The Butler and the Maid

Traps and Trickery

"This place seems awfully strange," Anna murmured, looking around the interior of the abandoned, broken-down stone building.

Sebastian nodded. "In fact there is a demonic portal present here," he said. "I'm surprised you managed to sense it."

"Thank you dear," she replied cheerfully. "But keep your guard up, okay? Though Andrew may be weakened, he's nowhere near defenceless, like you said earlier."

All of a sudden, their surroundings faded before they appeared in a dark dismal dungeon, and Anna was chained up to a wall by an iron collar that was chained to the wall. Ciel was trapped inside a huge metal cage, and Sebastian stood next to a wooden table, a single silver gun resting on it as it was also chained into the table.

"What was that about keeping your guard up now?" Sebastian teased, but his mocking tone in his voice was empty.

"We can't get out," Anna hissed, tugging helplessly at the collar.

There was a heavy scent of blood before Greater Demon Andrew Hawkins stepped out from the shadows into view. Though his eyes were glazed with pain, a sadistic grin was spread across his face.

"Welcome to my last domain," he greeted darkly. "Thank you for falling into my final trap. You will have to make a very difficult decision, Sebastian. There is a single bullet inside that gun, and naturally, a demonic bullet. You will choose Sebastian, either take the life of angel Annabelle or your Young Master Ciel Phantomhive. The other will be instantly released from their prison the moment one of their lives end or at the instant that bullet pierces through one of their hearts. Even if you kill me, Sebastian, the trap will not be disabled. You'll still have to kill one of them."

Anna glared at the demon. "Why don't you just give up, Andrew?" she hissed. "You've already lost."

The Greater Demon seemed to disagree, and Ciel hissed, trying to break free of the iron bars.

"Let me go!" he snapped angrily.

Sebastian picked up the gun in his hands, weighing the item in his palm as he stared at it.

Anna was calm as she inhaled deeply. "Sebastian," she said softly, and his eyes met hers, a calm, silent discussion spoken through their eyes.

"Sebastian, Anna, do something!" Ciel barked irritably. "Get me outta here!"

"Sebastian," Anna's soft, sweet voice interrupted. "Save Ciel, kill me."

His eyes widened in horror. "Absolutely not!" he barked.

Andrew smirked, leaning heavily against the wall. "So Sebastian, what will you choose? Who will you choose to save?" he asked.

"Don't do it Sebastian!" Ciel snapped. "You're going to figure out how to get us all out here alive, you hear me!"

Sebastian smiled, bowing. "Of course, Young Master," he agreed.

"Please Sebastian," Anna pleaded. "Take my life and save my descendant, Sebastian. In the name of the Contract, I order you to save Ciel Phantomhive."

His eyes glowered with a dark gaze, a large wide smile on his face.

"Sebastian," Anna said softly. "I love you. Never forget that, okay?"

The demon butler smiled lovingly at her. "Anna, I love you too," he told her. "No matter what happens after this, you will always hold a very special place in my heart. You will always be my beloved angel, Annabelle Phantomhive."

"Sebastian, don't do this!" Ciel shouted. "That's an order!"

He looked sadly at his master. "I'm afraid that's an order that conflicts with your previous one, Young Master," he said sadly. "I'm afraid that it is one order I cannot follow." He turned back to Anna, his eyes masked with a cold steely gaze. "Annabelle, are you sure you want to follow through with this?"

"Can you think of another idea?" she scowled irritably. "I know you and Ciel worked really hard to save my soul, but I can't risk Ciel's safety. Forgive me for throwing away the life that you had worked so hard on getting back."

"Don't do this, Anna, please!" Ciel pleaded. "If you feel sorry about throwing your life away, then don't throw it away!"

"Sebastian," she said gently, tears glimmering in her eyes. "Thank you for everything. For showing me how to love… for giving me the many joys and pleasures of being with the demonic butler I came to love… thank you."

She smiled, turning to Ciel. "Ciel, it was an honour being your maid and it was great knowing you too," she told him. "I love you very much, my beloved little descendant. You were always kinda like a son to me. Farewell."

"NO!" Ciel shouted, but it was already too late, as Anna had made her decision. "Anna dammit, don't do this!"

Her smile was mellow and sad. "Sebastian, my love," she murmured, regret filling her voice. "I love you."

He closed his eyes, withstanding the bitterness of her resolve as he raised the gun. "I love you too," he sighed.

Sebastian pulled the trigger, and the single bullet passed through Anna's heart, and at instant the chains disappeared as she collapsed forward, her eyes closed. Immediately Sebastian dropped the gun and rushed forward to catch the angel in his arms, holding her close. The beautiful angel lay motionless in his arms, and Sebastian closed his eyes, cradling her close against his chest before kissing her very gently.

Andrew cackled in his triumphant victory. "So, how does it feel, Sebastian Michaelis, to be the killer of your angel lover not once, but twice now?" he mocked.

