Hetalia: Next Countries

Roma and Ita Join the Group

Ita sighed heavily and crossed his arms as he stood in front of the jail cell that held his older half-brother. Roma had been found stealing again and he was brought here. Ita came to bail him out, but he knew Roma would try stealing again.

"I told you would be caught one day," Ita told him. Roma leaned on the bars and waved it off.

"Yeah, yeah. Whatever, eh."

"Doesn't Uncle Romano give you enough love and care? Why do you do this to us?" Ita asked him. Roma smirked.

"If my Papa really loved me, he would come here in person, wouldn't he? I do it for the fun," he said. Ita was speechless. Roma did have a point. Why wouldn't Uncle Romano bail his son out?

"Maybe because I'm the only one who cares about letting you out at the moment."

"Heh, doubt it," Roma said.

"Well, I'm bailing you out anyway," Ita said.

"Bailing or busting me out? Bailing is paying to get me out. Busting is breaking me out and running away."

"I know the difference! I'm going to get you out here, and I won't be running away."

"So you're paying to get me out. Feh," Roma said, "Pasta noodles! They won't give me any wine either! They're treating me like I'm some kind of animal."

"Please, you've only been in here for an hour," Ita said, rolling his eyes.

"I don't care! I want to get outta here!"

"Alright, but we're going to have a long talk when you get out."


After bailing Roma out of jail, the two half-brothers made their way back home.

"I'm bringing you back to Uncle Romano," Ita told him, "I'm sure you'll get a much longer lecture with him."

"Not likely. He doesn't really tell me anything. He lets me do as I wish, most of the time."

"And you wonder why you don't have a girlfriend yet," Ita mumbled, although Roma heard it and shot him a glare.

"Look who's talking! You don't have one yet either!" Ita opened his mouth to speak, but nothing came out. Roma smirked.

"Told you."

"Well, I'm sure Uncle Romano is still worried about you. Now I'm taking you home, whether you like it or not!" Ita said as he crossed his arms. Roma rolled his eyes.

"I can't go back home."

"And why not?"

"Because. Nobody can see me like this. It'sa better that I leave without anyone knowing. It's not like anyone is going to miss me anyway," Roma said. Ita hung his head and swallowed before he spoke.

"I would miss you," he said in a small voice. Roma stared at him. Ita meet his glance and turned away.

"But...you never really cared about me anyway."

"So you should come with me," Roma said. Ita stared at him.

"You mean...run away?"

"I know that you can't keep your trap shut anyway. You're not really good at denying," Roma said.


"Good! Then let's go," Roma said as he took his brother by the wrist and started practically dragging him in the other direction. Ita shook his head.

"But running away isn't going to solve your problems. And me running away with you will make me look guilty in the eyes of everyone as well," he said.

"You just said that you would miss me if I left. So I'm taking you with me. We can go see new worlds, Ita. We can't do that being stuck here." Ita broke away from him.

"No! I'm not leaving home unless there was pretty good reason!" Roma shrugged.

"Okay. Guess I'll go have some fun and end up in someone's stinky old prison cell. Then they might kill me eventually. And then you'll wish that you were there to stop me from getting into trouble. Oh well, guess you really don't care what happens to me." He began walking away. Ita watched him leave.

"Fine. Go ahead. I'm not going to leave the country. No way. Not for a million pastas," he called after him. Roma didn't stop or look back. He just kept on walking away. Ita's face began to fall from confidence and worry. Roma did like to find and cause trouble. He would most likely fall in some kind of trap and never return. But they probably won't return either way. Ita swallowed his pride and began to walk after Roma.

"Roma? Fine, I'll come with you! But only because you need me," Ita called after him.

"No, it's because you'd miss me," Roma called back to him.


That night, Ita looked up at the stars. Why did he come with Roma anyway? His older brother needed him, but Ita felt as if he left because of another reason. He didn't what it was, but he felt as if leaving home was supposed to happen to the both of them. He sat on the grass and hugged he legs. Roma was sleeping beside him and they had started a fire to keep warm in the cold night. Ita was about to call it quits too when he thought he heard something. He grabbed a stick and allowed fire to light the stick. Ita took the stick and began walking away from the fire. He peered out into the darkness. He could hear owls hooting and crickets chirping. He saw shadows approaching. Wolves? He wasn't sure but there were four shapes out there and they were coming his way. They must have seen the fire, whatever they were. If they were animals, they probably smelled both him and Roma and thought, 'FOOD!'

Ita trembled as he reached in his back pocket and grabbed a pistol. He pointed it out into the darkness.

"R-R-R-Roma. I t-think you should w-w-wake up n-now," he stammered as he called to his brother. Roma yawned and rubbed his eyes.

"What's wrong with you, eh? Go back to sleep."

"Something's out there, Roma. What if it's some dangerous animal who wants to swallow up tasty morsels like us?!" Ita was begging to hyperventilate and his words were coming out quickly that Roma almost couldn't understand him.

"Shut up! I don't hear anything," Roma said. Ita froze. Roma was right. It was deathly silent. Nothing was stirring, not even the nocturnal bugs or animals. That only meant that whatever was after them had them surrounded. Then...there was a sound. A twig snapped. And it came from behind Roma! It was close, whatever it was that was after them.

Roma jumped and began crawling over to Ita.

"What was that?" he shivered. Ita shook his head. He began walking away, not turning his back or eyes away from that thing that was out there. He bumped into something.

Sweat fell from Ita's face and he slowly turned his head to see what it was that he bumped into. A Face! It was a boy! No older than 17.

"Bonne nuit," he smiled and blew a kiss. Ita and Roma screamed.

"It's a ghost!"

"Wait!" the boy said. Ita and Roma continued to scream and held each other close. Three others walked into the light of the fire. A Japaneses boy, a Chinese girl, and a British girl.

"If I die here, Ita. I want to apologize for everything I've done to you and the family!" Roma sobbed. Ita petted him on the head.

"Don't cry, Roma. They're not here to eat us. Right?" Ita asked.

"Why would we want to eat you?" The French boy said.

"They look pretty wimpy. Are you sure these are them, May?" said the British girl. The Chinese girl nodded.

"They are. I could feel it," she said.

"Who are you? Are you here to rob us? We don't have any money!" Ita said. British girl held her hands in front of her in a 'calm down' motion.

"Take it easy. We're not here to hurt you," she said. The two brothers gave her a glare.

"If you're not here to hurt us, then why where you sneaking around?" Ita questioned.

"We didn't mean to scare you," the Chinese girl said, "But we didn't know how to approach you any other way."

"You could have just, I don't know, come up and asked about us instead of sneaking around!" Roma said.

"Please, forgive us," The Japanese boy said, "But you two are part-country, aren't you?"

"Maybe! Why do you care,eh?" Roma shouted. The four other children looked at each other and nodded.

"We need to talk, aru," the Chinese girl said.
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