The Butler and the Maid

The Final Storm

Sebastian, Anna, and Ciel returned calmly to the Phantomhive Manor. Anna was a little tired from using her angelic powers of altering Cinematic Records, considering she had not done so in hundreds of years. Sebastian was quite pleased with the fact that he had managed to outsmart the late Greater Demon, and Ciel was still a little annoyed at the fact that both Sebastian and Anna had tricked him and manipulated his emotions in order to pull the proverbial wool over Andrew's eyes.

"So you're both absolutely sure that Andrew Hawkins is gone forever?" Ciel checked.

Both demon and angel nodded.

"The demonic seal on me is gone," Anna informed cheerfully. "And that can only be removed if the demon who bestowed it upon me dies. So logically…"

"Andrew Hawkins must be dead," Ciel deducted.

Sebastian grinned. "Indeed," he agreed. "Therefore Annabelle, you should be able to rest a little easier now that you know that a certain Greater Demon won't be after you any longer."

The angel smiled at his remark. "That's what I'm hoping for," she said, clearly pleased. "Aside from the fact that I'm still a little tense from what happened just now, I'm pretty happy with how things are."

Ciel sighed in content. "Sebastian, Anna, prepare my afternoon tea," he ordered. "I'll be in my study."

Late that night after Ciel was asleep, Sebastian and Anna lay together in her bed, the demon's arm wrapped around her waist.

"I love you, Sebastian," she sighed, snuggling against his chest.

He chuckled, kissing her on the forehead. "As I love you," he murmured. "Now, do you wish to sleep? Or do you wish for me to do naughty things to you?"

"Sorry Sebastian, but I think I want to just sleep tonight," she replied, closing her eyes. "I don't want to wake up more tired than I am now."

The demon's grin widened as his hands wandered to the hem of her nightgown. His lips brushed against her ear as he purred seductively, "Wrong answer."

Early next morning, a dark presence startled Anna awake, only to find Sebastian already dressed and fixing his collar. To her surprise, she had also been redressed into some fresh, clean clothes.

"Sebastian?" she murmured, looking at her lover. "What's going on?"

"Morning," he greeted promptly, giving her a quick kiss. "I'm afraid we have visitors from a certain pair of angels. From what I'm sensing, they're outside."

She nodded slowly, getting out of bed. "So that's what woke me up," she grumbled with a heavy sigh. As she stood up, her legs numbed for a moment before she was back to normal. "Whoa…"

"What's wrong?" he asked calmly.

Anna held onto the bed frame as she stretched out her legs. "Just felt numb for a moment," she replied. "I'm okay now though. Is Ciel awake?"

The demon butler shook his head. "I'm still debating between whether we should wake him and alert him of our uninvited guests," Sebastian answered, "or dispose of these angels once and for all and allow the Young Master to sleep."

She smiled. "For Ciel's safety," she said, "I think we should wake him. Actually, I'll go keep our 'guests' company while you go inform him on our current circumstances. I'll also put the rest of the servants back to sleep on the way."

"Very well," he sighed. "I'll see you outside. Hopefully the Young Master isn't in a bad mood this morning."

Unfortunately for the butler, the young earl was very annoyed when Sebastian pulled open the blinds to reveal that the sun had barely risen from across the horizon.

"Sebastian! What time is it?" he scowled in great irritation.

Immediately the butler bowed. "Forgive me, Young Master, for waking you," he apologized deeply, "however, I'm afraid that the Phantomhive Manor has some rather unexpected, angelic guests. Anna is keeping them company outside at the moment. She suggested that you should be awoken or else face your wrath later when you discovered that we neglected to inform you."

Ciel perked up, immediately sitting up for Sebastian to speed-change him. "It was a good decision then," he grumbled. Though honestly I would have appreciated more sleep, he thought in annoyance. Either way, I'll be able to get much better sleep once I know that those two damn angels are destroyed once and for all.

"Ash, Angela," Annabelle Phantomhive greeted curtly with a polite curtsey as her wings unfurled. "What brings you both to the Phantomhive Manor?"

The extremely-misguided angels smirked evilly.

"You look tired, Annabelle," Ash taunted with mock concern.

She shrugged her shoulders. "I'll admit I've been better," she replied. "Not to mention I was awoken early because a pair of tainted auras stepped on the manor grounds."

"We heard that a certain Greater Demon had been destroyed," Angela said with a dark smile, "so we decided to pay you a visit to settle things once and for all."

At that moment, a dark light flashed as long angelic swords sparked into the hermaphrodite angels' hands.

