The Butler and the Maid

Blossoming Love

"S-Sebastian…" Anna's eyes widened as she saw the truth in his pain-stricken orbs as he threw aside the burning pieces of wood before Ash yanked the blade from his body. Sebastian collapsed against Anna, and she held him against her chest, brushing his hair with her un-bloodied hand.

"Thank you, Sebastian," she said softly, an aura of calm blues and whites pulsing into view around her, and immediately Ash receded, glaring before leaving by breaking through another window. The aura around Anna began to quench and quell the fires burning around them.

Very gently, Anna turned Sebastian in her arms, and brushed her fingers over the wound, but Sebastian was already out cold.

"That would explain why you were knocked out so simply," she murmured as her aura disappeared, "This weak angel's poison is what's putting you to sleep so easily. Ah well… I guess I'll tend to you when we head back on foot to the mansion. There's no way I can fly with injured wings."

"Anna…" Sebastian breathed softly, his eyes still shut.

"Sebastian," she soothed affectionately. "Thank you for saving my life. How are you feeling?"

"Not well…" he muttered, eyes barely opening. "I feel so tired…"

Anna brushed his hair gently. "Shhh… just sleep," she told him. "You need your rest. You'll recover from both the wound and the poison completely in the morning. So sleep."

Sebastian shut his eyes, muttering several words before letting out a heavy sigh. "I love you…"

"I love you too…" Anna admitted, knowing that he had just missed her confession by a few seconds, kissing him gently on the head. "Now, it's time to get out of here."

Sebastian was being half-carried, half-dragged on Anna's back through the empty, deserted field and under a dark, starry sky. They left behind the cold, now-quiet tower, the fires of Ash's hatred quenched by Anna's soothing aura.

Anna was exhausted. Her forearm was still heavily bleeding, and even though she had allowed her injured wings to dissipate away, she could still feel the pain inside her. She felt Sebastian's regulated breathing on her cheek as his head lolled limply on her shoulder.

"Ugh…" Anna groaned tiredly. "Why couldn't you have transformed into a crow or a cat first before you passed out? This would make both of our lives easier."

Plus… why did Ash decide to lure me out? She wondered. Being the calculating fallen angel he is, there's no way he would bother to fight a battle he can't win. He would have obviously figured out that Sebastian would be here to help me… so… why?

The angel fought against the pain of the open wound in her forearm, as the added strain of holding Sebastian on her back caused the bleeding to worsen, and she felt a little woozy from blood loss. Because Sebastian was taller than her, his feet dragged behind him that caused Anna to work a little harder. Anna sighed heavily with exhaustion from her heavy burden, and she looked up into the starry skies above her.

What a beautiful sight, she thought, if only it could be under better conditions. It would be nice if you were awake to see this too, Sebastian.

Anna suddenly felt Sebastian stir a little on her back, and she sighed, shaking her head.

She grumbled, knowing that he couldn't hear her. "You owe me for this, Sebastian."

"Sebastian!" a warm voice called.

Sebastian turned around to find himself in the middle of the foyer in the Phantomhive mansion, and he saw Anna running towards him cheerfully.

"Anna," he said, almost as if questionably. He blinked, and suddenly, the scene changed in front of him in an instant.

Without warning, Anna gasped painfully, stopped in her tracks as Laurence Kingsley had his fangs buried deeply in the side of her neck, blood trickling down her pale flesh as he drank well over a quarter of the blood in her body. The demon pulled his fangs from her neck and smiled at Sebastian, licking away the remnants of her blood from his lips.

"Ahhh… so delicious," he murmured, and there was a glint of steel in the corner of Sebastian's vision before Anna was stabbed through the heart, the one holding the blade being Ash.

"ANNA!" Sebastian cried, but it was too late.

Anna's lifeless body slumped to the ground as Ash yanked his bloodied blade from her chest, crimson pooling around her. Immediately, Sebastian ran to attack Ash and Laurence, but both had disappeared, and the demon ran to his beloved angel, taking her into his arms. But she was already dead, her head tilting limply against his chest as blood trailed from her lips, her beautiful azure orbs forever closed.

There was a dark, evil cackle, and Sebastian turned his head to see a dark shadow with the horns of a Greater Demon hold a ball of fluttering light in his hands, crimson slits of eyes glaring at him. Immediately Sebastian knew what the ball of light was; it was Anna's soul.

