Hetalia: Next Countries

Memories of the Past and Welcome Kibu

The time was WW1 and Britain was determine to curse America. Since America disturbed his magic before, he was forced to desperate measures to use the magic back at his home.

"Our family's magic is number one in the world," Britain said as he walked towards an alchemical circle carved in the floor. His dark cloak dragged as he walked, but he gave no mind to it.

"You're no match for me, stupid America!" He closed his eyes and opened the book of spells he held. As he began to use the curse, the alchemical circle glowed and grew brighter as he repeated the summoning.

"I summon you from the depths of hell. Show yourself!" Britain said as he commanded whatever he was summoning to raise. Slowly, a head began to appear in the center of the circle. The glow faded and Britain found out it was Russia!

"You called?" he asked. Britain stood there in shock and sweat fell from his forehead. He covered up the hole Russia came out of.

"I wasn't calling you!" he said. He couldn't understand it. Everything that was America's weakness was in that curse he just chanted. So why did Russia appear? Was he connected to America's fears? Britain didn't think so. Was Russia after Britain? Or maybe he said the words wrong?

"No! I never mistake anything! I shall try again!" he said. He closed his eyes and was about to start cursing again, when he heard a voice. It was an echo, creepy kind of voice.

"Britain!" It said in a singsong voice.

"Shut up! I'm cursing!" Britain said, angry that his focus was interrupted. He turned around to see who it was who called him. He gulped when he saw a person that had stitches where its eyes were supposed to be. The stranger lifted up its hands and Britain saw an eye on both of them!

"What do you want, Seer? You're not one of my fairytale creatures! Now get out!" Britain demanded.

"I only came to tell you that I see something in your future, Britain," It said.

"I'm not interested in what you have to say! Now leave!" Britain said. He turned around, only to find that Seer was in front of him. Britain nearly jumped out of his skin.

"I'm not leaving until I tell you what I saw. Isn't that why you created me? So you could see the future?"

"Well, I suppose it wouldn't hurt. But I have a curse to get back to so make it quick!" Britain said. Seer was another fairytale creature Britain often imagined. He was actually sometimes creeped by Seer's appearance. They often had cruel futures to share. Some thought that they were blind because of its stitches. But once they saw the eyes on their hands, they felt as if they were being watched.

Seer started waving a hand in front of Britain.

"Yes, it’s all coming clear. Within almost one hundred years, you will find someone special in your life," It said. Britain stared at it in surprise.

"Hold on! You mean 'special' like, 'Love special?'" Britain said, eyebrow raised.

"Yes," Seer continued, "Both you and she will have a special life together. She'll bear you a child. That child will then be involved in a war that could change history if it fails."

"What are you talking about? I'm a country! I can't 'be' with anyone! And second of all, countries can't have children! It's impossible!"

"You think I'm lying here?"

"Of course, you are! Your words are nothing but tricks to deceive me! YOU want me to believe in you!" Britain said. "If I created you, then I should know that you're lying!"

"I told you what I saw in your future. You can decide if I'm right or not, but what I've seen is true," Seer said, its eyes blinking. Britain felt a shiver run down his back.

"Really? What else is in my future?"

"That's all I have been able to see. The future is like a puzzle. So maybe you should figure it out, Britain?" Seer said as it disappeared.

"Hmm. I wonder if that child will be a boy?" Britain thought to himself. Then realizing what he was thinking, he shook his head to clear it and walked away. He had enough magic spells for one day.

It was early 1990 and it was raining in Britain. Britain held an umbrella over his head to keep the rain from falling on top of him. He stopped at a crosswalk and waited as cars drove by. He glanced up at the sky and smiled. He pulled down his umbrella and stood there with his eyes closed as the rain hit his skin. He loved feeling the rain on him.

"You should put an umbrella over you, or you'll get a cold," came a voice. Britain was shocked and looked behind him and saw a young women. She held an umbrella over her head and was staring at him with raised eyebrows. Britain blushed out of embarrassment. He did look kind of silly, didn't he?

"Sorry. I just love to feel the rain as it falls upon me. I guess I look pretty silly."

"Not really. It's just that I'm surprised to find that someone else enjoys the rain like I do," she smiled, "Mind if I join you?"

"No. Not at all," Britain said. They both stood there and allowed the rain to fall on their faces. Britain took a quik glance at her. Her hair was a short long blond and her eyes were the prettiest crystal-blue. She had a green raincoat on and she had a red flower in her hair. The crosswalk light turned green and the women left.

"Sorry, but I have someplace to go." As she walked away, Britain couldn't help but smile and watch her leave. While he was standing there in the rain, a man from the shop behind stuck his head out.

