantomhive hospitality for a guest?" she implored calmly, not bothering to struggle against the demon's hold.

"Of course not," Ciel replied calmly. "However, I cannot allow you to just depart like that."

Anna sighed, looking at her angry feline. "It's alright, Fang," she assured. "Let them come with us afterwards. It's not like I have any choice."

Fang seemed to relax, maintaining his close distance as he lay down on the carpet, watching Ciel and Sebastian warily. "If you say so, Anna," he replied uncertainly.

Sebastian restrained Anna for the duration of the meal, and Anna closed her eyes and concentrated on what was going on within the city, Fang strengthening her scanning powers.

Suddenly, something powerful beat within Anna's chest, and the world swerved around her before she collapsed in Sebastian's hold.

"Anna!" Fang cried, leaping over to her.

"Anna!" Ciel exclaimed, but she didn't respond, her heart beating twice as fast as something strange seemed to be attacking her with a burning fire.

"No…" she whispered softly, and Sebastian had already released her, holding her against him.

Clutching a hand against her chest, she pulled away from Sebastian before stammering towards the window before it broke, and Anna leaped out, white feathers falling from the sky as her wings were spread.

"Anna!" Fang screamed, leaping out of the window after her.

Immediately, Ciel and Sebastian ran to the window, and without warning Anna was beat down out of the sky.

"NO!" Anna screamed, and time stopped within the mansion except for Ciel, Sebastian, Anna, Fang, and the intruder.

As Anna's body slammed against the ground, there was a glint of steel before Anna's painful cry pierced the air as red stained Anna's white clothes. A sword was pierced into her side, and the one at the end holding the sword was a familiar angel to both Ciel and Sebastian.

"Anna!" Fang cried, hissing at the opposing angel.

"Ash!" Ciel hissed in fury, recalling the fallen angel who tried to destroy all of London in a great fire. "I thought you were dead!"

Sebastian looked curious. "I was sure I killed him," he said, scarily calm.

As Ash twisted the blade deeper into Anna, she let out a bitter cry before pulling it out with a hand, her wound bleeding heavily as she shakily stood up, a hand over her wound.

"Anna!" Fang barked.

"It's okay," she breathed, "Fang. Don't worry about me."

"Anna…" the cat murmured, deep in personal conflict.

"Why are you… a fallen angel… what are you?" Anna breathed painfully.

"I am not the fallen one," he responded, glaring at her. "Why do you go through so much trouble to save these foolish humans?"

She smiled weakly, a sword flashing in her hand, made of light. "Because humankind is a beautiful thing…" she murmured, and she withdrew her hand from her wound, focusing onto her sword. "They can have so many emotions, and their wishes, some of them so pure. Though it may be true that there are many bad humans in this world, there is still so much good."

As blood streamed from her wound, she poised her blade for battle, and as she took off into flight, Ash flew at her, sword poised to kill.

"Anna!" Fang barked, his wings on his back growing larger.

"No, Fang!" she shouted, "Now's not the time!"

The angelic cat stopped his transformation, and leapt at Ash with sharp claws.

Sebastian looked at Ciel. "Young Master, what are your orders?" he implored calmly.

Ciel pulled off his eye patch, the seal of the Contract glowing in his eye. "Sebastian, this is my order!" he declared sternly, "Help her!"

Sebastian placed a hand over his chest, bowing. "Yes, My Lord," he responded, and immediately leaped into the midst of the two battling angels, silver dinner knives drawn as he threw them at Ash accurately, making sure to avoid hitting Anna.

"You!" Ash hissed at Sebastian as he dodged the dinner knives. "You ruined everything!"

"Sebastian!" Anna shouted, "Stay outta this!"

"I will not give up until you are dead, Anna!" Ash swore angrily as he stabbed his sword at her.

Quickly, Sebastian made a quick leap to snatch Anna before she was critically injured, and Fang scratched Ash on the cheek, distracting him momentarily.

"Are you okay?" Sebastian implored her quickly, stroking her slightly bloodied white wings, but he noticed that there was a dark flare in her eyes of a fire burning within her heart that seemed to weaken her.

"Give her to me!" Ash screamed at Sebastian, and Anna looked at Ash as she leapt from Sebastian's arms, leaping to grab Ash around the neck as his sword pierced through her chest.

"You fool…" Anna growled at him, blood trailing from the corner of her lips as her head fell on his shoulder as her hand dropped from his neck, a small golden star overlapping a circle, a sun, and a crescent moon marked on the side of his throat now. "You will never win…"

"Anna!" Fang screamed before hissing under his breath, "I have no other choice …"

His wings expanding, they folded around himself before transforming into a large white winged panther, sharp claws extended, and his eyes were a sharp golden onyx color.

"You witch!" Ash howled furiously, about to tear his sword from her body, but Sebastian snatched her body cleanly off his blade, her head lolling limply on the butler's shoulder as Fang lunged at Ash, his claws ripping through some of his white feathers, and the fallen angel howled in agony.

"I'll be sure to finish you off next time!" he swore.

Shaking off Fang, Ash rose up into the air, bloodied from both Anna's blood and his own, and as he flew away, Sebastian threw several knives after him, but Ash dodged them before vanishing.