"You lose, Sebastian Michaelis," the Greater Demon informed him, and he crushed the ball of light in his hand easily, bits of crystal dust fluttering to the ground before the demon vanished without a trace.

"Anna…" Sebastian wept, burying his face against her silver hair.

Sebastian had not only lost Anna's life, but he had also lost her soul…

Sebastian's crimson eyes snapped open, staring up at the familiar white ceiling of his room. Glancing up above to the window, he saw that it was still dark out.

"What?" he mumbled, "How on earth did I get back here?"

Feeling a warm presence beside him, he looked down to see Anna sleeping soundly on his bedside, her injured arm neatly bandaged, and her cold hands were both cradling one of his. She was deathly pale, but Sebastian took no real notice of it.

"My, my," he murmured affectionately, reaching over to gently stroke her hair, and she stirred, but did not wake. "Are you showing me your fragile yet compassionate side, Anna? Staying by my bedside even though you yourself are injured? I am honoured."

Reaching to stroke her face, he noticed that she was stone cold.

"You are going to get sick if you keep this up, even if you are an angel," he scolded affectionately, fluently pulling her up into the bed under the covers next to him, her cheek pressing against his chest. He couldn't help but wince at the pain in his lower torso, and knew that it would take a little longer for him to heal completely.

Wrapping an arm around her waist, Sebastian smiled at the angel he held, sighing heavily as he knew that there was a chance that she didn't love him back.

What a pity that would be, he thought. And I truly believed she liked those kisses I gave her.

"Poor Young Master," Sebastian suddenly said in realization. "If he needs assistance anytime tonight, neither Anna nor I can attend to him… at least… not in the state that we're both in right now."

Inhaling deeply, he breathed in Anna's scent, imprinting the smell of her hair and skin clearly in his mind. He sighed, leaning forward to place a gentle kiss on her head.

"I love you, Anna," he whispered in her ear. "As long as you are within my arms, I shall never allow you to be harmed. This I promise you. Sleep well, my beloved angel."

Anna awoke to someone gently running their fingers through her hair, and her cheek was pressed up against warm, soft fabric. She glanced up and saw Sebastian smiling down at her, watching her.

"Good morning," she greeted softly.

"Morning," Sebastian replied gently. "How are you feeling?"

"Better," the angel answered, wincing as she moved her left arm, "but it will still take a while longer for my wounds to heal. How about you? Are you alright now?"

He nodded confidently, smiling affectionately at her. "Anna… I love you," he told her.

Anna smiled, pulling herself up to place a soft kiss on his lips, staring down into his crimson eyes. "I love you too, Sebastian," she whispered, laying her head down on his shoulder.

The demon's arms tightened around her petite body in deep relief, and he pressed his lips against her hair. "I thought that you believed I was lying," he admitted.

She shook her head. "I used to," she said, "but when you saved my life… when you risked your life to save mine, I saw it in your eyes that what you said was the truth. I was so scared… Sebastian. I really believed that you were just ordered by Ciel to make me fall in love with you."

"He did," Sebastian agreed. "The Young Master ordered me to make you fall in love with me. But what I never expected was that I was the one falling in love with you. It's an interesting experience, love. I've never been through it before. You are my first."

Anna closed her eyes, snuggling against Sebastian's chest. "I love you, Sebastian," she sighed.

"And I love you, my beloved angel," he whispered into her hair. "I don't have much experience in the subject of love, so I'm afraid I don't know too much about what I should do for you."

She chuckled gently. "Just do what feels natural to you, Sebastian," she told him softly. "I don't want you to feel uncomfortable doing anything you don't want to, so do everything at your own pace."

"All that I can really think of to do at the moment is this," Sebastian replied with a frustrated sigh, pulling her up so that her lips met his, and he rolled them over so that he lay on top of her, pressing his forehead against hers. "You alone can only do this to me. You are the only one that makes me feel so confused at times."

Anna chuckled, "I feel the same way. Now let's get up, I'm sure Ciel will be waking up soon."

"Oh my, I hope he hasn't had need of me last night," he replied with a heavy sigh as he sat up. "I will never hear the end of it if he did."

"Don't worry about it," she assured, sitting up next to him. "I tended to Ciel last night after I put you to bed and had help getting my arm bandaged. We had quite a conversation."

The memory played through in Anna's mind as if it was only a few minutes ago…

"Sebastian!" Ciel shouted.