"Hey, You shouldn't stay out in the rain like that. Are you listening to me?" he said to Britain. Britain didn't seem to hear him, however. He stood there, only smiling as he watched her walk off. If desirable, beautiful, and breath-taking were all round up into a single word, Britain had found it. He turned back to the man that spoke to him.

"Never better, Chap! Never better!" He then opened his umbrella, "Good day!" he walked, which looked more like skipping, away. The man rolled his eyes and shook his head.

"Young’uns," he said as he closed the door.

Britain sighed as he sipped his morning tea. He looked out the window and saw the morning sun raise higher.

"I was a bit foolish back then," he said with a sad smile. He pulled out his pocket watch and opened it to reveal a picture of a young woman, "Isn't that right, Victoria? I spent a short, but happy life with you. And now we have a daughter." He held the watch over his chest.

Car horns blow off as Britain rushed through the streets of London. He was in a rush to return home. Miss Kathrine agreed to take care of Victoria while Britain was away that day. Now she has called him to return as quickly as he could. Victoria was having a baby. Their baby! And Britain was desperate to return to her. He burst open the door.

"Where is Victoria?!" he shouted. Miss Kathrine smiled.

"It'll be here soon, Mr. Britain. The other nurses are with her. You came in time. I didn't expect you to come so quickly."

"You told me come as soon as I could, and I did," Britain said.

"Wait here, Mr. Britain. We'll let you know when you can see Victoria," Miss Kathrine said.

"Wait? I came for Victoria. I can't just sit and do nothing!" he said.

"I understand that you are worried for her. But I promise that we'll take care of Victoria. Waiting, I'm afraid, is the only thing you can do for her now," she said. It was then that they could hear Victoria screaming in pain. Britain only nodded.

"All right. But I still feel like I should be in there." He sat down on the sofa. He looked up at the clock. Each second felt like an hour to Britain. It wasn't long after that his hands began to shake. He was desperate to go in there and see Victoria, but he still refused.

"Why are you sitting here like an idiot? Victoria needs you!" he said to himself. He covered his face with his hands. Now his entire body was shaking. He couldn't take it. He sat there, the sounds around him fading with every second.

He felt a hand on his shoulder.

"Mr. Britain?" It was Miss Kathrine. Britain looked up.

"Congratulations," she smiled, "You have a daughter." Britain began to come back to reality. He could hear a baby crying in the other room. He stood up and looked to the room where heard the baby crying. Miss Kathrine smiled.

"Yes. You can see Victoria now." Britain slowly walked to the door. He hands began to shake again as he turned the door handle.

He saw Victoria smiling at a bundle in her arms. She looked up at Britain and smiled.

"It's a girl," she said. She looked a bit tired. Britain walked up to her, the shocked look on his face never gone.

"What's with the surprise look? Expected a boy?"

"I was actually expecting neither. I didn't think it was possible, but it was," Britain said, a slow smile appearing on his face. He leaned in and they kissed each other. Victoria smiled as she pulled away the blanket to reveal the child's face. Britain's heart melted. His daughter was the most beautiful child to him.

"I know that look," Victoria said, "Go head. She should meet you as well." She handed him the baby wrapped in the pink blanket. He smiled as he held her gently in his arms.

“Hello, there.” He smiled as he gave her a kiss on her forehead and gaver her his figer so she could warp her tiny hand around it.

"What should we call her?" Victoria said. They were silent for a moment. Then Britain said,

"Elizabeth. Her name shall be Elizabeth. And her middle name shall be Victoria, after you.”

"Elizabeth Victoria Kirkland. I like it," Victoria smiled. She noticed something hidden in Britain's face.

"Something wrong? Do you not like the name?" Britain realized she was looking at him.

"What? No. I like the name as well. Nothing is wrong. Why don't you get some rest? I'll take care of Elizabeth."

"Alright. Wake me up is she gets hungry," She smiled. Britain gave her a kiss on the check and left to let Victoria sleep.

Britain kissed Elizabeth on the forehead, but held a sad look in his eyes.

"I'm so sorry, Elizabeth. You shouldn't have to suffer like I do. I know I was taught in the arts of magic, but you. You don't deserve this cruel fate. It will consume you if I don't do anything to stop it."

Britain clinched the watch in his hand and then through it across the room. It hit the wall and left a crack in it. Britain was breathing rather harshly now.

"It's all because of you!" Britain screamed at himself. He walked over to the wall and began to bang his head on the wall.

"You!" he stopped hitting the wall when it began to hurt his head and left a little red mark. He then drove his fist into the wall, making it crack slightly. Britain was now beginning to sob out of anger and put his back to the wall. He grabbed a picture hanging from the wall and let himself fall to the floor. Tears fell from his eyes as he looked at the picture.