Fang went to Anna's side, and Sebastian looked down at the wounded angel, analyzing the severity of her wounds. White feathers fell from her wings.

"Anna!" the panther exclaimed, and very gently Sebastian placed her on the ground, careful not to hurt her further while Ciel ran over to them.

Without warning, there was a flash of light in the sky before another winged angel flew down from the sky, landing swiftly nearby the group. His messy silver hair was short, and his dark golden eyes looked worried. He was near the same height as Sebastian, and he wore a simple white suit without a tie and the first two buttons of his shirt undone.

"Anna!" he exclaimed, running over to her side, folding his wings behind him as he kneeled down next to her dying body.

"Michael!" Fang exclaimed. "What are you doing here?"

Checking her pulse, the angel inspected her wounds as he answered, "Anna branded someone, and it alerted all of the angels in the division, and I didn't hesitate to check it out after seeing that it was Anna's own unique brand. What happened? Why is there a demon here? Who's this kid?"

"I'm not a kid!" Ciel barked back.

"Anna was attacked by an angel that was known to be dead," Fang began as he transformed back into his cat form, "Ash. He tried to kill her, and this child, Earl Ciel Phantomhive, by the Contract he made with the demon Sebastian Michaelis, ordered Sebastian to help. Both of us tried to help Anna, but she risked her own safety to brand Ash before he left."

Michael's hands clenched as he looked at Ciel. "Is there anywhere private where I can take care of her?" he demanded.

"Yes," Ciel responded, "her room. Sebastian, take them there."

He bowed. "Understood," he said, and Michael lifted Anna's limp body into his arms, her wings motionless behind her.

Quickly, Sebastian led the angels and Fang to Anna's room, where Michael laid her dying body onto the bed, Fang hovering above them.

"Will she be okay, Michael?" Fang implored worriedly.

Placing his hands over her wound, Michael's palms began to glow with a soft blue light, and Anna's wounds slowly began to heal, but at a terribly slow pace. "I don't know," he responded honestly. "Her wounds are serious, and it seems that the blade just barely nicked her heart."

"Isn't there anything you can do to save her?" Fang demanded.

"I-I don't know…" Michael breathed.

Sebastian smirked, walking over onto Anna's other side, watching Michael attempt to heal Anna's wounds. He gazed at the beautiful angel's face, the corner of her lips still stained with blood, her long silver hair matted with patches of scarlet.

"I could save her," he told them.

Michael glared at Sebastian, a scowl on his face. "I won't allow a demon to save the woman I love!" he hissed acidly.

"Well… if she's the woman you love," Sebastian responded easily with a shrug, "you wouldn't allow her to die, would you?"

The angel gritted his teeth, and Ciel showed up at the door.

"Everyone else is still frozen," he announced.

"Because Anna was the one who stopped Time," Fang explained, "Time won't start again unless Anna either starts time again, or if she dies."

"Young Master, your orders?" Sebastian implored.

Ciel walked over and took Sebastian's place by Anna's side as Michael continued trying to heal her. Pausing, he analyzed in his head that having an angel by his side, waiting to grant his heartfelt wish would be useful, therefore, she would be no use to him dead. "Sebastian, this is my order," he decreed, "save her."

Sebastian bowed. "Yes, My Lord," he responded, heading to help Anna, but Michael immediately stood in front of the demon, ceasing his healing.

"No," he said sternly. "I will never allow Anna to be tainted with a demon's blood."

Fang looked at Michael. "Um… Michael… something about that you should know," he began hesitantly, "Anna's already made a Blood Contract with him."

"What?" the angel demanded in horror, eyes blazing with anger as he whirled on Sebastian, "You!"

"Stop it, Michael!" Fang interrupted, flying in front of him. "Let him save Anna! If she isn't healed now, she's going to die!"

The angel gritted his teeth in frustration, angry that he had to rely on a demon to save the woman he loved. Stepping aside, Sebastian stood by Anna's side, pulling off a glove with his teeth before biting his wrist, blood dripping onto her wounds, and a strangled gasp escaped Anna's lips as her eyes shot open. Her back arched as her irises swirled crimson… like a demon's.

"Anna!" Michael screamed, whirling angrily at the demon as a huge white aura flared around him with cold fury.

"It's alright," Sebastian said with a smile, touching Anna's cheek as he leaned down to kiss her, absorbing the demon nature conflicting with Anna's angelic side, at the same time pressing his bare hand against her chest wound, and the azure in her eyes returned before she sighed into his mouth, dropping limply onto the bed as her more serious wounds began to close, her own healing abilities strengthened with the little bit of demon blood.

Sensing that she was going to be okay, Sebastian pulled his lips off hers, removing his hand from her wound before looking at her angelic face as azure eyes fluttered open to meet his.

"S-Sebastian?" she murmured weakly.

"Welcome back," he said softly, and Michael hurried to her side, clutching one of her cold hands in both of his.

"Anna, how do you feel?" he demanded urgently.

Her expression twisted to one of fatigue and confusion. "Michael?" she whispered, "What are you doing here?"

"I came as soon as I heard you branded Ash," he explained. "Are you okay?"

