The Butler and the Maid

Heartfelt Wish

"That's impossible, Anna," Ciel scowled, "I don't even know what I really want!"

She smiled, almost sadly. "Maybe not consciously…" she murmured, "but your heart does."

The young earl looked terribly confused, but she could only smile.

"Ciel Phantomhive," Anna said softly, a halo of white light outlining her fragile angelic form as pure white feathers fell from the sky… or so it appeared, "it is about time I finally grant your wish. Normally, I would have to politely refuse this kind of wish, but because you have shown me true greatness within you, only you will I grant this wish for."

Ciel sighed, sounding more fatigued than irritated, "Really, Anna, I don't even know what my wish is, so how could you?"

The angel just smiled, closing her eyes as she clasped her hands to her chest, the light around her growing brighter as she levitated a few feet off the ground. Her wings expanded to their full length, almost casting a glimmer of a shadow over the ground.

Sebastian grimaced, as if he knew what was going to happen. My beloved angel… he thought affectionately.

As Anna's hands withdrew from her chest, a sparkling ball of white light floated from her chest, shimmering with a diamond shine. With a heavy sigh, Anna seemed to falter before refocusing, the light fluttering down in front of them before Anna's seal circle appeared on the ground underneath it, glowing as two huge white wings expanded from the ball of light before wrapping around it. Anna's eyes glowed in fatigue as she concentrated hard, and Sebastian knew that she was dying.

Moments ticked by before Anna relaxed, folding her wings as she touched back down on the ground. The wings under her seal expanded, revealing two figures, and Ciel's eyes widened.

"M-Mother?" he rasped, "Father?"

Indeed, before him stood Vincent and Rachel Phantomhive, alive and well.

"Ciel, you deserve to be happy too," Anna told him softly as the seal underneath Ciel's formally-deceased parents vanished.

Immediately, Ciel ran into his parents' warm embrace, and he instantly knew that he was not dreaming.

"Ciel, Sweetie," his mother chided, "we're so proud of you."

"I've missed you both so much," Ciel wept.

Vincent Phantomhive patted his son on the head affectionately. "You've grown into a fine young man, Ciel," he said softly before looking at Sebastian. "Thank you for taking care of our son, Sebastian Michaelis."

Sebastian bowed respectfully, and Vincent turned to Anna.

"And thank you, Annabelle," he thanked gratefully. "You have reunited our family, and you've done a wonderful job watching over my son like you promised me so many years ago."

The angel dipped her head with a smile, then as the world spun around her, she swooned before falling backwards, immediately being caught in Sebastian's firm embrace, lowering her to the ground.

"Anna!" the Phantomhive family exclaimed.

Anna's beloved demon held her tight, staring down into her gorgeous azure eyes.

"My mission is complete," she sighed, "but at a steep price."

Very softly, Sebastian leaned down to kiss his angel before staring deeply into her eyes. "Don't die, Anna," he whispered softly, but already her feathers began to disappear, her wings drooping limply. "I've already lost you once. I couldn't bear to lose you again."

"Take what's left of my soul, Sebastian," she told him gently. "Your part of the Faustian Contract we made is complete. Ciel Phantomhive has gotten his revenge."

The demon smiled weakly at her. "You already gave me your soul the moment you fell in love with me," he explained softly, "therefore your side of the Contract was already voided."

She chuckled, her eyes beginning to droop. "Only you, Sebastian Michaelis… I'm going to miss you…"

"I love you, Annabelle Marie Phantomhive," he said, kissing her chastely.

"And I love you, Sebastian," she murmured.

Ciel dropped to his knees next to her, his hands gripping her arm tightly, and only then did Anna realize just how small he really was… he was no more than a child. "Anna, you can't die," he pleaded.

"I wish I could stay, but I've used all my strength and powers to bring your parents back," she whispered, and half-lidded eyes only continued to close. "I'll… be watching… over you all… take good care… of yourselves…"

"Hold on, Anna, please," Sebastian begged softly, the pleading tone left out of his velvet voice, "I don't want to be apart from you for eternity, my love."

She smiled, reaching up to touch his cheek, cradling it gently in her cooling palm. "I love you… Sebastian…" she breathed before closing her eyes for the last time.

The angel in Sebastian Michaelis' arms died peacefully; her hand dropping to the ground as her head tilted lifelessly against his chest. The demon's eyes were filled with grief, but he could not find it in his heart this time around to shed tears for his angel lover.

"I love you, Anna," Sebastian murmured, pressing his cheek against her forehead as he brushed his thumb over her cheek, stroking the smooth, soft skin.

"Anna…" Vincent murmured sadly as he pulled his grieving wife into his arms.

Ciel felt something in him die with the angel's death, and he found tears straying down his cheeks. "Anna…" he choked. "Sebastian, I order you to bring her back."

Sebastian remained silent, still holding Anna in his arms. "I'm sorry, Young Master, but that is one order… I'm afraid I cannot follow," he informed quietly. "There is nothing even I can do. Demons are unable to bring back the dead, more or less, angels. She's gone, Young Master, and there is nothing I can do for her now."

A blanket of white light enveloped Anna's body, and she began to disintegrate into white feathers, the process moving up her body slowly.

"W-Where is she going?" Rachel Phantomhive stammered, blinking away blurry tears.

Sebastian kissed Anna gently, resting his forehead against hers as he closed his eyes.

"She's going to her final resting place," he said softly. "She's going to where Fangorn is; the place where all angels tread; the place where souls as pure as hers are free from all suffering and pain."

Ciel hugged what remained of his ancestor, hiding his face. "Thank you for everything, Anna," he thanked quietly. "You've saved my life on more than one occasion, and you've taken good care of me." You've been like a mother to me, he added silently, and for that… no words could express my gratitude at the compassion you gave me…

Finally, Anna's body disappeared completely, the white feathers floating upwards before vanishing from sight.