"Victoria, I'm so sorry!" he cried, "I let myself get blind in black magic and didn't realize that I was hurting you and Elizabeth at the same time! Now you're gone! And it's all because of me!" He put the picture down by his side. The picture of Britain and Victoria on their wedding day.

Britain sighed, but maybe it was more like a sob. He sat there a long moment, then stood up. He walked to Elizabeth's room.

"I should tell the truth about her. She'll want to know. Although I think she'll be angry with me, but at least she'll know the truth. He came to her door and knocked. No answer came.

"Elizabeth?" Britain asked again as he knocked on the door once more. Still no response. He slowly turned the door knob.

"Elizabeth? I'm coming in," Britain said as he pushed the door open. But he didn't find Elizabeth in the room. Instead, her bed was empty. There wasn't a soul in the room, but Britain. The window was open and the curtains blew in the morning's breeze.

"Elizabeth!" Britain cried as he rushed to her window and looked out, "Elizabeth!" She wasn't anywhere near the house! Britain began to get worried.

"I'll have to go out and find her!" he grabbed his cloak and left the house.

"I hope you haven't gone too far," Britain said to himself.

Kibu sat in his room with his eyes closed. He was meditating. Then came a knock on his door. It startled him some and he lost his concentration.

"That is strange. I am not expecting company." He stood up and walked to his door.

"Yes? Who is it?" he asked as he opened the door. He stared in shock at three strangers at his doorstep. They were part-countries, he could feel that from them. What made it even more surprising, was that they were all from his dream. The Chines girl was the first to speak.

"Ni hao, I am May. I am the daughter of the great China. You are the first Axis child we have picked up. Surprising. I expected we would gather up all Allies first. Can we talk?"

"...Who are you?" Was all that Kibu could ask. May smiled

"I told who I was. Now are you going to stare all day or are you going to let us in? It cold, aru!"

"I meant, what are you doing here?"

"Long story. I'm still trying to keep up. They found me this morning," Said the British girl, "I'm Elizabeth, by the way. And this ugly one beside us is Francis."

"Nice to meet you," Francis smiled and winked at Kibu. Then he added, "honhonhon!"

"Shut up already!" Elizabeth said, smacking him upside the head. Kibu felt a little strange about letting these three strangers into his home, but he didn't want to be rude either.

"Alright. I suppose it would be okay for a little while. But I still don't understand what is going on."

He stood to the side to let them come in.
"You said 'what are we doing here'. I understand that you didn't expect us, but you said it as if you knew us from somewhere," May said.

"Apologies, but I have seen you before along with four others. I thought it was only a dream, but... I guess it is not if we are all gathered here," Kibu said.

"So then, what was your dream about? What did it had to do with all of us?" Elizabeth asked. Kibu sighed and looked at each one before he began.

"I still don't understand what it means. I'm on a beach holding my Father's katana along with A German girl and an Italian boy. Then you three with a Russian boy and American girl show up with us. Then there is a man. He is a country and he soon disappears,"

"Does he say anything?" Francis asked.

"Hai," Kibu nodded, "He said he will 'rule the world'. And that we will fall, along with our parents."

"It Yao!" May said, standing up.

"Someone you know?"

"That means it's true," Elizabeth said.

"Oui," Francis nodded sadly. Kibu was confused.

"I am sorry. Did I miss something important?"

"Your dream is true. In my country, Yao has taken over and he seeks to gain control of all the nations. Only the children of the Great Eight Nations have the power to stop him," May said.

"So I can...see the future?"

"That is what we are wondering," May said, "Have you ever fought in a war before?"

"No. I am trying to train myself," Kibu said, feeling a bit shy.

"This is destiny. Will you come with us?" May asked.

"Perhaps if I should talk to my Father-"

"Your father will no understand. Even if he did, he would prevent you from going," May said.

"But they'll come looking for us."

"That's why we leave first without telling them! We can get head start and we may be able to defeat Yao before they catch up."

"We will worry them," Kibu said, but he stood up, "Alright. I will come with you. Please, wait outside, I will be back."

Kibu had a determine look on his face as he entered the temple. It was lit, but no one was in there prying. Kibu walked to a door at the side of one of the walls. He sighed deeply and opened the door.

"I am sorry, Father. But what if these strangers are right? If it is my destiny, then I must accept." He looked up at a katana hanging on one of the selves. His Father's katana.

"Come on," He said as he gently took the sword from the self, "I know you have killed many lives in both World War one and two, but you were my Father's finest weapon. You have giving him aid, so now you must give me the same aid to defeat Yao." Before he left, he knelt in front of the candles and prayed for a safe journey and in hopes of return. Then he turned and left the temple.

"By the way, you haven't told us your name," Elizabeth said.

"Kibu, son of Japan. We should go." They all left into the shadows as the lights in the temple went out by a gust of wind.
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