"I don't feel too okay," she answered. "I thought that I was going to die."

Ciel looked at Fang. "Angels and demons can still die, can't they?" he implored, confused about that logic because of Ash's appearance.

Fang nodded. "If harmed by human weapons, angels and demons cannot be killed, and wounds heal rapidly, but if injured by a weapon of holy or demonic origins, the wounds take longer to heal, and the angel/demon can be slain. In the case of Soul Reapers' weapons, they can heal at an average rate; slower than when harmed by human weapons, and faster than when harmed by holy or demonic weapons," he explained. "Soul Reaper weapons can still kill an angel or demon, that is… by theory, anyhow."

"Why… Why aren't I dead?" Anna asked quietly, gazing into Michael's golden eyes. "Were you the one who healed me?"

For some strange reason, she found regret shining in his eyes as he shook his head, his next words choked. "I-I tried, b-but I wasn't strong enough, and I thought… I thought…" He closed his eyes before reopening them, tears glistening before he finished his sentence. "I thought I was going to lose you."

Fang floated into her view, golden cat eyes shining with concern and relief. "It was Sebastian who saved you," he informed her.

Anna tilted her head slightly to smile at Sebastian. "Thank you, Sebastian, for saving my life," she thanked gratefully.

He bowed. "I appreciate the gratitude, My Lady," he said, "however, it is the Young Master who ordered me to save you. It should be him you should thank as well."

The angel looked at Ciel. "Thanks, Ciel," she said gently, closing her eyes as the blood of her wounds faded, disappearing into thin air. Her wings also disappeared in a flurry of white feathers.

"Anna…" Michael said softly, brushing her cheek with the back of his fingers tenderly before she reopened her eyes.

"What was that?" Ciel implored.

"After a while, if an angel was injured and blood was spilt, the blood will fade into nothing, leaving the angel's body blood-free," Fang explained. "Its kinda part of a purity thing, I suppose."

Anna smiled up at Michael, her cold hands finding his. "Don't worry about me," she assured him. "I'm going to be fine. All I need is some good rest."

Michael shook his head. "I'm staying with you," he promised her. "I'm going to stay by your side until you've fully recovered."

Ciel looked at the angel-turned-maid. "Has time started up again in the mansion?" he implored.

"Not yet," Anna responded. "I'll do that now."

The young Phantomhive looked at his butler. "Sebastian, go and clean up the glass shards and fix up the window so the others don't question anything," he ordered.

"Understood," Sebastian said with a curt bow, swiftly leaving.

Ciel looked at the three heavenly beings. "If the others ask, I'll say that you went out to meet with a friend for the day, Anna," he informed. "I'll have Sebastian bring you anything you need, and I'll have him let the others know that your room is strictly off-limits. I'll tell him to stop by your room every few hours."

"Thanks Ciel," she thanked softly with a smile. "I'll be fully better by tomorrow, I promise."

He nodded before leaving the room, leaving only Fang, Michael, and Anna.

Michael looked down at Anna. "You should sleep, Anna," he advised. "You'll recover faster that way."

"An angel's healing trance would be better," Fang recommended. "I'll stalk around the manor and see if I can find anything. I'll see whether Ciel or Sebastian know anything either."

Michael nodded, picking Anna up into his arms and stood her upright against him, his arms wrapped around her waist. As Fang slipped out of the room, closing the door after him with his tail, Michael gave Anna a quick kiss on the lips.

"I love you, Anna," he whispered to her as she closed her eyes, sighing tiredly as she rested her head against his shoulder.

"Yeah, you too," she muttered, and he smiled, allowing his own eyes to slip close as he enfolded the both of them in his wings as they levitated off the ground, his white feathers wrapping around their forms tightly as they both fell into a calming sleep.

Ciel returned to his breakfast, which was still surprisingly warm, and Sebastian had already fixed up the window with his amazing demon speed and was patiently waiting for Ciel to return.

"Your breakfast is still warm, Young Master," Sebastian informed, pushing his chair in. "I suspect that you could thank Anna for that when she stopped Time on the estate grounds."

He nodded. "Sebastian, you are to visit Anna's room every so few hours today to attend to any of her needs," he ordered.

"Understood," he responded with a swift bow. "Do you have any plans for today regarding Lord Druton's missing son?"

"Not for the moment, no," Ciel answered, putting a piece of moist salmon into his mouth. "Sebastian?"

"Yes, Young Master?" the butler replied automatically.

He put down his cutlery, turning to look at the demon with one eye. "You know something about Anna that I don't," he accused. "You alone are not to lie to me. What is it about her that I don't know about?"

"I will tell you when the time comes, Young Master," Sebastian promised. "However, now is not the time for me to be telling you this. But I promise you, I will tell you. Either that or else Lady Anna will tell you herself. The secret that that angel holds should only be revealed to you by her and her alone, otherwise, tension may arise. Rest assured though, you are not in any danger because of the secret she keeps sealed."

Ciel glared at the butler for a moment before returning to his meal. "Well, Sebastian," he sighed, "that had better be true."

The demon smiled darkly, his eyes glowing with his demonic aura. "I don't lie."

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