Hetalia: Next Countries

Trapped In Russia

"I hate you!" Germanacy said as she stormed out the house. She had enough with her father. He couldn't stop her from seeing her Uncle Prussia. He couldn't stop her at all. There was nothing wrong with her Uncle!

"Germanacy! Come back!" Germany called out to her, but she didn't turn back. She wouldn't this time. Germany sighed.

"She just needs some space for a while," he told himself. She stormed out to the countryside. After a while she began to slow her angered pace and stood on a hill. She sat down in the grass and stared down at the activity of Germany's cities and towns. Everyone was oblivious to her anger. If she was angry, she obviously wasn't angry enough to cause an earthquake. She could if she wanted to anyway, but she decided to cool down some.

She glared down at the perfect green land that showed no signs of dumps of garbage by careless people. No, this was a fresh-green land filled with beauty. She could see castles of royal German families that have be gone for centuries. Some hills were filled ruins of castles that were invaded and torn down. Ferries took to the clear rivers. Some people would think this was a beautiful land, a land that looked like a country that was once plagued with war was transformed into a peaceful land. But to Germanacy it was a land she wanted to escape from.

"You could do it, you know," she told herself, "You can get away from this place." At first, she wanted the thoughts of running away to leave her. That would be a bit unfair to herself and her father. Then she began to think on it. It wasn't like her father actually NEEDED her here. He could handle the country on his own. What purpose did she serve here? No purpose at all. She could go out of the country if she wanted. After some more thought about it, she made her decision. She was going to leave. She could never be happy staying here for the rest of her life. Her life was out there. In the world.

"Okay. I'll leave now, I guess. I'll just leave without telling anyone that I've left," she stood up and turned her back on the country. For now she was going to leave to blow off some of that steam, she could never be mad at her father forever. It wasn't part of her.

Germanacy didn't care where she was going, just some other land to cool off for a while. She didn't realize where she was going and before she find out how she got there, she found herself trending in knee-high snow.

"Where did snow come from?" she wondered out loud to herself. She began to rub her shoulders as she felt a cold, freezing breeze. Her teeth began to chatter and she shivered as the cold stung her skin. She was becoming lost in the snow as it began to engulf her. She wanted to turn back and go a different path, but she couldn't tell which way she came because everything looked the same no matter which direction she looked. She didn't want to stop moving. She knew she could freeze eventually if she did.

Then she saw some men holding guns. Help maybe? She had no idea where she was, so she wasn't sure if they were friend or foe. The men saw her and pointed their guns at her. She held up her hands, showing that she didn't mean any harm. She could see their uniforms. They were Russian uniforms!

"Don't shoot! I'm German!" she told them.

"It doesn't matter who you are! What business do you have in Russia?" One of the men demanded.

"Well, I actually don't have any reason. I kinda wondered here by accident."

"A Spy! I knew it!" The other said, "Forget it. We won't let you pass!"

"Okay. So I'll just leave. I'll get out of your way if that's what you want" Germanacy said as she began to walk away, not turning her back on these men.

"Hold it!" The first man said, "You're going to be coming with us!"

Germanacy stared at them in shock. "What? I told I didn't mean any harm. There's no need to-"

"Be quiet! How do we know you're not a spy?"

"But I'm not!"

"Stay there and save your breath! You can talk all you like. In Kohl!" The second man said as he and his partner walked to her and they began to tie her up.

"No! I told you that came here by accident! There's no reason to take me to prison!" She struggled with the men but to no avail. The first man grabbed her throat and she began to gag as he gave her neck a slight squeeze.

"If you really are German, then you must now what happened to your people when they were captured by us Russians. I'm sure you were told about the tortures your people suffered in our prisons." She tried struggling again.

"We will give you a chance to speak before we begin the tortures. Anything you would like to be saying?" The second man said. The first man loosened his grip enough for Germanacy to speak. Germanacy glared and spat, "Communist!"

The men only smiled as the first resumed his grip on her. Germanacy gasped as her air was blocked from her lungs. She soon lost consciousness from air loss.

"Doing the picking on little girls? I didn't know that our soldiers were cowards," said a voice.