Ciel's cage door had opened, and he stepped out in horror at what his butler had done. "N-Not again…" he breathed in horror. He had just worked so hard not a couple of days ago to bring back his ancestor, and here she lay dead again because of the very same demon.

Sebastian remained quiet, hugging Anna close as he whispered what appeared to be sweet nothings into her ear. Smoothing out her hair, he kissed her on the brow before gently setting her down on the ground.

"Sebastian…" Ciel growled angrily, "this is my order: kill Greater Demon Andrew Hawkins this very instant! Make him pay for what he's done!"

The demon butler's eyes glowed with their demonic shine. "Yes, My Lord," he replied obligingly before leaping at the weakened Greater Demon, dinner knives at the ready.

Immediately Andrew leapt away, faltering briefly before leaping to dodge every of the next advances Sebastian made. He knew he was weakening quickly when one knife grazed across his cheek, drawing blood.

"Dammit," Andrew swore under his breath as he lunged at Ciel. "You brat of a child!"

Right before his hands were a hairsbreadth away from Ciel, all of a sudden something struck the demon across the side and knocked him to the ground. Widespread white wings folded over Ciel protectively as he felt a rush of warmth bloom through him. To his surprise and relief, Annabelle Phantomhive stood before him, alive and well.

"A-Anna?" he gasped. Only Sebastian didn't seem surprised.

"B-But how?" Andrew hissed.

Anna smiled as darkly as an angel could, while Sebastian's smirk held all of the smug pride he felt in that brilliant moment: outwitting a Greater Demon.

Ah, he thought, this will be one of the most memorable moments of my long life.

"While I was making my touching goodbyes," Anna revealed, "Sebastian switched the demonic bullet into a normal human one."

Sebastian glanced briefly at Ciel. "I still had the new bullets you ordered for your gun in my pocket," he said. "So I'd like to thank you, Young Master. You happened to give me the right equipment of what I would need." His attention returned to Andrew. "And Anna and I spoke through our Blood Contract in regards to this plan."

"But how were you able to switch the bullets without me noticing?" Andrew hissed in confusion, "You've been standing in front of me this entire time!"

Sebastian directed a nod at Anna. "That would be her area of expertise," he hinted.

"Need I remind you that I am an angel? A wishing angel, in particular?" she explained. "I have the ability and power to alter Cinematic Records. All I had to do was alter both yours and Ciel's in that momentary sliver of time in order to conceal what Sebastian and I had planned. Even though I didn't have to, I altered Ciel's briefly in order to make the ploy all the more convincing, and it worked."

Andrew's snarling expression could perfectly describe someone who was clearly not amused. How dare he –Greater Demon Andrew Hawkins, get tricked by a mere Lesser Demon and his angel lover!

"Was this your plan all along?" Ciel demanded, feeling slightly betrayed.

"My apologies for not being able to warn you beforehand," Anna apologized. "But you must understand that this wasn't easy to pull off. I haven't used my powers in years."

Sebastian smirked. "Well then, Anna," he addressed kindly, "shall we finish Andrew Hawkins off once and for all?"

She smiled. "It would be my pleasure, dear," she answered.

Easily, the demon and angel overpowered the greatly weakened Greater Demon, cornering him against the wall.

"Well then," Sebastian said, "any last words?"

Andrew bared his fangs at them. "This isn't over," he hissed.

Anna shrugged, drawing out Artemis. "You're wrong, Andrew," she told him. "For what you've done to me, to Fang, to Sebastian, and to Ciel, after all that… It's most definitely over for you."

"NO!" Andrew snarled, using his final surge of strength to break free from Sebastian and Anna's hold before lunging at Ciel, claws outstretched with the intention to kill.

"CIEL!" Anna shouted, and she fired Artemis several times, and arrows of light shot through Andrew's body before the room was engulfed in white light.

After the light vanished, they opened their eyes to find the Greater Demon gone, and Anna felt that the mark on her shoulder had disappeared as well. Andrew Hawkins was finally gone.

"We did it," Sebastian murmured, looking at her. "We've finally destroyed the Greater Demon Andrew Hawkins."

Anna nodded in agreement, touching her shoulder. "The mark has vanished as well," she agreed.

Ciel looked at them both, suddenly looking very small. "H-He's really gone?" he asked. "We're all absolutely positive that Andrew Hawkins no longer roams the earth?"

"Not earth, nor any other place either," Sebastian answered. "Perhaps only in our memories, but as for the rest of the universe, Andrew Hawkins existence has vanished forever."

Anna looked at her descendant. "Shall we return to the manor?" she suggested. "I'm sure after all that you've been a little stressed out. I apologize for scaring you when you thought I died again."

Sebastian nodded with a smile. "Now that Andrew Hawkins is gone," he sighed, "all that's left to deal with is those two rogue angels Ash and Angela…"

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