The door opened, and someone walked into the room with a candleholder, but it wasn't Sebastian. Ciel sat up, and he was surprised to see his angel maid.

"Anna?" the earl said, incredulous. "What are you doing here? Where's Sebastian?"

Anna bowed her head. "I apologize, but I'm afraid Sebastian is currently asleep," she informed gravely.

This only confused Ciel more. "But demon's don't need to sleep," he retorted. "How could he sleep when his master's calling for him?" Then he noticed the bandages wrapped around Anna's left forearm, hidden slightly in her sleeve. "Anna… what happened to you?"

"I was lured to a burning tower not an hour ago," she explained, setting the candleholder on the tableside. "There, I was attacked by Ash and nearly killed, but Sebastian saved my life, getting hurt in the process. The injury is deep, but he'll recover completely by morning. I too was injured, my wings damaged and stabbed through the forearm, so I had no choice but to carry Sebastian back."

The earl was furious. "Why was I not informed of this earlier?" he demanded angrily. "What if the Phantomhive mansion was attacked while you both were gone?"

"You have completely able servants, Ciel Phantomhive," Anna warned, "you need not compete reliance on Sebastian and I all the time."

He glared at her, and she smiled back, placing a hand on his head, calm rushing through him immediately. He sighed deeply, even though he knew that it was Anna's power flowing into him, which also irritated him to some degree.

"Now, what is it you want, Ciel? There's a reason why you have called out for a servant's aide," Anna implored softly.

"I wanted some warm milk," Ciel responded. "It's a little difficult getting to sleep tonight."

Anna smiled. "I will return in a moment," she assured, then left him alone in his room with only the light of the candles illuminating the area.

Once she returned with a glass of milk balanced perfectly on a tray on her right hand, she offered it out to him, and he drank it down before putting it back on her tray.

"You should know something, Ciel," Anna began. "I'm in love with Sebastian."

Ciel mentally smirked, knowing that his butler had succeeded in fulfilling his orders.

"However," she continued, "I have reason to believe that he loves me too."

Ciel's expression dropped slightly, and then he raised an eyebrow. "And how, pray tell, do you know that?" he challenged. "Sebastian is a demon. He cannot show compassion to anyone."

"You may be surprised at what love can do to someone," Anna sighed, "angels, demons, and humans alike. Now please, sleep. I will sing for you a simple tune that will calm even the dreams in which you dream."

Ciel laid back down on his bed, closing his eyes. Anna sung for him a simple song of love, hope, and one's wishes coming true. She sung for him a song of compassion, and not long afterwards Ciel was sound asleep, a hint of a smile touching his lips.

"Good night, Ciel," Anna wished quietly, brushing his hair gently. "You are still but a child, yet you face such difficult times." She sighed, beginning to leave. "Sometimes Fate can seem so unreasonable, yet… I know it will all work out in the end…"

A light pressure on her lips broke Anna out of her reverie, and she kissed Sebastian back softly as he rested a hand on her cheek.

"You were looking quite lost within your musings," he told her gently. "I thought I should wake you."

She smiled at him. "You go wake Ciel," she told him. "I will go visit Fang and Adrian, then I will be in the kitchen preparing breakfast for the young earl."

Sebastian shook his head. "We still have some time before I need to go wake the Young Master," he assured, planting a gossamer's kiss on her forehead. "I can still stay with you a while longer. Shall we proceed?"

"Of course," she replied, and they both headed over to Anna's room next door, Anna rapping lightly before peering in.

"Anna!" Fangorn Angelista yowled, flying into her, and she hugged the cat.

"I'm sorry if I worried you, Fang," she apologized. "I'll be okay."

Sebastian wrapped his arms around her neck, pressing his cheek against hers. "I'm sorry I allowed you to get hurt, Anna," he whispered softly.

Immediately, Fang unsheathed his claws and hissed at Sebastian, white fur bristling.

"It's alright, Fang!" Anna said quickly. "It's already been resolved. Sebastian and I love each other."

"Anna! I've already had this discussion with you!" the cat resented. "First a Blood Contract, now this? The Council will be furious! Not to mention Michael and the others!"

She bit her lip. "The Council of Angels should already know about the Blood Contract, and they've done nothing, not even told me that they do not approve," she protested. "And Fang, even if you told me that I can't fall in love with Sebastian, I already have, and I can't ignore my feelings." She smiled at her cat. "Don't worry, I know not to overstep my bounds."