"Who is there?" said the man holding Germancy. They both turned to see a Russia boy no older than 17. He smiled at them.

"I believe you know who I am. Mind letter her go?" he asked.

"Ivan? Why are you doing the interfering with a spy's punishment?" said the seconded man.

"She isn't a spy. She is innocent. She doesn't mean any harm. She was just passing by," Ivan told them.

"But she-"

"Letting her go now, da?" Ivan said, stepping closer. The men scuffed, but dropped Germanacy. Ivan smiled, "Thank you. You can go back to your duties now."

"But what about her?" Asked the first. Ivan smiled as he knelt down to her.

"I think I'll be doing the keeping eye on her. At least until I find out why she's here," he said. He picked her up and slung her over his shoulder. "Don't be worrying. She doesn't mean any harm. I'll be alright."

"Well, alright. But I still think she's a spy of some kind," said the Seconded. Ivan smiled, but neither men knew what was on his mind.

"Yes, she is different. But not in the way they are thinking. I feel that she is part-country. She is someone special," he said to himself.

Germanacy awoke in a room with a fireplace that was keeping the room warm. It felt good to be out of the cold, but she didn't know where she was. She coughed some as air began to fill her lungs. She sat up and beat her chest to clear the coughing.

"You are awake?" came a voice. Germanacy jolted as she noticed a 17 year old boy smiling at her.

"Who are you?"

"My name is Ivan. I believe you were having trouble with our soldiers."

"Are you...?"

"Yes. I am friend," Ivan told her, "You were lucky that I was around. You would have possible died if I didn't do the showing up." Germanacy now remembered her misunderstand with the Russian soldiers from earlier.

"Would you like anything?" Ivan asked.

"Water?" she asked, with a grin. Ivan smiled and handed her a brown bottle. She began to gulp it down, but she took it away and gagged.

"What Is this?" She asked.

"Vodka," Ivan smiled.

"I said I wanted water," Germanacy said.

"Vodka is Russian water."

"But I want pure water. Plain water. Water that is clean and refreshing," Germanacy said.

"Oh, that water," Ivan said. He gave her real water this time.

"Danke," she said after taking a few gulps of it. The door opened and Latvia walked in with a smile.

"So she's awake. Great. Are you feeling better?"

"Yeah, I guess."

"You were lucky that Ivan was around. So do you remember why you were here in the first place?" he asked. Germanacy looked away.

"I was just angry," she said. Ivan smiled.

"Latvia, I can take care of her now. I'm sure Estonia and Lithuania are needing the help with something," he said.

"Alright. Nice meeting you, young lady," Latvia said as he left the room. Ivan's smile turned into a serious frown.

"So why are you here?" he asked her.

"I told you. I was just angry and wasn't paying attention to where I was going. I didn't mean to come here, but I'm not invading or anything," she said.

"You think I don't know about you being part-country? I know you are daughter of Germany. I am part-country too. Russia is my father."

"But how..?"

"Whatever issues you had with your father is not my business. But running away doesn't solve anyone's answers. You end up in a lot of trouble. What happened today is only part of what could happen to you. The world is dangerous," Ivan said. Germanacy glared at him.

"What would you know? I bet you've never ran away in your life!" she said.

"There were many times when I wanted to run away. But I knew that it wouldn't make me happy. I knew that I wouldn't be able to hide from trouble. I would get into it sooner or later. So I never did leave Russia. If I ran away, I probably would be killed by other countries who would think that I was invading," Ivan said. Germanacy looked away.

"So you know who I am. What difference does it make?"

"I'm not merciless like my father. I will let you go without a fight. But I advise you to go back home. After the blizzard passes anyway."

"Blizzard?" Germanacy asked.

"Da, there is one coming. It best that you stay here until it passes," Ivan said, "I can feel strong winds coming from the north."

"How long does on usually last?"

"Hard to say. Sometimes a few hours. But It could be days until the storm is over," Ivan said. Germanacy was a bit shocked, but she didn't protest. She didn't like Ivan that much, but he obviously wasn't doing anything to hurt her. Staying in Russia wasn't exactly what she planned, but maybe by then her head would be cooled off.

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