Sebastian stood, looking up at the blue sky, a small, sad smile touching his lips. "Good night… my love."

Sebastian went to inform the other servants that starting from that moment on Anna would no longer be in Ciel's service. He would also be informing them that Vincent and Rachel Phantomhive was alive and would be returning to the Phantomhive Manor.

Meanwhile Ciel was being told the cover-up story to explain his parents' sudden existence.

"I think Annabelle had always known what your wish was," Rachel said softly. "During her visits, she told us that she knew that you missed us dearly… even though you said that your reason for revenge was for your own sake."

Vincent nodded. "She cared about our family a lot," he added quietly. "She already altered all the necessary memories to make our existence seem reasonable. It will be said that both your mother and I were rescued, but we had lost our memories due to post-traumatic stress. We lived through years of lies, but gradually our memories came back, and we finally came back home."

Ciel nodded, touching the eye patch on where his Contracted eye had been, only to remember that though the Contract had been completed… he was still alive… all thanks to that one angel…

"I wonder… whether she'll be happy or not…" he murmured quietly.

"Yes," Sebastian Michaelis answered as he stepped into the room after a brief knock. "Though she never said it, she loved you dearly, Young Master."

Ciel felt a little irritated, but he wasn't sure why. "Stop it, Sebastian," he said firmly. "Our Contract is complete, so you don't have to call me your master anymore."

"Au contraire," the demon retorted, "your father Lord Vincent has offered to allow me to continue my position as head butler of the Phantomhives, if only temporarily." He turned to look at the elder Phantomhive. "Oh, and Lord Vincent, Lady Rachel, Tanaka asks to speak with you both in the library. The other servants would like to meet you too."

Vincent and Rachel nodded before excusing themselves, leaving the room. There was awkward silence for a moment between Ciel and Sebastian before Ciel spoke.

"So, what will you do now, Sebastian?" he asked quietly. "The Contract is over, and there's nothing left that will tie you here."

The demon looked troubled. "Indeed," he agreed.

Ciel couldn't help but smirk even a little bit. "I've never seen you this conflicted before, Sebastian," he commented. "Do you really not know what to do next?"

"Well, my initial plans were to travel with Anna around the world where we'd continue with our respective works," he admitted, "however, I did not anticipate that she would lose her life resurrecting Lord Vincent and Lady Rachel. Then again, she would have risked everything to answer your so-called 'heart's wish'."

"So what will you do now, Sebastian?" Ciel questioned.

He smiled. "You need not worry about me, Young Master," he assured. "Just readjust to your normal life as a noble spoiled brat." His smirk was all-too innocent, and it pissed off the young Phantomhive even more.

"Shut up, Sebastian," he hissed. "Just go away and make yourself useful."

The demon chuckled. "Very well," he agreed with a bow and leaving the room.

"That damn demon…" Ciel growled in annoyance. Just because Sebastian was no longer his Contracted butler didn't mean he was free to insult Ciel however he liked. Nevertheless, even Sebastian's taunting seemed a little emptier now.

Walking to the window, Ciel Phantomhive looked up to the skies where his angelic ancestor now resided. "Heart's wish, huh…"

Meylene, Bard, and Finny were bawling at the loss of the Head Phantomhive Maid, huddled up in a group as they loudly wept. Though they were happy for the Young Master that his parents had returned, they were really upset about Anna's departure.

"She didn't even come to say goodbye!" Finny cried, "WAHHH!"

Bard sniffled loudly, "S-She was so nice to us!"

"It's not fair!" Meylene whined. "What about Mr. Sebastian? How could she just leave him?"

"Where is Sebastian?" the pyrotechnic cook suddenly noticed. "I wonder how he's taking this… She just left so abruptly. Though he seemed normal about it… even that guy must be feeling sad about it."

Sebastian had finished the daily chores, and now he sat in the garden with Kylee, who purred in his lap. As he stroked the soft fur, he couldn't help but smile melancholically at the memory of when he had first met the dear black cat.

"Annabelle…" he murmured softly before looking up into the skies, "I hope you're happy up there with Fangorn."

"I'm sure she's doing well," Michael's voice spoke gently behind him, and Sebastian looked back to see the angel standing nearby.

Sebastian dipped his head in greeting. "What brings you here, Michael?" he asked. "I thought you bore a strong hatred towards me."

The angel shook his head. "I was just jealous of you, Sebastian," he said, smiling, "you managed to make Anna fall in love with you in a matter of weeks; something I could not accomplish even after a couple of centuries. I resented you for that… nevertheless, you made her happy; happier than I had ever seen her before. For that, thank you, Sebastian Michaelis."

"I was only doing what was expected of me," the demon responded, scratching behind Kylee's ears. "Only… I had never expected to fall in love with Annabelle as well. Love is an interesting experience, however now that she's gone… I feel this emptiness in me. Is this normal?"

Michael was taken aback. What was more surprising than the demon's obliviousness was his ability to feel actual heartache at the loss of someone important. "I-It is," he answered, "and I'll have to admit I'm surprised that you're moping here. I never thought demons could mope."

Sebastian looked puzzled. "'Mope'? Am I moping?" he asked, mainly to himself. Then in realization, he looked back down at the cat, stroking her fur. "I guess I am… hmmm… so this is what moping is like… I've seen humans do it before in my years, but I never suspected that I'd be subjected to this as well… Strange…"

I miss her, Sebastian thought with a heavy sigh. It's strange, I never thought I'd even be in a position where I'd be longing for someone. Meeting Annabelle has changed me. And now… she's gone…

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