"If you're sure about this, Anna," Fang replied grudgingly. "How do you get yourself into these kinds of situations?"

"It is me we're talking about, Fang," she pointed out, as if the fact was beyond obvious.

The cat shrugged. "I'm afraid I have to agree with you," he sighed. "You have terrible luck sometimes."

Sebastian shrugged. "Well… I think that one of those would be good luck, perhaps?" he noted, giving Anna a swift kiss. "Meeting me wasn't all too bad, was it?"

"Not at all," she murmured back.

"Ugh… you two are going to make me cough up a hairball," Fang commented distastefully.

Without warning, Sebastian placed a hand on her forehead. "Are you feeling alright, Anna?" he implored suspiciously. "You seem a little warm."

"Really?" she retorted, taken aback in surprise. "Apart from my sore arm, I feel perfectly fine. Aside from that now…" She turned to Fang. "Any new orders or investigations from above?"

The white feline shook his head. "If there were, we'd be on them already," he replied. "I suppose they're really letting you go with this mission of yours. Well… considering you did make that promise to Vincent Phantomhive."

Anna shrugged. "Well… a promise is a promise," she said simply. "Maybe I'll head up and drop by to visit them sometimes. Been a while since we've had a chat."

The cat sighed, "If you do, just make sure you don't forget which level it is they're on this time. Going through all seven levels of Heaven takes a little while, considering you always find someone to chat with on each before you actually find the Phantomhives."

"Ah ha, ha," she chuckled merrily, "little details, Fang. I have friends on every level, you know that. Not to mention, I'm friends with all the angels in quite a few departments. I enjoy other peoples' companies, and you find a lot to talk about sometimes."

I'm sure that this experience with falling in love with a demon will stay a popular topic for you for a while, Anna, Sebastian thought. Hmmm… I wonder what your angel friends would say then?

"Well… now, Sebastian," Anna began, "why don't you head on to the kitchen to start preparing breakfast? I'll take care of Adrian and get myself all cleaned up before joining you."

He nodded. "Fair enough," he replied easily, giving her a quick kiss on the cheek before walking off.

After he left, Anna went to wake Adrian, the baby stirring in her arms, blinking open large blue eyes as he reached to tug lightly on her silver hair. She chuckled, brushing her hair away from his grip and tickling the baby on the nose, causing him to giggle.

"Time to get you cleaned up," Anna informed, beckoning Fang to follow her, "then we'll both join Sebastian to make breakfast and I'll give you both a little something to eat and drink."

After Sebastian and Anna made breakfast and Sebastian had woken Ciel, they proceeded down the stairs towards the dining room, and they were greeted at the bottom of the stairs by the other servants.

"Good morning, Young Master!" they greeted cheerily.

"Good morning," he responded casually.

As he passed, Sebastian, Anna, and Fang following behind, Finnian, Maylene and Bard stopped Anna in her tracks.

"Um… is there something you guys want?" she implored curiously, ignoring the dizziness she was beginning to feel.

They shook their heads, and Finny offered out the Phantomhive pin to her. "This is for you," he told her. "We want you to be the head maid of the Phantomhive household."

Her eyes widened in shock, surprise written all over her face. "W-What?" she breathed. "Y-You want me to…"

They nodded.

"Be the head maid of the Phantomhive household," Maylene finished. "You are the perfect maid, like Sebastian's the perfect butler! It should only be fair that you should be the head maid!"

"Congratulations on your promotion, Anna," Fang told his partner. "I guess it's one of the benefits of being a maid and an angel."

She smiled. "Awww… that's really sweet of you guys," she responded, curtseying politely before accepting the pin. "I am honoured." She pinned it to her uniform and smiled at them. "I will fulfill the duties of the head maid of the Phantomhive household to the best of my abilities."

Suddenly, feeling strangely woozy as a weak pain and dizziness pulse in her head, she fell forward as she collapsed.

"Anna!" they all exclaimed.

"Anna!" Sebastian exclaimed, rushing over to where the maid had fallen.

Fang immediately brushed the tip of his tail over her burning forehead before stepping back in shock. "This is… it can't be… but how…" he gasped, "Sebastian!"

"What is it?" he demanded to the cat quietly as he took Anna into his arms.

"This is Ash's doing!" Fang answered urgently, "Anna's contracted Angel Fever!"

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