Hetalia: Next Countries

Ivan, the Not-So-Terrible?

Sweat fell from Lithuania's face as he tried carrying three boxes without stumbling over something. He hated Russia. His dictator forced him to carry more than he or the other Baltics could. Lithuania felt the box on top sliding to the edge of the stack. Lithuania gulped.

"Please don't fall off. Stay there," he told the box. Although it was obvious that the box couldn't understand him. He wanted to steady the box, but he couldn't move his hands or all the boxes would fall. He tried balancing it out, but it only made it worse. Lithuania could only stare in shock as the top box began to fall, along with the other two. To Lithuania everything felt like it was moving in slow motion as the boxes began to fall. He closed his eyes as he prepared for the sound of boxes hitting the floor. But they never came. The boxes were being pushed back up by someone.

Lithuania sighed a relief.

"Thank you. I'm always so clumsy," he said. He almost choked as he saw who it was who helped him. A 17 year-old boy with silver hair and had a smile that looked glued to his face.

"I-Ivan," Lithuania shivered.

"Are you needing the help with that, Lithuania?" Ivan asked him, still smiling.

"N-n-no. I'll be fine. I have this," Lithuania said as he walked away, struggling with his load. Estonia and Latvia noticed and could only tremble as Ivan smiled at them.

"Are you two needing the help with something as well?"

"N-no. Thanks, but- we can handle everything," Estonia said.

"T-that's right," Latvia said, "You should help your father, maybe?" The two quickly left.

Ivan's face fell to sorrow. He wanted to help others, but everyone was afraid of him because he was Russia's son. He felt sorry for the Baltic States, being Russia's servants. He didn't have any friends either.

"Maybe if I ask Father for the Baltics independence, they'll be more comfortable around me?" Ivan thought to himself. He decided to ask his Father about it.

As Ivan opened the door to his father's study, he could hear their boss talking to his Father. Ivan sat on the opposite side of the room and waited patiently for their boss to leave. He knew better than to interrupt their conversation.

After their boss left, Russia smiled over to his son.

"Are you needing the talking, Ivan?"

"Yes sir."

"Come. Sit by me then," Russia smiled as he patted the seat next to him. Ivan nodded and began walking to his Father. Even Ivan was sometimes scared of his Father. He didn't have to worry too much. His father usually listened to him.

"I was doing the wondering," Ivan said as he sat by his Father, "about the Baltics."

"What about our servants?"

"I was thinking that maybe you should...let them go?" Ivan said. Russia stared at him.

"What do you mean?"

"Letting them become independent. I don't think they should stay here as our slaves."

"Why would I be doing that?" Russia smiled. Ivan swallowed. He knew his Father wasn't very happy with his asking for the Baltic's independence. Russia pulled Ivan into an embrace and started stroking his hair.

"Oh, Ivan. We are needing the servants. You understand, da?" Whenever his Father did this to Ivan, Ivan felt like he had to obey. He gave a reluctant sigh and nodded.

"Yes, Father." Ivan felt disappointed, but even he was sometimes afraid to object his Father's wishes. Looks like the Baltics had to suffer a little while longer.

"I have to be going now," Russia said. "I'll be destroying our enemies. Want to come and watching?"

"Het. I think I'll stay here," he said. Russia stared at him a moment.

"Hmm, if that's what you wanting."

"I'll be alright. I've got the Baltics with me," Ivan said with a nodded with confidence. Russia smiled.

"Okay. I'll be seeing you." he left the room. Ivan exhaled as he sat down. He hated violence, but sometimes would pretend that he did so his father could be pleased with him. What he wanted most was to have friends and show people that he wasn't like the hardhearted and cold Russia.

"I wish Father could understand that I don't wanting to be like him." But he knew that his father would be disappointed with him if he told him that.

Russia smiled at the Baltics as he closed the door and grab his pickax.

"Make sure you keep a watching eye on him. If I come back and find that something bad did the happening to him," he cracked his knuckles, "You three will be doing the responsibility of taking blame, da?"

"O-of course, Russia. Don't worry. We'll make sure that Ivan is kept safe," Lithuania said. Russia smiled.

"Good. Don't let me down. See you around," He said as he opened the door to outside and walked out. He walked away a few steps and then turned back to the Baltics.

"Ah, I forgot to bring some vodka. Latvia, could you bring some to me?" he asked. Latvia quickly ran to get Russia's vodka and came back and handed it to him with trembling hands. Russia smiled as he accepted it from him.

"H-have a good day, Mr. Russia," he smiled a bit awkwardly. Russia patted him on the head. The sun was shining and Russia spread his arms out and actually 'RAN' away shouting with glee.

"VVVVVVVOOOOOOODDDDKAAAAAAA!" but then the clouds blocked the sun and snow began to fall again. Russia continued on his journey like nothing happened. The Baltics stared after him in shock and trembled.

"That was...random," They said in union.
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