Anna sighed tiresomely, "Must this all be resolved with violence? Seriously, by the end of this I will need a nice, long vacation somewhere warm." As she spoke, her own silver-white sword appeared in her hand.

"Oh, you won't need a vacation after we're done with you," Ash warned, smiling devilishly, "after all, how can you have a vacation when you're dead?"

The angels glared at each other for a few moments as the atmosphere grew tenser by the second. All at once, they lunged at each other, and blades danced through the air while white feathers fell. Even though the battle was 2-on-1, Anna seemed to be holding her ground… at least, well enough until Sebastian got there to help.

Backflipping away, she blocked a sudden stab at her before swerving to try and trip Ash, failing as he leaped back.

"Sebastian!" Anna called towards the manor, "Some help anytime now would be nice!"

There was no response, and she let out a low growl as she avoided Angela's horizontal slash at her.

"Sebastian!" she scowled. "Don't make me use the Contract!"

"You really know how to turn a demon on, don't you," his teasing voice entered her head. "If you want my services, you know exactly what to say."

A golden haze flashed in her eyes in disbelief and anger. "You've got to be kidding me…" she muttered in annoyance. "Sebastian! In the name of the Contract, I order you to appear before me and help me!" A short burn echoed through Anna's chest as she felt the Contract seal burn on her heart.

Anna could feel his smirk behind her, and she looked back to see him bow, Ciel Phantomhive standing next to him.

"Yes, My Lady," he replied, and proceeded to repel the angels using his silver cutlery.

"Sebastian, stop playing around," Ciel ordered firmly. "Get the job done and finish those two pesky angels once and for all!"

Obligingly, black feathers seemed to flutter around Sebastian for a moment before a red-bladed sword materialized in his hand. It was Lucifer.

"So it's true," Ash smirked. "Andrew Hawkins is dead, and it's ironic how that demon sword ends up in the hands of another demon who had used an angelic weapon to kill said Andrew Hawkins."

Sebastian smiled, his eyes glinting with a dark demonic spark. "I'm surprised at how fast word travels," he commented. "It's quite amusing, actually."

"Sebastian," Anna warned quietly, "let's just get this done. The longer we wait, the longer they have to plan something against us."

He nodded firmly. "Agreed," he replied.

Respectfully, Anna engaged battle with Angela while Ash fought Sebastian. Their movements were so quick, to Ciel it just looked like light and dark flashes in the sky.

As soon as it had began, it was almost over as Sebastian and Anna successfully managed to pull off a partner combo on the two, and was in-synch as they lunged at the weakened angels for the final blow.

Without warning, their attacks were repelled as cages of crystal and golden light suddenly sealed Ash and Angela, pillars of light beaming down through the clouds upon them before several angels descended down from the heavens, Archangel Kieran among them.

"Kieran, what's going on?" Anna demanded.

"Sorry to surprise you like this, Annabelle," the Archangel apologized, "but you don't need to worry about these two anymore. We'll take care of this."

Sebastian frowned. "We could have finished them," he argued as he watched the cage float upwards towards the clouds. "Must you have chosen that moment to interrupt?"

Kieran laughed for a moment at the demon's pouting before sobering up. "After what they've done, death would have been too easy of a punishment. But don't worry about that now. Leave it to us. I'll be sure to make them get the punishment they deserve." He nodded at them. "Thank you both for occupying Ash and Angela long enough so that we could create a powerful-enough seal."

Anna nodded. "It's not a problem," she responded, allowing her sword to disappear and Sebastian followed suit. "So… where do we go from here?"

Her friend shrugged. "Well, you did come here with the intention of fulfilling a certain wish, did you not?" he reminded.

She nodded after pondering for a moment.

"Well, I'll see you guys later," Kieran bid light-heartedly. "The others and I have to go and handle these guys, as well as the paperwork."

"Bye, and thanks," Anna called.

"Thank you," Sebastian added.

As the angels disappeared the same way they had appeared, Anna and Sebastian returned to Ciel.

"I apologize, Young Master," Sebastian said with a deep bow, "I allowed them to escape."

Ciel scoffed. "Well, they didn't exactly 'escape'," he corrected bitterly. "Nevertheless, they should not be causing us anymore trouble, so it's alright. That said… the Contract I made with you has been completed, hasn't it…"

Sebastian nodded, glancing briefly at Anna, who had closed her eyes.

"Ciel," Annabelle Phantomhive began sternly, and when she opened her eyes, the orbs were glowing golden, "it is time I grant your heartfelt wish."

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